STOP wasting your life (2019)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Before You Waste Your Life Watch This. Time is limited and its Time to Go After the Life You Always Wanted.
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  • Prince Ea
    Prince Ea  3 months ago +29129

    THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt 3 hours ago +2

    One smile can start a friendship
    One word can stop a fight
    One look can save a relationship
    One hug can spark a hope
    One touch can bring a warmth
    One whisper can bring assurance
    One decision can stop a war
    One cooperation can bring abundance
    One kiss can bring a kindness
    One sleep can bring rest
    One wake can bring happiness
    One solution can stop the tests

    If we only learn to smile to a stranger, to stop the fight, to start a relationship, to spark a hope, to embrace with warmth, to speak assurances, to end the war, to give abundance, to pass forward kindness, to allow rest, to share happiness, then maybe we can pass God's test!

    Have a beautiful day to all!

  • Bhagyam Tiwari
    Bhagyam Tiwari 4 hours ago

    what was the quote budda wrote again?

  • Kyptdin
    Kyptdin 10 hours ago

    This is why I want to have financial freedom so I don't have to worry about money all the time and so I can live without worrying about money in general

  • Gladson Dutra
    Gladson Dutra 12 hours ago

    Video foda!
    Obs: Tradução em Português está péssima. Cortando algumas falas.

  • Michelle Demartino
    Michelle Demartino 12 hours ago

    His videos always hit me emotionally 😓 hate to think that one day we will not be on this earth. but it then it lifts me to be as positive as I can while I am here. Some of us aren’t as lucky as others , and lives are ended sometimes even before they can really begin. this guy is awesome .

  • Katherine Julius
    Katherine Julius 17 hours ago +1

    I gotta get of my phone first...
    I'll do it in 10 mins
    10 more...
    just a little longer...

  • Rika Furude
    Rika Furude 17 hours ago

    How to be happy : make videos on yt and be rich af xd

  • Naz Mak
    Naz Mak 19 hours ago

    Thank you for video your advice helped for me looking to life from another side. You are right we shouldnt waste time for work wich we will hate

  • Blocky Cooperation

    I’m a kid watching this lol

  • pussy squad
    pussy squad Day ago

    Stop scaring me😫😫😢

  • Karl Ühtid
    Karl Ühtid Day ago

    Who else thinks he should be the president?

  • Zara Sert
    Zara Sert Day ago +1

    I literally almost cried cause this was so so needed en beautiful thank you so much!

  • 1Year OfSingle
    1Year OfSingle Day ago

    Unprecedented talent. Love your videos and insights.

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585 Day ago +1

    Oops am CONTENT

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585 Day ago +2

    When I get friends I'll be happy

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585 Day ago +1

    When I get over my fear I'll be happy

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585 Day ago +2

    When I master lucid dreaming I'll be happy

  • Slaughter 93YT
    Slaughter 93YT Day ago

    I heard fortnite😇

  • Alex XD Animations

    I don't regret watching this...

  • Nikolai Orlov
    Nikolai Orlov Day ago

    If you happy doing your job you will never feel like you are at work.

  • bany
    bany Day ago

    Watching this while thinking about committing suicide

  • m j
    m j 2 days ago +1

    Well it's fin to die because.. the society is pressuring you to go to that class and work in that cubicle for 16 hours a day and things get hard and you just want to die! Not even your own ppl are supportive of you approaching your potential and do what you want to do without bullying, talking smack, hating, etc.

  • Tasty Rainbro
    Tasty Rainbro 2 days ago

    I don't know how to be happy, pls teach me

  • Gerald GERALDSON
    Gerald GERALDSON 2 days ago

    Fortnite isn't life, kids. Remember that.

  • lp mitluc
    lp mitluc 2 days ago

    This is the best video I've seen in my life so far

  • Cultured Butterflies
    Cultured Butterflies 2 days ago +3

    The message is 👌🏾
    But there's always something...
    When your younger... Of course your gonna set up goals for yourself because you see these influencers because they got this and that...
    Yeah you do stuff but... Stuff chooses you ... God or the universe lands you in whatever position because it just does...

    Yeah in your mind your gonna say I want
    Lambo... Tesla... Be famous... Be successful... Save money... Be rich... Ect or whatever...

    But your gonna end up saying I wish somebody could've told me....
    As an adult your gonna face debt and whatever *adulties* struggle in...
    You don't choose your opportunities... Even for some famous people... They do something silly and they suddenly get game and money and fame for that.

    *Think About That*

    *Sometimes You gotta Push your self to do dope things ... Even for that...*

  • Dimmi_ Woah
    Dimmi_ Woah 2 days ago

    he said fortnite

  • Neha Datta
    Neha Datta 2 days ago

    Enlightening 😇

  • qiqa x3
    qiqa x3 3 days ago

    Be president of world please

  • Manreet Kaur
    Manreet Kaur 3 days ago

    My teacher showed me his video "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?" And now I love watching his videos! He's so inspirational and has the power to turn words into powerful lessons.

  • Michael Studio Films
    Michael Studio Films 3 days ago +2

    If you don't work everyday how will you afford housing, food, water, etc?

  • john mark
    john mark 3 days ago

    Preach it the truth hits

  • Farmer with A shotgun

    Unless your job plays more than 100k a year you most likely won’t be happy

  • Yuan Cainday
    Yuan Cainday 3 days ago +1

    Happiness doesn't show up but we are the one we show up the Happiness

  • Yuan Cainday
    Yuan Cainday 3 days ago +1

    "MONEY" Lure,Control,Trick us

  • Azlyn Hernandez
    Azlyn Hernandez 3 days ago

    Thanks I needed to hear that😪

  • Perez交叉
    Perez交叉 3 days ago

    St. Johns Wort vitamins have helped my anxiety and depression, it may just be a placebo effect but im glad I no longer in the "dark" zone. :)
    Life's not butterflies and fuzzy bears but when I fall and get bruises, I can still get back up

  • xRebs10x
    xRebs10x 3 days ago

    U wont end the pain if u kill yourself,
    Your just gonna bring it on someone else🌈❤

  • Sini-susanna Oksanen

    00:5 look at the monitor behind him


  • Iain Apollo 12
    Iain Apollo 12 3 days ago

    Thankyou Prince

  • nope
    nope 3 days ago

    It's hard to decide which one of your videos is the best, but it's probarly this one 😍💟

  • Veronica White
    Veronica White 3 days ago

    Thank you for this...

  • CustomHCF
    CustomHCF 4 days ago

    What life?

  • Bjartt e
    Bjartt e 4 days ago


  • Raetom
    Raetom 4 days ago +1

    when I'm smart, I'll be happy...
    this video proved me wrong...
    as I'd suspected

  • [Instert Name Here]
    [Instert Name Here] 4 days ago +1

    Well,It's All Lies,
    They say Love Comes Your Heart, When It's Just Some Chemical In Your Brain.

  • ꨄ Willow playz gacha ꨄ

    Life is all about being happy and enjoying it i gotta show this to my friend she all ways say "And then I'll be happy"

  • Raf
    Raf 4 days ago +1


  • Rob Forsythe
    Rob Forsythe 4 days ago +4

    who else watched this video on monday between 8-9 AM and kinda got nervous?

  • Jimin got no jams
    Jimin got no jams 4 days ago +2

    These are so inspirational tbh.

  • Perry Wilson
    Perry Wilson 4 days ago +1

    Best production I’ve seen - EVER. Sadly, no real advice how to DO it

  • Christopher AJ Simanjuntak


  • ARMYS always BLINK ONCE when they see me REVELUV

    I'm still young, I'm still a student and I don't have a job yet. But this video really hits me. Cause I know after graduating there's still a lot to go through and there'll be no happiness yet. And also, I think I'll go through a road I never wanted to go, but I have no choice but to walk there, I really wanted to be an actress or an astronomer, but I can't (because of some personal problems I can't say here)
    So I decided to become a doctor or an accountant instead. Even though I can't achieve the other dreams I have, I'll try accomplishing the dreams left in my list :)
    (P.S: I just wanna share this because I have no one to lean shoulder to)

  • Tamzin Morris
    Tamzin Morris 5 days ago +1

    I’m pessimistic because I have depression...hard to concentrate in school 😔✌️💔

    FACTECH& GAMES 5 days ago +2


  • Nacofan
    Nacofan 5 days ago

    I did it already... i was so sick of my job in office.. now I learn a new job with children and young adults that are sick during school time or can’t live at home. Now everyday working makes so much fun and I am sleeping so well... making money makes fun now!
    And because of what? Because of your videos!

  • SaftSchinken23
    SaftSchinken23 5 days ago

    I love your content...

  • Borge170
    Borge170 5 days ago

    I be happy when I get friends

  • Lida De Backer
    Lida De Backer 5 days ago

    je moet president worden of speechemaker ofzo