"True Scary Horror Stories" Mega Mix #1 | /r Horror Stories

  • Published on Dec 28, 2018
  • This video features true disturbing horror stories. Most videos on this channel contain true scary stories and disturbing horror stories narrated by me. People listen for many reasons, some being to help them relax, to listen to something scary, to assist with relaxing and sleep and another is for entertainment purposes. Whatever brought you to the channel, I hope you enjoy.
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  • Be. Busta
    Be. Busta  7 months ago +322

    Hey guys, so first off, thank you all so much for 600,000 subs. That number almost seems to big to comprehend and I cannot thank you all enough for tuning in all the time!
    Also I am going to try and do one of these "Mega Mixes" once a month.
    Hope you enjoy! :)

    • Mitch's Slow English Academy
      Mitch's Slow English Academy 2 months ago

      Be. Busta You’re Awesome! You deserve 6 Billion!

    • FBryant _
      FBryant _ 6 months ago

      Well let's get to to 700‚000 subscribers

    • Swagian420
      Swagian420 7 months ago +1

      Hey Be. Ive been listening to your stories every night before sleep for a couple of years now, and i just want to point out one small little thing. I personally would love if you added timestamps for each story on your longer videos like this. I want to say that i love your content and keep making youtube scary!

    • Ro J
      Ro J 7 months ago

      I have cancer and I am in treatment your vids help me sleep since I can’t sleep on my own because of so much on my mind I can’t wind down. I’m thankful for these long vids of your voice to help lull me to sleep. Thanks

    • C&T Ward
      C&T Ward 7 months ago

      The only thing that I didn't even get

  • Michaela Evans
    Michaela Evans 9 days ago

    I can't wait to join your channel! Also does watching the whole add help support your channel?

  • Ben Cain
    Ben Cain Month ago

    I love listening to your stories when I go to the gym your on my headphones work your on my big stereo when I go to sleep your stories are in my head. Thank you

  • Lil Radd Entertainment

    *"i couldn't tell if he was badly injured, but i had more than enough time to look"* What lol

  • Laurel Felt
    Laurel Felt Month ago

    the creppy date at 2:20:00 hits close to home XD when he asked if i wanted to go to the park i thought the one down the street with swings but nope he meant some pitch dack woods 15 min away 0.o men need to relize this shit aint cute. ever...

  • tiana mitchell
    tiana mitchell Month ago

    This is the first time hearing a story in cleethorpes love that place but this makes me sad

  • Orkney Rose
    Orkney Rose Month ago

    The way you said Argos is really cute haha

  • gloria trejo
    gloria trejo Month ago

    Why do they try to make it so dragged down and dramatic just tell the story so stupid

  • Bob Brinkman
    Bob Brinkman Month ago

    Fun stories but the Brody story is BS. If someone has their hands wrapped around your throat when they get tased, you are being tased too.

  • Asian Dude
    Asian Dude Month ago +1

    The thumbnail is me and the boys lookin for beans

  • Fairladykd
    Fairladykd Month ago

    All that watching your Momma did obviously wasn't enough - your daddy still cheated. How sad. And by his cheating he put his 6 young children in danger - pos!

  • EmJay C
    EmJay C Month ago

    Nite nite Be. Sweet dreams ♥️

  • Vilma Silinyte
    Vilma Silinyte Month ago

    Ooh, a Lithuanian story, I'm Lithuanian! 😂

  • Elijah Pike
    Elijah Pike Month ago

    I bet horror story narrators make the most money from monetized videos because no one is awake to skip the ads

  • Jonathan Miguel
    Jonathan Miguel Month ago

    Awesome.narration.nonetheless some of these stories are quite frustrating. I swear sheltered girls that are out and about and they never defend themselves and comply with weirdos demands. Girl with shopping bags and weirdo says "you're coming with me" girl that cannot drive puts the car in park in front of crack house...smh these are not horror but simply tales of stupid girls that did not know better lol nonetheless narration makes these stories palatable lol

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha Month ago

    There must be some scary true stories that actually are scary , or do You Tube admin not allow it?

  • angel the nugget
    angel the nugget Month ago +2

    Hey whats better than listing to 3 hours worth of scary stories woth the rain outside? All my lights are off whoo

  • Random Comment
    Random Comment 2 months ago

    That ad scared the shit out of me!

  • Stephen Venture
    Stephen Venture 2 months ago

    That leg licker dude sounds like hes from Florida

  • Spooky time Scary videos

    Do people find this scary? They are always skinwalkers, wendigos, or pedos. All these are the same honestly

  • MyOwnDesign
    MyOwnDesign 2 months ago


  • Hyuzuka
    Hyuzuka 2 months ago

    1:27:29 this is the absolute worst one. It's written like what happened was sooooo mysterious... motherfucker, you got robbed. That's it.

  • Hugo Jaramillo
    Hugo Jaramillo 2 months ago

    Zzzxhuk ednfk
    Dragon age is hugtfhvyc

  • Kuba Bíža
    Kuba Bíža 2 months ago +1

    Im not english man

  • davidca96
    davidca96 2 months ago

    one time, num sayin

  • Samantha Cakebread
    Samantha Cakebread 2 months ago +1

    tiny, tiny thing which made me really laugh. Argos in the UK is pronounced Ar-gos not Ar-goh, took me a mintue to figure out which store you were talking about :D

  • starr soda
    starr soda 2 months ago +3

    When she started talking about vocaloid I went WAAAYY back. Vocaloid was my SHIT. Especially Luka Luka Night Fever

  • Hey It's Noreen
    Hey It's Noreen 2 months ago

    Some of these people have extremely shitty parents

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 2 months ago

    So are you a USclip partner? I think you get to be one 100 thousand subs ?

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 2 months ago

    But remembering all that in that much detail when your Three?

  • Michael Bisceglia
    Michael Bisceglia 2 months ago

    I must admit, when you’re kids and somethings happening, the oldest saying “Let’s pretend we’re brave. Or you can say “ let’s pretend we’re brave cops or pirates or whatever the kids are into. That’s a smart thing to do.

  • Jack Colbert
    Jack Colbert 2 months ago

    how does this man tell story's like this with such a calm voice

  • BlackBubblez
    BlackBubblez 2 months ago

    Story about the zombie meth attempted carjacker, your parents didn't believe you?! Where did they think the blood came from? Why didn't they believe you right away?? My parents would freak if I told them something like that!! 😲

  • can we get subscribers without any videos

    29:03 oi its neckbeard in they're natural habitat 😂

  • Edge Lord
    Edge Lord 2 months ago


  • Crissy Haley
    Crissy Haley 2 months ago

    Thanks i woke up to this creepy ass thumbnail on my screen, i peed a little

  • Glitterbomb45
    Glitterbomb45 2 months ago +1

    Why do you end your words in a breathy whisper? Sorry, thumbs down.

    • Mitchell Sanders
      Mitchell Sanders Month ago

      It's called a vocal fry and it's a learned behaviour, so it's essentially someone trying to sound cool. Drives me nuts.

  • Nico the entertainer
    Nico the entertainer 2 months ago

    57:04 sounds like my family except they don't forgive me.

  • InsxnityClipz_ _
    InsxnityClipz_ _ 2 months ago

    That thumbanail literally gave me chills

  • fuckity fucks
    fuckity fucks 2 months ago

    When the dude explained the windago I just picture a stretched out picture of chubaca ( sorry if I spelled it wrong)

  • elle Snd
    elle Snd 2 months ago

    does it bother anyone else that he pronounces 'I' as 'my'. love everything else.

    • melissa craig
      melissa craig 2 months ago +1

      @elle Snd Ahh gotcha I will absolutely keep an ear out for It. I listened closely after I read your comment and didn't hear it. However I didn't rewind it so it probably happened before I was listening for it. So next video I will play close attention. The amount of times people throw and in their stories as a filler gets on every bit of my nerves though.

    • elle Snd
      elle Snd 2 months ago

      @melissa craig I guess just listen for it. it's not every time he says 'I' but it's a lot of them. somehow he gets an 'm' sound in there before the 'I' and it ends up sounding like 'my'. reminds me of the way really little kids say it. his accent is amazing and I love everything else, but you'll hear it of you listen to a few stories. usually at the beginning of a sentence or after a pause. that's all I'm saying.

    • melissa craig
      melissa craig 2 months ago

      I'm sorry but this doesn't make any sense... My has an m sound. Now had you said he pronounced "I" as "Eye" I would have been like it's just his sexy accent... It would have made sense as a comment though....

  • DemonJunky
    DemonJunky 2 months ago +1

    It's are-goss not are-go, Be!

  • malkaky natas
    malkaky natas 2 months ago +1

    Should of exposed his channel

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser 2 months ago +3

    He would roll his ass to the other side of the street LMAO GET EM DAD !

  • Keith Donaldson
    Keith Donaldson 2 months ago

    Leg licker on the loose

  • Paul Carrbengi
    Paul Carrbengi 2 months ago

    You are a pice of lying shit asshole

  • Cuttle Fish
    Cuttle Fish 2 months ago

    So a bad date is now a horror story? Not trying to defend the guy but this is just silly. He was a cheap asshole, which is about half the population telling white bullshit lies which everyone does, he busted a move and it wasen't appriciated, at this rate any failed attempt by a guy counts as a horror story equivelant to a rapist / murderer.

  • Hanah Clance
    Hanah Clance 2 months ago

    Always fall asleep to these❣️

  • depresso crow
    depresso crow 3 months ago

    24:10 if it’s a wendigo, fire will kill it, also it was probably trying to lure you to a cave or something

    OEDODRAGON 3 months ago

    28:18 Are you saying Argos? (Are + goss)

  • Cameron Shultz
    Cameron Shultz 3 months ago

    I am the President of a Christian Online Ministry and I didn't really believe in demons haunting specific rooms or houses, but an event that happened over the holidays most certainly changed my mind.
    A family friend did some "universal consciousness" exercises in an upstairs room in my grandfather's old house.
    After she was done and left, I felt like a small voice told me to go into that room and pray over it.
    Mind you, I didn't know what she had been doing up there prior to this, so I went to the door, and as soon as I touched the door handle, I suddenly felt very cold. My heart began to race as I slowly opened the door. I slowly went up the stairs praying silently for protection.
    As I got to the top of the stairs, I felt it. An evil spirit in the far right corner of the room opposite me.
    I couldn't see it with my actual eyes, but I saw it with my spirit. It was the most ugly and evil looking creature I have ever seen, face contorted into a deep, and angry frown.
    I then began to speak to the demon, saying "Demon, you are not welcome in this home. I command you, in the name of Jesus Christ to leave now and never return here again." I watched and the demon looked at me with the most pure hatred I have ever seen, then, I felt it start to move towards me, slowly at first, that faster. I went past me and to the window directly behind me, sat there for a moment, and then left.
    Once it was gone, the room was suddenly not so cold anymore, and the room felt normal again.
    It's worth adding that the demon DID return, and I was called back to the house by my cousin to kick the demon out again, as his attempts had failed. I did so, and we haven't had it return since.

  • Drew Canos
    Drew Canos 3 months ago

    This guys great

  • Mr xHAWKx
    Mr xHAWKx 3 months ago

    24:00 the windego story, it’s been believed that during the day they are less likely to attack or the are a lot less aggressive unless you enter their territory, they are largely night hunters

  • Jaiden Kent
    Jaiden Kent 3 months ago

    The wendigo one made me just start sobbing. I didn’t even think about it really I just started bursting in tears. This hasn’t happened before nor have I ever seen one but I’ve done my research

  • KKaisi KKaiselgruber
    KKaisi KKaiselgruber 3 months ago

    The alarm goes off and i have to work in an hour. The End

  • Giancarlo Duka
    Giancarlo Duka 3 months ago

    wtf it has ads

  • DezMadres
    DezMadres 3 months ago

    Woohoo!! That was yummy!!

  • Kevin I
    Kevin I 3 months ago

    The one about the girl at her dad's.....sounds like a poltergeist. You can't make peace with a poltergeist.

  • Rolsko
    Rolsko 3 months ago

    50:54 this story is stupid. she/he couldve easily YELLED "no i dont want your number and im not going home with you, you creep". bruh moment

  • XxXMedusaXxX
    XxXMedusaXxX 3 months ago

    Honey, I live by Ky. and hell 2 the um no! Wendigoes in Ky. I thought that I would never? 😳🙈👀

  • Tristan Greiner
    Tristan Greiner 3 months ago +1

    Why does every antagonist in these stories always put there finger to there mouth and say “shhhhh” lol

  • Grizzly Gunner
    Grizzly Gunner 3 months ago

    I watch scary videos while playing games on xbox it's kind of my hobby now anyone else do this?

  • jesse ammons
    jesse ammons 4 months ago


  • Delivery Failure
    Delivery Failure 4 months ago

    Sooooo. ... I freaking love your voice. Please never stop narrating.

  • Amxlo 96
    Amxlo 96 4 months ago

    That thumbnail is scary as shit

  • Little_Lion_Heart
    Little_Lion_Heart 4 months ago +1

    I think the craziest thing in all these stories is when the guy with the haunted room describes someone as a 30 something year old girl. What the fuck is a 30 year old girl? lmao. You can be 30 and still be a girl?? I cackled. That was extremely funny to me.

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 4 months ago

    She thinks 375 years is old, imagine if she went to Rome, Paris or London, she would be amazed

  • Ivan Godinez80
    Ivan Godinez80 4 months ago

    I was half asleep but when I heard 2:50:35 I turned around I thought someone was actually behind me I had a mini heart attack

  • MrBifkin
    MrBifkin 4 months ago +1

    Dude I like you vids. But they absolutely littered with ads. I wouldn't mind a pre-roll mid and end-roll but after every story is crazy. I watch narrative vids to sleep and the ads disturb that.
    I'm not saying this to put you down. Just that for me unfortunately I have to turn adblock on which I hate doing on USclip because of how it hurts creators. But otherwise I can't watch the video to goto sleep.

  • Ali Desch
    Ali Desch 4 months ago

    Story winding down around 2:33:00 .... Your mom is a piece of shit. I hope she's changed over the years.

  • Misty Torres
    Misty Torres 4 months ago

    I used to have that fear in the first story. Outgrew it

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 4 months ago

    It's just that fuckin thumbnail

  • MaskedWolfDragoness
    MaskedWolfDragoness 4 months ago

    Men, mostly: *do shit that'll ruin your life, most likely because they get off on it*

  • mr smoove
    mr smoove 4 months ago

    Your stories fucking suck, sorry but for real a guy followed me and it scared me? Uninspired

  • Colleen
    Colleen 4 months ago

    No matter how tired I am I never fall asleep when I listen. I might miss something