Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #3 | Medical Drama Review

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • I LOVE the Good Doctor and it seems like you enjoy it also. Let's go with the third review of the season 1 finale!!!!
    I think it is so important to be able to not only create a show that is interesting but also keeping it medically accurate and give a great example of how one with autism can strive to new heights.
    If we can get this video up to 100,000 likes I can use that to try and get Freddie Highmore to do a review with us so smash that like button!!!
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches The Good Doctor / Real Doctor Reacts to The Good Doctor . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • kaustxte
    kaustxte 4 hours ago

    My grandpa is (was) a doctor - he retired a few years ago and let his license expire after 50+ years. He's 82 and still really active. He loves to travel and go camping, which unfortunately means a lot of long car rides. About 2 years ago, after one such getaway, he noticed swelling in his leg typical of a blood clot and decided (only after he was sure it wasn't water retention or something from sitting down, ofc) to go to the ER. They did what they do, confirmed he had a clot in his leg... but they also discovered that the chronic cough he'd had for the past year was caused by multiple blood clots throughout his lungs. He didn't think he'd make it. Fortunately, he did, and he's now on a blood thinner full time.
    My dad, who is a pharmacist, fell off a ladder when I was in 8th grade and cracked 3 of his ribs. Instead of going to the ER, he insisted all they'd do is tell him to take it easy, buy a rib belt, and take ibuprofen. At least he agreed to my grandpa looking him over to make sure he didn't have a punctured lung or something, but he was adamant that he could self diagnose and treat. That was a long and agonizing recovery period for him.
    These are just two of the worst cases in a series of noncompliance from both of them. So yeah. Doctors definitely make the worst patients! Hah.

  • ingrid a
    ingrid a 6 hours ago

    Is that Rusty from Major crimes?

    YOLOTROLLER526 6 hours ago

    From where can I watch this show I can’t find it on Netflix

  • cactai
    cactai 9 hours ago

    Can't eat knives, forks but I guess you can eat a spoon

  • 12345678910 go
    12345678910 go 10 hours ago

    DO greys anatomy

  • Rangequeen2010
    Rangequeen2010 21 hour ago

    Even though some of the practices are inaccurate. I love how he balances the behaviors of autism as well as knowledge towards medicine

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 22 hours ago

    Hey! So I was wondering if patients can tell the doctors to "unplug" or kill the patient?

  • Cat AnglePoison
    Cat AnglePoison Day ago

    Question: Wouldn’t you have to flush the persons system to get the chemicals out?
    (Edit) This ligit feels like I’m back in science class...

  • Sakshi Tryambake

    Although the human brain has blood vessels, there was no evidence it has a lymphatic system. So metastasis to the brain can occur through haematogenous route only.

  • U Aimen
    U Aimen Day ago

    Good Doctor 4 please !!!

  • Elizabeth Rust
    Elizabeth Rust Day ago

    You're awesome dr. Mike!

    XINIA MORUA Day ago

    How many Doctors have hope? Like in this case.

  • S Freeman
    S Freeman Day ago

    Regional nerve block didn't work so well for my c wore off before they finished...and yes...I could feel it!! It was a burning unlike I have ever felt before...and very difficult to describe!

  • Courtney Bazinet
    Courtney Bazinet 2 days ago +1

    A compound fracture is actually when the broken bone goes through the skin. Right?

  • Claudia Nadxyelli Vázquez González

    Please react to the Japanese version of the good doctor, it has subtitles. And is focused in pediatric surgery

  • Nayara R.
    Nayara R. 2 days ago

    I love this series! It's fun, tackles interesting topics, and even makes us learn some medical / health stuff. Loved your channel and the way you expose your point of view about the series. I always thought *"How will a doctor be watching a series of doctors?"* *"Is the series really addressing medical issues correctly?"* And here I could see it. Thanks.

  • Filip Gasic
    Filip Gasic 2 days ago

    Mate, hope doesn't help you with inoperable brain cancer. Stop giving false hope. NA doctors

  • Sweet Ui
    Sweet Ui 2 days ago +5

    "The wrist is dying."
    *"oh no"*

  • Dayton Ledford
    Dayton Ledford 3 days ago

    I heard the popping in the ankle and I just shook

  • ash 098
    ash 098 3 days ago

    No way I'm ever going to be awake for a surgery

  • Shreyasi Chatterjee
    Shreyasi Chatterjee 3 days ago

    Lol i was watching and was engrossed in good doctor then got distracted by mike with his tongue out...made me laugh so hard fr some reason 😂😂😂

  • Shané Michelle
    Shané Michelle 3 days ago

    I like you Doctor Mike. Watching you watch my favorite show makes me smile during the whole video. thanks for the channel🙌

  • AlphaWolf
    AlphaWolf 3 days ago

    More good doctor

  • La La
    La La 3 days ago

    Dr. Mike: M and M...
    Me: Eminem

  • Alexys Zwart
    Alexys Zwart 3 days ago

    Watch New Amsterdam!!!

  • La La
    La La 3 days ago

    Doctor Mike, do you think you can play "Open Heart"? It is in an app called Choices.

    TADMG 4 days ago +2

    As a Leukemia cancer survivor of 17 years, I feel like it would be fascinating to sit and have an hour conversation with you, lol.

  • I’m gay cuz I like fortnite

    I want so see a series out of this

  • morgan lafaure
    morgan lafaure 4 days ago

    Hey !
    Did you watch The movie A Monster Calls (directed by JA Bayona) ?
    It is a great movie ! It is not really a medical movie but it focusses on the consequences of a mother that has a cancer.

  • Emma Renthlei
    Emma Renthlei 4 days ago

    Oh gosh!!! I can't watch your channel while eating

  • megan puschel
    megan puschel 4 days ago

    Feel like the good doctor and Chicago med have the most appropriate medical situations/information provided to the viewers! Worked in a couple hospitals in NJ. Love your reviews and interpretation of the shows! Makes you think more about the shows apart from the entertainment purpose and love the educational and comical parts of the review.... don’t eat tide pods
    Ps ... Your scream was 110% on point... have you experience this personally?!?

  • Keirstin Hemphill
    Keirstin Hemphill 4 days ago

    Hope IS very important 💖🥰

  • dumb 4U
    dumb 4U 5 days ago +2

    Is it good that after watching this
    It’s one of my fav series EVER
    Does that mean I want to become a doctor

  • Abby Pup
    Abby Pup 5 days ago

    mmm my favourite candy tide pods

  • deenasmith1234
    deenasmith1234 5 days ago

    Watch the night shift

  • Carol W
    Carol W 5 days ago

    Is it wierd that I enjoyed watching my husband's vasectomy?

  • Carol W
    Carol W 5 days ago

    Loved royal pains tv series

  • Carol W
    Carol W 5 days ago

    Hope can also improve your immune system response. Some children have improved through visualization of comic characters attacking their cancer cells.

  • phoebe steere
    phoebe steere 5 days ago +2

    You have gotten me into this series and now I absolutely love it and you as I would like to be a operating practioner so thank you 🥰🏥💊

  • Editing Review and Tutorial

    can you make another one

  • The Phoenix
    The Phoenix 5 days ago

    sorry to judge bro but.. brain mets not happening by Lymphatics right... No lymphatics in brain.. 😅

  • Kamil Zdebel
    Kamil Zdebel 5 days ago +1

    Only react to... which make sens

    LEON BAKSA 5 days ago

    Please Mike episode 4

  • Chantelle Avey
    Chantelle Avey 5 days ago

    Whats hard is that you haven't watched all the episodes so you dont understand the full emotion to it. I cry so much watching the good doctor, but in a goodish way

  • Mónica Moya
    Mónica Moya 5 days ago

    I love this kind of video, please react to season 1 episode 7

  • Toxic Durr
    Toxic Durr 5 days ago


  • Tessalonians Chapter 13

    I would love if you did more!

  • Triple S
    Triple S 6 days ago +1

    Here's a few good episodes to react to: Season 2 Episodes 10 & 11 (it's a 2-parter, so that's why I suggested both as 1 suggestion), and Season 2 Episode 14.

  • Janet Wesonga
    Janet Wesonga 6 days ago

    Shaun:do you need me to listen to you anymore
    Principal:no,you can leave

  • adam Ismail
    adam Ismail 6 days ago

    The good doctor

  • Kylah Wright124
    Kylah Wright124 6 days ago +22

    Kindergarten cop:
    “Maybe it’s a tumor”

  • Jaedon Jaeger
    Jaedon Jaeger 6 days ago

    My dad had brain cancer. 😔😢

  • DMT xSpoofi
    DMT xSpoofi 6 days ago

    Ahem, I have one thing to say. MORE WE WANT MORE

  • lxna.the.lxcal.nxbody

    “We can do a biopsy through your nose”

  • Ma Clarish Tatum
    Ma Clarish Tatum 7 days ago +1

    Watching your videos is like watching a movie while being in a class listening to a lecture. 👍👍

    • Ma Clarish Tatum
      Ma Clarish Tatum 7 days ago +1

      Oh wait...while at a modeling show too!! This guy is so handsome.

  • SoulDark
    SoulDark 7 days ago

    *I want the part 2*

  • Aron Kern
    Aron Kern 7 days ago

    Chicago med

  • Little T
    Little T 7 days ago

    im not going to lie human anatomy its not my thing yet im enjoying this channel cause im learning human anatomy

  • oƃƃə
    oƃƃə 7 days ago

    I disagree. Any adolescent or teenager who thinks it's a good idea to eat Tide Pods should go right ahead and eat ALL the Tide Pods...because they're too dumb to be sharing our air. They're hopeless.

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray 7 days ago

    I know personally a lady who went through the Medical Training to be an RN. After the Neuro-surgeon removed the tumor from her brain stem she lost the 1980's and therefore didn't remember her training.