AVENGERS Next Villain After Thanos Explained! (Marvel Phase 4)

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame Theory! What Marvel villain could emerge in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Thanos? Could Thanos ever side with the Avengers to fight an even greater threat? Is Thanos dying in the Avengers Endgame trailer? Erik Voss breaks down the different directions Marvel Studios could go in Phase 4, and which Marvel villains would pose the biggest threats to the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and other new heroes who will join the MCU, like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. Will characters like Doctor Doom, Magneto, or the Sinister Six dominate the Marvel world, or could Marvel resurrect past villains like Ultron or Dormammu? Could cosmic entities like Galactus, Eternity, Silver Surfer, or Magus turn the Marvel universe upside-down -- or inside out?
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  • McLaren P1 2015
    McLaren P1 2015 3 days ago


  • TrueBlink
    TrueBlink 8 days ago

    Would really love Doom as the villain 😍

  • Liam Perich
    Liam Perich 9 days ago

    I have a feeling it could be all of them.

    ROCK GOLEM 9 days ago

    How about amatsu mikaboshi (chaos king)

  • Korbin klawitter
    Korbin klawitter 10 days ago

    I want the Beyonder plus with the Beyonder and Secret Wars Doom would be a vital role for that plot and then we get to awesome villains

  • Korbin klawitter
    Korbin klawitter 10 days ago

    Galactus would be trash because the avengers who couldn’t go to space would be either useless or pointlessly beating his feet up

  • Professor Lemon
    Professor Lemon 10 days ago

    *G* *A* *L* *A* *C* *T* *U* *S*

  • Killerwolf 529282
    Killerwolf 529282 13 days ago

    Also the collector could be the next super villain because at the end scene in Thor the dark world he said 1 down 5 more to go

  • Killerwolf 529282
    Killerwolf 529282 13 days ago

    Also the Collector could be the next marvel super villain

  • Kai Niijima
    Kai Niijima 13 days ago

    9 more years to have hype back for endgame 2 😩👏

  • nelle aclan-astibe
    nelle aclan-astibe 15 days ago +1

    guys if you see a comment like this 2019? or Who Came Here After Endgame or something don't like it just reply me or I do cause they just do that for some likes

    • nelle aclan-astibe
      nelle aclan-astibe 15 days ago +1

      if you don't trust me and you think I'm lying or I was like them nope Im not

  • Bmw E46 m3
    Bmw E46 m3 16 days ago

    Red hulk would be a awesome Villain against the Avengers 🤙🤙🤙😜😎

  • Sipra Karmakar
    Sipra Karmakar 18 days ago

    Galactus no one else

  • Ann Ferrell
    Ann Ferrell 22 days ago

    I want Ultron giant suit

  • Ann Ferrell
    Ann Ferrell 22 days ago

    I think

  • 1MinuteMemeMan
    1MinuteMemeMan 25 days ago +1

    Who’s watching after Endgame?

  • Mobius Dick
    Mobius Dick Month ago

    2:00 😭

  • Gerardo Ochoa
    Gerardo Ochoa Month ago


  • yasir mujaddidi
    yasir mujaddidi Month ago

    you know what would be more awesome .. or should I say who would be more awesome ... the beyonder :)

  • karlstein
    karlstein Month ago

    It would be amazing if they do Galactus but I guess it would be too big, I think they could do Doctor Doom first since they also had Fantastic 4 reboot and save Galactus for future phases.

  • Caroline Gold
    Caroline Gold Month ago

    Galactus PLEASE

  • Mitaka bg Димитров

    Dormamu, when he sees the time stone is no more:

    Allow me to introduce myself!

  • Prince Andrew
    Prince Andrew Month ago

    We have kang the Konquer, doromomu, galactic,

  • Jack Crump
    Jack Crump Month ago

    I want the next villin to be galactus

    FAZE FRANCINIE Month ago

    I kind of want Marvel to introduce, The One Above All at one point and yeah it would be quite cool if all the other teams like x men, deadpool etc

  • curt wall
    curt wall Month ago

    Since fantastic 4 in mcu
    Dr doom
    Kang the conqueror
    Return of ultron
    King pin
    Mr sinister
    Black heart
    The real mandarian

  • Matt Sternberg
    Matt Sternberg Month ago

    Think about how long it took from Thanos' first appearance to Endgame. I think they'll likely wind up building the next major villain up in the same way. Perhaps not taking quite as much time to do so, but it's not going to be a one or two film occurrence. I'm a fan of the MCU so far so I don't mind investing my time. I'd guess it'll be Galactus. This could very easily transition the other missing Marvel properties into the MCU. But I'd imagine there will be a decent wait before we see all of the good guys teaming up against Thanos' successor.

  • syed aqhil pasha
    syed aqhil pasha Month ago

    i wanna see maestro as phase 4 villian evil form of hulk

  • Markymarcus1
    Markymarcus1 Month ago

    Ebony maw or the black order could of been the next villain/villains

  • Deadpool19 Gaming
    Deadpool19 Gaming Month ago

    I hope the next villain is galactus

  • jai yadav
    jai yadav Month ago

    They can't be done with hela not just yet...

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas Month ago

    Galactus will be the last marvel villain ever after Him there will be no more marvel movies

  • Joy Karan
    Joy Karan Month ago

    Galuctus should be the next villain and Deadpool should be the next avenger

  • Leiroj Montizer
    Leiroj Montizer Month ago

    I thingk the beyonder

  • Eric Ferris
    Eric Ferris Month ago

    I would like to see ultron agan

  • Siberius the Sleeping Serpent

    We need big cosmic villains

  • Quetzall
    Quetzall Month ago

    Ultron is one of the main antagonists, most certainly that it will return.

  • Brad Sav
    Brad Sav Month ago

    Galactus we haven’t saw him in a movie yet and he is important to the marvel universe since he can destroy a planet

  • Kapileshwar 832
    Kapileshwar 832 Month ago

    I mean above his head in quantum realm

  • Kapileshwar 832
    Kapileshwar 832 Month ago

    Hey at exact 2 minutes 51 seconds
    Behind antman there is an appearance of villan who is in the doctor strange movie i.e., dormamu the king of his own dark side dimension.
    It some what looks like it
    He may be the next villan

  • Shamla Belekar
    Shamla Belekar Month ago

    next villan will be dr doom

  • Usharani Nallamothu

    Dormammu,surtur,redskull,the leader,abomination,boron mordo,Galactus,celestials

  • Connor Ledbetter
    Connor Ledbetter Month ago

    I would really like to have either ultron or nightmare or galactus or domommu

  • Carl Giuliano
    Carl Giuliano Month ago

    Disney owns the MCU so... I can’t wait for DarkWing Duck to join the MCU.

  • Michael Java
    Michael Java Month ago

    But now what tony and cap's old

  • Kaminzke Pewds
    Kaminzke Pewds Month ago

    Next is the Devourer of Worlds (GALACTUS)
    Who agree? Comment

    • O
      O Month ago

      Kaminzke Pewds yes

  • SuperEpicCoolBoi 69
    SuperEpicCoolBoi 69 Month ago +1

    you SILLY GOOSE The Avengers movies stop showing after endgame😀

    • Usharani Nallamothu
      Usharani Nallamothu Month ago

      There are still three movies confirmed black widow,doctor strange-2,black panther-2

  • fortnite with Fred
    fortnite with Fred Month ago


  • Mr. Doggo
    Mr. Doggo Month ago

    „Explained“ has to be in the title!

  • Jaxson Quinones
    Jaxson Quinones Month ago

    Ultron agian

  • poke plantation space

    What about gor the God butcher?

  • maroctech
    maroctech Month ago

    They should revive thanos . Long live thanos

  • George Washington
    George Washington Month ago

    Cause time travel has been added I reckon kang the conquerer is coming

  • Johnny Patton
    Johnny Patton Month ago


  • Nicole Westermann
    Nicole Westermann Month ago

    Thanos is the most badass villain

  • Moon XVI
    Moon XVI Month ago +1

    The beyonder

  • start_with_u9
    start_with_u9 Month ago

    Thanos may come back again

  • Kiran krishna
    Kiran krishna Month ago

    Galactus is the next villan

  • Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman Month ago

    Phase 4 don’t even look fun

    XXXSNAPION _ Month ago

    Galactus and Ultron should team up

  • Ryan Figueroa
    Ryan Figueroa Month ago

    Galactus the second strongest villain in the marvel universe hope he is in a movie

  • Muthukumar C
    Muthukumar C Month ago

    My girlfriend

  • Zirus
    Zirus Month ago

    why cant thanos just return

  • pixel playz
    pixel playz 2 months ago

    Thanos can return, another villain gets the infinity gaunlet with stones and snap thanos back

  • Lindsay Fletcher
    Lindsay Fletcher 2 months ago

    i want ultron to come back into the mcu

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews 2 months ago +6

    KANG THE CONQUEROR!! I'm gonna keep saying it til it happens!!😉

    • Korbin klawitter
      Korbin klawitter 10 days ago +1

      He’ll probably sense the timeline was screwed with

  • 30 deW
    30 deW 2 months ago

    What if the snap that brought everyone back accidentally unlocked their mutant genes

  • Subrata Roy
    Subrata Roy 2 months ago

    Galactus seems to be powerful and dominent over Avengers.

  • Benmontey
    Benmontey 2 months ago

    Bring back F4