• Published on Apr 28, 2019
    Hi Beautiful! This is my actual worst nightmare. Girls with pretty blond hair going red. I've seen it happen way too many times and I've had to reverse it so many times. I'm over it. Let's just not anymore. THXX
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  2 months ago +6825

    Thanks 4 watching, beautifulness

    • Tony Jimenez
      Tony Jimenez 4 days ago

      Brad Mondo can u do a vid of pros and cons of thin hair natural,thick,ect

    • Adrianna Sauceda
      Adrianna Sauceda 28 days ago

      I absolutely LOVE watching your videos. Heading you talk and throw shade at yourself jokingly is so adorable. Keep doing you. Oh and P.S....... PLEASE COME DO MY HAIR.! I NEED You.. like you don't know.

    • Nina Colón
      Nina Colón 29 days ago

      brad your soooo funny

    • Nixi Freak
      Nixi Freak Month ago

      You are like a Emma Chamberlain and James Charles mix. I low-key love that👌🏽

    • Cam Shiel
      Cam Shiel Month ago

      just do my hair already Brad!! i wanna go red

  • Fish Fingers And Custard

    The red the second girl used is the red I use.

    I used it for an anime cosplay.

  • Kreative-Nina
    Kreative-Nina 3 hours ago

    I love your videos somehow, even though I only really understand about half, because I'm German xD

  • Kayla Charles
    Kayla Charles 8 hours ago

    Renee: “Here’s me doing the back without looking, hehe 🙃 “
    Brad: “you should LOOK next time!”

  • Name
    Name 10 hours ago

    I was so impressed with the first chick doing that without causing a ton of damage. It also looked really nice. I usually prefer hair to be 2 toned but it had a nice look.

  • Jayden Burrell
    Jayden Burrell 12 hours ago

    I dont feel good rn and I'm trying to distract myself by watching USclip :(

  • Max The Cat
    Max The Cat 13 hours ago

    Omg i had my hair red, i loved it but when it faded a bit to a pinkish red and i didnt like that colour and when i tried to go back to the salon to go back blonde but it was splotchy pink and so i got pure put over itttt

  • Dylan Andie
    Dylan Andie 17 hours ago

    Girl in 2nd video looks like a blunt force trauma victim

  • Abigail Olson
    Abigail Olson 19 hours ago

    I'm blonde and would never do read hair

  • Laia Martinez
    Laia Martinez 20 hours ago

    why the fuck you look so similar to Damon Salvatore ? You even do, like the things that he do with his eyes and eyebrows, I'm so shock xd.

  • Robert Hjalmarsen

    Funny how it's a "tutorial" 😂😂😂😂

  • Blame Tiara
    Blame Tiara Day ago

    "Oh my God she's teasing it again.... Renee! Stop!" 🤣🤣

  • everly hardt
    everly hardt Day ago

    I was a red head and I used color oops and now I have blonde hair.

  • Nakama 08
    Nakama 08 Day ago

    When I saw blonde to red my heart sank. I already know they didn’t use filler 😭

  • lkbmotion
    lkbmotion Day ago

    Just subscribed. Brad’s pain face when people screw up is the best. Thanks for doing what you do. Love your vids!

  • Noemi Msp account
    Noemi Msp account 2 days ago

    omg I watched 2 videos of you reacting and oml you are so funny and kind I love you already

  • Debbie's Therapy
    Debbie's Therapy 2 days ago

    Omg I love your shirt!

  • Brooklyn Massie
    Brooklyn Massie 2 days ago

    He reminds me of jesse from the neighbourhood.

  • Ashley Bell
    Ashley Bell 2 days ago

    That second girl reminds me of when I dyed my hair without telling my mom and it took me forever to get my hair healthy.. along with a very bad haircut 😱

  • Caitlynn Benoit
    Caitlynn Benoit 2 days ago

    Why is the second video so cringy 😂😂

  • Andrea E. Nauert
    Andrea E. Nauert 2 days ago

    yooo... why did she tease her hair LOL

  • ~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~
    ~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~ 2 days ago +3

    "This is my actual worst nightmare. Girls with pretty blond hair going red."
    I feel attacked.

  • ~Blue-Eyed-Stray-God~

    "This is my actual worst nightmare. Girls with pretty blond hair going red."
    I feel attacked.

  • Anya Spaulding
    Anya Spaulding 3 days ago

    Im a natural blonde and went red and i loved it, and i let it faded it was really pretty but then i did blue i think or purple and omg it was strange

  • Lizzy Hill
    Lizzy Hill 3 days ago +1

    At the beginning you always say, "HELLO BEAUTIFUL!"
    That's fine, but what if that doesn't apply to me?? If you look at me you will go blind. Ok. Bye. Luv u.

  • Miah Cortez
    Miah Cortez 3 days ago

    11:33 why does the top of her hair look like a dirty tampon 😭😭😭

  • wolfmage
    wolfmage 3 days ago

    How long should someone wait in between lightening/lifting their hair?

  • OneEyedBoy
    OneEyedBoy 3 days ago +3

    when she mixed the splat with the wella i almost fell out

  • Clic clac To the bang

    My friend dyed her hair red and after a while she had to dye it back blonde for a gig and oh god she had kind of grandma silver blonde hair on top and it was still kinda red under that so honestly i laughed so muuuuch

  • BabyBooPets_ 16219
    BabyBooPets_ 16219 4 days ago

    the second doesnt actually look bad i like it :)

  • MoistCrabs _101
    MoistCrabs _101 4 days ago +1

    Brad no we luv u!!!!

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla 4 days ago +3

    I watch these videos like I know anything about hair

  • A Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Ee

    Used to love Brad when he first started, now he’s just the same fame whore USclipr. Sigh. Even using racial hair to get views. Girl GTFO. Am unsubscribing, you’re not that great Brad, remember those awful makeovers you did. 😂 bye babes. Would much rather listen to actual hairdressers reactions than you’re fake fame hungry ass!!

  • A Cup Of Tea & A Slice Of Ee

    The amount of times Brad says he hasn’t seen someone do a vit c crappy concoction before on every video including this one 😒😴

  • holly mayfield
    holly mayfield 4 days ago +2

    Did anyone else think that in the second video the top of “Renne’s” head looked like blood😂lmao

  • CarolinaGirl2816
    CarolinaGirl2816 4 days ago

    I just found your channel...and have decided we legit need to be best friends. LOL sound good? OK. Let’s get that done.

  • Jayla Toomer
    Jayla Toomer 5 days ago

    Renee that aint it sis.

  • Meh Gusta
    Meh Gusta 5 days ago

    Does anyone know what hair products he uses

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager 5 days ago

    Okay but in the second video, I use that spat red (same shade) for my hair and for me it works out really well and it stays a vibrant red for a few weeks washing it with color safe shampoo and conditioner, then it turns to this really pretty pinkish color!

  • Dumb Vlogs
    Dumb Vlogs 5 days ago +1

    The second one looked like a tampon😭😭😭😭

  • Grace Humbles
    Grace Humbles 5 days ago

    watch 2:58 - 3:10 in 0.25 speed 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Lyzzie K.
    Lyzzie K. 5 days ago


    GIADA GRZELAK 6 days ago

    You should react fredrickson dye his hair purple is you tube channel is themidgetasian

  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis 6 days ago

    The second girl was trying so hard to act like she knew what she was doing

  • Jade
    Jade 6 days ago

    I just dyed my hair from blonde to red. Now I want blonde again but I used Henna to get it red :(

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 6 days ago

    Rennae *

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 6 days ago

    Good job Renay

  • Gacha Lover
    Gacha Lover 6 days ago

    U judge to much

  • Courtney Coleman
    Courtney Coleman 6 days ago

    Im glad I found this because I want the red out of my hair!

  • no one important
    no one important 6 days ago

    13:00 am I the only one that was really digging her hair. like fr, I loved it😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Bailey Erickson
    Bailey Erickson 6 days ago

    1:08 that was my mom when she was younger… went from blonde to a red head 😬

  • Elizabeth Gump
    Elizabeth Gump 7 days ago

    Homegirl with the teasing deadass looked like Carrie

  • a m grierson
    a m grierson 7 days ago

    U should react to brown/black hair going blonde

  • J R
    J R 7 days ago

    I trust the first girl with my hair wauw !

  • J R
    J R 7 days ago

    I love Brad your video’s always make me happy!❤️

  • Dani Thepiggy
    Dani Thepiggy 7 days ago

    She looks like my 7th grade teacher haha

  • Christina Glenn
    Christina Glenn 7 days ago +4

    I love how Brad is sweating and in visible pain with the second girl! Hahaha!

  • Christina Glenn
    Christina Glenn 7 days ago

    Hahaha "Good luck, and I'm not doing it!" What every hairstylist wants to say.

  • krispy
    krispy 7 days ago

    girl when she pulled out the splat i-

  • A Drawing Neko
    A Drawing Neko 7 days ago

    Your product would have been so helpful a few months ago. I think I might redye my hair but purple and buy your product just incase

  • Destiny Padgett
    Destiny Padgett 7 days ago

    Hey brad I have really thick curly hair and I dye it at home box black but my hair is really dry and gets damaged easy, my natural hair color is dirty blond, do you have any advice. I'm also in JROTC so plz keep that in mind.

  • Madison Gorder
    Madison Gorder 7 days ago +4

    I went from red to blonde to pink/purple. Went and got it al professionally done. Lost about 6 inches but it was dying. Worth the $400 because atleast I didn’t loose all of my hair 😂 healthy hair to this day

  • lizette saldana
    lizette saldana 7 days ago


  • tdb1726
    tdb1726 7 days ago

    I only hate that jacket. What is the point of wearing a jacket that is 40 percent holes?

  • Allegra Wolff
    Allegra Wolff 7 days ago

    So. I had pink hair for 2 years and at the end of it the pink would NOT LEAVE MY HAIR. How it was explained to me by my stylist is that some pink or red pigments expand once they enter the cuticle and are basically locked in unless you chemically FLAY OPEN YOUR CORTEX via bleaching lmao (which sounds right to me but I don't know enough to contest it). Red to blonde is........ pretty damn impossible if you bleached before going red...

  • Violence First
    Violence First 7 days ago

    I love ur outfit super cool.

  • Nat Leeman // MakeupbyNat

    literally described me in the intro. blonde to red, loved it for a couple months, then started to hate how hard it was to maintain and wanted to go back to blonde 😂😂🤣 couple months later and I've nearly done it xx

  • Melissa Cox
    Melissa Cox 8 days ago

    I love you 💕 and your talking lol

  • lilyrose mitchell
    lilyrose mitchell 8 days ago

    Number 2... that's not it sis hahahahaha

  • lolo’s spilt tea
    lolo’s spilt tea 8 days ago +2

    excuse me but in endgame nat had red to blonde hair and it was gorgeous, im very upset.

  • Tamara Moomjian
    Tamara Moomjian 8 days ago

    I got my bottle of Glitterati and I'm loving it❤️ It's giving my fine azz hair so much body when I style it now and it holds the curl so much better!!!

  • XxSirenaMariexX
    XxSirenaMariexX 8 days ago

    Oh naw that girl in the second video literally had me cringing

  • Vivian Walder
    Vivian Walder 8 days ago +1

    It's vitamin c and head and shoulders shampoo lol the dish soap does nothing. I am a very natural blonde and I love my red hair, I hate my blonde hair.

  • Alexandria Grace
    Alexandria Grace 8 days ago +76

    I'm sorry but the second girl looks like a bloody tampon🤦

  • le o
    le o 8 days ago +1

    the thing about the vitamin c thing is like... these poor ppl heard about vitamin c from a friends friends friends friends friend and like... are trying they best to recreate it. but in order for it to work you have to be under heat and then physically remove the colour from the hair via some vigorous shampooing. this is also why you'll hear of people using lemon juice on their hair before going out into the sunshine to get a little bit lighter. if the vitamin c tablet and dish soap worked for you, it was probably warm, and the dish soap probably did the most work lifting those direct dye pigments! it's not impossible.. but chances are it wont work on permanent or demi dyes, and it almost definitely wont work without some heat!

  • Sleepy Newt Creature

    This reminds me of primary school 😂 In the UK we have this charity event called Red Nose Day, and kids were all allowed to wear their own clothes (We all had school uniform) for the day as long as they were red and we made some kind of charity donation - all the blonde kids used to spray their hair with this "Wash out" red spray that was sold by the charity, and it would stay in for WEEKS, just getting gradually more and more pink - half the football team ended up with bright pink hair, it was so funny 😂
    Long story short, my school banned the red spray

  • Bella Hutto
    Bella Hutto 8 days ago +4

    a little offended that I’m just now discovering your channel but OKAY IM HERE NOW

  • Ciarra Smith
    Ciarra Smith 9 days ago +2

    I say they should have went to a hair dresser or a hair stylist or something because that was a total blood bath

  • peyton rogers
    peyton rogers 9 days ago


  • butt cheek
    butt cheek 9 days ago

    hi if anyone can help me please reply. i’m trying to go from my very washed out pink to blonde. any tips on how i can do it cheap and not destroy my hair?

  • Cheyenne Frost
    Cheyenne Frost 9 days ago

    I went from blonde to a darker kinda burgundy red and I absolutely loved the color and the only reason I went back to blonde was because the red made me look super pale and I definitely looked way better as a blonde. Thankfully I went to a salon both times.

  • Worms
    Worms 9 days ago

    I don’t know if you’ve already done this, but you should do hairdresser reacts to ASMR hair cutting/dying/etc.

  • Louise Stewart
    Louise Stewart 9 days ago +3

    Just get it done professionally 😂 my advice

  • Casandra Ochoa
    Casandra Ochoa 9 days ago +8

    Renée obviously watched end game and thought Black Widows hair was the shit. That’s the explanation

  • Elizabeth Segundo
    Elizabeth Segundo 9 days ago

    Braaaaaaad I love you soooo much but I can't hear you in this particular video :C

  • ThornInUrSide129
    ThornInUrSide129 9 days ago

    I never have trouble with red sticking in my hair, it stays in forever for me, even semi permanent dye stays in for months. Blonde though I have to be really careful or my hair fries so easily :(

  • Aurelius Eleven
    Aurelius Eleven 10 days ago +1

    Was contemplating dying my hair red, but I don't want Brad to be mad...

  • CaileyKrawczyk !
    CaileyKrawczyk ! 10 days ago

    Brad I died my hair red ( the ends ) it lasted for months ( about 5 ) it’s still in my hair

  • Bailey Phillips
    Bailey Phillips 10 days ago

    I love you so much. I could listen to you talk about literally nothing for 6 years.

  • Kamille Chavez
    Kamille Chavez 10 days ago

    😂😂😂 Love you Brad

  • Lala Mae
    Lala Mae 10 days ago

    I’ve been dying my blonde hair a bright(semi-permanent) Ariel red color for half a year now and I love it. If I’m too lazy to dye it I just let it fade for awhile and it fades to a pretty light pink so I can’t really go wrong 💁‍♀️

  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille 10 days ago

    Dude that girl is doing her hair upside down!?

  • katarina swint
    katarina swint 10 days ago

    You comb not tease
    If I did that I want someone to call the hair police on me

  • Chelsea Divel
    Chelsea Divel 10 days ago

    Ok but the last girl killed it.

  • Devin Webb
    Devin Webb 10 days ago

    Idky but this made me think of the time my mom had to get blue box color out of one of my old friend’s hair and let just say my my took her hair from ugly box color turquoise to burgundy.... and then that same girl stabbed me in the back after my mom did over 100 dollars of work on her head for free....

  • daniboo217
    daniboo217 10 days ago

    “You should look next time “😂😂😂😂

  • Evelyn Real
    Evelyn Real 11 days ago

    Can we talk about that catch of Glitterati? Lowkey amazing and extremely impressed!

  • Tanya Kwankis
    Tanya Kwankis 11 days ago +1

    Me to all my classmates

  • Butterfly Hakuno
    Butterfly Hakuno 11 days ago

    couldnt the girl in video 1 dye her hair white to further complete it? hair is difficult to bleach white fully but there is hair dye for grey, white, ect.

  • Sofa Fulcherson
    Sofa Fulcherson 11 days ago

    Very helpful, thanks