My channel is in trouble because of a joke

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • UPDATE #2: The situation didn't end up getting resolved and as of a result I had to remove my video. Collab has also attempted to sue me for "defamation" despite making false claims that I haven't replied to them in the past weeks. They also tried to offer me licenses to the clips if I delete my statements and remain silent.
    UPDATE: Rebecca Zamolo has contacted me saying she wasn't aware of the situation. Please don't send her mean messages, that wasn't my intention to begin with and I'm terribly sorry to her that it's happening. If sent something bad to her - please remove it.
    Original description - So I made a joke in my original tik tok video and now I'm in trouble. I hope this gets resolved, I didn't intend to upset anyone. If it turns out that Rebecca Zamolo isn't even involved it would just show how little Collab cares about content creators and how they can potentially ruin someone's reputation for ez $$$
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  • Your dad
    Your dad 9 hours ago

    hmmmm reminds me of someone whos name starts with m. hmmmmm

  • Demonetization Monitor

    Well we can’t do anything

  • probshady Fortnite
    probshady Fortnite 3 days ago

    At least his channel is not gone!

  • Ty Da Tiger
    Ty Da Tiger 5 days ago +1


  • Citaa 26
    Citaa 26 6 days ago

    They are just cunts how want to make easy money.
    Facebook is better then USclip now.

  • djslime lbsg
    djslime lbsg 8 days ago

    Rick Rebecca and collaboration they can go suck my Rick stupid prostitutes

  • DevilsDebt4Becky
    DevilsDebt4Becky 12 days ago

    Jameskii, you are one of my top #1 most watched and loved UScliprs. You hold the type of humor I have, which is actually not that good of a thing but I'm happy to enjoy a video of someone else who shares that same liking.
    I know this video of yours was posted long ago but I just wanna say that I enjoy every video you post and every second I get to watch it. It hurts to see you still going through this nonsense that you don't deserve. I hope that our loving comments can help cheer you up, for that we care for you.
    Stay awesome, Jameskii. You're the best.

  • Excel Tragic
    Excel Tragic 14 days ago

    who disliked this

  • Alex Mancia
    Alex Mancia 16 days ago

    Can we get an F in the chat.

    MOOSE_DA_SAVAGE 16 days ago

    the panguine reminds me of vard

  • MisterBiscuits
    MisterBiscuits 17 days ago


    edit: wow guys thanks for the likes!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!111!!!
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    edit 8: can you guys like stop? seriously? can you literally stop?
    edit 9: like this again and I will copystrike
    edit 11: ok jk you can like
    edit 12: yes keep those likes rolling
    edit 13: didn't think this would get so many likes tbh after all we've been through
    edit 14: trolololo all these likes
    edit 15: oof

  • Macaroni Kid
    Macaroni Kid 18 days ago

    Wait bu your friend played it on his guitar so how was that claimed 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Meister Müll
    Meister Müll 21 day ago

    S C U F F E D

  • The AsianNtimidation

    Hoes mad

  • Just Lizzy
    Just Lizzy 28 days ago +1


  • Larry Langer
    Larry Langer Month ago

    Who is this dumb slut and why does she have 5 million "followers"?

    The world has gone fucking mental.

  • Weston Hurley
    Weston Hurley Month ago

    The USclip system is so broken it’s not even funny

  • Johnson Daniel
    Johnson Daniel Month ago

    James should diss her

  • NightFly
    NightFly Month ago +1


  • Ilena Sommer
    Ilena Sommer Month ago

    you poor innocent soul, RIP im so sorry poor soul

  • Roman Ward
    Roman Ward Month ago +1

    4 months ago wow glad this didn't happen

  • Marcus Delahunty
    Marcus Delahunty Month ago +1

    Man youtube is getting greedy with many channels
    But companys are doing that as well?

    We need them to stop abusing there rights

  • meme man noot noot
    meme man noot noot 2 months ago

    USclip needs to start getting involved with copyright strikes and takeing down componies that do this shit, youtube also needs to be more strict with copyright strikes like if one of these componies claims your video for no reson it should be like a reverse uno card where they must have a valid desription or they will no longer be able to copyright strike anyone

  • РокЫч
    РокЫч 2 months ago

    So is there a way to fight this scam method and control copyright policy or nah? I got strikes from collabDRM too for my David Dobrik’s voice-overs

  • Comiclover261
    Comiclover261 2 months ago

    Jameskii is gru confirmed.

  • Gnome Warlock
    Gnome Warlock 2 months ago +1

    You know,
    there's hundreds, if not thousands of small musicians and musical content creators on USclip and Soundcloud that would kill to have a popular channel like yours feature there music for free.
    But UScliprs continue to use the copyrighted content from the billion dollar greedy companies and essentially give them free money.
    For years we've been getting videos like this, and I understand the frustration, but this has been going on and on and on. I'm really starting to lose sympathy.

  • meme boi
    meme boi 2 months ago +2

    This video probably got a copyright because of those clips he showed

  • Djay B - Games, Music, and More

    The solution is simple. Hate to be bitter, but...
    Have you tried not monetizing your content and finding another seperate source of income. That way you can keep doing what you love, albeit not getting money from it and instead from another source, like an actual job. Best part: *greedy companies can't claim you!*
    Hope this helps!

  • Aim3Gamez
    Aim3Gamez 2 months ago

    Hes gonna be copy striked by that whore again

  • relaxed misnomer
    relaxed misnomer 2 months ago


  • DiamondsOfDoom
    DiamondsOfDoom 2 months ago

    that's not an over sized penguin

  • martynas rimas
    martynas rimas 2 months ago +1


  • Mr. Saures
    Mr. Saures 2 months ago +1

    Make a diss to collab... Like pewdiepie did to t series

  • Xxn00bslayerxX
    Xxn00bslayerxX 2 months ago

    CollabDRM sees Jameskiis Chanel: Look free money *Claims video 4 times*

  • LucaAlop1997
    LucaAlop1997 2 months ago

    11:45 hey thats the situation we'll have on EVERY plattform because of article 13

  • Ashton Minden
    Ashton Minden 2 months ago +1

    I feel the system is kinda broken. I feel that USclip should require a clear reason why there is a claim, otherwise it should not be valid.

  • Zech Q
    Zech Q 2 months ago

    UMG Claimed my entire live stream because I played 25 seconds of "God''s Plan"

  • LowQuake
    LowQuake 2 months ago +2

    Dafuck I didn't expect Jameskii to be mr stark

  • Ethan Mogey
    Ethan Mogey 2 months ago


  • NekoNip `
    NekoNip ` 2 months ago

    Go to pornhub my guy

  • Casper Riis
    Casper Riis 2 months ago

    You can complain about the faults is YTs claimingsystem, but half of the comes from you actually using other peoples content. I like your videos, but you cant really make an argument.

  • ZeTony
    ZeTony 3 months ago

    And jake Paul or Logan can show dead bodies and Tease dead rats thats fine

  • Tyler Mortimer
    Tyler Mortimer 3 months ago

    Can companies just fuck off

  • Real Watermelon
    Real Watermelon 3 months ago

    When did u get discord sever?

  • Real Watermelon
    Real Watermelon 3 months ago


  • The Derpy Toast
    The Derpy Toast 3 months ago

    dude is THAT oversized Pinguin Tuxbird????? :0

  • san benito films 95
    san benito films 95 3 months ago


  • Isac Jonsson
    Isac Jonsson 3 months ago

    Dont give collab a platform to defend themself.

  • zajoch 2005
    zajoch 2005 3 months ago

    Great off white hoodie

  • zayed EKJ
    zayed EKJ 3 months ago

    this video not GG because no outro 😡

  • xX D3PR3SED Xx
    xX D3PR3SED Xx 3 months ago +2

    If Justin Y. Is here ima flip-

  • Dylan
    Dylan 3 months ago

    14:32 That’s just sad

  • Luis Angel Arellano Tuanama

    *USclip In a nutshell*

  • Monte
    Monte 3 months ago

    Do a face reveal

  • What Kind of sound it is?

    (Guitar Shrek music) That wasnt your fault but youtubes fault :> cuz that was cover well they cant delete your video cuz of this

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No 3 months ago

    Imagine in this got claimed for "exposing and truth"

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No 3 months ago


  • Cole Dione
    Cole Dione 3 months ago

    Hypebeast 😂😂

  • Zzylis
    Zzylis 3 months ago

    meanwhile I am searching this word up called "Uncopyrightables" it might be another reason but i dont give 2 shits about this word, all I care is about Jameskii's channel.

  • Little Pony
    Little Pony 3 months ago

    I know why USclip is being retarded!!! they were vaccinated

  • mrbobbilly
    mrbobbilly 4 months ago

    You're not alone... I made a video criticizing a game company called Roblox copyright striking people they don't like making videos on their website and making fun of it. And they copyright striked me for that, the video I made had 90k views in less than a day before it got striked.... Power hungry corporates using their tools to silence criticism to look good.

  • Taylor Christmas
    Taylor Christmas 4 months ago

    Save James Ski

  • Cr3scent_Sapphire
    Cr3scent_Sapphire 4 months ago

    A bit late to this video but...
    905 dislikes were supporters of Collab

  • Rai Tea
    Rai Tea 4 months ago

    People is stupid!

  • Neddier
    Neddier 4 months ago

    I didnt know you were visual creator for IWF, i thought you only do VR Chat

  • Trash' Cann
    Trash' Cann 4 months ago +3

    no wonder people have been calling USclip "The Tubes".
    there's no longer any "You".

    it's only them.

    the companies.

  • Henley - Bullet
    Henley - Bullet 4 months ago

    10:47 he sounds like gru

  • PhrozenFox
    PhrozenFox 4 months ago

    Pewdiepie 2

  • Pricymas Star
    Pricymas Star 4 months ago

    Mail bomb them

  • Alpha ofmemes
    Alpha ofmemes 4 months ago

    Ya know I sometimes ask what is going on in your mind it's pretty bad Guy's never trust James

  • Random person
    Random person 4 months ago

    I swear to god there are just people in these companies that hate all of USclip and want to get it destroyed

  • Kapitonas utele
    Kapitonas utele 4 months ago +2

    Hey james what if u delete the video im not sayng do that but would the strike dissapear

  • Creedigi / RoyMyBoy
    Creedigi / RoyMyBoy 4 months ago

    Kind of your fault though, kind of a dick move to use video clip in your video.

  • Conner Sullivan
    Conner Sullivan 4 months ago

    *Lazar beem posts a video gets copyright striked by a guy with 1 subscriber and no videos

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 4 months ago

    We need Gloria Borger on this case

  • NotArnar
    NotArnar 4 months ago

    You know it’s fucked when you expect every claim to be false.

  • Ghost07
    Ghost07 4 months ago

    poor jameskii

  • Drawing One
    Drawing One 4 months ago

    Fuck Rebecca n fuck collab

  • Eduardo Magallon
    Eduardo Magallon 4 months ago


  • Faisal Alireza
    Faisal Alireza 4 months ago

    Wishing you the best of luck my man

  • NoobMaster 420
    NoobMaster 420 4 months ago


  • AaronM 2016
    AaronM 2016 4 months ago


  • xxXJaydenvroomXxx#best
    xxXJaydenvroomXxx#best 4 months ago


    SNEAKy GUNNEr 4 months ago

    Why is she acting like a *****

  • popomop
    popomop 4 months ago

    What the actual fuck. youtube ur a piece of shit

  • Cisqo Dominguez
    Cisqo Dominguez 4 months ago

    Collab should get sued for bull shit they legit have no life if that's how they want money they should get sewed from all the youtubers that they did this too

  • Zekgangster
    Zekgangster 4 months ago

    I got copy stike of umg of because I used like 28 sc of this song I gotta feeling by the black eyed peas

  • super tutorielgamer
    super tutorielgamer 4 months ago


  • Andie
    Andie 4 months ago +21

    Anyone else remember when USclip used to be a good platform?

  • Ninja198
    Ninja198 4 months ago


  • Don't Copy My Name
    Don't Copy My Name 4 months ago

    I like your hairrrr!!!

  • aynageddon
    aynageddon 4 months ago

    im going to their channell and spamming my ass off

  • LucRits
    LucRits 4 months ago

    I like the sweater

  • I will consume your soul .mp3

    USclip what the fuck have you done? How is this even possible? This used to be that place where i could relax after school, now is just a fucking joke.

  • kevins content corner
    kevins content corner 4 months ago

    USclip fuking look into this shit they are litterally stealing

  • NightHawk Games
    NightHawk Games 4 months ago +6

    This video has been copyrighted by CollabDRM fir the use of the company name CollabDRM

  • MaxTrain 666
    MaxTrain 666 4 months ago

    I wish you never did a face reveal

  • goodsirrandom
    goodsirrandom 4 months ago

    rip jamskii you shall be missed for the time you are gone.

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR 4 months ago

    Don't silence yourself! Fuck those companies bullying content creators! We need to start coming up with strategies to combat these companies.

  • Sir Gallahad
    Sir Gallahad 4 months ago

    People getting offended within 2 seconds nowdays. Im speechless. If it would be me in this video i would feel honored xD