My channel is in trouble because of a joke

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • UPDATE #2: The situation didn't end up getting resolved and as of a result I had to remove my video. Collab has also attempted to sue me for "defamation" despite making false claims that I haven't replied to them in the past weeks. They also tried to offer me licenses to the clips if I delete my statements and remain silent.
    UPDATE: Rebecca Zamolo has contacted me saying she wasn't aware of the situation. Please don't send her mean messages, that wasn't my intention to begin with and I'm terribly sorry to her that it's happening. If sent something bad to her - please remove it.
    Original description - So I made a joke in my original tik tok video and now I'm in trouble. I hope this gets resolved, I didn't intend to upset anyone. If it turns out that Rebecca Zamolo isn't even involved it would just show how little Collab cares about content creators and how they can potentially ruin someone's reputation for ez $$$
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  • Isac Jonsson
    Isac Jonsson Day ago

    Dont give collab a platform to defend themself.

  • zajoch 2005
    zajoch 2005 6 days ago

    Great off white hoodie

  • zayed EKJ
    zayed EKJ 6 days ago

    this video not GG because no outro 😡

  • xX D3PR3SED Xx
    xX D3PR3SED Xx 8 days ago +1

    If Justin Y. Is here ima flip-

  • Dylan B
    Dylan B 9 days ago

    14:32 That’s just sad

  • Luis Angel Arellano Tuanama

    *USclip In a nutshell*

  • Monte
    Monte 19 days ago

    Do a face reveal

  • What Kind of sound it is?

    (Guitar Shrek music) That wasnt your fault but youtubes fault :> cuz that was cover well they cant delete your video cuz of this

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No 20 days ago

    Imagine in this got claimed for "exposing and truth"

  • Cole Dione
    Cole Dione 21 day ago

    Hypebeast 😂😂

  • Gamered_Playz0909
    Gamered_Playz0909 21 day ago

    meanwhile I am searching this word up called "Uncopyrightables" it might be another reason but i dont give 2 shits about this word, all I care is about Jameskii's channel.

  • Big Chungus 76
    Big Chungus 76 22 days ago

    I know why USclip is being retarded!!! they were vaccinated

  • mrbobbilly
    mrbobbilly 24 days ago

    You're not alone... I made a video criticizing a game company called Roblox copyright striking people they don't like making videos on their website and making fun of it. And they copyright striked me for that, the video I made had 90k views in less than a day before it got striked.... Power hungry corporates using their tools to silence criticism to look good.

  • Taylor Christmas
    Taylor Christmas 25 days ago

    Save James Ski

  • Cr3scent_Sapphire
    Cr3scent_Sapphire 25 days ago

    A bit late to this video but...
    905 dislikes were supporters of Collab

  • Rai Tea
    Rai Tea 26 days ago

    People is stupid!

  • Neddier
    Neddier 26 days ago

    I didnt know you were visual creator for IWF, i thought you only do VR Chat

  • Trash' Cann
    Trash' Cann 26 days ago +1

    no wonder people have been calling USclip "The Tubes".
    there's no longer any "You".

    it's only them.

    the companies.

  • Henley - Bullet
    Henley - Bullet 27 days ago

    10:47 he sounds like gru

  • PhrozenFox
    PhrozenFox 27 days ago

    Pewdiepie 2

  • Pricymas Star
    Pricymas Star 28 days ago

    Mail bomb them

  • Alpha ofmemes
    Alpha ofmemes 28 days ago

    Ya know I sometimes ask what is going on in your mind it's pretty bad Guy's never trust James

  • Random person
    Random person 29 days ago

    I swear to god there are just people in these companies that hate all of USclip and want to get it destroyed

  • Kapitonas utele
    Kapitonas utele Month ago +2

    Hey james what if u delete the video im not sayng do that but would the strike dissapear

  • Creedigi / RoyMyBoy

    Kind of your fault though, kind of a dick move to use video clip in your video.

  • Conner Sullivan
    Conner Sullivan Month ago

    *Lazar beem posts a video gets copyright striked by a guy with 1 subscriber and no videos

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia Month ago

    We need Gloria Borger on this case

  • NotArnar
    NotArnar Month ago

    You know it’s fucked when you expect every claim to be false.

  • Ghost07
    Ghost07 Month ago

    poor jameskii

  • Indominus Rex gamer

    Fuck Rebecca n fuck collab

  • Faisal Alireza
    Faisal Alireza Month ago

    Wishing you the best of luck my man

  • RobloxUltra 3
    RobloxUltra 3 Month ago


    SNEAKy GUNNEr Month ago

    Why is she acting like a *****

  • popomop
    popomop Month ago

    What the actual fuck. youtube ur a piece of shit

  • Cisqo Dominguez
    Cisqo Dominguez Month ago

    Collab should get sued for bull shit they legit have no life if that's how they want money they should get sewed from all the youtubers that they did this too

  • Zekgangster
    Zekgangster Month ago

    I got copy stike of umg of because I used like 28 sc of this song I gotta feeling by the black eyed peas

  • super tutorielgamer


  • Andie
    Andie Month ago +10

    Anyone else remember when USclip used to be a good platform?

  • Lena The Human Cat
    Lena The Human Cat Month ago

    I like your hairrrr!!!

  • aynageddon
    aynageddon Month ago

    im going to their channell and spamming my ass off

  • LucRits
    LucRits Month ago

    I like the sweater

  • I will consume your soul .mp3

    USclip what the fuck have you done? How is this even possible? This used to be that place where i could relax after school, now is just a fucking joke.

  • kevins craft corner

    USclip fuking look into this shit they are litterally stealing

  • NightHawk Games
    NightHawk Games Month ago +4

    This video has been copyrighted by CollabDRM fir the use of the company name CollabDRM

  • MaxTrain 666
    MaxTrain 666 Month ago

    I wish you never did a face reveal

  • goodsirrandom
    goodsirrandom Month ago

    rip jamskii you shall be missed for the time you are gone.

  • ZoommaiR
    ZoommaiR Month ago

    Don't silence yourself! Fuck those companies bullying content creators! We need to start coming up with strategies to combat these companies.

  • Sir Gallahad
    Sir Gallahad Month ago

    People getting offended within 2 seconds nowdays. Im speechless. If it would be me in this video i would feel honored xD

  • ViBe Isaiah
    ViBe Isaiah Month ago

    Yo styropyro liked this video lul

  • scared star
    scared star Month ago

    So basically, they copystrike you, and your powerless? Ok. Anyone know another youtube like site but isnt jewish and want your cash via copystrike

  • Declyn
    Declyn Month ago

    oof project zorgo exposed but really oof I feel really bad for jamski

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Month ago +6

    Jameskii, don't worry you are still my americas proudest man!

  • valdemar jørgensen

    WHAT i just fund out you are Danish. Now i just love you more

  • King N00B
    King N00B Month ago


    That sucks with three C’s.

  • Valkfire
    Valkfire Month ago

    Some body once told me the world is full copyright

  • The Pirate Peach
    The Pirate Peach Month ago

    you bite at tik tok and tik tok bites back

  • vexaar.
    vexaar. Month ago

    good thing theyre helping to make the lives of internet creators easier

  • Hoodie Gaming
    Hoodie Gaming Month ago

    Starting off the year strong, i see

  • Spooderman 007
    Spooderman 007 Month ago

    9/11 dislikes, can we ram into tilted towers?

  • Aleš Gerjevič
    Aleš Gerjevič Month ago

    Go copyright those motherfuckers! They will not take our Jameskii away.

  • Clout Cooch
    Clout Cooch Month ago +3

    Boycott USclip if he get terminated

  • yoshi
    yoshi Month ago

    #SaveJameskii 2 Copyright strikes?
    *what the fuck susan first no ads, now this?* _youtube needs to fucking fix their shit dude._

  • Slider the Slime
    Slider the Slime Month ago

    Can we have someone create a social media platform that’s similar to USclip, than boycott USclip altogether

    BIG CHUNGUS Month ago

    If James disappears everyone spam USclip about this bull shit through email,twitter,Facebook etc. Just don't let it happen

  • Darky Z
    Darky Z Month ago

    Let’s copyright strike Collabdrm.

  • Old man Esteban
    Old man Esteban Month ago

    USclip HQ filled with Jews

  • Justin Gholston
    Justin Gholston Month ago

    That's tuff

  • Xx_Loyalty -
    Xx_Loyalty - Month ago

    I played like 5 seconds of a song and sang over it guess what

    It got taken down

  • RmnDt
    RmnDt Month ago

    Off white sweatshirt boiz

  • sunset fratboy
    sunset fratboy Month ago +1


  • BongSoLong
    BongSoLong Month ago +1


  • YoBoi Frie
    YoBoi Frie Month ago

    At least *twitch* has an actual human being,not a damn bot

  • NiftySkilz
    NiftySkilz Month ago

    i wonder if they will copy claim this video for including the clip again

  • BambiKilla669
    BambiKilla669 Month ago

    Oh no no

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Month ago

    USclip gets worse every month a dead guy being recorded and a kid killing a cat and jameskii is getting this shit, in the words of a jameskii (inhales)........…......................HEADS UP HANDS DOWN

  • Some Dude84
    Some Dude84 Month ago

    Jameski you an idiot the can strike this video

  • Yu Jay
    Yu Jay Month ago

    From my understanding, you can't copyright strike something that was "live streamed" from any social media platform or Twitch as it is seen as public domain and even copyright music doesn't even apply when playing in said live stream.. So.. O_o

  • _Puppy Lover 2000_
    _Puppy Lover 2000_ Month ago

    I know who it is but I’m not telling u.
    Is a boy
    Is funny

  • Dichenus
    Dichenus Month ago

    and there is still abuse on youtube :thonk:

  • Valente Gabriel
    Valente Gabriel Month ago


  • G2 ShadowCat
    G2 ShadowCat Month ago

    this pisses me off

  • T-Pose Kek
    T-Pose Kek Month ago

    Copyright laws for movies/tv shows etc. and USclip should be separated.

  • Vasyl Kaminskyy
    Vasyl Kaminskyy Month ago

    If we follow that logik...
    We could go and claim every musik channel that dont does his own musik ...
    Im starting to think abaut quit watching youtube vids...

  • Vasyl Kaminskyy
    Vasyl Kaminskyy Month ago

    Oh whats up!
    Long time no see...

  • Юрий Сенин

    This garbage system allowed the anonymous to assign the money received for the monetization of the video.
    In this regard, there was a petition, which should be read.

  • ThePhotographyNerd
    ThePhotographyNerd Month ago

    This is happening too much ???

  • The Iron Art Manufactur

    Yah, meanwhile Peluchin Entertainment brutally, diabolically and disgustingly fucking murders his cat while it's constantly crying and pleading for help in the background GETS GODDAMN NOTHING FOR IT!!!!!!

  • Rotaku 16
    Rotaku 16 Month ago

    "Helping to make the lives of Internet Creators easier" my ass.
    Jameskii make funny and entertaining content and doesn't deserve to lose his channel

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas Month ago

    We need to get out of youtube and raise a new platform where the owners are nice, not pseudo feminists that fight for privilege over actual equal rights, no clickbait tolerated, vox, wallstreet and this other shitty news that decide your political choice, will be claimed by fake news and shit

  • TheChosenpug
    TheChosenpug Month ago

    It’s time to rise up, we must save Jameskii
    Let’s take this to court

  • Flexy YT
    Flexy YT Month ago

    No WAY ?!

  • Reaper
    Reaper Month ago

    TheFatRat got a video claimed too, but, it was claimed by no one!
    You need to talk to USclip ''almoust impossible'' but you should guive it a try. Am i right?