• Published on Jul 25, 2018
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  • Minibullylove puppersarethebest

    Yay it comes out on my birthday!!!

  • Samantha Torres
    Samantha Torres 2 months ago +1

    you should

  • Grace Olivia
    Grace Olivia 3 months ago

    Who else wishes they looked like Lauren!

  • fanxy child don’t like your fashion style

    Doesn’t Kyle choreograph for YG SM and JYP

  • Janet Massey
    Janet Massey 5 months ago

    All her hard work paid off!

  • Nikos Christodouleas
    Nikos Christodouleas 6 months ago +1

    no offence but ............. what are you doing? did you know that my 4 member family survive 2+ years VERY EASY with all those money?

  • Three Styles
    Three Styles 6 months ago

    Im a monkey

  • Tik Tok Tutorials
    Tik Tok Tutorials 7 months ago +1

    I want with lyrics cause I can understand what ur saying in ur music video and I can memorize it!

  • Mimi The Gamer
    Mimi The Gamer 7 months ago


  • Helene schwab
    Helene schwab 7 months ago

    Your video are good I love them so mush

  • Helene schwab
    Helene schwab 7 months ago

    Hi this is Jessica Schwab I love you 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bb Jssjjssmwmo
    Bb Jssjjssmwmo 7 months ago

    Wow what a waste of money

  • Lauren Sandino
    Lauren Sandino 7 months ago

    yes lyrics

  • Em Bot
    Em Bot 7 months ago +1

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    Omg this looks so cool.

  • Nirisha Guduru
    Nirisha Guduru 7 months ago

    OMG!!! I literally just realised that this was released on my birthday!! Also,great song Lauren!

  • Samantha Ramoran
    Samantha Ramoran 7 months ago


  • Samantha Ramoran
    Samantha Ramoran 7 months ago

    I wiah i can change my hair like that

  • Frankie Friday’s Yay and Catherine’s videos

    I saw it it was so cool!

  • OvrCkdChkn
    OvrCkdChkn 8 months ago

    You should make a workout routine can start a new trend

  • Jocelyn Franks
    Jocelyn Franks 8 months ago

    Wow... To spend that much money on a music video... GOALS. #pretylittlelaurs

  • Ally Clare
    Ally Clare 8 months ago

    Omg me in summer
    Julllllyyyyy??? Ssssssssss-eighteenth? Eighteenth. July eighteenth

  • Em Bot
    Em Bot 8 months ago +1

    Whew girl I am so happy for u but I WOULD NEVER DO THAT! P.S can u do a room decor video? Looking for ideas. thx.

  • Chris Barrameda
    Chris Barrameda 8 months ago

    What are you gay why I love your videos

  • Gretchen Heizman
    Gretchen Heizman 8 months ago +1

    Lauren should take the money with her face one it and cover Alex’s house with it

  • rachna malhotra
    rachna malhotra 8 months ago


  • jnl ainza
    jnl ainza 8 months ago

    When will u do another diy master again

  • Simi Pam Dachomo
    Simi Pam Dachomo 8 months ago

    Wow I watched the roast again video twice and I didn't realize you danced in it

  • jess_annette _14
    jess_annette _14 8 months ago


  • Bailey Thames
    Bailey Thames 8 months ago

    🎵”And I call myself the queeeeen”🎶

  • Zach Herrons Wife
    Zach Herrons Wife 8 months ago

    The money gun reminds me of Lisa from blackpink I. Ddu du ddu du

  • Laura Stinnett
    Laura Stinnett 8 months ago

    Who’s watching the day of the music video😂

  • Anna Fratto
    Anna Fratto 8 months ago

    Perfection to a T

  • Callie 234
    Callie 234 8 months ago +1


  • Lush Life
    Lush Life 8 months ago

    It is the 5th of August

  • Vanessa percs
    Vanessa percs 8 months ago

    add lyrics

  • Vanessa percs
    Vanessa percs 8 months ago +1

    when are you publishing your music video i really can't wait

  • Kiya 5555
    Kiya 5555 8 months ago

    My baby bro bday was the 25 when u shooter the video

  • Kait MK
    Kait MK 8 months ago

    OMG I WATCHING THIS FOR THE FIRST TIME ITS AUGUST 5th AHHHHHH SO EXCITED but it’s only 3 am so I have to wait a bit longer 😩

  • Katie Lawless
    Katie Lawless 8 months ago

    Ya can u please put the lyrics along the bottom

  • Lilbabyann 16
    Lilbabyann 16 8 months ago

    Yessss lyrics

  • Zoe Naisby
    Zoe Naisby 8 months ago +1

    I think leave the lyrics out
    just my opinion

  • Mikayla Long
    Mikayla Long 8 months ago


  • Athena Specker
    Athena Specker 8 months ago


  • Super Sid
    Super Sid 8 months ago

    Probably do the lyrics

  • Idunn Sørnes
    Idunn Sørnes 8 months ago


  • Phoebe Jane
    Phoebe Jane 8 months ago

    Yesss add lyrics

  • rhianna Keenan
    rhianna Keenan 8 months ago

    Plz put lyrics xx

  • WolfGamer1123
    WolfGamer1123 8 months ago

    No lyrics

  • Magik Sunset
    Magik Sunset 8 months ago

    Lyrics!!!!! Pls

  • Ellie Radz
    Ellie Radz 8 months ago


  • Luz Marcos
    Luz Marcos 8 months ago

    do a video with try guys

  • UpGup
    UpGup 8 months ago


  • Tall Kiwi
    Tall Kiwi 8 months ago

    Put the lyrics on closed cations xz

  • Nirodha Senerath
    Nirodha Senerath 8 months ago

    WANT LYRICS!!! so excited!!!!!

  • Rinad Elwahsh
    Rinad Elwahsh 8 months ago

    Please put lyrics

  • jillian
    jillian 8 months ago

    put lyrics on the video!!!!

  • Madison Henry
    Madison Henry 8 months ago

    When is your house tour????? I want to seeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kazi Hasan
    Kazi Hasan 8 months ago

    U should do the lyrics at the bottom lol u did the last time

  • Lacrosse Llama
    Lacrosse Llama 8 months ago

    No lyrics!!

  • Paige Lane
    Paige Lane 8 months ago

    Yes lyrics!!

  • Sophie Kawall
    Sophie Kawall 8 months ago

    Add lyrics

  • Lyndsey Cloninger
    Lyndsey Cloninger 8 months ago


  • The Kon Effect
    The Kon Effect 8 months ago

    Ohhh it'll turn out so good and different!Can't wait!😍💖

  • Steven Segundo
    Steven Segundo 8 months ago

    You should try house flipper I think you would be good at it

  • Aara Jensen
    Aara Jensen 8 months ago

    IM SO EXCITED!!!! And no lyrics on the bottom bar of the music vid❤️❤️

  • Sarah H.
    Sarah H. 8 months ago

    Put the lyrics in the description

  • Isabella Salazar
    Isabella Salazar 8 months ago

    Can you do USclip Captions so that lyrics are optional? 💖

  • Isabella Salazar
    Isabella Salazar 8 months ago

    No lyrics, but professional captions so it's optional💖

  • Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris 8 months ago

    As someone who is partially deaf I would really appreciate lyrics

  • Ivette Escalera
    Ivette Escalera 8 months ago

    Lauren is so pretty

  • gurl on yeet gaming
    gurl on yeet gaming 8 months ago

    Oml u must be rich!!!

  • jaden smith
    jaden smith 8 months ago

    No lyrics

  • Emma's Era
    Emma's Era 8 months ago

    WITH Klyrics

  • daniella ra
    daniella ra 8 months ago

    Put lyrics

  • Cool Cat Sam
    Cool Cat Sam 8 months ago

    when will it come out

  • Anisha A
    Anisha A 8 months ago

    U should do lyrics at the bottom

  • Daniel Newcombe
    Daniel Newcombe 8 months ago

    Lyricsssssss plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Madi Burgard
    Madi Burgard 8 months ago

    you should put lyrics in the description so it doesn’t distract from the video as much 💗

  • jade35g lili
    jade35g lili 8 months ago

    Yasssssss why can't I see it now

  • Krizshaxx Marie
    Krizshaxx Marie 8 months ago

    Lyrics on screennn pleaseee lavya😍

  • Matilda Grandinson Bertoli

    Please with lyricsss!!!! So happy for you btw

  • MarMar cool
    MarMar cool 8 months ago


  • Lilah Sutton
    Lilah Sutton 8 months ago

    Is moos in it

  • Ping Ping
    Ping Ping 8 months ago

    Yes lyrics

  • Zoie Ali
    Zoie Ali 8 months ago

    Yessss lyrics please 🎉 so excited

  • Sophia S
    Sophia S 8 months ago

    Imma be on vacation when Lauren’s Music Video comes out!

  • Jailin Lopez
    Jailin Lopez 8 months ago

    Lauren you should stick with wearing earrings cause you look adorbs

  • Carolina Kuljis
    Carolina Kuljis 8 months ago

    Laurrrrrr! Can you please react to Latino's roast yourself challenges? Pleaseee 💓

  • Julia Braunbeck
    Julia Braunbeck 8 months ago

    Have lyrics optional

  • Nevaeh Moreira
    Nevaeh Moreira 8 months ago

    Yes lyrics!!! I love them to

  • Angelique Lee
    Angelique Lee 8 months ago


  • •Grace’s Corner•
    •Grace’s Corner• 8 months ago

    I sooo excited!!!!

  • Rebekah Llama
    Rebekah Llama 8 months ago +2

    Yes lyrics please!!

  • Khloe Baker
    Khloe Baker 8 months ago

    I’m so excited Lauren!! And yes I think you should put the lyrics, but it’s up to you!

  • Tom Minnock
    Tom Minnock 8 months ago +1


  • Ally Mak
    Ally Mak 8 months ago

    Is that actually someones real house?

  • Draven Lennox
    Draven Lennox 8 months ago +1


  • Komal Sandhu
    Komal Sandhu 8 months ago

    Yes add lyrics