Do Your Parents Know You Better Than Your Partner?

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • People put their parents and S/O to the test to see who knows them better!
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Comments • 1 299

  • Julianne Briscoe
    Julianne Briscoe 17 hours ago

    They should add the best friend to make it interesting 😆

  • Roar E
    Roar E 2 days ago

    How I saw the title of the video "do your parents know you better than your parents"

  • problematicpizzaslice :3

    Witch couple do you think was cuter? I love the gay couple💙

  • Michael Coers
    Michael Coers 8 days ago

    Why do y’all put gay people in everything

  • Desy Ferizqa
    Desy Ferizqa 8 days ago

    My partner will win because i barely talk with my parents

  • iihebax-هبة
    iihebax-هبة 9 days ago

    that relaahionship of the girl and the boy is gonna end

  • Look at my Mighty fine hairline

    No offense but a gay guy!!!

  • Cait835
    Cait835 11 days ago

    Ok, old video but her dad is hot

  • dannnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    dannnnnnnnnnnnnnn 11 days ago

    The Asian girl seems extremely toxic and theretofore the bf needs immediate help! (poor dude needs to be saved from her).

  • Koalafication
    Koalafication 20 days ago

    The Asian girl is giving me negative vibes and for some reason I don't see her and her boyfriend being together for very long, she seemed salty towards him a lot

  • The Mohamud Family
    The Mohamud Family Month ago

    Her boyfriend got sweat stains anyone notice hahahahahah lol

  • Donna Tan
    Donna Tan Month ago

    Well i love how close the girl and her dad is to each other... Its just a short video, so i dont think anyone could really judge who she really is for real. Also this is for Entertainment purpose only so chill the fck up 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexa Farrell
    Alexa Farrell Month ago

    4:35 the Asian girl is as salty as her boyfriends Pitts
    Ps The mom is so cute 🥰

  • addison chase
    addison chase Month ago

    Buzzfeed is like really gay

  • Mireya Monjaras
    Mireya Monjaras Month ago

    The dad's right:
    Girl: "No, I'm scared of you more."
    Dad: "That's respect. Scared..."
    Me: 👍👍 😂😂😂

  • Rushika Prasad
    Rushika Prasad Month ago

    “I’m scared of you more!”
    “No that’s respect”
    Every Asian parent EVER. No joke

  • Sara A
    Sara A Month ago

    Wow she really loves her man more than her father

  • Jared S
    Jared S Month ago

    Just goes to show that same sex couples share a closer connection.

  • Vanilla Blue
    Vanilla Blue Month ago

    Wait, they forgot to give a point to the boyfriend

  • MaSTerOfGaMEs
    MaSTerOfGaMEs Month ago

    ew gays

  • Stan Carpenter-Rickert

    I wonder if these couples are still together?

  • Duck 2
    Duck 2 Month ago

    why is everyone either straight or gay in buzzfeed

  • Allyssa Ellaine Del Rosario

    the armpits of her boyfriend is me during class presentations.

  • Queen
    Queen Month ago

    Should've gotten a girlfriend as well ya know.

  • Stephanie Nunez
    Stephanie Nunez 2 months ago

    That Asian girl definitely had a bad vibe..

  • PoIsOnDiVx
    PoIsOnDiVx 2 months ago

    Asian dads

  • Deven Jain
    Deven Jain 2 months ago

    Daughter: what’s my favorite sex position
    Boyfriend: Doggy style
    Dad: Doggy Style
    *awkward tension

  • Cryotus Clipz
    Cryotus Clipz 2 months ago


  • Bacterialist
    Bacterialist 2 months ago

    I'm homophobic and it's not my choice I was born like this

  • A Guy who does Everything

    Girl:But i am scared of you more

  • John Ingham
    John Ingham 2 months ago


  • 三日月 光子
    三日月 光子 2 months ago

    5:28 Just like a true Asian lol

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 2 months ago

    This should be called "Who Knows Me Best: Dad or Daddy?"

    JO MANGEEE 2 months ago

    i hate thick thighs on asian girls

  • Ed P
    Ed P 2 months ago

    Both boyfriends are really nice

  • MisterFuturtastic
    MisterFuturtastic 2 months ago

    What's the asian girls name?

  • Alysa Evans
    Alysa Evans 2 months ago

    I can't even answer these questions about my self! They change all the time...

  • Denisse Kattalakis
    Denisse Kattalakis 2 months ago

    no surprise they didn't know what is their favorite food. I don't even know which is my favorite food! I know which foods I like but choosing one alone it's just not possible. Maybe if we separate it by categories.

  • Kaotics_ cool
    Kaotics_ cool 2 months ago

    Hah gayyyyyy

  • Ron Stone
    Ron Stone 2 months ago

    Actually, Mom knows best, she clearly threw the game... she knows its better for the partner to win for her sons happiness. Unfortunately us Dads are just too competitive/selfish, until its too late ... 'no, you actually did, you actually did', too little too late :)

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 2 months ago

    I love my in laws, so to go against my partner's mom would be so hard because I'm competitive and have to win, but I love his mom so don't want to beat her. So tough! 😑

  • Augustine Zodina
    Augustine Zodina 2 months ago

    Oh thats wolfie.. ryland's cuteee ex boyfriend 😍

  • Aely
    Aely 2 months ago

    With that attitude I bet her Dad brought out his belt after this show

  • Aely
    Aely 2 months ago

    I only came here for the gay couple

  • neverforgottenful
    neverforgottenful 3 months ago

    Omg please
    I find both couples cute and nice
    stop it

  • Nandini Shah
    Nandini Shah 3 months ago


  • Wary Observer
    Wary Observer 3 months ago

    Does anyone know Dakota’s IG? Asking for a friend. 🌈

  • GameTechJunky
    GameTechJunky 3 months ago

    Can we just talk about the bottom of that couch on the right?

  • Martti Majuri
    Martti Majuri 3 months ago

    There always has to be gay, lesbian and black people in a buzzfeed video. Just so nobody would get triggered

  • A & Z
    A & Z 3 months ago

    She was so salty at her boyfriend his armpits started to sweat

  • Darkness Inside
    Darkness Inside 3 months ago

    Daughter and boyfriend are Akwaaaaaard

  • Bhuvanesh Waran
    Bhuvanesh Waran 3 months ago

    Look at his Mother, she is so hapoy for his son and his boyfriend. I love her!

  • Hello Sunshine
    Hello Sunshine 3 months ago

    ooh sis, her boyfriend kinda sucks

  • Tony Tunbridge
    Tony Tunbridge 3 months ago

    Lady, your boyfriend Dakota is a hottie. Nice thighs!

  • Aru Nima
    Aru Nima 3 months ago

    Relax !! She was just having fun !!

  • Brianna
    Brianna 3 months ago

    Wait a sec...WOLFIE?! Ryland’s ex?!

  • ScottTempestイ宇縁
    ScottTempestイ宇縁 3 months ago

    I think the chick was just trying to show off so people might think that shes cool or hip thats why she talks that much but she is just some shy girl I thought of it cause of the introvert/extrovert question and lemme just say


  • Anthony Pappas
    Anthony Pappas 3 months ago

    I wish I had a boyfriend.

  • Vivian
    Vivian 3 months ago

    her dad is daddy

  • Sudipto Mandal
    Sudipto Mandal 3 months ago

    Basically Mom is the best gift ever from the God and she know her son more better than her son knows about him.

  • Sxmmy Blxck
    Sxmmy Blxck 3 months ago

    Who knows me better ? My dad or my daddy?

  • Nathaniel Grokie
    Nathaniel Grokie 3 months ago

    I don’t think anybody knows me HAH

  • Khushboo Saha
    Khushboo Saha 3 months ago

    Girl.... our parents r the only one in this whole world who would understand anything... Evwn v dont utter a world.. Ofcs they know us better...
    I know my daughter🐶 better then she know herself...
    I know when she needs to pee.. Poop... Just by seeing in her eyes i cn tell she is aking for water...
    I know her too well she is my life...

  • Tanmay Patil
    Tanmay Patil 3 months ago +1

    Gay relationship winss

  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen 3 months ago

    shiny face

  • KLeigh
    KLeigh 3 months ago

    Omg let me do one with my boyfriend vs my sister, that would be a close one

  • PJE
    PJE 3 months ago

    Both couples cute; as are the relationships with the parent and "in-law" 👍🏻

  • Ashley Briones
    Ashley Briones 3 months ago

    The way the mom erases the board at 4:14😆

  • Mae Song
    Mae Song 3 months ago

    Eeeeeeks, I can feel the saltiness from the Asian girl through my phone.....

  • Anything&Everything A&E

    Should have done Friends and Partners

  • Mikaela Habte
    Mikaela Habte 3 months ago

    Omg why am I getting Janice vibes??

  • Gucci TAE
    Gucci TAE 3 months ago

    6:07 geez that seemed very real

  • Lauren Surber
    Lauren Surber 3 months ago

    I cant get over how short her dress is...

  • Bryan Silva
    Bryan Silva 3 months ago +1

    That girl just made me remember why I'm still single.......and why I'm ok with it

  • Beau Charles
    Beau Charles 3 months ago

    Run Dakota, run! Who wants to lay bets he's not with her anymore? She's kind of an arrogant b-word and so's her dad.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 3 months ago

    Hot dad

  • Aylin Ornelas
    Aylin Ornelas 3 months ago


  • Azria Allizaf
    Azria Allizaf 3 months ago

    The asian girl who ever she is. Be more respect to your father. Its strange. The way u act and speak show how u wamt your boyfriend to win over your father. Shame on you.

  • Lily Knepper
    Lily Knepper 4 months ago

    What are you most scares of.... Trump

  • Noah Ortega
    Noah Ortega 4 months ago

    Her boyfriend. OOF!

  • Blogging with Lightus
    Blogging with Lightus 4 months ago

    Guy in maroon is so cute. He loves cats too 🐈

  • Ash
    Ash 4 months ago

    “Oh I put sleep. Babe...” LMAO

  • Liz H.
    Liz H. 4 months ago

    omfg does anyone else realize that the boyfriend of carlos used to be ryland adams boyfriend????

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F 4 months ago +4

    damn that chick even got me stressed because i didn't know lol

  • pandora kikuman
    pandora kikuman 4 months ago

    "But I'm scared of you more!"
    "No, that's respect."
    Lmao I relate so much

  • jackie escobar
    jackie escobar 4 months ago

    for the longest i kept reading “do your parents know you better than your parents”

  • Mehra Ahsan
    Mehra Ahsan 4 months ago

    The dynamic between the father and boyfriend was uncomfortable to watch... The boyfriend seemed really stuck up rather than warm towards his potential in-law. Whereas the father seemed jolly and funny! I loved the dynamic between the boyfriend and the mother though - soooo adorable

  • Kirsten M.
    Kirsten M. 4 months ago

    Dang some if you need to stop psychoanalyzing their relationships wow

  • ariel
    ariel 4 months ago

    she’s so mean lmao

  • leannedaman
    leannedaman 5 months ago

    The straight couple are so cute lol I could see them lasting 😍

  • Borislav Smilev
    Borislav Smilev 5 months ago

    This video made me realise I need to talk with my parents more. I'm going to play this game with them now

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris 5 months ago

    The girls boyfriend is a little creepy

  • Rigo Jr
    Rigo Jr 5 months ago

    4 and a half years and you can't even win a game

  • Wissen K
    Wissen K 5 months ago

    I want to know that ,Do you guys know “Pad See Ew”? It’s really delicious.

  • Denni
    Denni 5 months ago

    Asian dad is so hot.

  • Jakeil
    Jakeil 5 months ago

    I wish everyone would have read what was on their boards, it was hard to read sometimes

  • Deepam Dash
    Deepam Dash 5 months ago

    I love how casual the mom is sitting on the same couch as the bf .Mine told me that I should live a monk's life to get washed off my sins for loving a girl and we barely sit together

  • Michael McDevitt
    Michael McDevitt 5 months ago

    lmao everyone really is just dragging the girl in the comments


    What's up with the girl anyway 🙄

  • Appi Green
    Appi Green 5 months ago

    Lol I love how the boyfriend and the mom got closer on the couch though out the video.♥️♥️♥️