Black Americans Find Out Which African Tribe They're From

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Three Black Americans find out which tribe and people group they share genetic fingerprints with in Africa!
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    African Ancestry

Comments • 3 391

  • Mlle Vsga
    Mlle Vsga Hour ago

    I’m from Angola and I just want to say we love you our African Americans brothers and sisters! Africans will always love you! You have a very strong heritage and you can be proud of that! Please never forget that your History doesn’t begin with slavery, you are the descendants of great africans empires and kingdoms.
    Also I know the language is a barrier, but please try to get interested in other countries like Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast etc ... there are so many countries in Africa, not only Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. Be blessed. com muito amor de Angola 😊😊❤️

  • Marzena Leyden
    Marzena Leyden Hour ago +1


  • SALL Penda Solène

    I'll be happy when they start these DNA testing videos by explaining they're generally testing only mitochondrial DNA - only retracing haplogroups (the closest thing we've found to genetic ethnic grouping) on the basis of a person's direct maternal line, which means they're only getting a ridiculously tiny fraction of that person's heritage - ... and that most of the companies that make the actual tests make you sign all kind of waivers and constitute a genomic database for their own profit.
    They should also say that something as "simple" as a paternity tests using mitochondrial DNA is only considered to be really accurate when the DNA of one the potential father's female relatives on his mother's side is included in the comparison : if people realized that DNA tests can't even ascertain a person's paternity with a 100% accuracy, maybe they'd take these experiments a little less to heart.

  • Asana C
    Asana C Hour ago

    Thats cool. I'm a Mandingkan also!!!

  • Liban Samaraweera
    Liban Samaraweera 2 hours ago +1

    Wow this is where do you think my ancestors are from?

  • Top Tube
    Top Tube 2 hours ago

    Kwesi is a Ghanaian name. That's a name given to a Sunday born. I'm surprised he doesn't know that.

  • Gabriella Agyarko
    Gabriella Agyarko 3 hours ago

    So why is this guy called Kwesi if his not even from Ghana cos I didn't see them mention Ghana. This doesn't make sense 🤨

  • kelezie
    kelezie 3 hours ago

    Wasn't planning on crying but here we are.

  • Mia King
    Mia King 4 hours ago

    Kwesi 😍 🙈

  • Marcella Erving
    Marcella Erving 5 hours ago

    My mother has Igbo and Sierra Leone bloodline. So, Part of my family is from Sierra Leone but they originally came on the boat that brought back freed slaves from the Americas to Freedom Town. So it would make sense if the majority of these DNA sites tell AA that they have Sierra Leone heritage based on the current population DNA which would have the DNA of the AA lineage who came there so these things can't be 100% correct. Like I hope it's their true lineage rather than adopting a culture they actually were never part of. SO really it's just they are related to the bloodline of the freed AA than the actual Sierra Leone folks

  • Veekay_
    Veekay_ 5 hours ago

    I'm gonna start saying "I'm in the business of being black" more often

  • Veekay_
    Veekay_ 5 hours ago


  • Thom Fam
    Thom Fam 6 hours ago

    I was so interested in this DNA kit, and then I saw it was $300 for ONE test.

  • Nouri Smith
    Nouri Smith 8 hours ago

    Any dendi people here ?

  • Chitra Changes
    Chitra Changes 10 hours ago

    not to be rude, but this woman is talking about how all these tribes were resisting slavery..... but these african americans in the video are.. well in American, so their direct ancestors were not able to resist. Seems like a pointless point to me.

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 11 hours ago

    Dude I love this! I wanna do it but why is the test $300😩😩😩

  • Mariam Jalloh
    Mariam Jalloh 11 hours ago

    This is really interesting. Btw it’s pronounced as “tim-knee” I’m from Sierra Leone and my tribe is Fulani. Proud African 🌍

  • brr45t
    brr45t 12 hours ago

    Love the founder of the company!!

  • Zaliz X.
    Zaliz X. 12 hours ago

    I'm so happy for them!

  • Jeff Haddock
    Jeff Haddock 12 hours ago

    Does it make a difference all n****** are ignorant and violent

  • k Yaa
    k Yaa 13 hours ago

    That is true, the Fulani women are really beautiful with long long hair back at home. The colors of their skins really depends on where a particular group is from. Some are really really fair while others are really really dark in complexion. And congratulations to all my beautiful sisters and handsome brothers who are trying to find out where they came from. We were all robbed and the pain never finishes not here nor back at home.

  • Khossie Okoye
    Khossie Okoye 13 hours ago

    Start from calling it AFRICAN COUNTRY not AFRICAN TRIBE. It's a continent with different countries that bore different tribes. Educate yourself better please.

  • Zoe Aiello
    Zoe Aiello 17 hours ago

    I just did a DNA test recently, been reading up on my ancestry. My dad visited a town in southern Italy 20 years ago and had a weird experience. He said he felt like he had been there before and it was so familiar to him. It was surreal because recently he found out that our ancestors are from that town. We have been reading up on ancestral memory recently. I highly recommend doing a DNA test and looking into this stuff! It is weird and super interesting.

  • Abena Afrakomah Afriyie
    Abena Afrakomah Afriyie 21 hour ago +1

    I'm so PROUD to be Ghanaian but it's kinda saddening thinking about a whole group of people who don't know where their people come from or what cultures to embrace

  • Abena Afrakomah Afriyie

    lol Kwesi is a Ghanian name

  • Razia Conteh
    Razia Conteh 22 hours ago +1

    when i saw the boy Kwesi he look like he could be my brother i was like look at his coconut head lmao he has to be Tenme or at least part Sierra Leonean. I swear i know that head shape from anywhere.

  • livelaughlove245
    livelaughlove245 22 hours ago

    Aye!!! Memphis in the house!!

  • Irrelevant Mashups
    Irrelevant Mashups 23 hours ago

    *White Americans Find Out Which Native American Tribe They Stole Land From*

  • Rama D.
    Rama D. Day ago

    I would love to see where else I'm from in Africa , even though I'm Fulani (Fulbe fouta) ❤️❤️🇬🇳, and I for sure thought kewsi was Ghanaian!

  • Daisy moira
    Daisy moira Day ago

    Her hair is so pretty

  • M Barnes
    M Barnes Day ago

    @Buzzfeed, that's Trinidad, Cuba not the Island of Trinidad. Fire your intern...

  • Chanel-Taylar McCarthy

    Kwesi is kinda fine 😂❤️

  • ssissi gui
    ssissi gui Day ago

    Good start, but some of the stuff she is saying about the "tribes" are not very accurate. Im part Madinka myself and the madinka are not a major ethnic group in sénégal (wolof/serere/Hal Pular are much bigger), they are much bigger in Guinea mali Burkina Faso or north of ivory coast. Furthermore madinka are not grioo, grioo are part of traditional society and there job is to keep the memory of families and ancient kingdom and they master music. However it's more the clan of musicians in the society but they don't reportent the whole group. Just saying.
    Keep searching for your roots. If your are interested in African history the channel Home Team History make well documented video.

  • Nirvan Manet-Bhaskar

    Fam smh just cause their African they're calling it a "tribe" total bs .

  • Bethany Runyon
    Bethany Runyon Day ago

    This needs to be a series! Not just a single episode.

  • katalyst productions

    I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I always wanted to know where I came from, I want to know I must know, but my boy from Trinidad and Tobago awesome I wonder if we from the same tribe Quicy

  • Ana de Medeiros
    Ana de Medeiros Day ago

    The "black part" of our DNA is always the most difficult to track or have any knowledge... But danm try be brazilian and have this part comming from your adopt grandmother. Being white and have no culture from your not to long ago past is upsetting. Actually I can not even attached to the European part because then came has fugitives probably. It's live...

  • Sajaad Waller
    Sajaad Waller Day ago

    I am *wakanda* 😂

  • applejuicyjuice
    applejuicyjuice Day ago

    so..... they only trace one branch? this wouldn't work for me. My father is black. My mom is German. I need all my results not half of my results.

  • Annalisa
    Annalisa Day ago

    I’m really not trying to be disrespectful, I have a question, so could someone explain to me nicely and know that my intentions are not bad?😂okay so a lot of people in this video said that white people have the privilege of where our ancestors are from. But my family honestly doesn’t where any of our ancestors came from that go past my grandparents, same with my significant other, I just don’t. Like is this something that most people think? I just haven’t heard that before idk- If I get one response telling me how white and ignorant I am I swear😒id just like a simple response minus the hate

    • Chitra Changes
      Chitra Changes 10 hours ago

      ..... babe... just think about it for 5 minutes

  • TheTtonice
    TheTtonice Day ago

    I really want to do this I’m on a discovery about my African Ancestry. I just don’t have the money 200+ to get this done :,(

  • Kemba Nedd
    Kemba Nedd Day ago

    came here for the trini.....It might give insight into my own heritage who knows. Love this I want to do a dna test so....bad. okay edit...I feel that results really alot of afro trinis can identify with i swear, bec anything thing we have to conform to we protest lololol ... especially if its threatening to disturb our way of life.

  • Blk Girl So Fly
    Blk Girl So Fly Day ago

    The guy in the yellow is definitely a Leo lmao

  • Elizabeth Diaz
    Elizabeth Diaz Day ago

    I want to do this!

  • ppsamanmit
    ppsamanmit Day ago

    i want my children to look like kwessi

  • Brooke Hammel
    Brooke Hammel Day ago

    hmm, since they trace the maternal line, what do people do that have a non-black mother? I'm biracial and I would love to learn more about my African Lineage, however, my father is black...just wondering how they could work around that?

  • Cee Army
    Cee Army Day ago

    I don't like the word "tribe". It makes us sound like we come from a "primitive" ancestry.

  • Yaamin Mohmmed
    Yaamin Mohmmed Day ago

    Okay black is not just west Africa period !!!!
    Why didn’t you do other parts of Africa too?

  • Deidre Weatherspoon

    My great grandmother's maiden name was Boykin too!!! Heeeey Cousin!

  • MamaDee
    MamaDee Day ago

    Search for: mamadee dna results south africa

    • MamaDee
      MamaDee Day ago

      the girl on 16:00 looks like a typical South African.

  • shinyjewelsz
    shinyjewelsz Day ago

    Very fun and interesting video. However, I do wonder who edited this video? An intern? It doesn't have that BuzzFeed-y feel

  • Ella Turton
    Ella Turton Day ago

    I can 100% guarantee that those are not pictures of Trinidad and Tobago lmao

  • ShayChiBaby
    ShayChiBaby Day ago

    I want to do this but this ish costs over $600 if you want Maternal and Paternal results 😐

  • Eshana Tedica
    Eshana Tedica Day ago

    Buzzfeed you lazy..... Kwesi parents are from Trinidad and Tobago......u showed pictures of Trinidad,Cuba. Lazy researchers. Get the countries right.

  • B
    B Day ago

    Sir in the glasses is fine😍

  • Sher Vonri
    Sher Vonri Day ago

    What if we were also stolen from the Middle East too? Does it trace that?

  • Kay Felker
    Kay Felker Day ago

    I can’t imagine any people not rebelling and resisting as best as they can being enslaved.

  • David Morfaw
    David Morfaw Day ago

    I sincerely think you are over dramatizing our African culture to sell your DNA tests. This promotes stereotypes about how Africans live on trees. It will be interesting to see how many people with these results visit these places. As an African and Cameroonian, statistics show that less than 3% of African American have ever visited Africa.

  • M. Ade Ng
    M. Ade Ng Day ago

    I am not impressed with her work at all.

  • Gloria Iji
    Gloria Iji Day ago +1

    I loved this DNA test more than all the others African Americans have taken. Your results could come back and say your 43% Nigerian but that’s not specific enough. Are they Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or Fulani? This is very important. Simply finding out what country your from isn’t enough for you to identify your culture. You need to know which tribe you come from because the customs are very different.

  • Teawan Paul
    Teawan Paul Day ago +1

    You can't find out which tribe you're from because most ethnic groups are made up of multiple tribes and some tribes are a mix of 2 or more ethnic groups. For example, the Xhosa in South Africa have Nguni, San and Khoi-khoi ancestry but they are binded by the same language and culture

  • Tenaj Barrakka
    Tenaj Barrakka Day ago

    *laughs in zambian*

  • Kay Flip
    Kay Flip Day ago

    As an Asian American I am glad to see this because African Americans have been in America for so many generations that it is easy for them to lose touch with the motherland. Asian Americans will be the same way in a few hundred years in America so it is important that we retain our culture a bit and not become completely Amercanized, because the diversity is what makes America great.

  • Super Heart
    Super Heart Day ago

    This lady...I mean...who was happy about enslavement?? 😐 Also Africa is one of the most genetically diverse places in the world and these companies are not collecting genetic data from all throughout Africa to get enough information about people to give them information that can be taken seriously.

  • Chris Kang
    Chris Kang Day ago

    what is thattttttt red 'sup' bag

  • Mak Justice
    Mak Justice Day ago

    This is so in depth😭😭 I’m mad I just took the 23andme test but the results won’t be specific at all

  • Ayanna. Jai
    Ayanna. Jai Day ago

    I got a dna kit for Christmas and I am patiently for the results

  • Myla A
    Myla A Day ago

    Lmao she said “Tem ne” we pronounce it as “ Tin me ni”

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Day ago

    The DNA test of 23andMe is pretty specific about where in Africa one's ancesters came from, for example it may link one's origins to the Congo.

  • D'Jae Chelle
    D'Jae Chelle 2 days ago +1

    this stuff is 300$ how can i trace my history for 300$ i might as well go to africa and do it by book with..

  • Dani Terry
    Dani Terry 2 days ago

    How can I get an African Ancestry DNA test, yo🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤

  • Tator Nabieu
    Tator Nabieu 2 days ago

    Im Mende and Fula

  • L *
    L * 2 days ago

    Stop giving away your DNA! Think about it.

  • TheGHbeauty
    TheGHbeauty 2 days ago

    kwesi... you Ghanaian fam, kwesi is a Ghanaian name for a man born on Sunday. Well I'm shook he wasn't

  • MirandaK321
    MirandaK321 2 days ago

    I'm white with blue eyes and blonde hair and recently took a DNA test. Growing up I only knew about my Irish/British ancestry from my parents. I ended up getting the half Irish I was expecting but the British was smaller and I also had Sub Saharan African and Middle Eastern. It was updated to show the location of Nigeria. I wish there was a way of finding out more.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 2 days ago

    I want to trace my Native American ancestry. Anyone know who can help?

  • Savage Native 916
    Savage Native 916 2 days ago

    "I ain't from africa, I'm from crenshaw mafia"

  • Marietta I
    Marietta I 2 days ago

    I’m Nigerian.
    My mum told me her grandpa told her that some people took her uncle when he was a young man and sold him to Brazilians.
    I just want to apologize for the part my ancestors played in capturing your (African American) ancestors and selling them to slavers.
    One love everyone!

  • Victor Anokwuru
    Victor Anokwuru 2 days ago

    That’s very true...I am from Nigeria and the Fulani women are very beautiful and mostly light skin....and that’s very true too, Fulani people are traders and cattle owners

  • Breyonna Morgan
    Breyonna Morgan 2 days ago

    I’m so glad that they used the correct term. Black American because we don’t freaking know what country from which we came.

  • samantha lewis
    samantha lewis 2 days ago

    The way he danced we trinis say keep him😣

  • Hannah Cole
    Hannah Cole 2 days ago

    15:04, ok “mendi” and “timni” that’s how you pronounce it. They are the 2 largest tribes in 🇸🇱 ❤️

  • Hannah Cole
    Hannah Cole 2 days ago

    10:29, he hi I just wanted to say that it is pro unannounced “timni”😅

  • Fatime Growth
    Fatime Growth 2 days ago

    I’m Chadian and my people are Fulani welcome to the fam y’all !

  • Brittany Andria
    Brittany Andria 2 days ago

    "I'm ready to find out where my family was stolen from" lol he is a complete mood. Does he have his own YT channel?

  • Flowers4848
    Flowers4848 2 days ago +1

    Being in the business on being Black is very lucrative.

  • Shannon Sunshine
    Shannon Sunshine 2 days ago

    Where can you trace your dna without them selling it???!

  • Brittany de Brentani
    Brittany de Brentani 2 days ago +1

    Back in the late 1600s my family were slave owners in Virginia. There's not much nowadays that I can do to make up for that, but I am so so sorry to anyone who lost their identity because of my ancestors.

  • Kiki Morgan
    Kiki Morgan 2 days ago

    My last name is Welsh, as an African American please do not try to go by the origin of your last name. These names were given out during slavery and many slaves once freed chose popular last names of presidents ie Johnson, Washington, etc...

  • Mee A girl
    Mee A girl 2 days ago

    Ok the first guy kwesi, based on his approach I can already place him I won't say where

  • Tolzie O
    Tolzie O 2 days ago

    Wakanda 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • QueeN EzzY
    QueeN EzzY 2 days ago

    bruh his name is kwesi. hes from ghana. tf

  • Luísa Pinto
    Luísa Pinto 2 days ago

    I'm from Guinea- bissau and I'm fula🇬🇼❤

  • Chrislyn Margao
    Chrislyn Margao 2 days ago

    This is so weird to watch. I’ve always grown up knowing where I’m from.I’m from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 (Mende and Krio tribe) and Liberia 🇱🇷 ( kissi tribe). And the fact that these people grew up not truly knowing who they are makes me sad.

  • Ida Smart
    Ida Smart 2 days ago

    My dad is from south Carolina and my grandmother on my mom's side is from south Carolina . Wow , I need to have a test some

  • Eat Jin's SugaKookies with Jam and Tae

    Kwesi is a Ghanaian name. I think it means Sunday born my name Essie ( Esi) and I'm a Sunday born. Its a common thing in Ghana to have your name or one of your names out of your full name to be named after the day you were born

  • Dark Chocolate Creature

    I'm gonna have Kwesi's confidence all 2019!

  • Zeinab Kone
    Zeinab Kone 2 days ago +1

    This woman needs to do deeper research about the tribes again the fulany are not just in the countries she said they are literally everywhere in ouest Africa exept benin togo liberia

  • jasiah medley
    jasiah medley 2 days ago

    I swear we are all related in some way

  • Zeinab Kone
    Zeinab Kone 2 days ago

    The Mandeka are not from senegal they are from mali and Guinea mostly and they are not all griot there is a cast in the mandeka that is the cast of griot