Going Around A Ferris Wheel 1,000 Times Straight

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  18 days ago +31532

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  • Rosy Suriel
    Rosy Suriel Hour ago

    I don’t play Minecraft

  • A fat cat from sweden
    A fat cat from sweden 2 hours ago

    Chandler is the best.

  • mariam Tsiklauri
    mariam Tsiklauri 2 hours ago

    8:58 this is the cutest thing ever FIGHT ME

  • Rage Ninja Legend
    Rage Ninja Legend 3 hours ago

    Chandler has beaten a record of longest blindfolded catch

  • Elena_KH123
    Elena_KH123 3 hours ago

    I commented with my elbow

  • Cora Dotson
    Cora Dotson 3 hours ago

    *what are we normal youtubers*

  • wolfy girl 17
    wolfy girl 17 4 hours ago

    The pansexual flags tho XD

  • Lee Grimes
    Lee Grimes 5 hours ago

    Donate me ten grand

  • ItsPrince Yt
    ItsPrince Yt 7 hours ago

    I love mr beast

  • Just Cobalrus
    Just Cobalrus 8 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the song name?

  • Kenji Baman
    Kenji Baman 9 hours ago


  • Linsay Arce
    Linsay Arce 11 hours ago

    All your videos are so amazing, exciting, fun and so helpful for people

  • Randolph Cesar Sambaan
    Randolph Cesar Sambaan 12 hours ago

    Hey, Mr. Beast. Can I ask bitcoins for my studies?

  • Kazoo Kid
    Kazoo Kid 14 hours ago

    Okay, but why are there pan flags everywhere??

  • Melanie Buenrostro
    Melanie Buenrostro 15 hours ago +1


  • AngryChicken
    AngryChicken 16 hours ago

    The editing is freakin hilarious lmao. Please keep it that way ;)

  • Andrew Vazquez
    Andrew Vazquez 17 hours ago

    I did

  • KB Trickshots
    KB Trickshots 17 hours ago +1

    2019: planting 20m trees
    2020: cleaning the ocean
    Spam so he will see it
    This was copied by jennifer li

  • Michal Hernandez
    Michal Hernandez 19 hours ago

    Stop camra abuse

  • XxcookieXx !
    XxcookieXx ! 19 hours ago

    if you love trees try takeing down burger king cause did you know Burger King is killing forests witch is trees there burning trees

  • XxcookieXx !
    XxcookieXx ! 19 hours ago

    wow lost a Cameron in the water of the Bermuda triangle now you drop it a couple feet

  • Smart Noob
    Smart Noob 21 hour ago +1

    *Lap 666*

  • Justin Gacha life rules

    R.i.p. Chandler

  • William Pringle
    William Pringle 22 hours ago +1

    This episode is actually set before the ‘spending 24 hours in an insane asylum

  • TheApple90
    TheApple90 23 hours ago +1

    Other UScliprs: This product will change ur life forever.
    MrBeast: 6:04

  • Send Help
    Send Help 23 hours ago

    The flags tho😳👀🙏🙏

  • idriss bouiry
    idriss bouiry 23 hours ago

    Me : yeeting 7000 camera in the ocean
    My dad :hold square to yeet my son

  • idriss bouiry
    idriss bouiry 23 hours ago

    The camera got nuked

  • Katelyn Gillispie

    Rip the camera😭😭

  • Starfrost xox
    Starfrost xox Day ago +1

    Why was there pansexual flags everywhere

  • Jeevani
    Jeevani Day ago

    7:45 wats the song?

  • Taylor Thomas
    Taylor Thomas Day ago

    “Ask my momma!”
    Me on multiple occasions

  • WelpItsTopaz
    WelpItsTopaz Day ago

    Whats the song at 13:24?

  • Jayden Cox
    Jayden Cox Day ago +1

    I love fortnite and MRBeast NOTHING ELSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cat Family
    Cat Family Day ago

    Honestly I love chandler he is so funny and he is the best

    BOI BOI Day ago

    I’m gonna say I love all the pan flags😅❤️

  • Bye ǝʎq
    Bye ǝʎq Day ago +2

    0:55 Chandlers inner seagull has just shown itself.

  • Anurika
    Anurika Day ago


  • JJ Samuel
    JJ Samuel Day ago

    What about last to be in the ferris wheel wins 50 k

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer Day ago

    Which song at 7:45

  • Bakugo has too many gay thoughts

    Uh, Is no one gonna talk about the PANSEXUAL FLAGS??

  • Neli Demiraj
    Neli Demiraj Day ago

    ofc you gonna ride it

  • Super Saiyan9000Films

    I can relate to Chandler getting sick really easy

  • Becky Juchnik
    Becky Juchnik Day ago

    You do to much for your fans.....

  • First Tokyo
    First Tokyo Day ago

    O lord I would’ve faint doing it the first time bro 😂
    Keep making these amazing vids!

  • Andrew Wendorf
    Andrew Wendorf Day ago

    Everybody instead of donating to any trees we should give a dollar to Chandler for hunger problems!

  • lemon
    lemon Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk about all those pansexual pride flags in the bg?

  • Brooklyn Betts
    Brooklyn Betts Day ago

    Legend has it that chandler is still up there will he ever get rescued 😂😂

  • Spotted ASMR
    Spotted ASMR Day ago

    Chan Chan has a Poo Poo

  • Alpha_ Midhunter

    However many times the camera got hit is how many times they yelled

  • Tragon Lady
    Tragon Lady Day ago +1

    *catually pan flags in the background*

  • VixenSaid
    VixenSaid Day ago +1

    Jimmy went insane-
    Actually nvm it was all of them XD

  • Cota Eijnn
    Cota Eijnn Day ago

    Don’t know if I’m the only queer one who noticed it but..there are pansexual pride flags in front of the Ferris-wheel.🏳️‍🌈

  • Jessica Avila
    Jessica Avila Day ago +1

    Almost all the comments are about cleaning the ocean 🌊😒

  • Elizabeth F
    Elizabeth F Day ago

    Someone had to count the laps 😂

  • Megumi
    Megumi Day ago

    Does Chris moisturize?

    IH8STAIRS Day ago

    Wait they failed though…

  • Matilda Pedersen

    I'm commenting on Dec 3, CHANDLER'S BIRTHDAY!

  • Sheldon M
    Sheldon M Day ago

    Chandler is my favorite 😂