Here’s How Each BTS's Member Was Discovered, And Signed To BigHit Entertainment (Part 1)


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  • BTS lipa and Hobi bia

    5:33...look at the worldwide handsome...huh,😏😏😎🤓🤓😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😂😂

  • leelaura
    leelaura 23 days ago

    2:05 looks nothing like Lil meow meow😂😂😂

  • Tanti Jh
    Tanti Jh Month ago

    There’s no V?

  • Count Morrs
    Count Morrs Month ago

    Where the hell is part 2 i cant find it

  • Mirakim seokjin
    Mirakim seokjin Month ago

    LeJINdary street casted example he is 😍

  • Besotted Beloved Lovely

    Jin is talented..tthough he doesn't have experience as a singer or dancer..they hard work..he hard work n progress to What he is today..loves his ballads..AWAKE N LOVES YOURSELF IN 2018 AS A SOLO SINGING..HE HAS POTENTIAL....😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍❤💓💓

  • Bangtan slaying since 2013

    where's part 2? Why can't i find it

  • Mughworts Longshot
    Mughworts Longshot 2 months ago

    I swear Yoongi is an immortal

  • rossy shorlynch
    rossy shorlynch 3 months ago

    And where is part 2

  • Sarita Singh
    Sarita Singh 4 months ago

    For me bts = inspiration....just wait within 5 yrs I will be just lyk them

  • Allina Park
    Allina Park 4 months ago

    2:33 Me: touch the skyyyyyy

  • level 100 boss
    level 100 boss 4 months ago

    why u sad
    idk nan molla

  • Guidaツ
    Guidaツ 4 months ago


  • Delphenium 52
    Delphenium 52 4 months ago

    This is the 5the time I watch a video like this 😂

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 4 months ago

    Naka miss nam kayo kasi lahat kayo gosto niyon alldes fans

  • adelfa Tan
    adelfa Tan 4 months ago

    In joy boy sorry gue your fans god luck

  • gaming Alex
    gaming Alex 4 months ago

    I hope bts members miss there friends in school

  • kpop memer dude //
    kpop memer dude // 4 months ago

    PART 2?

  • Stella Bella-Bello
    Stella Bella-Bello 5 months ago

    Rm has always been a leader

  • Miraiku The Goddess
    Miraiku The Goddess 5 months ago

    SMTown's loss

    SHOOKY COOKY 5 months ago

    RM is the real and the BEST leader you’ll ever see in a kpop group. The love and trust he have for his members are unconditionally 😭💖 if he didn’t persuade Bighit, J-hope won’t be where he is now :( I can’t imagine BTS without J-hope... he’s literally a ball of sunshine to everyone.

  • aliceara_
    aliceara_ 5 months ago

    SeeU!!!!!!!!!!! @@@@@

  • tskkui !
    tskkui ! 5 months ago

    I’ve learned a lot damn

  • Curry scented bitches only


  • jackie ballinger
    jackie ballinger 5 months ago

    Where's part 2

  • Olivia Kim
    Olivia Kim 5 months ago

    0:46 RM😍😍😍

  • BTS Jungkookie
    BTS Jungkookie 5 months ago

    all this while i thought they got plastic surgery but its their natural look

  • Dragon Slayers
    Dragon Slayers 5 months ago

    Suga looks the same! So cute!! Min Yoongi!

  • MiA Kim
    MiA Kim 5 months ago

    Where is part 2? Give me link pleeeeeaaaasssseeee 😊

  • Chinz Thiru
    Chinz Thiru 5 months ago


  • ARMY Boy Forevahhh
    ARMY Boy Forevahhh 5 months ago


  • sugamoon x
    sugamoon x 5 months ago

    0:17 look at that hair dudeee peneoehwowjsjwk

  • redcrest5
    redcrest5 6 months ago

    This was really helpful for a new BTS fan like myself! Looking forward to watching part 2 with the maknae line! :-D

  • Kora Marie
    Kora Marie 6 months ago

    I'm shocked that I just now heard about them...from 2013- now...I'm just now hearing them

  • Cheri C
    Cheri C 6 months ago

    Puberty etc hit them like a wrecking ball

  • TheUtanium
    TheUtanium 6 months ago

    im screaming at the fact hobi looks photoshopped into all his predebut photos

  • Michelle Marshall
    Michelle Marshall 6 months ago

    bighit looked beyond what all the other companies were looking for and chose the ones they rejected and allowed them to grow in a safe environment today they are a national and international sensation thanks to bighit. thank you for seeing a spark of potential in our boys and allowing them to live their dreams. they wouldnt be who they are today if it wasnt for bighit

  • Facts And Myths
    Facts And Myths 6 months ago

    What about jung kook and v

  • BTS is the cause of my euphoria B

    What's that song in the first three minutes

  • reshma varghese
    reshma varghese 6 months ago

    Jin is sooooo handsome that no one can't resist him

  • Ava Plays123
    Ava Plays123 6 months ago +1

    Not hating I think rm coconuts hair cut is cute!

  • V Tae
    V Tae 6 months ago

    Its quite a surprise right because bts was not really famous when they're debut and for a couple of years. But now they're NO 1.. how did they suddenly hit the entertaiment industry. Ugh but poor for some k idols that are still unfamous.. one of them is my old ZE:A group, i stan them b4 i become an ARMY.. but i still like ZE:A until now..

  • V Tae
    V Tae 6 months ago

    Im quite impress to how jin got spot by street-casted so many times.. he's so lucky.. and not only him btw bcoz so many k celebrities got street-casted.. im so envy 😅😅😅

  • V Tae
    V Tae 6 months ago

    Hahaaa suga... big hit makes him dances and yea same goes to jin 😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Three Dollars, Man.
    Three Dollars, Man. 6 months ago

    "....pursuing their dreams"
    *Well* if you think that eat a 2 dollar meal and not have money for bus home or other way is dream life, you're fucked up.

  • Lucyzz M38
    Lucyzz M38 6 months ago

    Ooomg Sleepy!!! You are the hero who saw RM's potential!!!!

  • underrated Jhobie
    underrated Jhobie 6 months ago

    Well I heard something else bout Jhope. He was first a vocalist and V was the rapper. But V wants to be a vocalist so Jhope changed to rapping. He had to learn it.

  • Abhi Dhoundiyal
    Abhi Dhoundiyal 6 months ago

    I respect Jin more after watching this video

  • Angelo Rodriguez
    Angelo Rodriguez 6 months ago

    RM looks like RRQ Lemon

  • Elda Cantu
    Elda Cantu 6 months ago

    Imagine if rm wouldn’t have gone after Jhope:((I wouldn’t have a bias right now:(

  • Elda Cantu
    Elda Cantu 6 months ago

    Im so sorry but all their old pictures make me scream. 😂😂i love them oh my gosh

  • Loserwithtalent 7787
    Loserwithtalent 7787 7 months ago

    I swear Namjoon hair has been through a lot😂😂😂

  • izzy ._.p.b
    izzy ._.p.b 7 months ago

    Thank god RM got Jhope to be in BTS

  • Wolf Ninja
    Wolf Ninja 7 months ago

    at 3:22 that is jungkook, jimin, and jhope

  • Patricia Manawis
    Patricia Manawis 7 months ago +1

    Hey wheres Jungkook,V and Jimin

  • jolly fe agrabio
    jolly fe agrabio 7 months ago

    Rap Mon 😂😍

  • Fatass
    Fatass 7 months ago

    Where the fuck is part 2

  • Ano Nomous
    Ano Nomous 7 months ago

    Jin thought SM was a scam XD Glad he found BigHit tho ^~^)

  • Winter Kim
    Winter Kim 7 months ago

    Jin's legendary I thought it was a scam thingy ahahahahha damnnnnn

  • Graved Guy Sumin
    Graved Guy Sumin 7 months ago +1

    Where’s part 2

  • Spicy Lucy
    Spicy Lucy 7 months ago


  • Fire Nation
    Fire Nation 7 months ago

    Bighit on the streets begging our model material Jin to join them 😂 worldwide handsome indeed you can't take your eyes off him. Just imagine getting asked to audition TWICE without even trying to attract attention

  • fuck2016
    fuck2016 7 months ago

    Imagine being so good looking that people literally want to pull you off the street to auditions

  • FortuneKookie
    FortuneKookie 7 months ago

    Is it just me or now I see Jin as Bruce Lee?

  • Hoseok윌 메리
    Hoseok윌 메리 7 months ago

    0:29 parece el papa de Rm :v

  • Luna Dormida.
    Luna Dormida. 7 months ago +1

    My lil meow meow aka Suga, August D, he's so precious. I'm so happy and thankful that he step out of his purpose to only be a producer . Probably is hard for him to be in the spotlight, but thanks to that, many people got to know and love his talent and him as human being.

  • Mundo Elephant
    Mundo Elephant 7 months ago

    Of course Sm would want Jin! The casting ppl really could tell potential good looking people apart on the streets :O

  • SugaSugar
    SugaSugar 7 months ago +1

    2nd place is not good enough for ma boi

    • bels
      bels 7 months ago


  • SugaSugar
    SugaSugar 7 months ago +2

    1:58 no difference just longer face

  • Nawal Yaser
    Nawal Yaser 7 months ago


  • Yoichi Yukimura
    Yoichi Yukimura 7 months ago +1

    Suga hair back then Vs. Suga hair now.

  • don don
    don don 7 months ago +1

    Rm got dot eyes 😂But one thing is good about him.. He is natural and never had a surgery even he wants to

  • Kiara Alston
    Kiara Alston 7 months ago

    the fact that j-hope almost didn’t make it into bts makes me so upset and the fact that bighit had other plans for jin and said “actor??? you bout to sing and dance boy” LMAO

  • Cheyanna Garza
    Cheyanna Garza 7 months ago

    Ayo Hitman Bang Introduces Hit It, the second Addition

  • ʕ•ᴥ •ʔ
    ʕ•ᴥ •ʔ 7 months ago +1

    remember, Suga invented the word "Gloss".

  • Ms. Meme
    Ms. Meme 7 months ago

    I wasn't paying much attention cause I was reading the comets and thought that at 0:26 it said
    *He started raping on his own*

  • BTS x A.R.M.Y
    BTS x A.R.M.Y 7 months ago +1

    Thank you angels for not giving-up, & being such passionate...we love you so much 💕
    Thank you so much for existing 🙏

  • 박민호
    박민호 7 months ago +1

    Wait where is taehyung?😂😂 (jhope rap is very good too)

  • Sarah JuNJR
    Sarah JuNJR 7 months ago

    But didn't BTS consist out of RM and a few other rappers and actually should become a hip hop group?

  • The Adventures Of Roblox

    Someone copied yr videoooo

  • CraftsN Doodle
    CraftsN Doodle 7 months ago

    Isnt Jin from Gwacheon,???? And it is no rumor but a fact that Jin whatever he is today it's because of his hardwork!
    Anyways! god had plans and I have started to believe in miracles! 😉 Thankyou BTS 💜

  • Thanh Huynh Kim
    Thanh Huynh Kim 7 months ago +1

    plz make part 2~

  • Niharika Patil
    Niharika Patil 7 months ago

    And are still cute

  • Niharika Patil
    Niharika Patil 7 months ago

    Okay, all of them were cute

  • Chien Ly
    Chien Ly 7 months ago


  • YoItsFruity
    YoItsFruity 7 months ago +1

    Yoongi in middle school looks the kid in karate kid

  • yall its kayla__
    yall its kayla__ 7 months ago

    lowkey waiting to have a namjoon glo up :(


    Am i tripping or did I not see jimin😂

  • Proud Azn
    Proud Azn 7 months ago

    Mein Bizeps brennt!!!

  • bts jams
    bts jams 7 months ago

    omg why am I crying?

  • april Silvestre
    april Silvestre 7 months ago

    Part 2 plss..

  • eshellmae perias
    eshellmae perias 7 months ago

    any part 2?? for the maknaes??

  • hey escusemee
    hey escusemee 7 months ago

    When rap moni started rapping I was only a 4 year old kid and he was making history

  • Heidi Huang
    Heidi Huang 7 months ago

    YAY! J-Hope Made it!

  • Mythical Otaku
    Mythical Otaku 7 months ago +1


  • Beautiful Liar
    Beautiful Liar 7 months ago

    whatabout part 2? tae, jimina and jungkookie??

  • eat tide pod their good for you bleach

    I was screaming at the part were it said that jhope was almost kicked out I was like if jhope was kicked out everyone would be depressed and die because we need that ray of sunshine

    Guys I feel like im to extra

  • Helanga Janani
    Helanga Janani 7 months ago

    Thank you jin for selecting bighit😂😍❤😙

  • To Serenity
    To Serenity 7 months ago


  • Mon Bon
    Mon Bon 7 months ago +1

    Rapmon is so inspiring like he's a man of power he inspired Jungkook to join and Hoseok to return back to BigHit.