• Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • thank you louis vuitton and youtube for sending me, it was AMAZING!!!!
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    I LUV U,
    -emma chamberlain
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  • Reece Smoak
    Reece Smoak 8 hours ago

    i relate so hard

  • Shannel Grant
    Shannel Grant 8 hours ago

    You slayeeeeddddd my life and Paris ofc😍❤️

  • Isra mofty
    Isra mofty 8 hours ago

    *emma:* _i reallyyyy love clothes_
    *me:* _I mean...don't we all?_

  • izzythestaffiegirl 22
    izzythestaffiegirl 22 8 hours ago

    oh my god gorgeoussssssssssssssssssss

  • Jeaneva Moore
    Jeaneva Moore 8 hours ago

    How tall are you just wondering

  • Luccas Lopes
    Luccas Lopes 8 hours ago

    *why is little emma seriously adorable?*

  • Ava Graham
    Ava Graham 8 hours ago

    Do not cut your hair like her you'll look like my grandma and... Um Emma don't ruin my life hmm thanks

  • Casey Gilbert
    Casey Gilbert 8 hours ago

    Next video: why I moved to Paris

  • sarahley
    sarahley 8 hours ago

    Yea you’re iconic, Emma. Simple

  • Stephany Ayala
    Stephany Ayala 9 hours ago

    Just ew

  • Любослав Станков

    USclip: This video is demonetized.
    left the chat

  • Mia
    Mia 9 hours ago

    omg i need those black heels 😍

  • Paige Modic
    Paige Modic 9 hours ago

    If someone could teach me how to be this successful with my life, I’d love to know

  • Jaelyn broyles
    Jaelyn broyles 9 hours ago

    Are you related to Kevin Chamberlain aka Bertrum from Jessie

  • Kenziee Dolan
    Kenziee Dolan 9 hours ago


  • Chloe
    Chloe 9 hours ago

    Men’s briefs as pajamas 👌🏼

  • Kristin Fortier
    Kristin Fortier 9 hours ago

    Ur an inspiration

  • Shane Dawson The Diet Coke kween

    Me: **sees title** **remembers what Emma looks like** Oh Shit

  • Shane Dawson The Diet Coke kween

    Me: **sees title** **remembers what Emma looks like** Oh Shit

  • Uzair Hussain
    Uzair Hussain 10 hours ago

    Don't you mean other three hours Emma😂😂

  • Laveen omer
    Laveen omer 10 hours ago

    Emma u r so beautiful and cute luv u

  • Mary Clark
    Mary Clark 11 hours ago


  • Hellen Berghök
    Hellen Berghök 11 hours ago

    is it just me I am shipping emma and greyson #emyson

  • Isabela Suárez
    Isabela Suárez 11 hours ago +1

    Eres la cosa mas bella del mundo!!!!!

  • jess ica
    jess ica 11 hours ago

    I can't handle her editing

  • dania d78
    dania d78 12 hours ago

    the dress reminds me of harper's marker dress from wizards of waverly place

  • Ashleigh
    Ashleigh 13 hours ago +3

    Happy USclip??? I watched it now stop recommending it ffs

  • Desi
    Desi 13 hours ago


  • Adorkable
    Adorkable 13 hours ago +1

    *i got a spray tan and my nails did*

    Nails did?
    Emma what 😂

  • banhbao_ Vy
    banhbao_ Vy 13 hours ago

    8:22 Emma's voice cracks LMAO-

  • Jakie Romerez
    Jakie Romerez 13 hours ago

    imagine getting invited to fashion week jus for having a big following base and money but no style how sadd🤷🏽‍♀️😭

  • brianna bruce
    brianna bruce 13 hours ago

    Oh my god Emma stayed at the same hotel as me when I went to paris

  • Morgan Ratcliff
    Morgan Ratcliff 14 hours ago

    *watch out T-Series, here comes emma* 🤪

  • Sandhya Sampathkumar
    Sandhya Sampathkumar 14 hours ago

    U deserve the world Emma

  • Diki Gurung
    Diki Gurung 14 hours ago

    The edits omg 😂😂

  • How can Jin jokes be more unbelievbubble


  • Bbbnfg
    Bbbnfg 15 hours ago

    She’s so QUirKy

    TTVBIG CHUNGAS 15 hours ago


  • where is my wig
    where is my wig 15 hours ago

    last time i watched her she was talking about thriftinng and 5 dollar mom jean

  • Macanna Guritz
    Macanna Guritz 16 hours ago

    when is the sister squad coming back together?

  • Mianna Sawyer
    Mianna Sawyer 16 hours ago

    you literally wore a ponytail to fashion week? there’s way more deserving people tbh😬

  • Anna Sin
    Anna Sin 16 hours ago

    She looks like one of the Hadid sisters after makeover.

  • BTS trash
    BTS trash 16 hours ago

    Before she said "should I cut my hair" I was thinking the same exact thing for her.

  • Alizeh Raza
    Alizeh Raza 17 hours ago


  • Denique Vorster
    Denique Vorster 17 hours ago


  • Chiara Zhang
    Chiara Zhang 18 hours ago

    oh my god your bod is actually goals askjsjkfm

  • Rameen Fatima
    Rameen Fatima 19 hours ago +1

    Skip to 15:10

  • Rameen Fatima
    Rameen Fatima 19 hours ago

    Hard boiled eggs? I thought she was vegan

  • Patience Ogier
    Patience Ogier 20 hours ago

    all the comments are just people realizing how famous she is...

  • Rosa Quinones
    Rosa Quinones 20 hours ago

    Anyone know what camera is that?

  • steveissayten
    steveissayten 20 hours ago

    You did that wow

  • Fallon Mulhollan
    Fallon Mulhollan 21 hour ago

    I could smell the coffee from my screen and it smells so good lmao

  • Desiree Rosado
    Desiree Rosado 21 hour ago +1

    “My heels are making my feet hurt but that’s okay because BeAuTy iS pAin” 💀😭😭 that hit me 😂😂

  • Sophie Gutierrez
    Sophie Gutierrez 21 hour ago +1

    What happened to the sister squad??

  • Emily Vankoevering
    Emily Vankoevering 22 hours ago

    Please ppl... at least be more original with ur comments??? Envy makes you very unhappy

  • Cia Val
    Cia Val 22 hours ago

    *is wearing Ethan's beanie*
    *starts vlog*
    F U C K T H E B E A N I E

    Ethma confirmed

    • Cia Val
      Cia Val 22 hours ago

      *ALSO DOG WTF*

  • allison g
    allison g 22 hours ago

    Emma: I got a spray tan

  • Georgia Hatcher
    Georgia Hatcher 22 hours ago

    You should cut your hair like that

  • Darden Life
    Darden Life 22 hours ago

    I saw you on double dare today and when Liza said your name I had to think of it was really you then I turned around AND I SAW YOU ON THE SHOW

  • Manuela OG
    Manuela OG 22 hours ago

    you looked sooo gorgeous when they did ur makeup omg emma😭😭❤️ im so happy for you tho, it looked like you had lots of funnn!!

  • Estefania Lara
    Estefania Lara 22 hours ago

    how do you get invited to a Louis Vuitton fashion show? 😩😩😩 I want to go to one

  • EpicWinSauceHere
    EpicWinSauceHere 23 hours ago

    Emma Chamberlain: *Breaths*
    Also Emma Chamberlain: _OmG iM sO rElAtAbLe_

  • E lookout
    E lookout 23 hours ago

    How do you spend so much money all the time? Like theres no way you make that much money you dont have that many subs where is it all coming from?! Lol do you spend literally everything you ever make as soon as you make it? That's what it seems like lmaooo. You need to save some money you're not a rich yet yo lol. what will you do if your youtube shit runs out then you have a bunch of stuff and no money.

    ASTRID CASSIER 23 hours ago

    confused about her eating eggs and being a vegetarian

  • Lala Davies
    Lala Davies 23 hours ago

    i want emma back

  • Nylah Bonilla
    Nylah Bonilla 23 hours ago

    did she move?

  • Kaitlyn S
    Kaitlyn S 23 hours ago

    I hope I don’t get any hate for this, BUT....
    1) she is so beautiful and dorky. Best friend material 100%
    2) I find her as a COMPLETE MOOD
    3) oh my god, I’m such a huge fan of her style.
    I mean, fuck the hate, I love this girl. She literally fucking makes my day. She deserves so much happiness, because she delivers it. Emma, you do you, stay awesome and strong. I don’t know why I’m so emotional. Probably the fact that Houston weather is FUCKING BIPOLAR!!!

  • EMP
    EMP Day ago

    At 1:46 she says "I got my nails did," but that's not right it's not I got my nails did it's I got my nails done.

    • into the mystic
      into the mystic Day ago

      It's a saying.. "I got my hair did" "I got my nails did" etc,...

  • Prina Stars
    Prina Stars Day ago

    How can she sleep for 8 hours after drinking a fricking jar of coffee ??? am shook

  • jetta bear
    jetta bear Day ago

    What hotel did you stay at? :D Looks incredible!!!

  • soodnie henderson

    bitch finally took a shower

  • Nydia Daiz
    Nydia Daiz Day ago

    16:02 tru af lol

  • liliana maria
    liliana maria Day ago

    Gets her makeup snatched by the living legend Patrick Ta ur....kidding

  • Daily taco
    Daily taco Day ago


  • Lauren McDonald
    Lauren McDonald Day ago

    Emma: s l u r p

  • lexii lopess
    lexii lopess Day ago

    ever watch taken? the view from her window reminds me of it

  • Alexzandra T
    Alexzandra T Day ago

    Check ur P.O. Box GIRL!!!!

  • Puppy Soccer
    Puppy Soccer Day ago

    idk why but i am just so happy for you, this is truly incredible and i feel like you really deserved it

  • Adele Kennnison
    Adele Kennnison Day ago

    This feels like an old Emma video and I love it 🥰

  • Itzel Ojeda
    Itzel Ojeda Day ago

    Can you do a video on wtf happend to the sister squad

  • Jillian Murray
    Jillian Murray Day ago

    I bet she didn’t buy those underwear, there Ethan’s!

  • JustsomeTØPgirl 14_21

    *lets feast*

  • Arturo Salgado
    Arturo Salgado Day ago

    Cut your hair like her

  • Xash_da_ CatX
    Xash_da_ CatX Day ago

    Cut your hair like hers it will look cute and refreshing

  • Regina Wohletz
    Regina Wohletz Day ago

    You should just shut up instead

  • Kayra Lozada
    Kayra Lozada Day ago

    I feel like a proud mother 😂,bc ive been watching her since she started, from doing trendy videos, to being herself and having fun in San Francisco, to her moving to LA, meeting the Sister Squad, and now in Paris Fashion Week. She has come a very long way and she's like a role model to me bc she accomplished things many didn't in just 2 years. I appreciate you Emma, you make me laugh all the time. I hope I can be just like you. Love ya💕💕

  • puta
    puta Day ago

    Your uglyy thoo

    SAMARAH CHAVEZ Day ago +1

    Emma u make me smile everyday its crazy who knows how u do it but u rock it and keep doing it I laughed so har when u did the whole mom PTA thing and that ur son doesn't like to do things difficult 😂

  • Tara Kelly
    Tara Kelly Day ago

    I love her

  • catherine lerry
    catherine lerry Day ago

    emma all the time is a MOOD

  • Brenna B
    Brenna B Day ago +2

    *emma chamberlain joins the chat*
    *hygiene joins the chat*
    *emma chamberlain has left the chat*

  • lust for life
    lust for life Day ago

    literally anyone from europe (including me):
    americans: omfjfjdjfj

  • Heathere Wallacea


  • Vincent Condes
    Vincent Condes Day ago

    Is she still vegan??

  • bone apple tea
    bone apple tea Day ago

    I like this style of editing, & I like how she’s not trying to be “quirky”, kudos to you Emma :)

  • Hi I’m lonely
    Hi I’m lonely Day ago

    95% of comments: omg how did she go from making a fake gucci shirt to getting invited by Louis Vuitton!!/ OMG SHES 17 AND GETTING IVITED BY LV!!
    5% of comments: other

  • itsJ
    itsJ Day ago

    Emma in girly clothes has me shook. She’s a different human I swear

  • Pam & Linda's Adventures

    Can you do a vid with Shane Dawson

  • Lilly Denyer
    Lilly Denyer Day ago

    How did you know that the best pyjama pants are men’s briefs in the first place?

  • The Den
    The Den Day ago

    144p is bomb