NBA 2K19 - Special Announcement


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  • Jay Green
    Jay Green 4 hours ago

    Special announcement the game is still based on VC

  • Jay Green
    Jay Green 4 hours ago

    Nba2k18 is trash can't wait til live come out

  • Neal Roy
    Neal Roy 8 hours ago

    They need to bring back Create a Legend

  • Lil Treyco TV
    Lil Treyco TV 9 hours ago

    Make football game where we can customize uniforms and create our own rosters

  • Samuel Wilson
    Samuel Wilson 9 hours ago

    Nigga your game is fucking ass 2k19 finna be ass

  • Jamaury Harrison
    Jamaury Harrison 10 hours ago

    Is it still going to be a playground in NBA2k19

    EMXN TV 21 hour ago

    Add in hover boards

  • thebull Devoe
    thebull Devoe 22 hours ago

    Fix the damn blocks called fouls on 19 block someone shot all ball n get called for a foul fix that shit 2k

  • Cabarolo TV
    Cabarolo TV Day ago

    Put audio in portuguese

  • Carol Myers
    Carol Myers Day ago

    Fuck you birch ass nigga

  • JustNothing.
    JustNothing. 2 days ago

    Gameplay video 2k.
    Gameplay Video :)

  • Dimas Saputra
    Dimas Saputra 2 days ago

    more microtransactions

    WWEBC 3 days ago

    Getting my first 2k game ever

  • Dha Rhat Bhratt
    Dha Rhat Bhratt 3 days ago +1

    men go make 2k global. mabe perk in europe??? and mabeh drik nrowitski as 20st anniverysari athlet????

  • XenobroGD
    XenobroGD 3 days ago

    Cool its NBA

  • meme Star
    meme Star 4 days ago +1

    i feel bad who ever bought tickets to see this.

  • Feng Lovex
    Feng Lovex 4 days ago

    That's special

  • Darko Kostic
    Darko Kostic 4 days ago

    What No!

  • Emanz 24
    Emanz 24 4 days ago +3

    Who else saw the 5 videos they posted about 2k18 lmaoooo

  • brickfighter 14
    brickfighter 14 5 days ago

    So,where does the special announcement come into play

    GUCCI RAY 5 days ago

    I Hope u can change your signature styles on nba 2k19 offline

  • Sheryl William
    Sheryl William 5 days ago

    My husband loves the new caver 2k keep it up

  • Maruba Silaen
    Maruba Silaen 5 days ago

    Selamat Malam. Hati - hati proyek fiktif

  • KrellicOG
    KrellicOG 6 days ago

    "We're releasing another broken game and we would like you to spend $60 plus another $300 on microtranstions!"

    • KrellicOG
      KrellicOG 5 days ago

      Ya, that sucks too! They became way too greedy. Hopefully, they would release a finished game as 2k18 wasn't even average what so ever. Maybe 2k19 they will surprise us with something good but I will not hold my breath and I would not pre-order it, that's for sure!

    • IDK2Me
      IDK2Me 5 days ago

      what do you mean $? We have to pay 60Euros which is more than 60$....

  • TJ S
    TJ S 6 days ago +1

    Now it's only $1,000 to level up a player and takes only 8 months of playing 8 hours a day to get there. Can't wait

  • Christian Munoz
    Christian Munoz 6 days ago

    10:54 godDAMN that cringe

  • LaughingMajor
    LaughingMajor 6 days ago

    Make it free for 2 weeks please I beg of you

  • Loon Julis
    Loon Julis 6 days ago

    Dear 2K. after 6'4 and the Point position.. builds should def get slower n less op ball handle. 6'10 Points... smh. "cheese".

  • GVO
    GVO 6 days ago


  • Worlds smallest Violin

    I literally just bought 2k18

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy 6 days ago

    I give you a special announcement "I will not buy this game again"

  • θανασης sk
    θανασης sk 6 days ago

    We want the official eurolaegue and national teams please! !!!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Bleach
    Dr. Bleach 6 days ago

    Greek freak spoiled faster than some yogurt

  • Evan Arnold
    Evan Arnold 6 days ago

    show us gameplay enough with this bullshit coverart we want gameplay is that to hard to ask for

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 days ago +1

    "Let's give him another round of applause......"
    Silence cause everyone is recoding on their phones

  • TimeThaGawd 2x
    TimeThaGawd 2x 7 days ago

    Why tf isn’t Westbrook on one?

  • gaming guruTV
    gaming guruTV 7 days ago


  • CMONEY Savage
    CMONEY Savage 7 days ago

    Ronnie never played basketball

  • Bryan B13
    Bryan B13 7 days ago

    14:57 😂

  • Raphael Sims
    Raphael Sims 7 days ago

    I love 2k this game is going to be lit

  • BlaqLionKing
    BlaqLionKing 7 days ago

    2K has done this same song & dance for the last few years now. Quiet all year until right before the game releases, annouce features and modes that will more than likely not work properly, then release a half ass demo like two weeks before the game drops... Oh and by the way, you can only play it once. 2K is giving us all the signs that the game will be garbage... But yet watch all of these fools still get finessed & pre-order the game and then bitch about how it's trash! (SMH)😒

  • Dontae plays fortnut

    Damn, Season 6 of fortnite will be out when this comes. But anyways,

  • 1wesleyk
    1wesleyk 8 days ago

    I won't buy this if it has microtransactions. So done with that crap

  • Hundo 2X
    Hundo 2X 8 days ago

    I thought we gone see a sneak peak on 2K19

  • BALL lover
    BALL lover 8 days ago

    "They will know your name" its pretty iconic for him.

  • Ordep PW
    Ordep PW 8 days ago

    Will you guys make nba 2k19?

  • Marvin Johnson
    Marvin Johnson 8 days ago


  • DcDatSavage
    DcDatSavage 8 days ago

    Have that haircut in the game

  • Druvodagreat
    Druvodagreat 8 days ago

    Whoever the character is a my career please don't make his best friend be a transexual Asian trying her/him hardest to be black again please.

  • Tythagreat Tyler
    Tythagreat Tyler 8 days ago

    Bring drew league to nba 2k19

  • EastCoast Overdose
    EastCoast Overdose 8 days ago

    Far it's probs just going to be the same recycled game Ffs. Ateast put in summer league, drew league or something. They games just got way to boring

  • JChaos Gaming
    JChaos Gaming 8 days ago

    Is anyone else aggravated the keep making new games that cost 100 dollars just for a new cover athlete and all your progress reset when they can just update the roster. Like that’s so aggravating

  • BrownBoi
    BrownBoi 8 days ago

    Bout to be 🗑

  • Bryce Marshall
    Bryce Marshall 8 days ago

    There shouldn’t be micro transactions to upgrade your player anymore. It’s more fun to earn it

  • Bryce Marshall
    Bryce Marshall 8 days ago

    You don’t care about the fans. And make it very stressful to actually have fun on the game

  • Auden Cook
    Auden Cook 8 days ago

    4:10 L.M.A.O. CRINGE

  • steve wilkos
    steve wilkos 8 days ago

    A press conference to show me who is on the cover of a game that is not out for 70 days? FUCK OFF 2K

  • Luther Mallari
    Luther Mallari 9 days ago

    no game play footage...when the game comes out...another year of more micro transactions and same old fucking game play...come on 2K...

  • 2kJ Savage
    2kJ Savage 9 days ago


  • Lord valkyrie
    Lord valkyrie 9 days ago

    Lame audience!

  • Lord valkyrie
    Lord valkyrie 9 days ago

    Stop the greed and reward the players for playing the game

  • Tyrell Frederick
    Tyrell Frederick 9 days ago +1

    Giannis I love u bro good stuff......2K do better next time

    • Tyrell Frederick
      Tyrell Frederick 9 days ago +1

      They really just told us preorder without gameplay 😂😂

  • Dorien Fordham
    Dorien Fordham 9 days ago

    Not pre ordering the game until I see gameplay

  • KB
    KB 9 days ago

    My first 2k was 2k3, then i bought every single game till 2k14 (it was amazing). Now this series is a joke: gameplay sucks, and graphic is trash. Stop buying this series

  • WoAh FuSiOnAl
    WoAh FuSiOnAl 9 days ago

    Ronnie un-ban me

    LEGIT GAMING TV 9 days ago +1

    They used an old 2k playlist to bring out a nba star 😂😂😂 this is obviously a joke. So now we know they ain’t change shit they used a old fucking 2k18 song for a 2k19 showcase lol and it wasn’t even a fucking showcase it was a reveal of something the world already fucking knew and seen lmfao Ronnie is a joke just like that bald eagle sitting next to him. No wonder James didn’t come to this since he is a cover athlete also he don’t got time for these lowlifes.

  • Dainius Tamutis
    Dainius Tamutis 9 days ago

    Another waste of time

  • S
    S 9 days ago

    I’m sorry by after spending almost 90 on a fucking beta I must dislike.

  • R3XXO
    R3XXO 9 days ago

    This game comes out in 2 months and there’s no gameplay out, but you guys have been advertising preorders for over a month. What are y’all doing 2k? Y’all not getting a penny from me til I see gameplay.

  • Rob Tranzen
    Rob Tranzen 9 days ago
    What if 2k let us customize our own game cover? That be cool

  • YourOnly Friend
    YourOnly Friend 9 days ago

    Sad for Xbox Giannis thought that was a PS4 15:44 😂😂😂

  • Dykstra wrestling and games

    4:50 kyrie was born in Australia

  • Dykstra wrestling and games

    Kyrie is from australia

  • cutidolls 7
    cutidolls 7 9 days ago

    2k is on borrowed much longer will people say it's trash before they actually stop buying the game..soon I can see it.... especially since Live is getting's not perfect but they trying..

  • john bishop
    john bishop 9 days ago


  • Limited.Edition DROP

    Giannis Gooding Jr.

  • Limited.Edition DROP

    2018-2019 Warriors will be a regular team and All-Time team

  • Limited.Edition DROP

    High school, college and better gameplay

  • Richard Agadjanian
    Richard Agadjanian 9 days ago +1

    NBA 2K19 - Special Announcement:
    We’ve removed the annoying bullshit algorithm that switches the momentum on you in the 4th quarter when you’ve been blowing out your opponent the whole game but somehow always lose by 1 point 🙏🏻

  • Jeffrey Verdier
    Jeffrey Verdier 9 days ago

    Y’all realize with Lebron in the Lakers we now have 2 lebrons in east and one in west in All Star Team Up? Now we have brons facing each other lol

  • anthotron
    anthotron 9 days ago

    Is this gonna be on the switch too?

  • ImDann_Garcia Stationyt13

    Guys is that the nba2k19 gameplay when us the release of the nba2k19 in android please im waiting im a fan of 2k

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Ronnie is a -99 overall, nigga is TRASH

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago


  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Someone please fire ronnie

  • Shanix Black
    Shanix Black 10 days ago


  • Shanix Black
    Shanix Black 10 days ago


  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Fuck you Ronnie

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Giannis I'll give you $10 bucks to beat that niggas Ronnie ass

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    2k doesn't do shit to fix their game

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Nobody respects Ronnie, because he's such a scum bag bag joke. "Everybody give him a round of applause" *NOBODY CLAPS* YOURE A JOKE RONNIE, AND YOU KNOW IT. LEAVE 2k PLEASE YOU WILL DO US ALL A BIG FAVOR, YOU ARE TOXIC TO THIS GAME.

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Ronnie sucks ass at 2k, get someone that's actually good at this game and knows what he's doing to be in his position

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Ronnie is a disappointment

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Ronnie is such a scumbag

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    I'd beat that nigga Ronnies ass, fuck that guy, fire him please

  • thxalex
    thxalex 10 days ago

    Fuck ronnie2k. Fire him please. I'd beat his ass.

  • Darnell Caston
    Darnell Caston 10 days ago

    Im still playing 2k17 which was the beginning of the end for the 2k series

  • Jeffery Osborn
    Jeffery Osborn 10 days ago

    2k if 19 is trash im quiting 2k and going to live fo reel

  • Hashlinging Splasher
    Hashlinging Splasher 10 days ago

    Ron thinks he’s got so much steez