Do Your Parents Know You Better Than Your Partner?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • People put their parents and S/O to the test to see who knows them better!
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    Denny Wong
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    Carlos Chan
    Wolfie Trausch

Comments • 1 161

  • Michele Williams
    Michele Williams 14 hours ago

    Hmmmm now I’m curious!!! Boyfriend of 5 years or Mom?

  • uriarteh
    uriarteh 6 days ago +1

    The straight bf is HOT. dang girl well done.
    The gay couple are adorable. Aww I sooo want that type of relationship.

  • Savannah Rey
    Savannah Rey 8 days ago +1

    Poo Pushers prevail over parents!

  • dylan bridges
    dylan bridges 12 days ago +1

    That was literally adorable

  • dylan bridges
    dylan bridges 12 days ago +1

    I miss my mom so so much.

  • Sharna Day
    Sharna Day 12 days ago

    Fathers knows best ....and boyfriend 😂😂😂😂

  • allison
    allison 12 days ago

    lmao that girl was lowkey annoying

  • Ananya B
    Ananya B 13 days ago

    I saw the title and my answer was immediately "YES!!!".

  • Four Eyes
    Four Eyes 14 days ago

    Man y u have gay ppl

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 15 days ago

    Ughhh gays

  • Swnsasy _
    Swnsasy _ 15 days ago

    My husband and I got every single one right about each other, lol.. We're too much a damn like though.. What do you like to do to relax recharge.. My husband said MOLEST ME! Haha, YEP!!!

  • Joshua Gusman
    Joshua Gusman 15 days ago

    Mom and Carlos need to switch places on the couch...

  • BananaCake26
    BananaCake26 16 days ago

    The girlfriend was annoying af. He needs to ditch her asap.

  • shyguyshow
    shyguyshow 16 days ago

    Ha gay

  • Jane Bailey
    Jane Bailey 18 days ago +1

    There are so many Homophobes in the world so I’m glad the comment section is so understanding 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Martina C
    Martina C 18 days ago +2

    'Alright the game is over, you dont have to be mean to each other' she says
    Me: (;-_-)ᴇᴍᴍᴍsomeone put a blanket over her

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 20 days ago +1

    Ew that girl was being way too salty to her boyfriend.

  • Draz'Gul
    Draz'Gul 21 day ago

    1:07 Loving your mom doesn't make you a mamas boy

  • Luis Barrera
    Luis Barrera 21 day ago

    That girl is rudeeee

  • Afan Lathofy
    Afan Lathofy 21 day ago

    Queerbaiting? Sure

  • Shela Rizky Tarinda
    Shela Rizky Tarinda 22 days ago

    black cat

  • CreeperPlays
    CreeperPlays 23 days ago

    Ew, gay people

    • Wakter Laner
      Wakter Laner 10 days ago

      Ew, 13 yo homophobic toxic kids who play PS 24/00

  • Mr.YetToBeThrownOutLemon



  • barryseaworth
    barryseaworth 24 days ago

    I don't talk to my parents much, im sure my future partner will get to know me better.

  • Kurious IJ
    Kurious IJ 25 days ago

    it made me puke up.

  • Kurious IJ
    Kurious IJ 25 days ago

    I disliked so much this video !!!

  • मार्तण्ड उर्फ मारू

    don't know why but I wanted the mom and dad to win from the beginning.

  • straya bish
    straya bish 27 days ago

    That girl is low key annoying

  • turtle:D
    turtle:D 27 days ago

    where do you find all these gay people?

  • Jack K
    Jack K 27 days ago

    The girl is dating a guy who looks like a young version of her father.

  • Tony Furz
    Tony Furz 27 days ago

    Homosexuality is a sin

  • Paul2377
    Paul2377 28 days ago

    I could tell she was an extrovert from 3 minutes of her. :P

  • Lleowowoa Carlton
    Lleowowoa Carlton 28 days ago

    The guy in the grey was getting so flustered and nervous lol look at his sweaty armpits😂😂

  • sana a
    sana a 28 days ago +1

    Would you ever ever tell a man that his worst trait is that he is too bossy!!??
    I say-be the most bossy-ass bitches you can cuz bitches GET STUFF DONE!!! (everyone who gets that reference- ilysm 😘)

  • keivefy
    keivefy 29 days ago

    The bf in the str8 couple seemed quieter and had less of a dynamic with the father compared to the gay couple. Gay relationships are far more based on equality and healthier for that. Outside of the bedroom (and sometimes within!) there is no natural dominant party. Both can be the 'bread winner', both the 'home maker'.

  • Sama Chouceir
    Sama Chouceir 29 days ago

    Isn't he Rylands ex ?

  • Charmaine Villiers
    Charmaine Villiers Month ago

    The only thing that annoyed me was the ad before the video because although it is a good point females are not the only people who will suffer domestic violence

  • silveryfeather208
    silveryfeather208 Month ago

    Wow, anyone notice there's two lefties

  • Jana Styles
    Jana Styles Month ago

    The gay couple is freakin amazing I love them

  • T 412
    T 412 Month ago

    Her dad and boyfriend actually look alike and have similar temperaments, voices, and mannerisms. I didn’t notice it till the very end. She really is planning to marry a clone of her father 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Jonathan Ulysse
    Jonathan Ulysse Month ago

    Yall ain’t know each other

  • Julien Boudreau
    Julien Boudreau Month ago


  • A Man
    A Man Month ago

    Do Your Parents Know You Better Than Your Parents?- is what I thought the title said and I was very confused.

  • jasznia jackson
    jasznia jackson Month ago

    Oedipus complex lol... look how similar the bf looks to the dad

  • Blue Monday
    Blue Monday Month ago

    Why was everyone hating on the chick?? Everyone in this video had a really nice personality!

  • carlos ahumada
    carlos ahumada Month ago

    My name is Carlos 🤔😻😻😂

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Month ago

    what the heck that guy in the thumbnail is ryland adams ex wth

  • London Dyen
    London Dyen Month ago

    When did being gay become a thing

    • roland melles
      roland melles Month ago

      it has always been there.. guy in the ancient greek empire buttfucked each other on the streets. Gays were thought to he the gift from the gods haha

  • Denady T.
    Denady T. Month ago

    Im like : “ouhhh no!! Did the straight one break up??”

  • Noriko
    Noriko Month ago

    This was so cute

  • Sucrehh
    Sucrehh Month ago

    That girl gives REALLY bad vibes.

  • Brooklyn Howard
    Brooklyn Howard Month ago

    The way the boyfriend laughed and yelled "Debbie" was the cutest thing

  • Joosua Anttila
    Joosua Anttila Month ago +9

    Why are people mad at the girlfriend. She was just playing around. If anything it seemed like the boyfriend was hurt and kinda mad especially 6:34 where the dad said he wasnt suprised he won.

  • Acássio dos Anjos
    Acássio dos Anjos Month ago

    This place must be hot. All of them had sweaty armpits

  • tim tams
    tim tams Month ago


  • revina s
    revina s Month ago

    more of this please

  • Bitchin Bxby
    Bitchin Bxby Month ago

    My friend is 13 her and her boyfriend have been dating since they were 10
    NZ kids aye, both 5'11 green eyes an all
    Honestly shortest kids in my school

  • Victoria Ashlyn
    Victoria Ashlyn Month ago

    The girl's boyfriend is really awkward. Its like he cant handle the heat of being next to her dad or something.

  • Victoria Ashlyn
    Victoria Ashlyn Month ago


  • Google User
    Google User Month ago +1

    Dakota is so hot!

  • Young Boy
    Young Boy Month ago


  • Kera Jane
    Kera Jane Month ago

    I should do this with my parents and spouse

  • Al
    Al Month ago

    I can "DEBUNK" ...all these theories right here and now. My partner and I have been together for 40 yrs (in 4 months ) and he says I have eyes behind my head and X-ray vision and can stop him from doing something before he does it. He's right,right and right !! Of course I know what he likes and doesn't. I know every inch of this man and what makes him TICK. If you pay attention you'll learn things. HE on the other hand glosses over I get annoyed when he asks a really silly question about me when he should know it after all these years.He's still learning after all this time WHICH BUTTONS NOT TO PUSH. I learned a LONG TIME ago which buttons not to push with him. Knowing your partner and how they TICK is not a hard thing to do....if you REALLY care for the person. Fact is your parents have you for your first 18 years before heading out on your own,so they tend to loss that edge after a while. I've already fired warning shoots across the bow about our 40th coming up.....he say' can he forget it, I won't let him. Ok so I'm guilty.....but it's a BIG millstone.

  • J Smith
    J Smith Month ago +1

    anyone else notice the boyfriends huge sweatpatch at 4:34

  • Saskia Costigan
    Saskia Costigan Month ago

    “Father knows best”
    *”aNd BoYFRieND”*

  • x brookehayward x
    x brookehayward x Month ago


  • NomMyMuffin
    NomMyMuffin Month ago

    5:35 damn. lolol

  • Aarya Merwade
    Aarya Merwade Month ago

    Wait, that's Ryland Adams' ex.... Wolfie

  • Chris McMahon
    Chris McMahon Month ago

    Could have been good but production was poor. Viewers can't read the white boards and they don't say or subtitle the answers. So it was completely ineffective and I stopped watching after a couple of minutes. On top of that it was simply not engaging at all. You guys can do (and do) so much better.

    LIANGELO BALL Month ago

    Asian girl is *thicc*

  • The Foxter 5
    The Foxter 5 Month ago +1

    YAY FOR GAY!! 🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Dymanique
    Dymanique Month ago

    the title of the video was confusing me so much i just had to click on it

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti Month ago


  • To ny
    To ny Month ago

    her boyfriend reminds me of Andrew from Desperate Housewives

  • manjot kaur
    manjot kaur Month ago

    That gay couple !!!! Makes me jealous

  • Diego Ramoz
    Diego Ramoz Month ago

    Well I found free $5613a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work...

  • breezy lana
    breezy lana Month ago

    the dad was hot

  • Dominic Dannies
    Dominic Dannies Month ago

    She IS bossy

  • Soma Medhi
    Soma Medhi Month ago


  • Ajan Navarro
    Ajan Navarro Month ago

    "avocado and bagels"... the father just thought "what is the most millenial thing to eat?" xDD

  • Canadian Poutine
    Canadian Poutine Month ago

    The girl is is the red shirt guy LEFTY

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    The dad is hot

  • Anna S.
    Anna S. Month ago

    looks like carlos sollis

  • Myron  Yoder
    Myron Yoder Month ago

    I hate gays!!!

    eMBARRASSED Month ago

    they all have the clearest skin omg

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Month ago +1

    The girl's bf and dad are really good looking 😍🔥

  • rejeebush
    rejeebush Month ago


  • Seth Hart
    Seth Hart Month ago

    Gays really

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia Month ago

    I hate the gay couple cause they're gay

  • Michael Du
    Michael Du Month ago

    The more you know... *:O*

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +1

    Wouldn't be a Buzzfeed video without gay people

  • Trolley McTroll Troll
    Trolley McTroll Troll Month ago +1

    Its buzzfeed so ofcourse one of the couples has to be gay

    • Trolley McTroll Troll
      Trolley McTroll Troll Month ago

      +Loraine Papong Couldn't care less but thanks for letting me know....?

    • Loraine Papong
      Loraine Papong Month ago +1

      The Troll Of Central Park *Gay people exist, and we’re not going anywhere* Good trolling, tho 👌🏽

  • John Cass
    John Cass Month ago


  • Mycenaea
    Mycenaea Month ago

    Ryland's ex D:

  • Alexander Aparicio
    Alexander Aparicio Month ago

    OMG I liked this because it's so politically correct :):):):)!! keep producing trash plz

  • Brenna Eileen
    Brenna Eileen Month ago

    yall are getting wayyy too critical of the girl in this. she seemed a bit standoffish, yeah, but that's just how some people are. we have no idea what the dynamic of her relationship is except for this brief clip. also, the comment about how her fear of her father is just "respect" ... I'm sorry, if your daughters biggest fear is YOU than that is not respect. that is abuse somewhere along the lines.

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy Month ago +10

    asian girl seems salty and toxic

    • NocturnalRevisions
      NocturnalRevisions Month ago +1

      You get the feeling bf's gonna get lightly beaten when they get home.

  • ireat
    ireat Month ago

    They should also add the best friend. He/she would win every match​

  • dani
    dani Month ago

    This would be funny if we actually knew the people in the video.

  • Nagarath16
    Nagarath16 Month ago +2

    Maybe she is Ambivert?