Pixel 3 XL Second Impression: Notch City!


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  • Benjamin Malave
    Benjamin Malave Hour ago

    Some smartphones have rounded displays so why not square the top corners of the phone and put sensors there?

  • Evan Everything
    Evan Everything 2 days ago

    At least buying this phone gets me a friend.

  • new wave propagandist

    Who would buy this over the other amazing phones available for better prices

  • Mason Anderson
    Mason Anderson 4 days ago

    If you had to pick between the Pixel 3XL and the Note 9 to be your daily driver which would you pick and why?

  • denoxidechild
    denoxidechild 6 days ago

    Coming from a lg G4 to pixel 3 xl the notch isn't as big a deal as people have made it seem (no shit I know cue vocal internet comments). Could we do without it yes but is it the end of phone design not really. It is actually like a little face staring back at you as you browse if you consciously look at it but if not doing that it kinda blends in and is easily meh.

  • MegaNerevar
    MegaNerevar 8 days ago

    The MiMix 3 has the best solution to the notch problem, if they their lower bezel was a little closer, then it would be a complete package of a phone.

  • largon 03
    largon 03 9 days ago

    The notch cuts 30% of the video..

  • largon 03
    largon 03 9 days ago

    Your hand gesture said so much about the bottom notch @ 5:15 🀣🀣🀣

  • largon 03
    largon 03 9 days ago

    Somebody call the notch police..

  • Emmanuel A
    Emmanuel A 9 days ago

    OnePlus 6t

  • Marlon Kilcullen
    Marlon Kilcullen 9 days ago

    Intro track is
    That Good Ship - by Alltta

  • sarath Kumar
    sarath Kumar 12 days ago

    pixel 3 or oneplus 6 t which one

  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao 12 days ago

    Love your reviews, you're not corny and gimmicky like some other reviewers

  • Minecrafted
    Minecrafted 12 days ago

    iron your t-shirt first

  • Diganth prakash
    Diganth prakash 13 days ago

    Apart from the camera and day 1 software updates, what is so intriguing about the pixel ? You can get a one plus 6 and install the google camera apk and OnePlus gave the update within a month of android P release. This phone has more bugs than any phone in history. It is clear now google sucks at hardware and they should ditch it. They justify their price for devices with software features. I get it that its a software game and not a hardware game anymore but the fact that the flagship phone is this ugly, makes me hate it that much more

  • TMSoYT
    TMSoYT 14 days ago

    You know, I never minded a small top & lower chin (equal in size) as long as it had speakers for nice stereo sound when watching videos. I feel as though this whole *no* chin whatsoever went a bit overboard considering that the "Notch" and loss of dual speakers front side is a disappointment. I had an HTC M7-M8 a while back and loved that stereo speaker boomsound.

  • Sanu
    Sanu 14 days ago

    18:9 and notch are ugly as f...

  • Jocke Aronsson
    Jocke Aronsson 15 days ago

    Just buy the Pixel 3 if you don't like the notch? πŸ˜‚

  • The thracian
    The thracian 16 days ago

    Imagine if you have to watch 4K TV with notch on left side.

  • Syed Abubakar Saddiq
    Syed Abubakar Saddiq 16 days ago

    If 80% people hate notch... The why google????

  • Vadi Bracaj
    Vadi Bracaj 18 days ago

    If you go through the trouble of hide the notch why even make it in the first place?

  • Obuti Trankuz
    Obuti Trankuz 18 days ago

    I really love the music you pick for your intros - Could you share a playlist ?
    Much love huge fan !

    KAMAL K V 18 days ago

    Google might coming up with very cool thing, so just to stay in market they might launched the pixel 3. It just my thoughts..

  • Amitabh SHARMA
    Amitabh SHARMA 19 days ago

    0:36 see that face. He knows at what deep level Google is going to dupe customers by selling flawed and inferior Pixel 3.

  • VasilenDragomanski
    VasilenDragomanski 20 days ago

    I dont wanna phones to replace real cameras .... this new settings with raw .. ugh mate buy a good camera and snap some good shots ..

  • Soccer Unbox TV
    Soccer Unbox TV 21 day ago

    I love the notch call me crazy or ignorant I don't care

  • TheLEVYB
    TheLEVYB 21 day ago

    The Tesla shirts are not wrinkle free?

  • Nikhilesh Rathi
    Nikhilesh Rathi 21 day ago

    Hi Marques, been your fan since years. Remember buying my Moto X, the very first Gen, on your recommendation. Following you regularly since then. I trust you blindly regarding technology. Love your analysis. I am looking forward for Oneplus 6T review. Pls do it asap. All the love from INDIA. Bye

  • Tate Ananga
    Tate Ananga 21 day ago

    black pls

  • Sara Mostafa
    Sara Mostafa 21 day ago

    Good video ❀

  • Dipanshu Kalra
    Dipanshu Kalra 21 day ago

    Other Companies-Put 3 or 4 cameras at the back!
    Pixel-Put up single camera and nailed it!

  • Jorge A. Nieves Feliciano

    Just got the phone today. It really is something you have to use to appreciate. Loving what Google is doing... So many little things that make it a pretty awesome user experience. Obbbbviously I could live without Notch City but hey πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I can get use to it until the full bezeless era. Same as with the new iPhones... Greatness appreciated once you start using them.

  • Jon Samuels
    Jon Samuels 22 days ago

    Notch at the bottom..............WTF!???πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  • Nidhi Maisuria
    Nidhi Maisuria 22 days ago


  • All Things Lex
    All Things Lex 22 days ago

    I want to see a camera smackdown between this and the LG V40's 5 cams.

    VIMALESH RAJA 22 days ago

    XR yellow!!!!!

  • kumar Ravi
    kumar Ravi 22 days ago


  • Masi kumar
    Masi kumar 22 days ago

    notch city

  • Luis Diego Aguilar
    Luis Diego Aguilar 23 days ago

    the song in the description doesn't match the one in the intro :(

  • Daniel Troger
    Daniel Troger 23 days ago

    Nope. 16:9 looks better than 2:1

  • Robert Scales
    Robert Scales 23 days ago

    How the apps ignore the notch is pretty good. Makes it a lot less intrusive. But, as a huge video user, I'd be looking for a notchless phone when I am ready to move on from the Pixel 2 XL. Maybe a Galaxy phone.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 23 days ago

    I don't know what you did to your pixel 2...but my 2xl is running just as fast and smooth as the day I got it (day one release)

  • sagar Kukadeja
    sagar Kukadeja 23 days ago

    I want mkbkd wallpaper please help if anyone has.

  • Scott Ravitz
    Scott Ravitz 24 days ago

    I have been using the phone for a few days now and I have to agree, the notch just doesn't bother me. I bought into the idea of a notch when I bought the essential phone on discount and I got used to that notch very quickly. I would prefer that apps hid the notch whenever possible because it can be distracting in Gmail, for example.

  • Vivek kv
    Vivek kv 24 days ago

    People are stupid lol

  • Aswanth Ashok
    Aswanth Ashok 24 days ago

    from where i can get the wallpaper at 1:53 ???

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar 24 days ago

    I just can't stop looking at that big ass Notch!πŸ˜–πŸ‘Ž

  • Ernest Skiba
    Ernest Skiba 24 days ago

    Hate the BIG! Notch... I'll stick with my OP6

  • Joe Adrain
    Joe Adrain 24 days ago

    I needs that wallpaper jack.

  • Robby Marcos
    Robby Marcos 24 days ago

    The notch is so big, the display is part of it.

  • Robby Marcos
    Robby Marcos 24 days ago

    The notch is so big people make jokes about it.

  • Bitcoin Rich
    Bitcoin Rich 24 days ago +3


  • John Pineda
    John Pineda 25 days ago

    Can u make a comparison video between the pixel 3xl and the note 9

  • Mary Birkentall
    Mary Birkentall 25 days ago

    Hey mkbhd love your vids, would you be able to review if you can the Havit G1 wireless earbuds

    ONEUX 25 days ago


  • Jorge Rivera NegrΓ³n

    Last week I dropped my Pixel 2 XL and cracked the screen. I thought it was a great excuse to upgrade for the Pixel 3 XL but after all these videos I decided to replace my screen. It was super easy and it feels like a brand new phone, I'll hang on to it for a little longer (waiting for the Pixel 4πŸ˜‰)

  • Fatih Akpinar
    Fatih Akpinar 25 days ago

    Apple uses one notch then Google comes with 2 notches.... 2 for the price of 1?

  • Obeats 808
    Obeats 808 25 days ago


  • MAC
    MAC 25 days ago

    They should put notches onto the sides as well πŸ˜‚

  • D Dunkley
    D Dunkley 26 days ago

    Notch Gate!

  • Dead Beat
    Dead Beat 26 days ago

    Google has become stupid just like Apple

  • vishal tanwar
    vishal tanwar 26 days ago

    Send me the wallpaper man.... I tried downloading form imgur. But not happening

  • Roger Chou
    Roger Chou 26 days ago

    my man! your shit is madddd wrinkly bruh! LOL

  • Viraj Mehra
    Viraj Mehra 26 days ago

    What calander widget is that?

  • Thierry Lu
    Thierry Lu 26 days ago

    Double Notch, the way to go !

  • Gopi Krishnan
    Gopi Krishnan 26 days ago +1

    Poda punda

  • Achie Patrice Brouh
    Achie Patrice Brouh 26 days ago

    Hi! In this video, at 01'33, you show a transparent calendar widget. Is it included in the Pixel 3? If not, how to get it. It's so beautiful. Thanks

  • Zhenyu Liao
    Zhenyu Liao 27 days ago

    absolutely NO-tch for this phone!
    Like if you agree😏

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz 27 days ago

    Who the fuck cares about the notch?!

  • SimplyleppA
    SimplyleppA 27 days ago

    you can add another notch HAHAHA

  • Johan Channel
    Johan Channel 27 days ago

    There was literally a whole pause after β€œ they look great right?” πŸ˜‚. I’m deadπŸ˜‚πŸ’€.

  • Pras Haant
    Pras Haant 27 days ago

    If there was a samsung phone with that same notch and the same specs as the pixels. Marques would have surely critisize samsung for that and wouldn't even care to make a video about" SECOND IMPRESSION". Its because he has a soft corner for pixels phone he tries to convince himself that he's got habituated with the notch and he doesn't notice the big notch etc......

  • Yung Pepto
    Yung Pepto 27 days ago

    Only 4 gigs of ram? Nah google, this one ain’t it chief.

  • Michael Nicholls
    Michael Nicholls 27 days ago

    ayyyyye i follow carlifestyle on insta too πŸ˜‚ πŸ™Œ

  • Rashid
    Rashid 27 days ago +1

    @MKBHD is it just me or is the PIXEL 3 XL notch a brilliant use of space. It's the same square area as an iPhone Xs but made narrower & deeper for a reason so that you can actually get more notifications to either side vs. iPhone terribly having to swipe down to see battery %?

  • Ian Murphy
    Ian Murphy 27 days ago

    That phone is just ugly with the massive notch.
    It would be criticised much more if it were an Apple product too.

  • Mrperson 1738
    Mrperson 1738 27 days ago

    If Google goes against Apple in terms of phones it's gonna pain me to say it but Apple would win

  • JT Suarez
    JT Suarez 27 days ago

    That notch could fit your VGA cables so you can use your VHS

  • jason
    jason 27 days ago

    Don't boo. Vote!

  • Melinda Gice
    Melinda Gice 27 days ago

    That going to be hard I'm a Galaxy fan

  • send it
    send it 27 days ago

    mate 20 pro makes this phone look like a candy bar nokia... There isn't a single feature that can even compete with it...

  • Adam Terrell-Payne
    Adam Terrell-Payne 27 days ago

    Yeah... Steve Jobs did a much better job admitting to the iPhone 4 leaks.

  • FAIZ
    FAIZ 27 days ago

    Y'all got ocd. Chill with the notch it not even that bad

  • salferaih1984
    salferaih1984 27 days ago

    No thanks. Waiting for OP 6T

  • Imran Al Ferdous
    Imran Al Ferdous 27 days ago

    People really buy this shit????I will through my money in the toilet and press the flush button rather than buying a google product

  • Peter C.R.
    Peter C.R. 27 days ago

    Hey Marques, you should really iron your clothes man, haha

  • Bobby Amoroso
    Bobby Amoroso 27 days ago

    Just received my Pixel 3 XL and it has the blue tint! Don't if it is as bad as the 2 XL (I sent it back), but it's there!

  • Punyo Milo
    Punyo Milo 27 days ago

    Plz do a video on iPhone se .

  • sail sell
    sail sell 27 days ago

    Why do theykeep on puttin notch ,removing headphone jack.. don't they hear public feedback.. hate the notch so much

  • sgtsnakeeyes11
    sgtsnakeeyes11 27 days ago +1

    The notch is okay when Google does it, no headphone jack is okay when Google does it. But if Apple does it? It's game over.

  • thepenguinmonkey
    thepenguinmonkey 27 days ago +6

    double notch all the way!! top and bottom!

    • Misty Joja
      Misty Joja 17 days ago +1

      what kind of monster would do that?

  • Ciprian Olariu
    Ciprian Olariu 27 days ago +1

    Do you think it's worth waiting for the OnePlus 6T instead of buying a Pixel 3XL. I don't consider camera such important in a comparison between both of them, as long as they both produce decent photos.

  • Ardyn Lucis Caelum
    Ardyn Lucis Caelum 27 days ago +3

    The Aesthetics of this phone are a horrible mess, Im keeping my P2xl another year and hopefully Google will drop a notchless all screen phone next year

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma 27 days ago +1

    Do xs vs pixel 3 speed test

  • shashank Kumar
    shashank Kumar 27 days ago +1

    What if iSamsung note 10 come with a notch and without headphone jack???

    • Stan Yordanov
      Stan Yordanov 20 days ago

      Personally, I would stick with the Note 9 then.

  • Mukisa serufusa
    Mukisa serufusa 27 days ago

    I’m very disappointed with these flagship phones, the notch I think is a gimmick and doesn’t make the screen look any better,which is why i like the budget phones better, yes I agree having 3 or 4 gigabytes of ram is good but only means your paying when a mid range device can do it.Which is why I like Samsung flagship phones over phones that have the notch.

  • Roma Gal
    Roma Gal 27 days ago +1

    Hi how are you? probably all is well! I beg you to help me. I live in Russia and I feel very bad. help me a little bit I need $ 128 total. Thank you very much for your attention.

  • Kinan Rabah
    Kinan Rabah 27 days ago

    Can you like stop posting impression videos and just give us the review? It's not like you're missing viewers man

  • Anish Patole
    Anish Patole 27 days ago

    Who needs a notch, when s8 already showed how to properly ace the infinity display concept ?πŸ˜‚

  • Abdu Alnaaji
    Abdu Alnaaji 27 days ago

    It was great seeing you in Jake’s amazing video on Vsauce3