Best Uhhhhhhh "Accent" Humor? Game Grumps Compilation [Super Not Racist Jokes?] [UNOFFICIAL]

  • Published on Sep 24, 2018
  • Challenge accepted, Dan ;-).
    This compilation features my best attempt at displaying Danny & Arin's best (worst?) out-of-context racial humor and ethnic jokes.
    From what I understand, Danny & Arin have gotten some flak over the last couple years as they've moved away from this style of a humor. While I personally don't give two shits, as they're grown-ass men who can do what they want, and I still enjoy them all the same (#lifelonglovely), I realize some have stronger opinions about it than I do.
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  • Ninjaduk1es
    Ninjaduk1es 9 months ago +3321

    This started playing at full blast in my college library after my headphones turned off 😭😭😭

    • Thenoseflap
      Thenoseflap 4 days ago

      @ferret wrath full volume AVGN

    • Twinkie Dinkie2
      Twinkie Dinkie2 2 months ago

      The biggest L

    • FreeFoz
      FreeFoz 4 months ago

      Espero de coração que vocês que está vendo esse texto aqui agora goste dos vídeos...
      Hey... Bem vindo ao canal, se você gosta de gameplays alternativas com um toque de ironia, vc chegou ao lugar certo! (Ou não)
      Espero de coração que vocês que está vendo esse texto aqui agora goste dos vídeos...

    • limp_simp_chimp
      limp_simp_chimp 4 months ago


    • Moffattman 93
      Moffattman 93 5 months ago

      @gdawgs101 yeah but he was probs just taking notes. I mean he was in a library so it's studying still 😉

  • TA13UU
    TA13UU 36 minutes ago


  • phereous
    phereous 6 hours ago

    Lol. I love you guys

  • Jasper Alexander
    Jasper Alexander 14 hours ago

    “That’s how they all are”

  • AgenticemanRS
    AgenticemanRS 17 hours ago

    Sad Hoshi and Bummer Drummer need to appear together in an episode

  • Taylor Winslette
    Taylor Winslette 2 days ago

    “Oooh they’ve introduced BLACKS”

  • Melon Lord
    Melon Lord 2 days ago

    Dan: How do you say Jam Session in japanese?
    Arin: じゃむ せっしおん

  • Thenoseflap
    Thenoseflap 4 days ago

    Glamu glumpu

  • movie stalker
    movie stalker 4 days ago


  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 4 days ago

    Eenie meenie minie mo

  • Gustavo Viera
    Gustavo Viera 5 days ago +1

    13:43 I NEED an animation of the Glutko and Lupay segment. Like a George Lopez Sitcom style. It's THAT good.

  • Totally Not Shawn
    Totally Not Shawn 5 days ago

    It’s concerning that they laugh so hard at these stuff XD

  • Son Of Trex
    Son Of Trex 6 days ago

    Racist game grumps should be called glame glumps

  • David Reinhard
    David Reinhard 6 days ago

    Beautifully done intro. PERFECT setup

  • meme lord91
    meme lord91 6 days ago

    They need to have jacob Anderson on the power hour

  • Oberyn Dane
    Oberyn Dane 7 days ago

    Am I just learning that the game grumps are just really racist against Asians

  • Ivy - the - Demon
    Ivy - the - Demon 7 days ago

    I am Mario Maker

  • E
    E 8 days ago +1


  • Samii
    Samii 10 days ago

    Little reminder for people saying "this is racist".
    There's a huge difference between making jokes about a race and not meaning any harm to it, and you know, ACTUALLY BEING A RACIST PRICK.
    Fucking quit throwing the racist card at everything you don't like(unless it's actually really fucked up then go ham). If everything bothers you, then you shouldn't be on the internet in the first place.

  • Dubstep Walrus
    Dubstep Walrus 12 days ago

    Rarughraryu... BAGELS!

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson 13 days ago +1

    Insert al of Devils Third

  • Zip Doodles
    Zip Doodles 13 days ago +2

    Creator: Is that a challenge?

  • SPRING.T 51108 UWU
    SPRING.T 51108 UWU 15 days ago

    Asian men of a certain age are into FUCK YEA TRIFORCE SHARD!!!

  • evilhopscotch
    evilhopscotch 16 days ago

    I think it all depends on the context of the joke. some of these come from them making fun of how racist the game they're playing is being (punch out, dog island, leisure suit larry), or the conversation they're having. A lot of these are genuinely racist, but in the same benign "harmless" way that race humor in our society often is: not meant to be malicious, but based on generations of stereotypes. it's still racist, and the boys themselves have acknowledged this and tried to move away from it, but it was engrained in them from how they grew up in a society where that sort of thing was ok, you know? it's like gay jokes, equally as bad but equally as prevalent. I'm not making excuses for them, but I am happy that they've tried to grow past it and their humor has definitely improved as a result.

  • Cat Kalico
    Cat Kalico 17 days ago

    The fact that there's a 45 minute complication of them being racist as fuck makes it so much better

  • Sans Nom
    Sans Nom 18 days ago


  • A Random Looney Tunes Fan

    ..They're gonna talk about Germans soon, I can see it.

  • Dragon Orb
    Dragon Orb 19 days ago

    Sad Hoshi

  • Philosophical Ethics
    Philosophical Ethics 19 days ago

    imagine representing GG with this video to a sponsor xD

  • P1K3L
    P1K3L 21 day ago +1

    Has anyone animated sad Ho shi?

  • dousu ketoby
    dousu ketoby 23 days ago

    4:16 glame glumps

  • Curtis Hammer
    Curtis Hammer 23 days ago

    1:22 You left out the best part.
    "Jamu session: comprete fairyurr"

  • David Shammas
    David Shammas 24 days ago


  • LukeAK
    LukeAK 24 days ago

    Do ru eat krapf?

  • Major Knight
    Major Knight 26 days ago

    JonTron is so much better

    • Samii
      Samii 10 days ago

      Fuck that sexist asshole

  • Major Knight
    Major Knight 26 days ago

    You feel like you can say what you want huh

    • Samii
      Samii 10 days ago

      Be mad :^) you just look like a clown

  • The Crimsoness
    The Crimsoness 26 days ago

    That's how they all are

  • FenrisRM
    FenrisRM 26 days ago

    you know with how butthurt people are nowadays, its amazing with what racist shit they got away

  • NathanSifuGaming
    NathanSifuGaming 28 days ago

    LOL this is some funny shit

  • Sunday Callaway
    Sunday Callaway 28 days ago

    sad Hoshi, what a classic

  • Jack Raymond
    Jack Raymond 28 days ago

    immediately I assume Ivan is in this

  • cisco_content
    cisco_content 28 days ago

    This is one big portfolio of blackmail.

  • Slenderquil Ramcharge
    Slenderquil Ramcharge 29 days ago


  • Angel Girl
    Angel Girl 29 days ago

    Oh they've introduced bla *_aack_* s

  • James Wright
    James Wright Month ago

    Now that game of thrones is over, i hope jacob Anderson comes back for more episodes

  • Crow Pond
    Crow Pond Month ago

    I love the blatantly not racist game grumps

  • BadAss Panda
    BadAss Panda Month ago


  • VanyaIvanovichBraginsky

    Are these 16 year olds?! Hoshi's looking much better!

  • Peachy
    Peachy Month ago +2

    "I wonder how you say Jam Session in Japanese."
    "Jamu Sesho."

  • SpicyRaider
    SpicyRaider Month ago

    (° ͜ʖ°)

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly Month ago

    21:20 big the cat more like biggot the cat

  • EmperorXtreme
    EmperorXtreme Month ago +3

    Asian men of a certain age are very into FUCK YEAH TRIFORCE SHARD!!!

  • RandomJoker13
    RandomJoker13 Month ago

    Welp, I must be some sort of dick cause I laughed at all these jokes. XD

  • J Leonard
    J Leonard Month ago

    In reference to the Gordan Ramsey lines: I cannot fathom the amount of stress Gordan Ramsey's wife goes through before he eats her out

  • Beth Stuart
    Beth Stuart Month ago

    Theses guys are too funny for there own good

  • Asthma Allen
    Asthma Allen Month ago


  • Khaile Rae
    Khaile Rae Month ago +2

    So long as everyone's fair game, comedy is comedy xD Shits funny

  • sofee !!
    sofee !! Month ago


  • David Heath
    David Heath Month ago

    5:47 Arin's ignorance is disturbing me.

  • Josiah Johnson
    Josiah Johnson Month ago

    7:55 omg I'm dying

  • Kidyom U.
    Kidyom U. Month ago

    I don't mean to be racist but Mexicans suck.

  • Charles Ross
    Charles Ross Month ago +1

    I never thought, *THROAT NOISES* "Bagels" Would make me laugh so damn hard in my life

  • JOSHUA Millard
    JOSHUA Millard Month ago

    34:55 my favorite one

  • RanMouri82
    RanMouri82 Month ago

    5:48 They did give Black Widow her red hair back for a bit. Then it changed to ombre or something.

  • Reject Negativity
    Reject Negativity Month ago +2

    Yo u guys should have ur own radio talk show im serious i gotta listen to shit like this when im driving home lmao

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago

    This video is horrible.

    I love it.

  • Axolotl Hamilton
    Axolotl Hamilton Month ago

    "if you say 'not to be racist but',you're probably racist"
    *cut to very next clip*

  • plant
    plant Month ago


  • UnlawfulSauce 42
    UnlawfulSauce 42 Month ago

    Eastern eyarpn

  • Tony Carrico
    Tony Carrico Month ago

    Im not a racist. And thats just true. So.... fuck you i guess

  • Dr. A. Vasectomy
    Dr. A. Vasectomy Month ago +1

    What do you get when you cross a Mexican and a Black?

    Someone too lazy to steal

  • British Ninja
    British Ninja Month ago

    Lol this makes pewdiepie look like a saint XD

  • Ethan Stones
    Ethan Stones Month ago

    Joke's on them, it's pronounced *'lester-sure'.*

  • Carter Stutzman
    Carter Stutzman Month ago +1


  • Wizzardog333
    Wizzardog333 Month ago

    "What are you, Asian British!?!??"

  • Draven Bear
    Draven Bear Month ago

    I need you to put Achenputtel in here

  • MortyIsAMood Rick2
    MortyIsAMood Rick2 Month ago

    Jami seshu

  • wolfie swap
    wolfie swap Month ago


  • Marc Trifilo
    Marc Trifilo Month ago

    11:37 this is the best part

  • Subliminal-Rose
    Subliminal-Rose Month ago

    Funny fact- in WWII American troops used to send signals with a code word/phrase containing a lot of L’s so that if the message was sent back with R’s instead of L’s they’d know they’ve been compromised by the Japanese! Very weird but cool!

  • Matt H
    Matt H Month ago

    *jamu seshu*

  • VarmitCoyote
    VarmitCoyote 2 months ago

    25:50 Wow maybe feel sorry for the gay people being genocided? Priorities FTW. Fuck gamers.

    • Samii
      Samii 10 days ago

      Snowflake alert

    • The Diaz
      The Diaz Month ago

      Why fuck gamers? And is not like they don't care about them. All of these are out of context and they spent the whole time making fun of the video where a group of people from Uganda had a reunion about homosexuality saying wrong things about them. Some of them actually believe what they are told and is the job of others to educate them.

  • VarmitCoyote
    VarmitCoyote 2 months ago

    You can tell the person who made this has no idea what qualifies as racism.

    • Dawny Phantom
      Dawny Phantom Month ago

      I dont think they wouldve posted this if they thought they were actually racist 💀💀

  • Dele Xovich
    Dele Xovich 2 months ago

    "SUCK MY COCK IN HELL-- i'm sorry, go on?"

  • Ludvig B.L.
    Ludvig B.L. 2 months ago +1

    They're not even out of context lol

  • Elda M. Díaz L.
    Elda M. Díaz L. 2 months ago

    As a Mexican, I love it when they talk about us, even in a bad/weird way

  • Melody Joy_V
    Melody Joy_V 2 months ago

    I watch this to help me through my bad times. Always helps

  • XkidXuglyX
    XkidXuglyX 2 months ago

    Surprised GG got more racist after Jon left

    • Samii
      Samii 10 days ago

      Sensitive much?

  • Maddy King
    Maddy King 2 months ago

    this physically hurts me.

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah 2 months ago

    I’m kinda desensitized to a lot of racist jokes because my sibling does this accidentally super racist mix-of-Japanese-and-Vietnamese accent that we never acknowledge is racist because it’s so damn funny.

  • Keld Tundraking
    Keld Tundraking 2 months ago

    I love Sad Hoshi, or I loved him... until.

  • Mysu
    Mysu 2 months ago

  • RichHobo
    RichHobo 2 months ago +1


  • Asher Monroy
    Asher Monroy 2 months ago +2

    "that's how they all are."
    You got something say, Arin Hanson ?

  • literally something
    literally something 2 months ago

    7:18 i'm glad Arin was laughing as hard at the racism patrol thing as I was lmao

  • Twinkie Dinkie2
    Twinkie Dinkie2 2 months ago

    I thought dry bones’s turn said dry boner’s turn

  • Thaddeus Podulke
    Thaddeus Podulke 2 months ago

    Okay but when dan said no conditioner is powerful enough to tame the jew beast that lies within i felt that

  • Fen Wolf
    Fen Wolf 2 months ago

    You mean casual racism?

  • Lunar Divider
    Lunar Divider 2 months ago

    I'm dying