Black Americans Find Out Which African Tribe They're From

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Three Black Americans find out which tribe and people group they share genetic fingerprints with in Africa!
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    African Ancestry

Comments • 9 488

  • Xolani Ngubane
    Xolani Ngubane 7 hours ago

    Feel like that wakanda bit was fake just put in for comedic purposes

  • David Val
    David Val 10 hours ago

    That girl is really good looking.

  • princesslamour1985
    princesslamour1985 10 hours ago

    Wow makes u stand a bit taller dont it

  • Woken Moor
    Woken Moor 14 hours ago

    Hey so called black people we are not from African....wake up

  • msAfreca9
    msAfreca9 17 hours ago

    I'm black but I'm a Gadite Native Aboriginal

    BIG L NIGGA Toe 18 hours ago

    from Liberia, friendly and lovely people

  • TinoGH
    TinoGH 19 hours ago

    Kwesi should be from Ghana and not Seirra Leone

  • J
    J Day ago +1

    “in the business of being black” 💪🏽!

  • Oma
    Oma Day ago +1

    I never realized how blessed I am to have the privilege of knowing who I am. Although born in raised in America. I'm in touch with where it all started. Two Nigerian parents and I was able to visit both of my villages, learn my language and more of my family and friends. This is awesome. 2019 Year of Return and African Pride. Keep the flag held high and flying.

  • kheyy kronicles
    kheyy kronicles Day ago

    I recently read that jhene Aiko has an African surname "Chilombo" which really had me intrigued because its a fairly common name in Zambia (southern central Africa) but not necessarily as a surname but your hear was really fascinating.

  • Indigo P
    Indigo P Day ago +1

    These people are so fake and annoying.
    I don’t doubt their results, I am annoyed by their contrived reactions.
    But hey, they are Buzzfeed staff. They make their business out of fakery!

  • Sizzle Wrap
    Sizzle Wrap Day ago +1

    It’s ok to go back to Africa and live free.

  • Alicia Yearwood
    Alicia Yearwood Day ago

    I want to do this one day, i really wish to kno where i came from. I'm in Tinidad & Tobago.

  • Aliyah Warsame
    Aliyah Warsame Day ago

    6:40 the way he laughs so nervously and happily

  • Betty Anim
    Betty Anim Day ago +2

    Kwesi in Ghana 🇬🇭 is given to boys born on Sunday

    • nigel Williams
      nigel Williams 21 hour ago

      What about the rest of the week. I was born on Wednesday🙂

  • sweets34baby sweets34baby

    This is great x

  • Efya June
    Efya June 2 days ago +1

    Kwasi James... Lol automatic you are a Ghanaian 😂😂😂😂kwasi is giving to boys born on Sunday
    That means you a Akan

  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins 2 days ago +1

    every black person in america did not come from slavery so please stop saying that!!!!!

  • Ukerra Smith
    Ukerra Smith 2 days ago

    when you're from trinidad and tobago. love thatt

  • Margo Boyd
    Margo Boyd 2 days ago

    I want to have this done for my family as soon as possible.

    EARF QUAKE 2 days ago

    Ion no too much about my history all i know is that my parents are from ivory coast and maybe Ghanaian but my family wasn't enslaved for sum reason idk why but

  • Dennis Hunter
    Dennis Hunter 3 days ago

    You do know the word “tribe” is a racist colonizer term, don’t you? Ethnic group. The term is ethnic group.

  • Fitawrari Fitness
    Fitawrari Fitness 3 days ago

    Look up the history of Carolina gold rice.

  • Fitawrari Fitness
    Fitawrari Fitness 3 days ago

    The Honorable Prophet Marcus Garvey said "In your home and everywhere possible, you must teach the higher development of science to your children".

  • theywantmyaa 305
    theywantmyaa 305 3 days ago +1

    They so clueless 😂

  • Neil Chapman
    Neil Chapman 3 days ago

    I’m so glad the used black Americans instead of African American, black people don’t know our own roots

  • Lauraa-Mae Slack
    Lauraa-Mae Slack 3 days ago

    Native American here. So relatable. First victims of identity theft. 💯💯💯 purely white people will never understand not knowing fully who you are. My own mother isn't even 60 and was taken from her own mother in efforts to assimilate my peoples. 👌 most white people are so damn ignorant though and think that these things happened hundreds of years ago. 🤦‍♀️ happy you all found out this amazing info

  • Asia Mitchell
    Asia Mitchell 3 days ago

    I need to know where I’m from , all my friends know their culture and countries. I have Ethiopian friends, friends from Nigeria, El Salvador , Guatemala and I’m just like- I’m black. 😩

  • Gabekhp
    Gabekhp 3 days ago

    THANKYOU! I see the “23 and Me” b.s. being so insultingly vague and minimal when it comes to African ancestry. How lazy and ignorant? It bring me so much JOY to see there are people like you at African Ancestry showing the world what is expected of African ancestry tests!

  • Olethea Sims-Browne
    Olethea Sims-Browne 3 days ago

    I want this test..

  • pinky winky
    pinky winky 3 days ago

    @ Kwesi, you name is a Ghana name and you look like you are from Ghana. (West Africa).

  • Tshiamo Phetla
    Tshiamo Phetla 3 days ago

    The dude with the glasses thou😂😂😂😂he funny🔥

  • G Rose
    G Rose 3 days ago

    I don't understand? You are Americans right?? So what identity was stolen???

  • Ebony Lowe
    Ebony Lowe 3 days ago

    If they have played for these results they've all lost money cause all of our ancestors come from Africa that's where Adam and Eve w from.

  • sally sheriff
    sally sheriff 3 days ago

    I’m from Guinea 🇬🇳 and man!!! 🔥🔥

  • sally sheriff
    sally sheriff 3 days ago

    I knew the guy with the yellow shirt had a drop of Guinean in him come see us bro

  • Ella Missey
    Ella Missey 4 days ago

    It’s so cool that they get to find out this information. I’m white so I’ve always known where my family is from. It warms my heart to see others get to have that experience

    GREATEST SaWes 4 days ago +1

    Hello, I love the initiative.
    Build a house in the areas where you locate your tribes, so you can have reason to visit the place often and better learn about the culture. Just my suggestiin...

  • curties malika
    curties malika 4 days ago +1

    Anyone from Kenya?

  • Quazanne Smart
    Quazanne Smart 4 days ago +2

    The part where he says he grandfather was a pathological liar 😂😂😂😅

  • Dene Yung
    Dene Yung 4 days ago

    Tribe? Do they mean tribes? The likelihood of being from one is slim to none.

  • Dadra Doll
    Dadra Doll 4 days ago

    I already knew home boy in the yellow was a islander.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 4 days ago +3

    They only did the female half. So how more much is there to discover?

  • Dualitiy
    Dualitiy 4 days ago

    I think the root of a lot of problems of humanity is tribalism and being proud of stuff you were born into instead of things you've achieved etc.
    And not letting the past rest is problematic too. By which I don't mean you should forget the past, but right now it seems a lot of people are born into a victim cult and suffer from a minority complex.

    I'm not a fan of this "power through heritage or religion" movement going on. It only seperates us.
    But that's just my opinion. Btw., as a white european I don't know a lot of my ancestors either, just saying.
    Usually, only a few people that stem from rich or noble families have a well documented history.
    It's more of a rich / poor difference than a color/country/religion thing.
    Divide et impera still works though - Divide the people and they'll be easy to rule.
    But it's Buzzfeed. What did I expect... Should have known better.

  • intelligence wisdom
    intelligence wisdom 4 days ago

    Are they going back?

  • Alexandria Martinez
    Alexandria Martinez 4 days ago

    Omg how much does this cost??

  • marvin martian
    marvin martian 4 days ago

    Then they shpuld go back to their african jungle homes where they truly belong.

  • Abdulkarim Deen
    Abdulkarim Deen 4 days ago +3

    I don't know about the rice part in Sierra Leone we starving out here

  • Giibwa Diana
    Giibwa Diana 5 days ago

    I need help to find out too know which African country am from trace my paternal roots

  • RayBenYahuda
    RayBenYahuda 5 days ago

    These DNA test are 0.000001 accurate and cant tell you where anyone is from

  • Natural Woman 73
    Natural Woman 73 5 days ago

    I am a black american born citizen and I want to know my african tribe DNA. One day I will do the DNA testing with Ancestry DNA. Hopefully I will find out what african tribe I come from and gain insight of who theses people were that makes me the person I am today.

  • Marri
    Marri 5 days ago

    This needs to be a full show

  • D D
    D D 5 days ago +1

    o my God I didn't know we have so much people out there 🇸🇱👍

  • jennifer williams
    jennifer williams 5 days ago

    Hmm.the lady with the sash talking at 1:44 in video has a supreme supreme like a pizza little bit of everything in her looks like it and a choker on neck like the orphan movie .....Depopulate

  • William Phiri
    William Phiri 5 days ago

    Man these countries are all North Africa. Makes sense cos the trans Atlantic Slave Trade was more prominent there, especially Cape Verde used as a port. I read it somewhere in a history book.

  • Mohamed Conteh
    Mohamed Conteh 6 days ago +1

    Much love from Sierra Leone. I'm half Mandinka and half Fulani. And my father's mother is a Temne.

  • Flourish Ojo
    Flourish Ojo 6 days ago


  • Look Trouble
    Look Trouble 6 days ago

    From the time she said she only traced the y chrome I would off walk out, why leave the man out if both are important.

    • Queen Raelle Candid
      Queen Raelle Candid 14 hours ago

      Look Trouble I completely see where you’re coming from because fathers are so integral to the black family. I truly think that they need to use both the mitochondria and the Y chromosome in order for the test to be 99.8% accurate!

    • Queen Raelle Candid
      Queen Raelle Candid 14 hours ago

      Look Trouble you can get your African ancestry through your mother and then test your Y chromosome with other tests. If you want more accuracy use MyHeritage. They aren’t leaving the other part out but people wanna know their African part

    • Look Trouble
      Look Trouble Day ago

      How do you get 1 whole from a half.

    • Look Trouble
      Look Trouble Day ago

      Queen Raelle Candid I hear you, but that just means your work isn’t fully finished and you half stepped so the result are inaccurate because it’s only part.

    • Queen Raelle Candid
      Queen Raelle Candid 3 days ago

      Look Trouble it’s so much easier to test the mitochondria from the mother then the fathers Y chromosome. It’s not that the father isn’t important but slavery is a large thing!

  • Mukiri KING
    Mukiri KING 6 days ago

    Wtf the most beautiful ladies in Africa.... Please somebody just shoot me 😂😂😂Visit Rwanda Ethiopia

  • Teressa Corinaldi
    Teressa Corinaldi 6 days ago

    Get a book called Black Rice by Dr. Etta Fields . She research and found through language that several groups of people along the coastal areas of West Africa had been rice grower for thousands of years. They were enslaved and brought to the North and South Carolina coastal regions and this is where Carolina Rice in stores today came from. Makes sense rice does not grow in Europe. .

  • Matthew Cole
    Matthew Cole 6 days ago

    Wakanda - HAHA! Her Uncle is funny.

  • Abria Roberts
    Abria Roberts 6 days ago

    He look like a Mandinka too

  • lori Shepard
    lori Shepard 7 days ago


  • k 9
    k 9 7 days ago

    Yeah.... About d Fulani's.. The ladies are fine... Believe me,...

  • Traci AM
    Traci AM 7 days ago

    That man in the yellow shirt is NOT CUTE at all!! Why do black men who are not cute say they are cute?

  • yourmanwatson
    yourmanwatson 7 days ago

    Other than how brutally sad it is that these guys have to learn their history in like 10 seconds after taking a DNA test (that's gotta be fixed), the other thing that strikes me from this video and comment section is how ingrained Social Darwinism is in the American world view. There's no special fisherman genes, folks.. that view of genetics belongs in the 1890s..

  • Stephanie Bailey
    Stephanie Bailey 7 days ago +1

    Black Americans are not African American. No matter what country you come from, if you are so called black, you are automatically "African" this or that. They want all so called blacks to claim to be African, so that they can send you all back to Africa, then they can claim every other country in the world. Not all so called blacks are African. Europeans are European American. No one ever calls them European Americans; I wonder why not. It's because they want you, so called blacks, to believe that they are original Americans, when they are not. They are European (period).

  • Jaime
    Jaime 7 days ago

    This made me cry happy tears for them

  • Katrina B
    Katrina B 7 days ago +1

    i’m from east africa and i’m proud ugandan 😌❤️🇺🇬 my parents brought me to america for a better life and education but tbh i miss africa 😢

  • reuben vhengani
    reuben vhengani 7 days ago

    There are still some ppl in Africa who thinks white ppl don't bewitch. Infact what is witch craft.?

    BASSROUGE 7 days ago +2

    I wonder where Hispanic moms come from 🤔

  • Young. zuri
    Young. zuri 7 days ago

    So they are ALL from sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau?

  • Chinenye Nwachukwu
    Chinenye Nwachukwu 7 days ago

    7:35 the dude was so excited omg ahahahaha

  • Portia Phiri
    Portia Phiri 7 days ago

    I'm South African. Historically we weren't taken away, instead we were put into hard labour for our minerals. Shap. But I'd still like to do that ancestry dna thing... just nje ngoba 😊

    • d puski
      d puski 6 days ago +1

      Portia Phiri
      they did lie to you about your history
      west africans migrated relatively recently to central/south africa exterminating native tribes through raids (and partially assimilation captured women)
      when white men came to south africa you have been still in the process of raiding that territories
      your population in south africa exploded after white men created the necessary infrastructure to support your populations
      in regions like zimbabwe for that was slave trade used before white men came
      after establishing the economic infrastructure your population went from 3 milions to around 50 in around 100 years ,very often through migration to a better life that did wait to you in south africa that was a paradise in comparison to the natural habitat of your people

  • Michael Chinedu
    Michael Chinedu 7 days ago

    You all are from West Africa, because you all look like us here. Even the way you move shows that you are from West Africa.

  • TaraChristine
    TaraChristine 8 days ago

    I'm annoyed she did Liberia like that. We have 17 tribes and none of them are called "coastal" he's Kru, or at least the tribe shes describing as sailors and resistant to capture sound like Kru people or Grebo.

  • TaraChristine
    TaraChristine 8 days ago +11

    he's liberian?! and coastal? probably kru. we're known as good fighters and fishermen! hey brotha!

  • Pesh Nzioks
    Pesh Nzioks 8 days ago

    Kwesi is definitely west African.

    TRUTH 8 days ago

    To be honest, I live with Balatas and the guy Kwesi just look like one. they are one of the nicest in Bissau, Gambia and Senegal

  • Awethu Qama
    Awethu Qama 8 days ago

    I'm just here representing Xhosa's❤️ a wonderful South African tribe

    • d puski
      d puski 6 days ago

      Awethu Qama
      it is difficult to speak about specific tribes when we speak about more than 300-400 years ago
      simplified ,migrations are followed through haplogroups
      around 13 000 years ago iberomaurusian tribes invaded west africa,eliminited local male population and asimilited the women
      from that point the first negroid fossils appear(iwo eleru ,asselar man.jebel sahaba)...SNP E-M180 originated on the central Saharan savannah of northern Africa 14 000 years
      it deversefied from haplogroup DE somwhere in south asia
      that is around 55-60 % of your haplogroups
      at your migrations south you assimilated in the region of what is today kenya carriers of E2 haplogroup
      as well descendant of DE haplogroup of south asia
      that are around 25-30% of your haplogroups

      around 2 to 5% of your haplogroups belong to
      haplogroup A-partially from native central/south african populations
      B-from populations like pygmy that did hold central africa until recently
      and E1b1b -that originated in north africa and is as well descendant of DE
      your female haplogroups are the most significant difference to other populations,where many women of the L0 haplogroup have been assimilated (pre negroid people that did live in south africa for almost 140 000 years )

    • Awethu Qama
      Awethu Qama 6 days ago

      @d puski That is true. It's complicated to explain but basically traditional South African tribes don't look at the language one speaks, but more the clan that they belong to. I am part of the Madoona clan (children take the clan of their fathers unless they were conceived out of wedlock and money for "damages" weren't received by the mothers family) , which if I'm not mistaken, were originally a Sotho clan. All of these clans were forced together because of Apartheid. So like American slavery, a lot of tradition was lost, or rather, people learnt new traditions. So my ancestors adapted and picked up the Xhosa language and traditions but it is hard to say what our original tribe is. I'm not sure if any other African tribes are like that, but from my understanding, this is how most South African tribes are.

    • d puski
      d puski 6 days ago

      Awethu Qama
      xhosa tribe was created through west african invasion in to south african regions and assimilation of captured women after elimination of their families

  • Deon Anders
    Deon Anders 8 days ago

    I'm Israelite.

    • Mainstreet Jax
      Mainstreet Jax 6 days ago


  • Sci-Fi Freak
    Sci-Fi Freak 8 days ago +4

    The Intro had me🤣🤣🤣 , I thought he was going to make a whole speech. Then he pulls up with "ladies, you want your kids to look like me".

  • AnneMarie Bliss
    AnneMarie Bliss 8 days ago

    A thousand likes! I literally cried through this whole video. I’m as English white and it gets. I have no understanding of how you feel to have the knowledge you’re ancestors were stolen and brutally subjugated. But we are all human and all have the ability to feel empathy for each other. I loved learning about these tribes and now I’m going to look for more information. How awesome we have technology that in some small way can restore what was taken

  • Sharona Thomas-Wilson

    If your family is from the Carribean, you are in the SAME boat as African Americans. You are descendants of slaves taken to the Carribean.

  • Earnest Enlightens Souls

    How much the African ancestry kit cost?

  • Tino_Baartman Vlogs
    Tino_Baartman Vlogs 8 days ago

    The nomads are known as the Khoi-Khoi people in Africa.

  • kingdom concepts
    kingdom concepts 8 days ago

    Kwesi is a Ghanaian name

  • Eric Perry
    Eric Perry 8 days ago

    The host is a evil woman
    Hope she is half white.

  • Eric Perry
    Eric Perry 8 days ago

    Back Americans are Indians.
    Federally funded tribes are majority white. Accept the shinnecock Indians.
    She is making this up.
    My mother is shinnecock
    Father Yuchi.
    Trinidad aboriginals were Negro

  • Samuel muiga
    Samuel muiga 9 days ago

    I never knew they felt so disconnected...

  • Lebohang Khetha
    Lebohang Khetha 9 days ago

    The idea of a country called Wakanda was born from the director having to visit a country called Lesotho. It is a country inside South Africa. Some Scenes were shot there. People from there wear blankets at all times. that's what influenced the attire in the movie.

  • herFLYness79
    herFLYness79 9 days ago

    I know a bit about my Cameroon/Congo roots. But I'd love to know more. This is great.

  • Richard Melvin
    Richard Melvin 9 days ago

    First VICTIMS (shocker) of identity theft? You do realize that Europeans were enslaved by the Turks from Northern Africa long before the first African ever set foot in the New Land, right? Hahahaha!!! Hey, empower yourself, even if it's with falsehoods.

  • Prince DQ
    Prince DQ 9 days ago +4

    I wonder how accurate this is.. I want to try it because I know where I'm from. I'm 100% Zulu.

  • Richard Melvin
    Richard Melvin 9 days ago

    The indigenous people of Liberia, I'm assuming, seeing as how America sent a lot of freed slaves to Liberia for them to colonize it, which is why they refer to it as "Little America."

  • samaritan Rose
    samaritan Rose 9 days ago

    Yiu better most that identity than to be in one of these corrupt African countries. Wish my ancestors where taken as slaves as well lol

  • tatiana
    tatiana 9 days ago

    These results seem like b.s. they are all from Guinea Bissau. Give me a break. That kwesi guy looks Ghanaian n his name suggests it . The chubby guy looks Nigerian

  • Monica Maine
    Monica Maine 9 days ago

    beautiful video

  • Maurice Schaeffer
    Maurice Schaeffer 9 days ago

    How was the Kwesi James guy not Ghanaian?

  • Kadzowe
    Kadzowe 9 days ago

    I love this video. I actually have 2 videos on my channel about ethnicity. As a Kenyan from East Africa who lives in the USA i share what we learned in elementary and high school about the ethnicities and tribes. There are 3 groups in Africa, The Bantus, Nilotes and Cushites. Most African Americans are descendants of Africans who were shipped from West Africa to the new world. Most african americans come from royal blood of the Ashante and Yoruba kingdoms so they have royal blood of kings. The Arabs, would kidnap men who were working in the fields and transport them to West Africa coast. The Africans could not escape because they were mixed and matched by the Arabs by different tribes on purpose so they could not communicate with each other. We have many different tribes. Africans were abducted from my country Kenya and East Africa and taken to Zanzibar. Zanzibar means the black market. Zanze means market and bar means black. Most African Americans are from 3 tribes: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. I hope this helps. I have a video on my channel that shares more. be blessed.