B-Art vs Alexinho - Final - 5th Beatbox Battle World Championship

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
    Watch the face to face battle between B-Art from the Netherlands versus Alexinho from France in the men's final on stage of the 5th Beatbox Battle World Championship.
    🏆 Alexinho won the Men Solo Beatbox Battle World Championships 2018
    The #BBBWC urban culture festival featured more than 200 involved beat box champions from over 50 countries in the categories: Men, Women, Tag Team, Crew & Loop Station Battles.
    The event was organized in Berlin by Beatbox Battle TV and got powered by SEAT SOUNDS
    The intro animation was produced by SCANDALAR including the music mash up by Uruz.
    BEATBOX BATTLE® is a registered trademark - Copyright © 2002-2018

Comments • 813

  • Anton PigarYov
    Anton PigarYov 6 months ago +81

    1:23 poor tomthum i know what u r thinking about
    5:53 Light engineer voting for Alex, not fair
    LW: Real final was Pash vs Alexnho

  • The Jok3 AxONiT
    The Jok3 AxONiT 8 months ago +125

    But Alexinho is a madafaking Monster

  • 7homasbaN1 1337
    7homasbaN1 1337 8 months ago +128


  • TurkiPley
    TurkiPley 8 months ago +134

    Sorry this final was a little dissapointing, good job to the beatboxers but I think they were overwhelmed for the final

  • Jatt 45
    Jatt 45 8 months ago +92

    Stupid alexinho make fun of people without knowing thm so close i bet u this motherfcker will get beat 1day thn only he will be more carefull nxt time

  • FlashZ 14
    FlashZ 14 8 months ago +43

    c каких пор BeatBox превратился в кривляние на публику, в чем прикол когда там 80 % аудитории французов и человек отвечающий за свет топит в сторону Ля Франсе... #незаслуженно

  • DurchgeDraayt
    DurchgeDraayt 8 months ago +12

    Mal ganz im ernst... ich bin seit Jahren ein Anhäger der Beatbox Szene (2005) und bin erschrocken darüber, dass obwohl die Weltmeisterschaft in Deutschland ausgeübt wurde kein einziger Deutscher unter den Besten 16 war. Ich glaube das wirds dann auch für mich gewesen sein. Aber respekt an B-Art und Alexinho! Hat mich sehr für Alex gefreut!

  • ExtraExtra
    ExtraExtra 8 months ago +78

    Should've been Pash Vs Hiss in the final. Another rigged event to allow the judges friends to win smh

  • Antonis Athanasiou
    Antonis Athanasiou 8 months ago +153

    This final is a joke compared to the finals from the past championchips.

  • sanskar 113
    sanskar 113 8 months ago +35


  • M C
    M C 8 months ago +34

    b art

  • Chinkiat
    Chinkiat 8 months ago +21

    lighting abit much ..

  • Fury Beatbox
    Fury Beatbox 8 months ago +22

    BEATBOX BATTLE TV what was the vote?

  • Dr.Clark
    Dr.Clark 8 months ago +34

    B-Art auto lose

  • 상어아이
    상어아이 8 months ago +8

    이번 월챔은 너무 별로다
    2015년,2012년 이때 거의 레전드였는데
    이번 월챔은 조회수도 안나오고 유망주였던
    알렘,디로우,콜랍수,언나운도 성과가 넘 별로였고 월챔초심 완전잃음......

  • Novatex
    Novatex 8 months ago +10

    Une route, avec des arbres, ça s'appelle une allée

  • R1CIN.
    R1CIN. 8 months ago +10


  • Dude Havoc
    Dude Havoc 8 months ago +18

    Bald-Art or should I say 2nd place lord

  • Skiter
    Skiter 8 months ago +12

    Nice Alexinho!!!

    ELEMENTAL WATTSON C 8 months ago +98

    B art was the real champion!!

  • Guga Gvenetadze
    Guga Gvenetadze 8 months ago +9

    first round alex.
    second round bart.

  • lichem thonger
    lichem thonger 8 months ago +14


  • Nuno Oliveira
    Nuno Oliveira 8 months ago +138

    Top16 Alexinho 5 votes/ Efaybee 0 votes
    Top8 Alexinho 5 votes/ Napom 0 votes
    Semifinal Alexinho 5 votes/ Pash 0 votes
    Does anyone thinks that this is unfair or it's just me?

    • Anton PigarYov
      Anton PigarYov 6 months ago +2

      That's why they didn't notes amount of judges for each bbxer in final round

  • M. bohshi
    M. bohshi 8 months ago +7


  • Phoenixia Valeria
    Phoenixia Valeria 8 months ago +39

    2:30 AND 4:05 BEST PART

  • Saadia El Hassani
    Saadia El Hassani 8 months ago +47

    B-art should've won this one

  • AK Gaming
    AK Gaming 8 months ago +46

    b art deserved it :(

  • Aldiansyah Putra
    Aldiansyah Putra 8 months ago +11

    who is the winner???

  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor 8 months ago +18

    I must say i am disappointed at the lack of representation from the UK this year in the men's solo competition!! Where are they lol??

    • Phoenixia Valeria
      Phoenixia Valeria 8 months ago +7

      D-low was the best and he shouldve past the eliminations but he didnt qualify .... im really dissapointed of the voting side...

  • Alhien25
    Alhien25 8 months ago +9

    Alex est juste Énorme 😂😂.
    France ❤🇫🇷

  • Fla Menko
    Fla Menko 8 months ago +18

    Alem is the best

  • sysfiend
    sysfiend 8 months ago +56

    Why don't they stop showing off techniques and start making some good music instead?
    I mean, I see some beatboxers like Codfish, hish, napom sometimes, d-low and some others that make music on stage while, mainly here in the world championship, I can only see the opposite. It's like saying "look, I know how to make all this hard moves with my mouth and I can make music" but they actually don't.
    And don't missunderstand me, they are amazing and have a lot of talent, but I would like to think that beatboxing is something more than just that.
    ps: Not a beatboxer here, just someone that enjoys listening to it.

    • BeatbiteBeatbox
      BeatbiteBeatbox 8 months ago +4

      The fact that you are not a beatboxer is probably what keeps you from enjoying it as much as beatboxers do. When I am watching dance contests, I can see that the participants are amazing in the contests, but for me it is hard to know why exactly. Some of the popular, selfmade dancing videos out there on youtube seems better to me, even tho they most likely aren´t. That´s also why people used to say Joseph Poolpo and so on are the best beatboxers out there, just because for someone not familiar with the art, it is hard to hear what really is hard to do. So I can completely understand your opinion and I have it in other genres sometimes, too. But for me as a beatboxer, those technique-show-offs are so lovely to hear. But the judges also want to hear it mixed with good rhythm, music and so on. An exepction was for example Alem in the last championship, where his technique was so superior to others, that he won without the musical aspect (but others like rhythm, battle behavior etc.). For me by the way, everything shown in this battle is music. And to refer to your line: Beatboxing is more than just making music. Sorry for the long text, have a nice day. :)

    • Orlando Pinheiro
      Orlando Pinheiro 8 months ago +2

      Imma be honest of you, musicality is what beatbox is becoming but technicality is better for fights and that's the truth.. Skiller, alem, now alexinho

    • Łukasz Banyś
      Łukasz Banyś 8 months ago +1

      maybe bc codfish sound can do anybody look how many covers he has try to cover alem alexinho . u cant cuz its just pretty difficult stuff not throat bass and melody. if u would like to see every to do music skill lvl would drop like 90%

    • MegaStehno
      MegaStehno 8 months ago +3

      I think it is risky. Its better for solo performance not a battle. when you are battling you have to agressive. if you know what i mean.

    • RuLeZ1988
      RuLeZ1988 8 months ago +14

      I mean... music can actually be any rhythm, beat and tune. So what you might not define as music can be music in other ears. Basically you dont like this type of music, which is a matter of taste i would say.

  • Krogzax Ants
    Krogzax Ants 8 months ago +6

    Both Alexinho and B-Art are one of my favorite. Amazing to see them both in the final! Seems like B-Art is growing with each battle. B-Art and Alexinho are one of the best beatboxers for sure!

  • mahesa alvido
    mahesa alvido 8 months ago


  • KILLShady
    KILLShady 8 months ago +23

    2 times at year i can't understand ..
    Codfish wins gbbb and alexinho wins gbwc

    • alejo mata
      alejo mata 8 months ago +3

      1 b art is so shit and codfish is better dlow

    • President Dodo
      President Dodo 8 months ago +2

      I think Alexinho deserve more than codfish

    POKE AMOUR 8 months ago +35

    Who else didn't expect b art to be in finals and defeating alem!!

    • Steven Obguia
      Steven Obguia 8 months ago

      me, i don't even expect that b-art is gonna be the vice champ

  • Ba6ataa
    Ba6ataa 8 months ago +27

    B-Art forcefully grabs the mic from Alexinho’s hand before the first round finishes. Proceeds to say “you didn’t finish the round” *smh*

    • Phoenixia Valeria
      Phoenixia Valeria 8 months ago +2

      No coz alex stopped beatboxing and said his shoutouts for faya braz and alex was gonna give the mic to him anyways but yea

    • Cash Ketchup
      Cash Ketchup 8 months ago

      Stupid B-art

  • Jawad Tausif
    Jawad Tausif 8 months ago +8

    all the beatboxing hype of mine went away after these shitty battles occured , it was one of the best thing earlier but now its a complete piece of shit

  • De Wos
    De Wos 8 months ago +1

    Mugi haru ghanta jsto final xa ..
    .. sale aagha maximum respect re vakk

  • Fanny youth
    Fanny youth 8 months ago +6

    alexinho still can troll HAHAHA . LOL

  • leonardo rapchan
    leonardo rapchan 8 months ago +4

    Who really won?

    • Elsh Dada
      Elsh Dada 8 months ago

      Alexinho [CHAMPION] vs B-Art

  • Muhammad Reza Akbar S Tr Par

    For me still 2012 the best battle

  • B C
    B C 8 months ago +9

    Alexinho was not as good as b-art i reckon

  • Agra Now
    Agra Now 8 months ago +4

    Lol setting's a battle world beatbox fuck. . Alexino lol nub beat, . B-ART THE BEST😀😀

  • Harvein Cotanda
    Harvein Cotanda 8 months ago +3

    I have no complains with the decisions. They all deserve the wins. It just happens that only one win. But I'm just gonna complain about the production. Audio and video quality. And why is that nigga there, he can't even beatbox.

  • Jorge Santiago
    Jorge Santiago 8 months ago +4

    Alexhino vs Napom was the real final in my opinion but each participant were amazing!

  • reliefer beatbox
    reliefer beatbox 8 months ago +2


  • reliefer beatbox
    reliefer beatbox 8 months ago +3

    No routines, alex jazz freestyling...

  • Castco Op Castellanos Contreras

    Dam i thought B-art won that one

  • 4eMoDaH
    4eMoDaH 8 months ago

    D-Low, Colaps, Bloomer, Trung Bao, CODFISH, Bataco, Helium, were is they?
    p.s. beatbox is dead??

    • Matt Kenny
      Matt Kenny 8 months ago

      D-Low didn’t make it past eliminations, pash beat colapse, all the other beatboxers you mentioned didn’t enter.

    THOR LOGAN 8 months ago +1

    Omg dirty ass dropes by b art.... 0:47 I couldn't move faster guys!!

  • Sanhita Roy Chowdhuri
    Sanhita Roy Chowdhuri 8 months ago +1

    Anyone please tell me Where is D-Low?? I can't find him. What's wrong with him?!? Hope he is fine.

  • Kosmos Vokrug
    Kosmos Vokrug 8 months ago +1

    Beatbox level on this BBWC sucks so much

  • jared0801
    jared0801 8 months ago

    B-Art should have done something more new or just mixed it up more for the final and he might have won :P the second part of alexinhos first round was my favorite part. Great final and great competition.

  • StarFall262
    StarFall262 8 months ago +4

    Shoutout to NaPoM *does one liproll* LOL

  • weilie 14
    weilie 14 8 months ago +1

    Bad beatbox everrrrr

  • JLS
    JLS 8 months ago

    He won because of that last.. shout-out to Napom..

  • 3YE
    3YE 8 months ago +5

    alex dropped his shit everywhere also b art had a vaccum cleaner to clean it !!

  • 3YE
    3YE 8 months ago +3

    bart for me !

    SOUL A NEW 8 months ago +1

    what is the result?

    • Elsh Dada
      Elsh Dada 8 months ago

      Alexinho [CHAMPION] vs B-Art

  • Jalil Benito
    Jalil Benito 8 months ago +1

    it is boring without alem...

  • kite ba kite back
    kite ba kite back 8 months ago +1

    wtf im so tilted with this juri like srsly beating napom NAPOM! 5-0 and now this? wtf this is like trung bao vs mark martim plz

  • slim jim
    slim jim 8 months ago +1

    Lol why alexhino so salty 😂

  • Sourabh Paradeshi
    Sourabh Paradeshi 8 months ago

    Lights gone crazy with alexhino hud hud hud

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 8 months ago +1


  • lailatul shahriar
    lailatul shahriar 8 months ago +1

    Alex is a beast man 😻😻

  • LoGic. Dude
    LoGic. Dude 8 months ago +2

    Alem Vs Napom,
    Hiss Vs Napom.
    B E S T E V E R.

  • Amelhan Nikondear
    Amelhan Nikondear 8 months ago

    i don't know, i just still love alem

    • Amelhan Nikondear
      Amelhan Nikondear 8 months ago

      and Codfish because their beat really nice to be heard and makes my head auto-shaking

  • Ricky Rik
    Ricky Rik 8 months ago

    B-Art could've won but he messed up the 2nd round.

  • Areld Cookie55
    Areld Cookie55 8 months ago

    This thing Should be a Small Final and FINAL IS NAPOM VS ALEM AGAIN hahahahahahahahahah...

  • Duade Beatbox
    Duade Beatbox 8 months ago +2

    My winner is B-art ❤️

  • Outthreenicy
    Outthreenicy 8 months ago

    Hell yea

    CRKZU 8 months ago

    Haha 1:56 is sick, had the whole crowd vibing 👌👌👌

  • Zimmy Tatro
    Zimmy Tatro 8 months ago +1

    did piratheeban mentored b-art or what? hahaha

  • Rafał Plewiński
    Rafał Plewiński 8 months ago

    Welcome back BEATBOX BATTLE !

  • Computer tech
    Computer tech 8 months ago +2

    I thing judges cant understand what hell yeaah b art was doing😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • YoubaX
    YoubaX 8 months ago

    So disappointing..

  • Brick
    Brick 8 months ago +1

    what the literal fuck is this. Some people are saying Alex's sounds are clean. lol is 1:56 clean? smh. I have no idea how this joke made it into finals.

  • Matthew Wade
    Matthew Wade 8 months ago +4

    No winners at this Tournament....has to be the worst BEATBOX battle since in the last 10years....sorry but it was all poor

  • y. M.
    y. M. 8 months ago +7


  • Georgi Genov
    Georgi Genov 8 months ago +1

    2:31 this is fire

  • UFO 66k Δ ѵк
    UFO 66k Δ ѵк 8 months ago

    alex ref ♥

  • smoke weed
    smoke weed 8 months ago

    5:36 is it allowed to copy another beatboxer routine?
    that's Skiller's routine

  • Mindaugas Petrauskas
    Mindaugas Petrauskas 8 months ago

    This year World championship is bored.. if Skiller Vs Alem would be on final this bwc it would be F*CKING AMAZING!!

  • 근엄
    근엄 8 months ago +1

    음 gbbb가 역시 호응갑

  • Anish Dikle
    Anish Dikle 8 months ago

    Never seen an active crowd in a long time✌️✌️

  • Ibeat
    Ibeat 8 months ago +34

    03:29 Singapur language 🇸🇬 😅

    • swishbeatbox
      swishbeatbox 8 months ago +1

      Ibeat hahahahahahaha

      NJOOSHY 8 months ago

      what whas that translate it xD?

    • Agelos Mile
      Agelos Mile 8 months ago

      he is trying to get you follow the satan s path

  • Daniel Alvares
    Daniel Alvares 8 months ago

    When are the loopstation vids coming out my dudes?

  • Mr. Ihab Issa
    Mr. Ihab Issa 8 months ago +1

    B-Art is better

  • Soul Finder
    Soul Finder 8 months ago +1

    Alem vs skiller still the best final ever

  • Wilfrid Cyrus
    Wilfrid Cyrus 8 months ago

    these guys weren't the best in the battle. lackluster final. meh.

  • Gamaliel Productions
    Gamaliel Productions 8 months ago +1

    60% of the comments doesn't even know crap about beatboxing.

  • Abdo Tarek BBX
    Abdo Tarek BBX 8 months ago +1

    B art must win!!!

  • nc sd
    nc sd 8 months ago

    Wow Alexhino what a great show you've done ! Clash, technic and awesome flow ! A real Battle for me ! Actually no one can beat your stage play and confidence, beatbox is that too, few people don't know how it's works but you hear them the most... Big Up Alex' and Fam !

  • Ti Pen
    Ti Pen 8 months ago +2

    B-Art is so freaking beast. 'Cause he beat, elissi, alem and hiss.

  • Feña Poveda Plaza
    Feña Poveda Plaza 8 months ago

    Where is my BBK's reactions

  • Joe Spirit
    Joe Spirit 8 months ago

    Who won?

  • Rin
    Rin 8 months ago +2

    Wtf b-art deserve it so much, his rounds was better in my opinion...

  • MUHD Amin
    MUHD Amin 8 months ago +2

    wtf Bart control everything in first round

  • Atis Opmanis
    Atis Opmanis 8 months ago +2