My Babysitter Lie


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  • Dominic Sumera
    Dominic Sumera 11 days ago +4361

    This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AngelWolf Lola
    AngelWolf Lola 3 hours ago

    It looks just like your friend or bully and I think u did make it to the art school

  • Freya Catriona Gudgeon

    plot twist she is talking to herself

    RETRO RONIN 3 hours ago

    I pretty sure this series has been going on for years because these cliffhangers are bs

    xXDRACO SELLINGXx 4 hours ago

    MOREEEE I CRAVE MOREEEEE why am i so into this

  • Bridger Winward
    Bridger Winward 4 hours ago

    Wait... Are you actually going on tour to Wakanda?

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis 4 hours ago

    Why was he shirtless?

  • dragonslayer159
    dragonslayer159 4 hours ago

    Hey Alex look at my 2 vids cause your going down against james

  • Caillou kid
    Caillou kid 5 hours ago

    This whole series is a lie

  • Lucas Ting
    Lucas Ting 5 hours ago


  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 5 hours ago

    The babysitter was with the artsie girl

  • Angela Woods
    Angela Woods 5 hours ago

    Do part eleven plzzz

  • Luke
    Luke 5 hours ago

    She’s dating your dad😂😂

  • Eli Lechuga
    Eli Lechuga 5 hours ago

    No no no.... I know who it is

  • anthony jose ortega
    anthony jose ortega 6 hours ago

    Bro this sucks don't ever put us on a cliff hanger like boi.

  • SubtendedWolf21 Potato

    I think the guy is Bobby and he wrote the letter

  • Jiyaroc Pulmano
    Jiyaroc Pulmano 6 hours ago

    Who pressed the like button? Hahaha

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 6 hours ago


  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki 6 hours ago

    You don't even finish the cliffhanger

  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki 6 hours ago

    When are you doing part 2 how I met my cute wife

  • Victor Escorza
    Victor Escorza 6 hours ago

    De que me perdi?

  • Efigenia Rivera
    Efigenia Rivera 6 hours ago

    She cheated on you with the dino spitter and you broke up and went to the school
    P.S she wasn't worth it bro

  • August TinsleyYT
    August TinsleyYT 6 hours ago

    The boy who spited on the dinosaur

  • mario gaming
    mario gaming 6 hours ago

    he did not go in the shcool and the guy the siter wus whith his best freind

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 6 hours ago

    All I can say is bannana

  • Scream loud Raccoon
    Scream loud Raccoon 7 hours ago

    It was Bobbie

  • Anthony barritt
    Anthony barritt 7 hours ago

    Too bad you're not coming to or closer to Vegas.

  • Kumar Mohan
    Kumar Mohan 7 hours ago

    This cliff hanger dow

  • Lil Moose
    Lil Moose 7 hours ago

    I think she was with jerk

  • [ÌSÈ]Galaxy Thot
    [ÌSÈ]Galaxy Thot 7 hours ago

    Ya I'm not believeing any of whatei you say

  • Jorge L. Nunez
    Jorge L. Nunez 7 hours ago

    Tell us

  • Hunter Hunter
    Hunter Hunter 7 hours ago

    The babysitter was just having fun

  • Mangnoila Sanchez
    Mangnoila Sanchez 7 hours ago

    I think you get dumped on or the babysitter is cheating on you.

  • Mysterious Mask
    Mysterious Mask 8 hours ago

    Actually just ignore my comment Alex,it's stupid.

  • Carly Crile
    Carly Crile 8 hours ago

    I think it was your best friend at that time

  • Missalyss86
    Missalyss86 8 hours ago

    She is with the bully

  • Алекс Войнов

    Project zorgo is coming for you

  • Алекс Войнов

    Project zorgo is coming for you

  • Алекс Войнов

    Project zorgo is coming for you

  • Алекс Войнов

    Project zorgo is coming for you

  • zaruken kamt
    zaruken kamt 8 hours ago +1

    The babysitter found that the other boy write this letter and it was your bully chan chan!!!!

  • Mac
    Mac 8 hours ago

    Anyone ever feel like this story is made up? If it is he does a good job on thinking about what will happen.

  • Layla Abdush-Shaheed
    Layla Abdush-Shaheed 8 hours ago

    Spooked because the alarm turned off EXACTLY when I pressed the like button!

  • Natalie Bedford
    Natalie Bedford 8 hours ago


  • Toxic_rider /vlogs
    Toxic_rider /vlogs 8 hours ago

    You are awesome keep doing what your doing because whith out you I wouldn't smile everyday love what you do you make a lot of people happy

  • Ryan Norbury
    Ryan Norbury 8 hours ago

    alex should watch fairy tale

  • Pokedon Master
    Pokedon Master 8 hours ago

    It will be your friend

  • The one who Commented this

    Idk why but I feel like most of his story’s are fake

  • Bennie Mendez
    Bennie Mendez 9 hours ago

    Don't joke with me, definitely is the freaking bully at 6:27

  • Jose Valenzuela
    Jose Valenzuela 9 hours ago


  • thenemoboiPlays
    thenemoboiPlays 9 hours ago

    You should do a collab with brewstew

  • Gigi Josie
    Gigi Josie 9 hours ago

    I think that the babysitter is with the bully and I have a question...….. what if the babysitter ever watched these videos

  • MrJahanGuy
    MrJahanGuy 9 hours ago

    She was with the emotional dinosaur support

  • Gunnisberg
    Gunnisberg 9 hours ago

    Your gun video is still wildly inacurate.

  • Jeremy Ward
    Jeremy Ward 9 hours ago

    I think its either bobby or that kid who spent ur $223. What was his name, i think it was shitmouth

    ThePRO GAMER 10 hours ago


  • Pathepig Oink
    Pathepig Oink 10 hours ago

    4:13 scared me so bad

  • Emerald 66
    Emerald 66 10 hours ago

    When dose the next video come

  • the bebe and cece show
    the bebe and cece show 10 hours ago

    The guy who gave her the note that you lied about

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee 10 hours ago

    Omg I need to know WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Demon
    Jim Demon 11 hours ago

    She was there with James from TheOdd1sOut chessboxing

  • Kelsey Hull
    Kelsey Hull 11 hours ago

    So are you going to make another video of the babysitter because it just ended right there 😡

  • Kayedyn Secor
    Kayedyn Secor 11 hours ago

    Curse you Bobby or the bully that's who I think it is😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  • Erion Çitaku
    Erion Çitaku 11 hours ago

    what if thatbwas the guy who realy send that letter and you did make it to the scool!

  • ItzyoboyEthan YT
    ItzyoboyEthan YT 11 hours ago

    I think she was with Dylan

  • Supreme naruto Nay has vu

    It’s Bobby

  • Isaac Brewer-Charles
    Isaac Brewer-Charles 11 hours ago

    I think it was the school bully

  • Sakura Ashita
    Sakura Ashita 12 hours ago

    Anyone else notice he listed Wakanda as a tour date? 😂

  • Russian gamer
    Russian gamer 12 hours ago

    Hey Alex kill darnell

  • Soldiegamer 3171
    Soldiegamer 3171 12 hours ago


  • Dj Gutierrez
    Dj Gutierrez 12 hours ago

    Watch Naruto

  • Xavier Hernandez
    Xavier Hernandez 12 hours ago


  • Pritc Hosssy
    Pritc Hosssy 13 hours ago

    the bs was w AJ or the one tht wrote the real letter

  • ucca roo
    ucca roo 13 hours ago

    I have one too just a Rex from Legos I love my rexyboy
    And il just take out the plug out of the alarm

  • Sly Slyshoof
    Sly Slyshoof 13 hours ago

    U think the boy is her dad

  • xxcoolkidnow 122
    xxcoolkidnow 122 13 hours ago

    It was problay his friend

  • Nathanael Hiott
    Nathanael Hiott 13 hours ago

    I think he's probably going to lose it.

  • Ruben Fuentes
    Ruben Fuentes 13 hours ago

    I don’t want these episodes to end

  • Ben Goodwin
    Ben Goodwin 13 hours ago +1

    Is any of this series true?

    • Gabriel Diaz
      Gabriel Diaz 10 hours ago

      They are true this is based on a true story sadly

    • TheAvirus
      TheAvirus 13 hours ago

      They are all LIES

  • Oren Harris
    Oren Harris 13 hours ago

    Lol baby sitter is whit Alex best freond that helped him write the letter big bet or Alex dad that would be funny

  • Alan Bridges
    Alan Bridges 13 hours ago

    She was with


  • shibe person shibe drill

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clif hangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Chilapastroso Dr Las Macas

    Its Bobby and the sister, about to trip you up. And then you went o art school, that is why you do these.

  • Noah Patterson
    Noah Patterson 14 hours ago

    The bully

  • Gamey the Gamer
    Gamey the Gamer 14 hours ago

    She’s cheating on you

  • Nirvana touri
    Nirvana touri 14 hours ago

    she is going to be with a man you well be like i guess they never miss huh you got a boyfriend i bet he doesnt kiss ya oof

  • Alyssa Nering
    Alyssa Nering 14 hours ago

    Why don’t you just tell me what’s gonna happen instead of telling me to ask questions just so that you can get more views for your next video 💀

  • Cxdyy
    Cxdyy 14 hours ago


  • Antonio martinez Martinez

    Its that one dude that stole all yours money I forgot😞

  • Сергей Меркачев

    Зачем ты это переводил

  • venom cobra
    venom cobra 15 hours ago



  • megersa belda
    megersa belda 15 hours ago

    That not how u spell school it's spelled S.C.H.O.O.L

  • Jeppe Gaming/Drawing
    Jeppe Gaming/Drawing 15 hours ago

    Deffinataly theoddonesout

  • LuckySim TV
    LuckySim TV 15 hours ago

    She was watching an Alex clack video.

  • Thomas Howlett
    Thomas Howlett 15 hours ago

    Stop with the cliffhangers it’s annoying but I like it

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson 15 hours ago

    is it geret

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson 15 hours ago


  • DanteTDL
    DanteTDL 16 hours ago

    I'm confused about the title. The title is "My Babysitter Lie" but then the thumbnail shows the babysitter and the word "Lies" in all capital letters and yellow color. So was there a grammar mistake or something?

  • David Bolinger
    David Bolinger 16 hours ago

    Skip to 1:51 and pause for the best part

  • Eduard Miron
    Eduard Miron 17 hours ago

    The Babysitter story is better than any Neflix series