The Rap Game: Set the Booth on Fire (Season 1, Episode 2) | Full Episode | Lifetime

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • Lifetime is making your Christmas wish come true with non-stop Christmas movies, kicking off October 25th
    Jermaine Dupri challenges five aspiring kid rappers to write and record a rap about Atlanta. One struggles to stay awake, while another cheats to get ahead. Meanwhile, the parents begin sizing each other up in Season 1, Episode 2, "Set the Booth on Fire". #TheRapGame
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    The next big rap star is about to be unleashed. On "The Rap Game," five emerging young hip-hop artists are given the opportunity to rhyme and flow with highly sought-after producer Jermaine Dupri and special guests such as Usher, Ludacris, and Da Brat.
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Comments • 84

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  Month ago +13

    Lifetime is making your Christmas wish come true with non-stop Christmas movies, kicking off October 25th

  • Iyana Vlogs
    Iyana Vlogs 2 days ago

    I don’t like how they was putting supa peach on the spot like that

  • Linda Reed
    Linda Reed 13 days ago

    Shows are so lit

  • Devin able-winston
    Devin able-winston 15 days ago +2

    Miss mulado is a hater

  • Tondie R.
    Tondie R. 16 days ago

    Lol Lil Poopy could pass off as a lil sassy diva 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • T jaxx
    T jaxx 17 days ago +1

    Them kids were lighting peach up lol. She couldn't even say nothing

  • GhenosFn I
    GhenosFn I 19 days ago

    So old

  • Joshie Fishing
    Joshie Fishing 20 days ago +1

    Free 69

  • wave kid smooth
    wave kid smooth 20 days ago

    These kids Peach Row Row Your Boat okay now stop lying. You stupid piece a picture when the rap game come on

  • Landa Stones
    Landa Stones 22 days ago +4

    Who names there self lil poopy

    KING VWA 22 days ago +3

    I wish I could join the rap game

  • NaJYT Gaming Channel
    NaJYT Gaming Channel 22 days ago +1

    Yo shut up you act like he 18

    • Lynn Morae
      Lynn Morae 22 days ago

      which one lil niqoa or lil popopey

  • Android Christ Å
    Android Christ Å 23 days ago +4

    The sister wrote peach’s lyrics so how is hate game in HER lyrics more like yours the sister need to think about that a Ms. Maloto. DOPE if I spelled ya name right 🤗🤔

  • talentoso09
    talentoso09 23 days ago

    Poopy flow so dookie gotta change his name cause that name is so pookie

  • Q S
    Q S 24 days ago +2

    poopy is so damned funny..
    "whadayawant, me to study it?" 😂😂😂

  • Tashi Mitch
    Tashi Mitch 25 days ago +1

    Who is going to be in season 6??? Who else wanna know?...and my aunt is friends with the kris kross group.

    • Q S
      Q S 21 day ago

      @Tashi Mitch
      oh, well u said ur aunt is friends with the group.. that's present tense, not past.

    • Tashi Mitch
      Tashi Mitch 24 days ago

      @Q S yea I been known that and my aunt went to Chris Kelly's funeral

    • Q S
      Q S 24 days ago

      one of them is dead now.

  • Riyan Smith
    Riyan Smith 27 days ago +1

    It’s out already?!

  • Brianna Woods
    Brianna Woods 28 days ago +3

    Jermaine Dupree:"it ain't no mif game it's the rap game"
    Me🤔it has game in the title I'm confused

  • Janet_ World
    Janet_ World 29 days ago +5

    Bro lil niqo was so fine😭🤤

  • Curlyheadkylan Ky
    Curlyheadkylan Ky 29 days ago +6

    y’all late asf real support been watching this since it came on🖤

    • YRN_Lautavius10
      YRN_Lautavius10 26 days ago

      Curlyheadkylan ._ I started watching when season 1 episode 3

  • April Dawson
    April Dawson 29 days ago +1

    This is old but idc season 1 was the best season hands down

  • Riara Riara
    Riara Riara 29 days ago

    Isnt this old af

    • I love the rap game
      I love the rap game 27 days ago

      I always watch the seasons over and over again

    • Riara Riara
      Riara Riara 27 days ago

      @I love the rap game you right other people might have not seen it yet!!

    • I love the rap game
      I love the rap game 27 days ago

      It's not old, this show came out in 2016

  • Zwyt -_-
    Zwyt -_- 29 days ago +4

    I think miss malato is jealous of sips peach

  • Princess Taylor
    Princess Taylor 29 days ago +13

    Miss Muatto is being messy kinda because she is so worry about supa peach but saying she is not her competition she must be worry‼️🙄

  • Adam Stoked
    Adam Stoked 29 days ago +1

    what I meant was. SmackDown. draft. and raw draft.

  • iLeona296
    iLeona296 29 days ago +7

    Lil poopy is a sassy diva 😂😂 I love it

  • Jakia Wilson
    Jakia Wilson 29 days ago +25

    Y’all so late I watch this when it first aired on tv

      XXXTURNUPXXX 22 days ago

      Jakia Wilson idgaf you come to brag

    • Sanai Penny
      Sanai Penny 22 days ago

      Tashi Mitch i mean that ive been watching the rap game since day one.

    • Tashi Mitch
      Tashi Mitch 23 days ago

      @Sanai Penny Wym???????????????🤔🤨

    • Sanai Penny
      Sanai Penny 23 days ago

      Im not late. Ive been watched the rap game sooo. Watch your mouth

    • Super Tac0
      Super Tac0 25 days ago +1

      Then why you here 🧐🧐🧐

  • iLeona296
    iLeona296 29 days ago +1

    I saw Shaniah around 8:50-9!! Omg so young

    • iLeona296
      iLeona296 29 days ago

      They showed her again lol

    GIGI_SOLITTY Month ago +6

    Y mullato on peach

    • Tammetha Taper
      Tammetha Taper 26 days ago

      @I love the rap game whatever

      GIGI_SOLITTY 29 days ago +1

      Tammetha Taper i know but every single time latto is in the confectionals she slays talk bout her sane with Shane

    • Tammetha Taper
      Tammetha Taper 29 days ago

      Supa don't write her lyrics

  • Loganlove Prince
    Loganlove Prince Month ago +1

    Thank you so much 😊 for making this video

  • Queen Alexis
    Queen Alexis Month ago +1


  • Tynisha Butler
    Tynisha Butler Month ago +3

    All the lyrics was good except some of it

  • Daniel Pipersburgh
    Daniel Pipersburgh Month ago +27

    Waiting on season 6 👀👀

    FORTNITEGOD 322 Month ago +3

    What is lil niqos and lyrics songs in the beginning

  • Silhouette Dreams
    Silhouette Dreams Month ago +2


  • alysa xo
    alysa xo Month ago +10

    oop already watched this on netflix.

  • LyricsByJahGlizzy
    LyricsByJahGlizzy Month ago +21

    i’m sorry but poopy father so finee😍 and to find out that mulatto was right about peach shocked me😭🤦🏾‍♀️

    • LyricsByJahGlizzy
      LyricsByJahGlizzy 26 days ago

      Rachel Garcia lmfaoo i made a mistake it’s his god father

    • potato
      potato 29 days ago

      Rachel Garcia - No he’s not. He’s not blood related. He’s poopys Godfather

    • Rachel Garcia
      Rachel Garcia 29 days ago +1

      That is his uncle not his dad

    • potato
      potato 29 days ago

      Kenzie Brooke - yea his dad is big

    • Kenzie Brooke
      Kenzie Brooke 29 days ago +5

      That isnt his dad so you might have a chance girl lol i think hes a family friend

  • Jeremiah Pierre Louis
    Jeremiah Pierre Louis Month ago +16

    Change dat name 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Danielles Diys
    Danielles Diys Month ago +2

    I love this show 😍

  • Xx_Elusive_FoxX
    Xx_Elusive_FoxX Month ago +1

    I love watching people dance!!!!

  • Jazzy J
    Jazzy J Month ago +1

    I love it can I have a shoutout