Bill Burr Loves The College Admissions Scandal - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Bill Burr is tickled by the lengths that wealthy parents went to to get their "dumb" kids into college.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 910

  • John Ree
    John Ree 3 hours ago

    Burr is right you are basically paying for the college brand. I'm sure there's excellent teachers at Harvard, but there is just as good teachers at other schools. Sure they probably are better equipped school and the connection between classmates is basically what you pay for. The education is about the same mostly.

  • Rick G
    Rick G 6 hours ago


  • Greg Howard
    Greg Howard 22 hours ago

    Calculus is calculus whether you go to Harvard or the community college down the street.

  • Thomas Therrell
    Thomas Therrell 2 days ago


  • JohnnyMando92
    JohnnyMando92 3 days ago

    People in Vegas seem to like OJ

  • Paul Darling
    Paul Darling 3 days ago

    I love O Brian acting like he was just some poor kid from the projects going to a "public school". He went to freakin' Brookline High School. and his dad, oh by the way, was a professor of medicine at harvard and his mom an attorney. not sayin' the dude ain't smart. But lets not pretend he got there because of his SATs and nose to the grindstone sob story.

  • pweter351
    pweter351 3 days ago

    I'm like Bill without the successful career

  • ARIF
    ARIF 5 days ago

    Jajajaja Conan got Burr-nt!

  • tunaXonXtoast
    tunaXonXtoast 6 days ago

    Conan was actually valedictorian in high school.

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 7 days ago

    The college admission scandal to me seems stupid as everyone knows this is how things work here the only difference here was it was new money doing what old money feels is their thing.

  • zrifepsych
    zrifepsych 7 days ago

    1:43 "comple...?!" Lmao love how real this talk is.

  • beerpowered
    beerpowered 7 days ago +1

    College doesn't make you smarter. It makes you better connected! The better the school the better the connections. The better the connections the better chances of making $$$$$!

  • john Connell
    john Connell 9 days ago

    I still watch juice highlites

  • S N
    S N 9 days ago

    I'm so glad that when I watched the Naked Gun films I didnt have a clue who he was.

  • AZPatriot
    AZPatriot 12 days ago

    Burr always tells it like it is!!

  • J Bagger
    J Bagger 13 days ago

    Modern Diogenes.

  • HN YS
    HN YS 13 days ago

    Notice how Bill Burr and Dave Chapelle have the same view on OJ Simpson

  • John Brown
    John Brown 18 days ago

    In fairness Harvard is notorious for its grade inflation. They hand out As like they're going out of style.

  • mcurio100781
    mcurio100781 19 days ago

    I'd definitely shout "naked gun!!!" Too

  • Big_B
    Big_B 20 days ago

    Bill Burr should have a segment called "You Know what Grinds my Gears?", Just like Peter Griffin did on Family Guy

  • grizzlywhisker
    grizzlywhisker 21 day ago


  • Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn 23 days ago

    Bill loves to hate, and hates to love

  • SchoolBudd Inc.
    SchoolBudd Inc. 25 days ago

    My name is Josh and I’m a rising Senior at Stanford. I went to an under-resourced high school, and struggled during the college app process. I honestly feel like I lucked into Stanford. Looking back, there’s a lot of things that I would have done differently during the process, and just other things that I wish that I knew before I applied. Not trying to spam, but I built the platform that I wish that I had in high school. The platform allows high schoolers going through the college app process to book 30 minute-1 hour appointments with professional college counselors, and current college students from schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Colombia, MIT, Vanderbilt, Tufts, UCF, UCSD, Georgetown, Cornell, and other public and private schools. Check the site out, We already have over a hundred counselors on the platform, ready to help you through the process!

    Good luck to everyone going through the application process!!! Especially with the CommonApp already released, our goal is to help you achieve as much as possible!

  • Beedle The Bard
    Beedle The Bard 27 days ago +1

    like every year his been on and i love it

  • Jake McCoy is right but I am going to add this

    Those kids cheated to get their grades. Come on, Bill. Good comedy is honest.

  • LoveAllGirls TheyMakeMeFeelSoGood

    He looks like walter white now.

  • Sean C
    Sean C Month ago +3

    When burr mentioned OJ the crowd fell silent
    Tough crowd

  • trish ferris
    trish ferris Month ago

    Come on Bill I think almost decapitating your ex wife and killing a young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time pretty much cancels all that out. If that doesn't bother you then you might want to check your moral compass.

  • Kritshaurya Bhambu
    Kritshaurya Bhambu Month ago

    He looks like Redd Foreman from that 70s show

  • Boom55667
    Boom55667 Month ago

    I'm shocked - him going to Harvard is hilarious to me (I've never heard him say anything that convinced me any real thought was behind it) & to say it's like any other school in difficulty I just have to believe now if he really did attend! Incredible xD

    • Pollen Applebee
      Pollen Applebee 18 days ago

      If you're watching a talk show expecting to see something with "any real thought behind it" you probably need to go back to school yourself.

  • Дамo Крiстофеr

    Conan and Bill got that Irish vibes going on between them.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Month ago

    Of course! It's only competitive to get in. There should be nothing difficult about the courses.

  • Rasmus Thomsen
    Rasmus Thomsen Month ago

    You Americans should really vote for Bill Burr for president.. this guy, is legit, the most awesome American, to have ever lived!!!

  • The Unknown Psycho
    The Unknown Psycho Month ago +1

    Conan's dad was a Harvard professor. Kinda makes you think

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose Month ago

    We have to protect Bill Burr at all costs.

  • MrShabz117
    MrShabz117 Month ago

    Conan + bill= Conor mcgregor

  • WisdomVendor1
    WisdomVendor1 Month ago

    I've met some harvard grads, so far I'm not impressed.

  • SparksDrinker
    SparksDrinker Month ago

    1 and 2 lol

  • John Ward
    John Ward Month ago

    Liked video even before I liked it.

  • The Watchful Hunter

    Ivy is about elitism, not intelligence. Universities are a huge social elitist, classist scam.

  • Shadow On the Sun
    Shadow On the Sun Month ago +1

    One and Two 😂🤣

  • Michael Christensen

    Yeah. but what was his major?

  • Englandsbestlover
    Englandsbestlover Month ago

    Is Conan funny? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Slappy McButterballs

    Ivy League schools, robbing dummies for 200 years.

  • Shaarubo Qalaf
    Shaarubo Qalaf Month ago

    Naked gun!!! Naked gun!!! One & two.

  • MsSharondenadel
    MsSharondenadel Month ago

    ABHINAV KHANNA Month ago

    Bill Burr is the literal human form of r/unpopularopinion

  • Brendan Triano
    Brendan Triano Month ago

    his dad was a harvard med professor tho

  • AgentHEKTAH
    AgentHEKTAH Month ago

    1 and 2 🤣

  • dabadadeeda
    dabadadeeda Month ago

    for real though.. 2000 yards in a 14 game season is absurd. 2000 yards is a great achievement these days, even in a 16 game season. to reach that milestone in two fewer games is just ridiculous.

  • weldsj
    weldsj Month ago

    National Review column from 20-25 years ago wrote the problem with Harvard is not that you cannot get a good education there. You can. It is that you can graduate from there without having gotten a good education. Thank G-d for Obama getting picked up by political groomers. A black man, graduating Harvard Law and being unemployable?!?!?

  • Dane Themane
    Dane Themane Month ago

    School has never been easier, and will get even easier, too much easy money vs. whining parents and bureaucrats if the kids fail anywhere along the way. Very few excuses for a college kid to actually fail anything nowadays.

  • Yuri Orloff
    Yuri Orloff Month ago

    This has been well known for years. Private colleges want their people to succeed. Plus, majoring in psych or marketing is easy everywhere. Bill's a little slow on this deal.

  • philly philly
    philly philly Month ago

    Democrats are worse than cancer

  • Michael Romanic
    Michael Romanic Month ago

    It's sad how oj was treated.He was a good actor. Why anyone would care if he did or didn't do it. Even found inocent he got screwed. Ford should make a oj edition bronco. Matching gloves as the seat leather. The commercial: it's all about the chase.

  • Wis Dom
    Wis Dom 2 months ago +2

    Nobody looks at Americas founding fathers and think slave owners and rapists. So what's wrong with looking at OJ Simpson's accomplishment? Plenty of whites that got seconded chances.

  • Howard Ford
    Howard Ford 2 months ago

    Just revealed that OJ did NOT murder Nichole Brown. It was OJ's son! OJ's son walked up to OJ and asked if he could borrow the car. OJ told him.......I don't know, go axe your mom.

  • Usama Manzoor
    Usama Manzoor 2 months ago

    1 and 2

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 2 months ago

    well is it possible if the administration allowed the children in because of a donation it wouldnt also be understood they get a little help grade wise if they falter?

  • Maven Frankeus
    Maven Frankeus 2 months ago

    Bill Burr is the white Charles Barkley. Always telling the truth.