• Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • We've re-mastered and re-uploaded our favorite video in HDR!
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    ► Storyworks Music "Promise of Dawn"
    ► SHOT ON
    Red Weapon LE w/Helium 8K s35 sensor (Stormtrooper33)
    Canon 16-35mm III
    Canon 24-70mm II
    Sigma 150-500mm
    Zeiss Classic 15mm
    MOVI M10
    Adobe Premiere CC and DaVinci Resolve

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  • • 乙乇尺ㄖ •

    Watching on OnePlus 7 pro. GGWP

  • Gamer الثلاثي

    1080p 60fps HDR??

  • SpliceyWicey
    SpliceyWicey Day ago

    my internet cant even load this lol

  • МС Асимир МС

    FULL HD 144p!!!

  • ღ Moon Matsuokaღ

    My country 💖🌙 I really love all the forests and beaches,all the history and the persons.Costa Rica is like a other world,is a green country,it’s only basic things,nothing special,don’t be afraid in Costa Rica,because in Guanacaste (my province) is a basic thing, it does not mean that everyone knows that language,but in the exotic zones yes, That was just a recommendation, a small but quiet place, partying and also beautiful. With this I say goodbye 👋🏻

    PD: I'm watching on my 55-inch 4K HD TV and it looks almost better than with my own eyes xd

  • NeoRex13
    NeoRex13 Day ago

    me: play the video
    CPU: yo what you doing
    RAM: why?

  • Iman Kakak
    Iman Kakak Day ago

    My S6 edge still holds up well with 1440p60. Quite impressive.

  • rebelinx
    rebelinx Day ago

    My phone 4k display is realistic un 1080 is magik

  • rebelinx
    rebelinx Day ago



    Just one word.....BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Edwin Cal
    Edwin Cal Day ago

    Oneplus 7 pro in all glory 😍

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green Day ago +4

    1440p HDR on the OnePlus 7 Pro is soooo nice 😁

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos Day ago

    I'm watching: Wow Nice Graphics!
    My Internet: No God, Please no, nooooo!

  • Esstefano Martinez
    Esstefano Martinez Day ago +3

    Segundo 15, es mi tío
    Espero ansioso la segunda parte de éste video Juju xd

  • 风君子
    风君子 Day ago

    On iPhone I can change brightness even with HDR on, on Android it seems fixed... It hurts at night

  • Tim Hell
    Tim Hell Day ago

    Note 9 4K

  • Jaison K John
    Jaison K John Day ago

    Its full of Snakes 🧐😝

  • Yamuna Prasanth
    Yamuna Prasanth 2 days ago

    I came here to watch on my OnePlus 7 pro xd

  • daseg greg
    daseg greg 2 days ago

    very nice

  • Ruben Miguel
    Ruben Miguel 2 days ago


    JUANJOSELIL :v 2 days ago

    Alcatel Pixi 3

  • Amir Jinx
    Amir Jinx 2 days ago +4

    Testing this on my Nokia 1100. Man i wish you were here to see the breathtaking quality

    MITHUN 2 days ago +1

    Testing my a50!

  • Davor Antonic
    Davor Antonic 2 days ago

    OMG, you are killing my bandwidth

  • Melih Bayindir
    Melih Bayindir 2 days ago +1

    Lol why my Phone switches his color?

  • Theo birakos
    Theo birakos 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else with an S8?

  • i Lyrics
    i Lyrics 2 days ago +2

    Who is still watching in 720p?
    Still It is amazing

  • TiguinhoO
    TiguinhoO 2 days ago

    Testando o potencial da minha internet nova 😉

  • Kim Minju
    Kim Minju 3 days ago

    Who is watching in a Samsung Galaxy J4+ ?

  • Yousif Saad
    Yousif Saad 3 days ago

    My tv smart 4K ultra hd

  • ZenClone
    ZenClone 3 days ago

    welp i cannot try 4k in pc how stupid am i

  • Gonzalo Heredia
    Gonzalo Heredia 3 days ago

    Me hace llorar ⚫〰️⚫

  • Nasser Alghamdi
    Nasser Alghamdi 3 days ago

    *144p* xd

  • Zaire Tuck
    Zaire Tuck 3 days ago

    iPhone XS Max and Samsung tv👍🏾

  • marlene maria dos santos

    Foi só eu ou mais alguém veio Aki pra mostrar que a imagem do cell não e ruim e a mãe reclamou

  • Vladimir Dumbović
    Vladimir Dumbović 3 days ago +1

    This may not be an account for a serious book lover, but hey, we aren’t going to complain about the eye candy.
    Like this comment, if you liked my account!

  • André L.G.
    André L.G. 3 days ago +1

    Amazing video, congratulations!

  • Kannan Srank - കണ്ണൻ സ്രാങ്ക്

    ഇത് മൊത്തം പാമ്പ് ആണല്ലോ.. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  • ImConfusedTwo
    ImConfusedTwo 3 days ago

    Looks amazing on my note9

  • Robin Dhanju
    Robin Dhanju 3 days ago

    Test on my OnePlus 7 pro

    OP CRAFTER 3 days ago

    I cant watch it in 4k cuz my phone is 720p only ;(

  • JAM AndBread
    JAM AndBread 3 days ago

    I am just annoying my brother so his internet speed decreases.....

  • Prasun Das
    Prasun Das 3 days ago

    Testing my One plus 7 pro 😄

  • Gas Axe
    Gas Axe 3 days ago

    Wtf did you go to get all the vipers on film?
    It makes Costa Rica look like it's infested😂
    Your very lucky to have seen one yet alone get all these on film.
    Nicely done but you might have scared and few people from ever visiting the county

    • ღ Moon Matsuokaღ
      ღ Moon Matsuokaღ Day ago

      Gas Axe I live in Costa Rica, it is the place where I grew up, I learned and what I am now ;;-;;

  • Dominant ツ
    Dominant ツ 4 days ago

    *Расскажите как это делать?!?*

  • Hector Por que
    Hector Por que 4 days ago

    I tested me TV of 8K resolution and look amazing🤯

  • Ds Gamer
    Ds Gamer 4 days ago


  • Buster Dawglous
    Buster Dawglous 4 days ago

    I played Crysis with this....

  • Mihir Parashar
    Mihir Parashar 4 days ago

    *sets to 144p* OH MY GOD ITS SO CLEAR

  • Patryk G
    Patryk G 4 days ago

    400 MBit no Problem

  • MK 47
    MK 47 4 days ago

    I’m here testing my iPhone XS Max. Breathtaking

  • Niks Ostrovskis
    Niks Ostrovskis 4 days ago

    What the fuck how does my i3 laptop run this.

  • 4our 6ix
    4our 6ix 4 days ago

    I cried

  • Expert Player
    Expert Player 4 days ago

    Really brings the best out of the display

  • mectic
    mectic 4 days ago

    S10 gang

  • Antrel 13
    Antrel 13 4 days ago

    This vidio is sow good

  • mr.Starboy mr.StarBoy
    mr.Starboy mr.StarBoy 5 days ago +1

    Кто из России?

  • Hakare
    Hakare 5 days ago

    Humans cant see more than 144p

    • mectic
      mectic 4 days ago

      That's pixel per inch you fucking idiot

  • Armon Perez
    Armon Perez 5 days ago +2


  • Cookie Gomez
    Cookie Gomez 5 days ago


  • Oleg Vorkunov
    Oleg Vorkunov 5 days ago

    Looks like a snake haven.

  • xsys
    xsys 5 days ago


  • Alvaro Navarro Brenes

    3sto 3s mejor q jugar a la play

  • Alvaro Navarro Brenes

    Que bien se ve

  • talespin23
    talespin23 5 days ago

    i just bought a 4k hdr lg monitor i can't do anything in 4k hdr yet cause my computer tower is to old it has the nvidia graphics card 530 ill be upgrading to a dell one that has either the nvidia 1060 or 1070.

  • { HanzoSucks }
    { HanzoSucks } 5 days ago

    iam here testing my new hardware xD with my old i5 i couldnt play it now i can xD

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 5 days ago


  • Vitalstatistix Stats
    Vitalstatistix Stats 5 days ago +6

    *Watching it on S10+... Still breathtaking*

  • RonNy43
    RonNy43 5 days ago

    I'm here to testing Nokia 8

  • Dalerjon Shavkatov
    Dalerjon Shavkatov 6 days ago

    WOW! I'm recommend watching is 720p60
    I Love Animals

  • Ria Mensink
    Ria Mensink 6 days ago

    Great video. Beautiful Animals.

  • Black&Grey Strong
    Black&Grey Strong 6 days ago

    Watching it on my iPhone XR and it is amazing

    ( just joking)

  • Tristan McGeehan
    Tristan McGeehan 6 days ago


  • Roland Molnar
    Roland Molnar 6 days ago

    Testing my Commodore64 lol

  • Splatoon OCTOExpansion

    Save the planet🌎♥

  • TmDavid_ 23
    TmDavid_ 23 6 days ago

    I teesting this in my IPhone XR

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith 6 days ago


  • Gautam Smunot
    Gautam Smunot 7 days ago

    so beautifully u have made this video with detailing.. :) i must say ultima :)

  • Jhomay Jholy Gueye
    Jhomay Jholy Gueye 7 days ago

    what kind of camera can shot in 1080p more than 60fps not for slo mo

    AKSHAY AKU 7 days ago +1

    Other side of the world

  • RazkillerPL
    RazkillerPL 7 days ago

    I tested my samsung a40🔥🔥🔥

  • SL Gamming
    SL Gamming 7 days ago


  • Spushiii810
    Spushiii810 7 days ago

    I came here to test out my internet connection.

  • Anubhab Deka
    Anubhab Deka 7 days ago

    OnePlus users?

  • Daburmak
    Daburmak 7 days ago

    Фу кака

  • Daniel Soto Marin
    Daniel Soto Marin 7 days ago +4

    Hermoso Video!!. La naturaleza es maravillosa!

  • Phueno yt
    Phueno yt 7 days ago

    I'm just trying to test my phone idk

  • RiJadGamer
    RiJadGamer 7 days ago +36

    I tested my LG 4k ultra HD TV, and.. it is insane.

    • RiJadGamer
      RiJadGamer 3 days ago +1

      +scarface11991 same at my lg tv🙌

    • scarface11991
      scarface11991 3 days ago +1

      Tested this on my Samsung NU8009 and was blown away. I can't imagine how it can look any better than this .

    • RiJadGamer
      RiJadGamer 5 days ago +1

      +Medardo Lomeli idk, i will check it.

    • Medardo Lomeli
      Medardo Lomeli 6 days ago +2

      RiJadGamer So do I, what model do you have?

  • Aroder
    Aroder 7 days ago

    damn it look good

  • BOSS Mayak
    BOSS Mayak 7 days ago

    Айфон 30+😂

  • BOSS Mayak
    BOSS Mayak 7 days ago


  • KG Gaming
    KG Gaming 7 days ago +2

    3:10 just like old man 👵

  • MyBlessU
    MyBlessU 7 days ago

    Wow! An amazing country! A paradise. But it's important to know that Costa Rica (rich coast, in Spanish) is not only a natural paradise for adventure and medical tourism. It’s a little giant. Its an ecological but powerful economy, based principally in services and in the development of technology. For example:

  • Josef Ibrahim
    Josef Ibrahim 7 days ago +1

    Galaxy Note 9 is still a King when it comes to screen! 👑

    • Clark 92
      Clark 92 6 days ago +1

      That super amoled screen is amazing :)

  • Henrik Millqvist
    Henrik Millqvist 7 days ago

    Looks wonderful @ my 1080p monitor as well. :)

  • Kushagra Mittal
    Kushagra Mittal 8 days ago

    Testing it on my one plus 6t

  • IndioGringo
    IndioGringo 8 days ago

    Worked so smoothly on my Mi9 SE!

  • Telugu Two
    Telugu Two 8 days ago

    Motorola one power

  • ツn o a h
    ツn o a h 8 days ago +1

    It's sad to think that all of these species will be extinct. One day.

  • Barrel 999
    Barrel 999 8 days ago

    Jokes on you I'm watching this in 720p