My channel is in trouble because of a joke

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • UPDATE #2: The situation didn't end up getting resolved and as of a result I had to remove my video. Collab has also attempted to sue me for "defamation" despite making false claims that I haven't replied to them in the past weeks. They also tried to offer me licenses to the clips if I delete my statements and remain silent.
    UPDATE: Rebecca Zamolo has contacted me saying she wasn't aware of the situation. Please don't send her mean messages, that wasn't my intention to begin with and I'm terribly sorry to her that it's happening. If sent something bad to her - please remove it.
    Original description - So I made a joke in my original tik tok video and now I'm in trouble. I hope this gets resolved, I didn't intend to upset anyone. If it turns out that Rebecca Zamolo isn't even involved it would just show how little Collab cares about content creators and how they can potentially ruin someone's reputation for ez $$$
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    BAAF RIXTER Hour ago

    USclip really went downhill into a goddamn volcano

  • AZG_Bro ski1
    AZG_Bro ski1 2 hours ago

    #save Jameskii

  • Lauren Hawes
    Lauren Hawes 3 hours ago

    Yknow whata would be the easiest thing to do youtube. If the channel has less than 100 susbribers and/ or no videos, then they cant claim copyright

  • gvmmy
    gvmmy 5 hours ago

    what is his accent

  • Alex Ward
    Alex Ward 6 hours ago

    I'm so sorry jameskii, first twitch channel horifically insults and mistreats you in the jinglejam, (I liked you btw, the yogscast enjoyed you too, it was just toxic twitch chat) and now this?!
    You really have bad luck... I hope things get better friend, this isn't fair at all.

    • Alex Ward
      Alex Ward 6 hours ago

      And this was uploaded on my birthday, I'm sooooo sorry

  • Mattias Vihve
    Mattias Vihve 8 hours ago

    Dude i hope it gets better man 😟

  • Quinn Cowie
    Quinn Cowie 12 hours ago

    F@ck rebecca and collabdrm

  • sol_twitch 1
    sol_twitch 1 14 hours ago

    this is so dumb cause she cant tell her viewers whats happening cause she is doing a "game master that stalks her" sieries that is super dumb and has bad acting

    RAUL MARTINEz 14 hours ago

    It's that Carson in the back round

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose 17 hours ago

    Damn that's rough

  • Archie
    Archie 21 hour ago

    Good luck with all of this, this is stupid as fuck. I really wish all this shit would just stop to be honest, it's so disgusting that content creators on USclip are getting completely run over by corporations/etc. and USclip isn't even trying to help.

  • Ronin Smith
    Ronin Smith 21 hour ago +1


  • Lucas Mees
    Lucas Mees 22 hours ago

    Good luck in court
    Nevermind. You will win the lawsuit anyway

  • Duncan McRae
    Duncan McRae 22 hours ago

    People should probably start backing up Jameskii's videos just in case his channel gets taken down. It'd really be a shame if all that effort went down the drain and all of his videos were lost.

  • Wilhelm NystrΓΆm
    Wilhelm NystrΓΆm 23 hours ago

    are they going to copyright clame this too?

  • Winter Sall
    Winter Sall Day ago

    Hit or miss

  • m3lonh0de
    m3lonh0de Day ago

    If you go on collabs website one of the first things you see is a button that says
    "received a claim?" Its no joke one of the biggest buttons on their website. Not very appealing if you ask me. That just that shows how much they do this.

  • Fat Fox
    Fat Fox Day ago

    I wonder if USclip ever copyrighted royalty free music

  • Nksiss Ehehhr
    Nksiss Ehehhr Day ago

    Drop a F in chat bois

  • JuggerNuts1994
    JuggerNuts1994 Day ago

    sue them. sue them for everything they have, win the court case, now YOU'RE in control over all of Collabs content and IPs so they can't strike anyone else ever again

  • noah plays
    noah plays Day ago +1

    I saw the penguin and thought of timthetatmans Kevin that is also a penguin

  • Mushy
    Mushy Day ago

    SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE please. If these motherfuckers start ending up to have to play two-hundred thousand dollar fines for this shit they might be inclined to not make theses false claims.

  • mikecap
    mikecap Day ago

    Make a second account

  • carpetrug rug
    carpetrug rug Day ago +1

    harry potter lookin ass

  • Gladys Martinez
    Gladys Martinez Day ago

    How dare they this is not ksi dumefucked channel what bout him he should be banned from USclip for good don’t @ me it’s true

  • Ardanka
    Ardanka Day ago

    *Video clip*

  • Erired Maku
    Erired Maku Day ago

    Rebeca Zamolo 1 is just claiming content because,they make jokes about her and there's no other than that,she is disgusting for YT,Tik Tok and Instagram

  • AJ manThing
    AJ manThing Day ago

    Pewdiepie did his part. #savejameskii

  • IB_M1
    IB_M1 2 days ago


  • Guitarninjaruy
    Guitarninjaruy 2 days ago

    Snowflakes and global warming all in once, wow

  • Jai Palermo
    Jai Palermo 2 days ago

    Love you videos James hope you get though this #SaveJamesskii

  • Rami Badra
    Rami Badra 2 days ago

    This collabDRM little shit is such a scummy pile of useless human flesh, she claims you tubers videos so she can get their revenue or however it works just so she can get some money because all she does is sit in her chair live stream, get 5 viewers because she’s a thot and is the literal definition of. Garbage, she’s forcing people like jameski over here to not upload and like he was hella sad in this video like wtf is wrong with this collab girl, like does she not have anything better to do with her life, she’s an embarrassment

  • Xx_Fubuki420_xX
    Xx_Fubuki420_xX 2 days ago

    USclip getting disconnected with content creators each year

  • Carlo Ponte
    Carlo Ponte 2 days ago

    You wanna become a USclipr, huh? Now's a perfect time.

  • Justin Rios
    Justin Rios 2 days ago

    I’m more shocked on the fact that I’m now seeing what you look like for the first time

  • American011
    American011 2 days ago

    CollabDRM is full of *Black Shit*

  • Koaasst
    Koaasst 2 days ago

    copyright trolling is popular!! most people dont fight back.

  • Peter Naaktgeboren
    Peter Naaktgeboren 2 days ago

    All the biggest youtube creators should move to another content creating platform so that youtube maybe finally sees how fucked up their system is, youtube is broken... Bring back the old times!

  • Hey You
    Hey You 2 days ago

    They're really gonna claim something that isn't theirs, and is free for any kind of content making- A PUBLIC PLATFORM- slap a claim on it and call it "video clip".
    These guys are jumpy. They're trying to abuse the system and it just isn't fair.

  • BluePantsRed TZA_Panda

    Nice tiktok Video πŸ˜‚

  • toxic fortnite idk
    toxic fortnite idk 3 days ago

    Just saying but there cunts Collab: hey random gay tik toker wanna copyright this video to make money. Tik toker: yes I want money do an unessery amount of claims for more money huhuhuh. Jameski: why just why. #savejameskii

  • Filip Filip
    Filip Filip 3 days ago

    Fuck Man...

  • XTotal HypsterX
    XTotal HypsterX 3 days ago

    They gonna claim the video again for 1:42

  • Fight Me
    Fight Me 3 days ago

    This is so shitty, sorry this happened to you mate.

  • Jim Hoxworth
    Jim Hoxworth 3 days ago

    I just read the new update. Really they tried to sue you for "defamation". This is the lowest shit i have seen a network do.

  • Crooked Warden
    Crooked Warden 3 days ago

    Why doesn't youtube just sue collabdrm for damages? Stick with their creators and defeat the beast which has sent their company into disarray trying to fix this. I reckon it'll work.

  • HungryChip
    HungryChip 3 days ago

    USclip needs to crack down on this bullshit and put in place a system that prevents people abusing the shit out of copyright claims and allow content creators to defend themselves in a proper way.

  • Wedjininja
    Wedjininja 3 days ago

    Jameskii if USclip deletes your channel we, as in your fans will shit on them till they give it back

  • Eden Thompson
    Eden Thompson 3 days ago

    Move to Vimeo lol

  • DogZbarkZ
    DogZbarkZ 3 days ago

    USclip needs to stop making terrible rewinds and start fixing copyright strikes

  • Finnish Manderian
    Finnish Manderian 3 days ago +1

    Dude that sucks. The clip is definitely fair use

  • Nailor
    Nailor 3 days ago

    lol lets just all stop using youtube and switch to a private video sharing software.

  • RomanSans _
    RomanSans _ 3 days ago

    Collab is going to copystrike this video.

  • MilesTailsProwerfan9

    *sees 2nd update* ...Why those corrupt lying and bribing pieces of shit. Trying to pull that kind of shit is despicable. But there's some good news to this:
    You scared them, and since you're not taking the bribe, you're still scaring them. >:3

  • Vapley cubes
    Vapley cubes 3 days ago

    on tic tok

  • Hiroki Dabar
    Hiroki Dabar 3 days ago


  • s20
    s20 3 days ago

    Hol up Wat the fuck !!! God i fcking hate this scumbags !!!!! Copystriking system abuse FUCK

  • The Bunnygamer
    The Bunnygamer 3 days ago

    Dude i just posted a vid of me and my buddy playing steep and within a minute i got a copyright claimπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

  • FreshFocus
    FreshFocus 3 days ago +1

    Hehe takes 6ix9ine to court
    6ix9ine: Misses court date cuz he’s already in prison hehe

  • Alfred Martinez
    Alfred Martinez 3 days ago

    Reply F to pay respects

  • Reashell Mills
    Reashell Mills 3 days ago

    Tik Tok: *Makes a ad about Beat Saber but instantly thinks they own the thing*
    YT: okei
    James: *Has a tiny bit of music*

  • Tng Jia Sheng
    Tng Jia Sheng 3 days ago

    Time to move to another platform

  • Tng Jia Sheng
    Tng Jia Sheng 3 days ago

    Time to boycott or fuck up CollabDRM
    They existed too long
    We need to get rid of the parasite

  • P L
    P L 3 days ago

    Inbefore this video gets claimed for showing the same clip xD

  • Kermit for president 2020


  • William Louch
    William Louch 3 days ago

    This video has been claimed for the use of "video clip."

  • Antoine Jorieux
    Antoine Jorieux 3 days ago

    Fuck you tube

  • Bon Bon Mon
    Bon Bon Mon 3 days ago

    Guess I’ll just die then

  • Nassen0f
    Nassen0f 4 days ago

    CollabDRM, what a bunch of dickbags..

  • Odst Marine
    Odst Marine 4 days ago

    Who's ready for another copyright claim!?! I aaaaaaaam!

  • Liviu State
    Liviu State 4 days ago

    This is such bullshit. I made a video. U can clearly hear my voice, i use 2 seconds of a random song and i get claimed. This is jameskii in a nutshell

  • McBormp '-'
    McBormp '-' 4 days ago

    Go on vimeo and upload there

  • Slayer 98
    Slayer 98 4 days ago

    Your in W2S new video with his sister. For your tiktok

  • Ivar van der Horst
    Ivar van der Horst 4 days ago

    This is why youtube riwind 2018 got so many dislikes

  • Pixeljam
    Pixeljam 4 days ago

    Sounds like TheFatRat’s situation all over again. Wish you the best james

  • I'm Blue Power
    I'm Blue Power 4 days ago

    3:35 3 strikes you're out?

  • kendrew keitaro
    kendrew keitaro 4 days ago

    do mafia city gameplay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bartek H.
    Bartek H. 4 days ago

    If I was you, I would even take a loan just to end it in court.

  • Cunningschield 1209
    Cunningschield 1209 4 days ago

    I watch your videos an stremast soo often If I'm sad and need something to laugh, and your you are getting a strike because of some USclip b*tch and some homelles guys called "collab DRM" #SAVE JAMESKII

  • gameboi200 00
    gameboi200 00 4 days ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo James don't go

  • I'm obsessed with anime

    Edit: *spam this in my replies please.*

  • Thebros831 Last name

    Nooooooooo jamskii ur my favorite USclipr 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • SilvioPlayz Games
    SilvioPlayz Games 4 days ago +1

    Edit:our savior is alive.

  • its ok
    its ok 4 days ago

    i will report this video so youtube will have to watch it

  • Mossatron
    Mossatron 4 days ago

    This is getting out of hand. Something needs to be done to stop content creators getting screwed on the platform, it's seriously starting to get on my nerves that company's can get away with these things...

  • Gaming Alex
    Gaming Alex 4 days ago

    YT's copyright system is broken.

    *That's how USclip works.*

  • Gaming Alex
    Gaming Alex 4 days ago

    Pewdiepie talked about you

  • TheMustangForce
    TheMustangForce 4 days ago

    all youtubers need a new platform to upload new videos. oooooor cant all youtubers at least most influential by any means force youtube to revise their copyright rule. this is getting out of hand

  • 4evrGlitcher
    4evrGlitcher 4 days ago

    Do vr chat again those videos are really funny

  • theforcebewithu
    theforcebewithu 4 days ago

    I hope she helps you get this figured out

  • Scout FPS
    Scout FPS 4 days ago

    God this company is stupid.

  • EricJrTheRed
    EricJrTheRed 4 days ago

    But that's how the mafia works

  • TheGriefersCat Yt
    TheGriefersCat Yt 4 days ago +2

    I legit found Jameskii on PornHub today. Not gonna say what video it was, but he commented about 7 months ago on it. Of the 40 videos he watched, I’m not surprised which one it was. Sorta. I mean, he *is* into anime and all that, right?


    R.i.p Ripley