American vs Scottish Whisky

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
  • "I'll drink that and forget my problems"
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    Video Description :
    We got some of our contributors to try a selection of American and Scottish whiskys to see which ones they preferred.
    People featured in this video:
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Comments • 2 659

  • ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 14 days ago +1

    That blonde chic said preservatives in liquor lmfao

  • Cabrito Tequila
    Cabrito Tequila 16 days ago

    It went down smooth.....

  • Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper 20 days ago

    I always find Jim Beam has a slightly banana ish aftertaste.

  • Adam Amato
    Adam Amato 21 day ago

    0:42 so true 🀣

  • Joey Wall
    Joey Wall 21 day ago

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Laura Macdonald
    Laura Macdonald 23 days ago

    Ours is aged in oak barrels. That’s why it tastes like wood. πŸ˜‰

  • mefw
    mefw Month ago

    Who the fecked pick those Scottish Whiskeys

  • A Frog
    A Frog Month ago

    "when I was a kid I used to see like, 40% volume and get really confused, I was like, but the bottle`s full"

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Month ago

    And I'd say the big difference in whiskey taste vs whisky taste is this. Scotch whisky tastes like a meadow of honeysuckle that someone lit on fire. Bourbon tastes like antique furniture that was wiped down with raw bacon.

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Month ago

    you misspelled bourbon.

  • Jackk82
    Jackk82 Month ago

    I Love Bullet Burbon to.

  • Heather Macdonald
    Heather Macdonald Month ago

    That just hurt my wee soul. Wtf was that Scottish whisky. How about some proper single malts. Nobody's really drinking those ones for their fabulous taste or qulity, rather to get drunk. Get a nice glenmorangie or a clynleish. A talisker perhaps. I like a peetie woody whisky.

  • sjchina1985
    sjchina1985 Month ago

    JACK DANIELS is shit!

  • john lester
    john lester Month ago

    Red label are you taking the piss ?

  • just a guy
    just a guy 2 months ago

    That's a fucking amazing impression of freeman wtf

  • Ocean Drives
    Ocean Drives 2 months ago

    Who the hell drinks red label ?!

  • Sean Logan
    Sean Logan 2 months ago

    No octomore? Thought we wanted to torture them on drinking episodes

  • Michael Strong
    Michael Strong 2 months ago

    You are awesome broa and sisses. Make me want to visit the motherland again and hang with the Irish homies. This should be sponsored by your tourism board.

  • Erkut Gurun
    Erkut Gurun 2 months ago

    That was the best Morgan Freeman impression ever. Close your eyes, and its him

  • Mirco Wilhelm
    Mirco Wilhelm 2 months ago

    Guess someone went to the supermarket and bought the most terrible whisky they could find?

  • Shevyshenko Sneijpers
    Shevyshenko Sneijpers 3 months ago

    The real question how can you drink US beer or bourbon its mostly crap !!!
    Europe knows better

  • PrestonAndSteve1
    PrestonAndSteve1 3 months ago

    Mrs, Meow the Irish vs American whiskey challenge was already done and the Irish LOST! Lol.

  • GamePlayerDude ThE1
    GamePlayerDude ThE1 3 months ago +1

    1:17 fuckin kill me πŸ™ˆ

  • Anna X
    Anna X 3 months ago

    great accents!

  • Rob Chesley
    Rob Chesley 3 months ago

    As much as I love our spirits you guys know you have the best whiskey on earth right?

    • callum mvcmonieds
      callum mvcmonieds 24 days ago

      You're wrong go drink a high end single malt, Jameson is poison,has no flavour or character just burning

  • Sean Ruebush
    Sean Ruebush 3 months ago

    Speak for your self. Drinking alone is the best way to drink.

  • harrr53
    harrr53 3 months ago +1

    It pains me to see them drink such bad examples of American and Scottish whiskys.

  • Jaden Wang
    Jaden Wang 3 months ago

    This is not a comprehensive comparison, because all the Scotch whiskies in the video are blended scotch, which in its nature has a very consistent taste. It would be more interesting if there is single malt scotch, which has more individual character, and it can really show the beauty of scotch whisky.

  • Bricio Cadenas
    Bricio Cadenas 3 months ago

    I love dogs but I don't like that she brought it in the studio

  • Bein Dead
    Bein Dead 3 months ago

    Te bheag whiskey.... Teabag whiskey.... Don't drink, may contain nuts...

  • Big OOF
    Big OOF 3 months ago

    I prefer my Scotch Whiskey on the rocks...

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 3 months ago +13

    that was a terrible representation of Scotch, you had bottom shelf scotch vs top/middle shelf bourbon...not a fair comparison

    • Dylan Pew
      Dylan Pew Month ago

      That was not top shelf bourbon either my dude. If you want top shelf bourbon get yourself a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 13 years or older.

    • Wee Paddy
      Wee Paddy Month ago

      @yasser They are from Ireland not Britain lol

    • yasser
      yasser 2 months ago +1

      This is bullshit johnny walker red label already taste like water
      Jackdaniels and jimbeam are stronger but these guys are supposed british people known for handling strong liquors they look more america. Pussies

    • David
      David 3 months ago +2

      there was no good bourbon here either... jim beam is about as bottom shelf as you can get, jack daniels isn't even bourbon. The only okay bourbon was bulleit, still not that expensive or good though

  • Yo_isJoe
    Yo_isJoe 3 months ago

    Jim Beam and Jack Daniels are bad representations...

  • Бибас Π›Π°Π²Ρ€Π°ΠΊ

    Why didn't you give them some decent single malt scotch? Cheap bourbons are much better than cheap scotch, but if you'd take both expensive it would be really interesting

  • Azure
    Azure 3 months ago

    Drinking on your own is never fun? She's so petty.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 3 months ago +1

    First ten seconds: massive typo. Misspelling a certain type of whiskey from Kentucky.

  • A D
    A D 3 months ago

    Came for the whisky. Died for the Morgan Freeman impression.

  • Christian Reid
    Christian Reid 3 months ago

    The woman in this show 😍😍😍

  • Sonnie
    Sonnie 3 months ago +2

    Pretty unfair putting the Scottish Whisky up against the most popular Bourbons ... If there was some Glenmorangie , Glenfiddich , black label , talisker , bowmore , J & B , chivas regal , famous grouse , ballantines or even some grants involved it might be a different story ..

    • Azure
      Azure 3 months ago

      This channel is biased, obviouhzlee.

    MAC VENA 4 months ago

    Jack Daniels isn't Bourbon. Bourbon comes from Kentucky. Jack is made in Tennessee. It would be like calling Jameson, "Scotch".

    • MAC VENA
      MAC VENA 3 months ago

      @M LH How do you figure it's literally wrong? Bourbon is a term defined by law, ergo a distillery cannot put Bourbon arbitrarily on the label. Bourbon is legally defined as a US product, with specific ingredients, and processing. They originate from Bourbon County, Kentucky. All Bourbons are whiskey, but all whiskey is not Bourbon. Jack Daniels clearly is labeled whiskey on the bottle, because it is processed differently. While there are legions of fine whiskey, they are often made from different grains like barley, corn, rye, and aren't necessarily aged, aged in new, charred, oak barrels like Bourbon. The term Bourbon is coveted, and those who use it outside of Kentucky are technically perpetrating a deception, though it isn't prosecutable. The same applies to champagne. Champagne comes from the aforementioned region of France. Anything else is technically just a sparkling wine. I didn't make the rules or the laws, so please explain how I'm wrong.

    • M LH
      M LH 3 months ago

      Literally wrong

  • Grant
    Grant 4 months ago +3

    Jesus you're tasting some of the worst Scotchs and Bourbons available. No wonder.

  • ChrisS82
    ChrisS82 4 months ago

    I drink on my own all the time. Indeed its no fun. I don't want to be alone but can't meet no one that'll stick around.

  • Roy Fairchild
    Roy Fairchild 4 months ago

    Jameson wins hands down

  • Angus McGregor
    Angus McGregor 4 months ago

    why did you keep giving shite scottish whiskey??????

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 4 months ago

    I usually get Jameson Irish whiskey. As long as it breathes a little it's not too harsh.

  • the beast
    the beast 4 months ago

    I love pigs nose

  • Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Why are Irish women so God damn gorgeous? The one with the hat and the one with silver hair are stunning!

  • Tom Kennedy
    Tom Kennedy 4 months ago

    "American vs SCOTTISH WHISKY"?? You mean SCOTCH? πŸ€”

  • DL Fendel
    DL Fendel 4 months ago

    Just to be picky and exact, Jack Daniels is NOT Bourbon. It is Tennessee Whiskey, by law and by process an entirely different thing because Tennessee Whiskey is "mellowed" by being allowed to drip down through maple charcoal before being aged. BIG difference, and that's why it is mellower and smoother and nicer.

  • SuperBigblue19
    SuperBigblue19 4 months ago

    If I had to live on a windy moss covered rock smaller then the state of Indiana surrounded by freezing salt water I would probably drink like the Irish.

  • Cesar Rangel
    Cesar Rangel 4 months ago

    Cool impression

  • Harry Panter
    Harry Panter 4 months ago

    Jim beam vs red label great contest

  • Mike Panick
    Mike Panick 4 months ago

    Twelve year old single malt scotch not represented here? WTF?? JW RED instead of BLACK? Chivas Regal or Pinch blends not here, only seven year old swill represented? Talk about stacking the deck against Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

  • david downer
    david downer 4 months ago

    Bum bums.

  • DeEnna Matthews
    DeEnna Matthews 4 months ago

    Lolsy is so cute, makes the funniest faces, and she must be as sweet as she is cute because she loves cats.

  • Pacmancereal
    Pacmancereal 4 months ago

    I don't usually enjoy drinks straight, but JD is really good enough for mixing and that's it.

    A bottle of glenfiddich is better any day of the week.

    VIETT ANDREW 4 months ago

    Yooo buddy's Morgan Freeman impression is sickkkk

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner 5 months ago

    Amazon rain forest πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Gonzo614
    Gonzo614 5 months ago

    Jack Daniel's is not burbon.

  • Pat C
    Pat C 5 months ago +1

    Both the ladies you have in this video are very gorgeous and seem awesome to hang with.

  • Stefan Uttam
    Stefan Uttam 5 months ago

    "Remember when Morgan Freeman was God" "Oh I Remember"

  • TheTradge
    TheTradge 5 months ago

    Disappointed in you guys, clearly not proper whisky drinkers, Scotch whisky is far superior to American fake shit!

  • Jonathan Smythe
    Jonathan Smythe 5 months ago

    Bulleit is my fave too :)

  • Crazzy J
    Crazzy J 5 months ago

    seems they need to choose proper whiskey for their shorts. I can suggest some very fine whiskey's where is the Bushmills where is the glenlivet 12 or the Glenfiddich ( game of thrones they drank it damn right )

  • Carl Claessens
    Carl Claessens 5 months ago +1

    That blonde woman is gorgeous!

  • somebrowngirlonline
    somebrowngirlonline 5 months ago

    Ryan needs a channel where he compares things. His analogies are the best thing ever πŸ’œ

  • spunbearing65
    spunbearing65 5 months ago

    Go back to your 1/2 Island and give your daily pocket change to the pedophile perpetrators of the Catholic church.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for pledging allegiance to a entity that promotes pedophilia

  • spunbearing65
    spunbearing65 5 months ago

    Sad. The "pro's" took it in and on the nose because they wasted their palates on old pervert hose.
    They really should take a sledgehammer and apply it liberally on their skulls for being so fucking stupid.
    Irish anus stinking up USclip should be a crime.

  • TronadaK
    TronadaK 5 months ago


  • Martin Low
    Martin Low 5 months ago

    You chose really bad whiskys

  • Hello There
    Hello There 5 months ago

    0:48 wow

  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 5 months ago

    Drinking on your own can be fun, as long as you have a good book and a cat

  • Hedinndonuffin
    Hedinndonuffin 5 months ago

    America will never have better whiskey than anyone else.

  • Hideika
    Hideika 5 months ago

    You can’t go wrong with Jack Daniels

  • KrankkxGaming
    KrankkxGaming 5 months ago