Building SPACE Rovers & A Garage! (No Man's Sky NEXT Multiplayer Gameplay Part 11)

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • Welcome to No Man's Sky Next, No Man's Sky multiplayer update! Today in No Mans Sky we continue to explore the galaxy and get into some scary space battles along the way! Today decide to build some rovers and a garage on our home planet! This new No mans sky update with multiplayer should be a long standing series on the channel as long as you guys enjoy! They also released the update on PS4 as well as a full release on Xbox one!
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Comments • 99

  • Nathan Klingel
    Nathan Klingel 11 days ago +1

    Lol. "Yo! Quit killing my pineapples! They didn't do anything to you!" The best quote from this episode

  • Shade Katz
    Shade Katz 3 months ago

    you can use wood platforms to level land :P

  • Gavin Powell
    Gavin Powell 5 months ago

    Don't invite dudes to your channel that want to upstage you i guess :)

  • Dea Day
    Dea Day 5 months ago

    The glowy plant spawns the glowy jellyfish when you destroy 2 or 3

  • Dea Day
    Dea Day 5 months ago +1

    Under water your planet has a plans that you kill and get it's eyes but you have to kill it fast or it will drown you

  • Sam Mulholland
    Sam Mulholland 7 months ago

    Love the base building

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 7 months ago

    What a basic base. No art

  • AidenPearce50
    AidenPearce50 8 months ago

    the lamborghini dudes name is Tai Lopez Or something like that

  • Dfg Sdfg
    Dfg Sdfg 8 months ago

    I got four minutes in. Guy sounds like a sociopath o.O I'm out

  • Mr.Nel figueroa
    Mr.Nel figueroa 8 months ago

    Is it just me or this kids sound just like Beavis and Butt-Head?

  • TraceguyRune
    TraceguyRune 11 months ago

    My friends are console peasants, so I have no one to play with

  • Zorro
    Zorro 11 months ago

    They should have pocket dimension for storage

  • Space Cakes
    Space Cakes Year ago

    Omg your voice changed. Weird

  • lon wolf
    lon wolf Year ago

    don't know if anyone said this yet but you do have the mission to upgrade your car thing in your mission log when you open it up

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Year ago

    Jeez rick

  • Ferdy A2Souman
    Ferdy A2Souman Year ago +10

    Hmm it would looks awesome if on one of a planet you make village or town or city..
    But it would took more than 3 players. Still, it always be looks cool. LOT OF BUILDINGSSS and YOUR OWN PLANET and YOUR OWN COUNTRY :P

  • Tank DaFrank
    Tank DaFrank Year ago

    LOL... Royal having inventory problems in this game now too just like in 7 Days To Die

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe Year ago

    Your voices and banter make these videos so awesome to watch. Start a podcast, I could listen to you guys all day 🤣 nothing makes me happier than when your buddy gets attacked by sentinels in videos, and all I see is you doing something productive and him jumping in the background shooting lasers while being chased down 😂

  • James Lavanish
    James Lavanish Year ago

    Show me what you got

  • DeadMeat
    DeadMeat Year ago +3

    In order to progress a "station" you have to go to the log and select it so it's the current mission. Otherwise the NPCs just give you a generic response.

    BEAT THE GAME Year ago

    sand normaly have more carbon than a tree but you can't collect it 😣

  • Minichoob
    Minichoob Year ago +1

    use wooden floors to Terraform the ground, it flattens the ground then you delete them, its better than using the tool

  • RayRae 559
    RayRae 559 Year ago

    Ahhhhh You ClickBaited us....

  • Sol the Gamer
    Sol the Gamer Year ago

    Pressing the upload all discoveries doesn't upload flora and fauna

  • Oliver McBean
    Oliver McBean Year ago

    Notice if u pause at 13:48 he has a exocraft mission

  • VRAirhead
    VRAirhead Year ago

    Im so mad I got rid of the game and it was because there was no multiplayer NOW THERE IS

  • garettjax88
    garettjax88 Year ago

    Think I just found a new channel for this game. Heck yes.

  • Shortbread Head
    Shortbread Head Year ago +1

    T is for Torch, to light up an area, with a torch, it does not flash, so it is not a flashlight, it is a torch

  • Eian Bryant
    Eian Bryant Year ago

    What's your friends Channel

  • Inemity
    Inemity Year ago +2

    The thing I noticed with NMS is if you don't have their quests selected in the log, you can't turn them in. So make sure you don't already have a quest for the vehicle guy.

  • M.Jong
    M.Jong Year ago

    It gets very easier when you have medium or large refiner, you can do all kind of alchemy for material there.

    • Joshua DJ
      Joshua DJ Year ago

      Thanks so base building quest

    • M.Jong
      M.Jong Year ago

      Joshua DJ i got large refinary from science mission quest line, you have to built science terminal first. for medium refinary I think you can find a blueprint through base computer archive quest line.

    • Joshua DJ
      Joshua DJ Year ago

      How do you get it

  • Matthew Vachon
    Matthew Vachon Year ago

    Great Video, you should definitely build an underwater base!

  • 2 gun Tim
    2 gun Tim Year ago

    Um where’s the restroom?

  • Captain Reset
    Captain Reset Year ago

    Why the fuck this twats videos showing in my feed.

  • william 19
    william 19 Year ago

    Is there a way yous can make a server for all of us to join?

  • william 19
    william 19 Year ago

    Is there a way to get rid of the tutorial in the bottom right?

  • SuperNT
    SuperNT Year ago

    Don’t forget to upload your fauna and flora

  • Joely Jester
    Joely Jester Year ago +8

    Buy an S-Class Scanner upgrade. It gives you a bonus of about 7000% on all flora and fauna that you scan. About 50,000 credits per scan.

    • I kitty I
      I kitty I Month ago


    • MrStabby30
      MrStabby30 4 months ago +1

      @TraceguyRune if you find a storm planet and farm storm crystals you don't need to play the economy.

    • TraceguyRune
      TraceguyRune 11 months ago

      Yes, but if you play the econemy, you won't need the scanner to make units

    • nakul krishna
      nakul krishna Year ago

      Joely Jester you can buy 3 and equip to stack! I’ve gotten like 400k off of a big animal sometimes.

  • Mmmm
    Mmmm Year ago

    I think that if you delete your expectancy terminal and then place it down again, it should fix your game

  • Sam Hegarty
    Sam Hegarty Year ago

    Can someone tell him to get a s grade scanner because watching him only get 500units per scan is depressing XD

  • Connor Howe
    Connor Howe Year ago +8

    Whats with the private videos in this playlist?

  • dankdamundi
    dankdamundi Year ago

    If i had no mans sky i'd build underground

  • KoMbAt x HyPe
    KoMbAt x HyPe Year ago


  • Dogmaguy74
    Dogmaguy74 Year ago

    Royal looks like a TURTLE gek?

  • Camdon Rey
    Camdon Rey Year ago

    Does anyone know how to hire a korvex scientist for your base terminal? I cant find one at any space station

    • Camdon Rey
      Camdon Rey Year ago

      2922bigdaddy cool thanks man

    • 2922bigdaddy
      2922bigdaddy Year ago +1

      click on the quest inside your log and it will lead you to the specific station he is located at. works for all the people you need to hire

  • David Stedile
    David Stedile Year ago

    Is it possible to dig to the planet core? Will the planet explode?

  • Love Metal
    Love Metal Year ago +18

    Make underwater base too!!!

    • Love Metal
      Love Metal 10 months ago

      @Zans Mans
      thanks Rip chuck.

    • Zans Mans
      Zans Mans 10 months ago

      🤘Nice profile picture man.

    • ValTalex
      ValTalex 11 months ago

      Thanks for the genius idea ! ;)

    SENPAILIAM Year ago

    you can buy multiple freaters

  • Thermal Noise
    Thermal Noise Year ago

    The plant you scanned underwater, it also replenishes your oxygen. When it's low, you will be a prompt to harvest.

  • oooBOXING WORLDooo

    New sub

  • Joseph Bertsch
    Joseph Bertsch Year ago +5

    You guys should try the game Emperion: Galactic Survival, its a open world game, and it is kind of similar to this but with a bit more grinding

    • TraceguyRune
      TraceguyRune 11 months ago

      No man's sky is probably a little more fun and polished. How is Emperion these days? I bought the game a few years ago when it was in an infant stage

  • Aellae1
    Aellae1 Year ago

    You have your exocraft and base quest already accepted. You can see it in your secondary mission slot in the log.

  • set it ablaze
    set it ablaze Year ago

    Yeah you should make a two story car parking place because what if you want one of the big boys

  • CasperTheLegend
    CasperTheLegend Year ago

    ugh how do you make so much money.

  • TheWitchDoctor's Gaming /Ethan Parker

    Join my server ark unofficial pc session King Ragnarok will increase player amount once it fills up pvp

  • ken_jam317
    ken_jam317 Year ago +1

    When is the next astroneer vid

  • Abosstron
    Abosstron Year ago

    You can press w to split stacks

  • Bennyboi 112
    Bennyboi 112 Year ago

    Learn blueprints u don't need and more will become available

  • TheJamiesld
    TheJamiesld Year ago


  • Evan Logan
    Evan Logan Year ago


  • Mickael Kiss
    Mickael Kiss Year ago

    Dont forget to right click


    i heard you can build bases underwater. maybe ?

  • draco333601
    draco333601 Year ago +7

    you have to press p and select the mission to talk to the people at the terminals

  • White Ninja
    White Ninja Year ago +3

    Show your pet Oliver

  • G.G
    G.G Year ago +1

    I love your serial

  • G.G
    G.G Year ago


  • Screamnskate Gaming
    Screamnskate Gaming Year ago +8

    Learn tricks and tips from watching u play this game

  • Cameron HIckey
    Cameron HIckey Year ago

    Where’s ark

  • Lizard -Wizard
    Lizard -Wizard Year ago

    u guys are so good at this game

  • Waylon Dillon
    Waylon Dillon Year ago +2

    Hi royale when is next stream?😀😀👍

  • A The Anarchist A

    I have given you your 18th like @PartiallyRoyal

  • strike venom
    strike venom Year ago


  • strike venom
    strike venom Year ago


  • strike venom
    strike venom Year ago


  • Nihal K prakash
    Nihal K prakash Year ago