DIY MASTER EP 7: Halloween Zipper Face Makeup

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
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    Laur VS. makeup tutorials are ALWAYS interesting... did I nail it or fail it!? Prob gonna stick to regular costume DIYs.... WHICH I'M SOOO STOKED FOR! Official #HalLAURween starts next week and I'm SO obsessed with this year's costumes. See you wednesday!
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  • Darby Mercado
    Darby Mercado 19 hours ago

    She low key killed it

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown Day ago

    My birthday is on 30th of October and my friends brother is on the 31th of October

  • CharguingCloake
    CharguingCloake 2 days ago

    This must be the work of an enemy stand!!

  • Ancie Scheibel
    Ancie Scheibel 4 days ago


  • Lizzie Mahler
    Lizzie Mahler 6 days ago

    If you used fx adhesive, why it didn't stick at first is probably because you didn't let it sit and get tacky first.

  • amanda kindler
    amanda kindler 7 days ago

    so cute.🦄

  • Madeline Goodbaudy
    Madeline Goodbaudy 7 days ago

    You should follow a bob ross tutorial with your craft paints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Labhanshi Jain
    Labhanshi Jain 7 days ago

    NAILED IT !! ❤️

  • Calleigh Kirby
    Calleigh Kirby 7 days ago +4

    Lauren:I'm a year late on trends
    Me:I'm a year late on diy master
    2019 anybody

  • seasewerfish
    seasewerfish 7 days ago +1

    space... to my face. haha!
    too funny! cant stop laughing! :DD

  • Taylor smith
    Taylor smith 9 days ago +1

    Find the difference

  • L.casas Lcs180708
    L.casas Lcs180708 9 days ago

    I love you sooo much like if you do too💖💖💖💖

  • Audrey Pillman
    Audrey Pillman 10 days ago


  • Marlowe Knoke Turk
    Marlowe Knoke Turk 10 days ago

    I love it! I'm your huge fan of you

  • bro
    bro 10 days ago

    who else realized that she used the music lazerbeam would use in his videos😁

  • Kiera Pshigoda
    Kiera Pshigoda 10 days ago

    Pause the video and press this number:


  • Sydney Quinn
    Sydney Quinn 14 days ago

    ive said it once and ill say it again... TRY HARD!!!!!! XD ilysm though lauren!

  • Taras Semjanov
    Taras Semjanov 20 days ago

    Ok yes we are Gucci ok ok we bootitiful

  • Tori Brewer
    Tori Brewer 21 day ago

    It's great 👍🏻

  • Mariam Almarri
    Mariam Almarri 22 days ago

    It is definitely a nale 👍😼😺😻

  • Elisa Chalfoun
    Elisa Chalfoun 22 days ago

    I love galexi

  • Flavio Mora
    Flavio Mora 22 days ago

    I bet i can make you say no

    While you were reading the question you said no didnt you Well plz like

  • Tara McAdams
    Tara McAdams 22 days ago

    You should do a collab with Laurenzside. She is the queen of all things purple/galaxy. You two could totally do a galaxy watermarble.

  • Itsmelo
    Itsmelo 25 days ago

    I luv u

  • Roniah Gilliard
    Roniah Gilliard 26 days ago


  • Korynne Fino
    Korynne Fino 27 days ago

    Holy crap that is awesome

  • Kyla Hartin
    Kyla Hartin 27 days ago

    Is this the last one that she made

  • PureOpal
    PureOpal 27 days ago

    I just watched Colleen Ballinger version.. now there is this in my recommendations?! Wahhh

  • Nicole Kalland
    Nicole Kalland 28 days ago

    More episodes! I love DIY Master

  • Mia-Ethan James
    Mia-Ethan James Month ago

    I literally just watched the James Charles video that you did now this

  • Evelyn Dang
    Evelyn Dang Month ago

    Omg I accidentaly left youtube on (I literally closed my laptop and it youtube doesn't stop like ughhhhhhh) anyway I left it on and I opened it up and this was playing and mind you this was like an 1 hour and I press the rewind button and realized I have just been "watching" evry single diy master before this plus lauren failing at all her diys.:)

  • Fiona Haviland
    Fiona Haviland Month ago

    5:32 Excuse me, but my OC has galaxy hair! GALAXY IS COOL!!!!!!

  • KathrineTheUnicorn Gacha24

    Do a diy master 8

  • Panda Queen
    Panda Queen Month ago

    Do episode 8

  • Frank Congdon
    Frank Congdon Month ago

    galaxy forever

  • Chrizele Rivera
    Chrizele Rivera Month ago

    Nailed it!!!!...

  • Ashley Stormhoof SSO

    Are you using an eraser to put on the metalic

  • Priya Ganesan
    Priya Ganesan Month ago

    October 30th is my birthday! 😄

  • Leah Sarah
    Leah Sarah Month ago +1

    I love the

    Like if u like it to

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Month ago

  • Hassan Ali
    Hassan Ali Month ago

  • Navneet Rai
    Navneet Rai Month ago

    She said magnetic in sted of matalec at 5:28

  • Denasia Woods
    Denasia Woods Month ago

    Hi lizzy

  • mamanate1
    mamanate1 Month ago

    This looks AWESOME!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kathy Harvey
    Kathy Harvey Month ago

    What are you talking about it’s amazing 🌌🌌

  • Patti Collins
    Patti Collins Month ago

    I like your video

  • akisha reyes
    akisha reyes Month ago

    Do more!!!!!!!!!

  • Kylie Andrews
    Kylie Andrews Month ago

    11:56 the end of the vid :(

  • janya malhotra
    janya malhotra Month ago

    Pls Pls Pls do a Indian embroidery bag by hand in diy master series..
    like if u agree

  • Reina Broadworth
    Reina Broadworth Month ago


  • Rosa Carroll
    Rosa Carroll Month ago


  • The unknown Girl
    The unknown Girl Month ago

    “DIY master”

  • crystal harmon
    crystal harmon Month ago

    You should do a dream catcher !!

  • Fatma Oezdemir
    Fatma Oezdemir Month ago

    Du yu hav tik tok

  • Hannah Maclachlan
    Hannah Maclachlan Month ago

    People who haven't subscribed do it now 😊

  • Emma Fox
    Emma Fox Month ago

    "Okay okay okay okay my first star okay okay what what" -Laurdiy 2019😂😂

  • sukimeki귀엽다
    sukimeki귀엽다 Month ago

    Galaxy has left the chat

  • sukimeki귀엽다
    sukimeki귀엽다 Month ago

    Beauty Community has left the chat

  • Jesus Alaniz
    Jesus Alaniz Month ago

    I love your videos they are so so cool. From fernanda

  • Briawna Hatfield
    Briawna Hatfield Month ago

    Her eyes are so pretty ahhh😍😍😍

  • Melanie The Robloxian
    Melanie The Robloxian Month ago +1

    I barely need to dress up for Halloween because I’m scary enough already ;-;

  • Gracie D
    Gracie D Month ago +11

    you need to do a colab with James Charles because DIY and beauty just go so well togther

  • Mathew Brown
    Mathew Brown Month ago

    The editing is out of this world 😂😂

  • Lincoln Sisk
    Lincoln Sisk Month ago

    you go :) love you

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Month ago

    You are my inspiration for everything you are great I live you so much!! ❤👍🏻

  • Samantha Harman
    Samantha Harman Month ago +1


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    Kameron Phalp Month ago


  • Aryn Min
    Aryn Min Month ago

    Lauren you could have used lash glue 😂😂

  • Scarlet’s Channel M.P

    I don’t like when you talk ....I love when you talk ❤️❤️

  • Annie Ottenbacher
    Annie Ottenbacher Month ago

    I've been watching your videos for 2 hours... Thank you 😂

  • wwe lover
    wwe lover Month ago


  • Gacha WolfieGamez
    Gacha WolfieGamez Month ago

    I liked you Space face ryme but my teacher makes jokes and I'm the only one who laughs or gets it

  • Avnerim39
    Avnerim39 Month ago

    Ok that was a pass! It looks nice.

  • netflix. sound
    netflix. sound Month ago

    With which glue you have fit it?

  • Mariana Kosa
    Mariana Kosa Month ago

    Here is the awesome diy Queeeen

  • Diana Luis
    Diana Luis Month ago

    It's like whatever laurdiy does is perfect and I love it😏😌

  • Terrence Cruz
    Terrence Cruz Month ago

    Wheres the rest of the DIY master episodes?????

  • Surma Tower
    Surma Tower Month ago

    You should have done a pumpkin

  • Kristi Power
    Kristi Power Month ago

    You absolutely nailed it

  • Gaming_default Cody

    It look real!

  • Stacie Tyson
    Stacie Tyson Month ago


  • Dklenz Vlogs
    Dklenz Vlogs Month ago

    you should do more

  • my amazing cat Tarzan

    Do another diy master!!! plis

  • tristan jay Cernechez

    she looks like christine reyes and sharon coneta ( filipino actress)

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    Galaxy is super cool my profile is even called galaxy girl

  • Lily Berlinger
    Lily Berlinger Month ago

    Are you gonna continue this series???

  • Tiffany Alencar
    Tiffany Alencar Month ago

    Love it

  • Lyza Wren
    Lyza Wren Month ago

    I love you. I love it😍👍🏻

  • Unicorn Sparkles
    Unicorn Sparkles Month ago

    NAILED IT!!!!!!!! Am I right or am I right?

  • Ashley Crain
    Ashley Crain Month ago

    Pretty kool

  • Hennie De Beer
    Hennie De Beer Month ago

    Stop being soooo modest lauren your AMAZING

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    Zoey King Month ago

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    Melodie Valenzuela Month ago +1

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    Amina Islam Month ago

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  • Jess Nicole
    Jess Nicole Month ago

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  • TheCraftySeal Malo
    TheCraftySeal Malo Month ago +2

    "Hiding my issues with glitter"
    "Laurdiy, 2018"💕

  • Audrey Rivas
    Audrey Rivas Month ago

    ‘‘Tis so funny because I was staring at the stuffies in the background for five minutes

  • Thomas Savage
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  • Texas Triplets Forever
    Texas Triplets Forever 2 months ago

    You are so cute and funny and sweet! Lol