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  • Mohammed Nassan
    Mohammed Nassan 20 hours ago

    All what's left is to have a collab between Marilyn Manson and Kendrick Lamar lol.

  • Ambroży Kleks
    Ambroży Kleks 20 hours ago

    And now kids google Black Sabbath and enjoy the good music. You welcome 😉

  • Jackie D
    Jackie D 20 hours ago

    I'm actually surprised Ozzy went for this collab, but I like it!

  • Michael infinity
    Michael infinity 20 hours ago

    Reasons people are here ......
    Reason 1 ozzy
    Reason 2 ozzy
    Reason 3 ozzy
    Reason 4 ozzy

  • Alan Malcheski
    Alan Malcheski 20 hours ago

    pffft didn't DMX and that goth dude do a genre crossover like, 20 years ago? Y'all freakin out over this like you're being progressive. That's what happens when you don't learn your music history. You repeat it and think you're a genius, but it's already as stale as Ozzy's old bottle of bat sauce.

  • FrancisMiguel lagman
    FrancisMiguel lagman 21 hour ago

    Post Malone : Can we make a music together?
    Ozzy: Are you a rockstar?
    Post: Yes
    Ozzy: Then let's do it.

  • TRISHA SA TX 210
    TRISHA SA TX 210 21 hour ago

    I have read the comments and listened to this song so many times before I offered a comment it's awesome, well done, well balanced with the vocals.. downloaded and 💯% 🔥supported !! 🎶🎵😎🖤💜🖤❤🎼 will replay often
    10/29/19 We will B there !!!

  • XxMemeKing 420
    XxMemeKing 420 21 hour ago

    Why this not the single for Hollywood's Bleeding?

  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn Collins 21 hour ago

    Ozzys using autotune clearly and this fucking sucks big time

  • Jεε¥☯ñG
    Jεε¥☯ñG 21 hour ago


  • kev
    kev 21 hour ago

    fuck yeah ozzy

  • Jack Fields
    Jack Fields 21 hour ago

    Ozzy is a fucking legend kids

  • Erik Orange
    Erik Orange 21 hour ago

    give me that pipe all on my cat

  • Loner for life
    Loner for life 21 hour ago

    I love Ozzy/Black Sabbath, but lets agree this autotuned bullshit is just garbage.
    Sorry Ozzy, if you liked it yourself.

  • Mimyakko
    Mimyakko 21 hour ago

    They both sound the same in the song lol

  • andra popa
    andra popa 21 hour ago

    I'm here for Ozzy, the song is lit.

  • FearShotzGaming
    FearShotzGaming 21 hour ago

    Rap X Rock?!? In 2019? I thought Country X Rap was better but Rap X Rock is more better

  • SkelaDude
    SkelaDude 21 hour ago

    No one

    95% of the comments who is here because of

  • Chameleon ™
    Chameleon ™ 21 hour ago

    Ozzy Osbourne before this was: "who the f is Past Maline?"

  • Cindy Duangmala
    Cindy Duangmala 21 hour ago

    Nas X #1
    Ozzy : Hold my crow in the cemetery he made this song 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Han Solo Berger
    Han Solo Berger 21 hour ago

    I guess you can kill the metal...smh. This is horrible. :(

  • Максим Шкребтан

    How come, Ozzy… 🤢

  • MoNa DoNa
    MoNa DoNa 21 hour ago

    This is actually crazy, Ozzy!

  • MoNa DoNa
    MoNa DoNa 21 hour ago

    Oh my....I never thought this would happen. Let's go Ozzy! But to be honest I kinda hate it, I only like the solo.

  • Seth Gibbs
    Seth Gibbs 21 hour ago

    Beautiful song I'm a metal head and I really like post and this is just very well done. I came for both post and izzy and didnt leave disappointed

  • nature calls
    nature calls 21 hour ago

    Chicks who take the most shit be blaring this song

  • Audio Fella
    Audio Fella 22 hours ago

    I'm actually a fan of both these dudes but this song is just OK tho

  • randomisedjacob
    randomisedjacob 22 hours ago

    I see people saying shit about no one knowing Ozzy but I doubt it. So like this if you never heard of Ozzy before this song

  • Kevin 504
    Kevin 504 22 hours ago

    Ozzy did a cross over with post before system of a down did a new album

  • BXS Scythed
    BXS Scythed 22 hours ago

    don’t know what a ozzy Osbourne is but he sounds lit, this is why I like post Malone, shining light on unknown artists

  • Mickey Moneybags
    Mickey Moneybags 22 hours ago

    Ozzy was a good voice in this song but he made Black Sabbath back in the day and sparked his own music career after the band wanted more money than they earned for not writing the material Ozzy wrote. So today Ozzy Osbourne is a solo guy and his family became reality stars etc, etc, Post malone, despite what the poser youngins say, Did not in fact make Ozzy. Hes been the boss since before Post Malone could piss straight. To boot, hes always had harder music too.

  • dylin benefied
    dylin benefied 22 hours ago

    Someone please listen to my song it's not finished yet let me know what you think
    Listen to HEARTBROKEN v3 -xxxlucifer by Dylon Benefield on #SoundCloud

  • Funky Skitzo
    Funky Skitzo 22 hours ago

    Bruh ozzy and posty best mix mix of an old metal voice and posty oof

  • Speler vierentwintig
    Speler vierentwintig 22 hours ago

    Love how Post Malone reminds the young ones about one of the greats.

  • Mali Jackson
    Mali Jackson 22 hours ago

    Such a great song!

  • will connell
    will connell 22 hours ago

    Only good part is da beginning 😉

  • 420protoman
    420protoman 22 hours ago

    Ozzy wtf you doing ... i never wanted to hear ozzy's voice to this kind of beat... where my barf bag at

  • Devin Isabell
    Devin Isabell 22 hours ago

    Best song on the album

  • Spectre Kills
    Spectre Kills 22 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Travis Scott and post Malone have almost the same voice in this song? I mean I can tell there difference of course but just saying.

  • Ben McGahey
    Ben McGahey 22 hours ago

    Can’t believe some people in this world actually thought this guy made Ozzy famous, and I like post malone

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    jesus how many people are going to make the same billie ray cyrus crossover/ hold my bat joke.

  • SSJ Syriene
    SSJ Syriene 23 hours ago

    In a world full of Hip-Haw I can definitely say that we could use more metal-hop or whatever the fuck kids are calling this

  • r3d h00dlum
    r3d h00dlum 23 hours ago

    20 bucks If Ozzy did this for more Nitrous

  • Muffin 115
    Muffin 115 23 hours ago

    Could've been way better if travis Scott wasn't here lol

  • DailyRapFacts
    DailyRapFacts 23 hours ago +1

    Like if everybody on this song is a legend

  • Resident Vania77
    Resident Vania77 23 hours ago


  • Aeb Fuyu
    Aeb Fuyu 23 hours ago



    My man ozzy just can't die

  • Zacknafin
    Zacknafin 23 hours ago

    Who the hell post Mallon?
    Izzy still at it!
    MoFo GOAT!

  • REDEAGLE61012
    REDEAGLE61012 23 hours ago +1

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  • Michael Dalton
    Michael Dalton 23 hours ago

    Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Ward
    Sam Ward 23 hours ago

    Song of the year

  • Erick de viking
    Erick de viking 23 hours ago

    Ozzy!!! Loving it. Was gonna think this was gonna be shit. Rather like it. Oke. Could lose the rap. But its not the end of the world.

  • AB Rigs
    AB Rigs 23 hours ago

    Damn how is ozzy in his 70s and he still sounds the same if not better!!!!!🔥🔥 ps post and Travis killed it too they all fit together well

  • R I G G 'S S I L V E R
    R I G G 'S S I L V E R 23 hours ago

    You have to have video this song

  • Eduardo Madeira
    Eduardo Madeira 23 hours ago

    Puta som

    BLACK-FOXY 23 hours ago

    I'm one of your big fans. Your voice is fantastic.good luck in 🗺

  • Third World Problem
    Third World Problem 23 hours ago

    Yes, I don't know who the hell Ozzy is until he was featured here. Why would people act like a jelly about it?
    Ozzy is this person who lived 50 years earlier and young people should know about him? Ozzy's fans should thank Post for this collaboration because he's revived from his black and white days.

  • Kiley Rudzik
    Kiley Rudzik 23 hours ago +1

    *i only came here cuz ozzy was featured... who else*

  • Crystal Celis
    Crystal Celis Day ago

    fuck yes!! top it off whit the two other artist i do love.. 😭 omg posty you made my day!!