Latinas Get Acrylic Nails For The First Time

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Julissa & Maya embark on an acrylic nail journey! There's no turning backkkkk!
    Special Thanks to Yvette G:
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    Curly Velasquez
    Gadiel De Orbe
    Maya Murillo
    Julissa Calderon
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  • KatnissPlays
    KatnissPlays 18 hours ago

    Ughh i need my nails done again

  • Armani Westbrooks
    Armani Westbrooks 20 hours ago

    The bigger the hoop the bigger the....... (jk she’s sooo nice)

  • Lizzie Ealy
    Lizzie Ealy 20 hours ago

    Latinas gets crazy nails and I am Latina and they are amazing

  • Kajeen Kadir
    Kajeen Kadir 22 hours ago

    “It’s the middle finger too so DONT FUCK WIT ME”. - Julisa

  • Alyssa Crybaby
    Alyssa Crybaby Day ago +1

    7:19 omg I freaking love her🤣🤩

  • Maria Zambrano
    Maria Zambrano Day ago +1

    LOLL I love acrylic nails!! I do taekwondo and every time before a match I flash my shiny nails and everyone gets scared. Now everyone calls me.... THE FRENCH GIRL NAIL😂

    KPOP GURL Day ago

    I need a place near me that can do just plain powder gel nails nicely otherwise I’m gunna have to find a place that can do some acrylics 😤

  • deedee dalia’
    deedee dalia’ 2 days ago +3

    i grow my own natural nails long and they look really good painted and they save a ton of money. i really recommend if u want to have nice nails on a budget🥰

  • Lighty Lemonade
    Lighty Lemonade 2 days ago

    My get my first acrylic nails next week 😁

  • Meka Doctor
    Meka Doctor 2 days ago

    I draw soooo lol

  • Kaivon Duncan
    Kaivon Duncan 2 days ago

    girl: this is my first time getting acrylics

  • Aziza Aman
    Aziza Aman 2 days ago

    Bro USclip really gave me a Spanish ad 🤣

  • Lilly Santiago
    Lilly Santiago 3 days ago

    I went through the same thing! It gets easier. You just have to learn how to use the pads of your fingers and finesse those nails! They're good for a lot more than you think!

  • ilikecup_cakes
    ilikecup_cakes 4 days ago


  • cristel raymundo
    cristel raymundo 4 days ago

    I feel bad, all of the 3 girls have beautiful hair, and im here with my 3 pelos :(

  • Elena Krusteva
    Elena Krusteva 6 days ago

    Yall, is it just me or does it hurt everyone when they get acrylic nails? 😂

  • Dniz Arr
    Dniz Arr 7 days ago

    No Julissa, the thing with acrylics its the lenght. Maya's doing fine cause she has shorter acrylics, in your case is going to take a lill longer to adjust to the your new nail lenght.

    TBH, I was so afraid when a friend took me to get acrylics too... damn but now, 3 monts later and several refills and different styles, I can't even imagine not having my nails this cute!

  • Sheeq Luna
    Sheeq Luna 7 days ago

    Ok well... Who's the hottie at 11:04 ?!

  • Franca Daebel
    Franca Daebel 8 days ago +1

    Does anyone know how much it usually costs to get acrylic nails done?

  • Molly V
    Molly V 9 days ago

    You are not that special just cause ur latina

  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P 9 days ago

    but y'all, that guy in 11:03 tho 😍

  • alyssa amos
    alyssa amos 15 days ago

    Julissa is literally me when I get my nails done im so dead 😂

  • alyssa amos
    alyssa amos 15 days ago

    How you eat wings with long nails though? That’s my main concern cuz sis loves to eat & I ate when food gets under my sets

  • Adriana Mendez
    Adriana Mendez 17 days ago

    I'm in LOVE with Maya's lip color!!!
    giiirrrll what is ya wearing????

  • Whats the tea sis?
    Whats the tea sis? 17 days ago +2

    I’m getting my nails done for the first time tomorrow for my graduation wish me luck!♥️

  • Unknown
    Unknown 21 day ago

    Omg I love this I need to get my nails done. Oml😂

  • sabrina simmons
    sabrina simmons 23 days ago

    Listen I could never but y’all got that🤣

  • sabrina simmons
    sabrina simmons 23 days ago

    Her laugh is contagious ☺️😁

  • Valelml Rossel
    Valelml Rossel 24 days ago

    Yo tenía la pregunta de Maya hacia tooodas las personas que se hacían las uñas así !

  • Nibiru
    Nibiru 25 days ago

    Omg the contacts thing. When I first got my nails done, I CRIED because I could not take out my contacts. You gotta use the sides of your fingertips or else they won't come out easy xD

  • Julienne Goodner
    Julienne Goodner 25 days ago

    And how much did those cost?!!! 👀

  • Honey
    Honey 25 days ago


  • Frank Jerick Comin
    Frank Jerick Comin 25 days ago

    the girl wearing blue shirt looks like raini rodriguez

  • Marquis Miller
    Marquis Miller 26 days ago

    This girl needs more exposure. THEIR NAILS WERE EVERYTHING

  • Love Goddess
    Love Goddess 26 days ago

    Thx so much for this mini nail documentary. My bday is coming up in 8 days and I wanted to get short french manicure acrylic nails for a change and as a treat for myself. I guess if I go short I'll be good lol.

  • Liz z
    Liz z 27 days ago

    Try it with clubbed thumbs

  • Lady Constellation
    Lady Constellation 28 days ago

    Maya is literally the funniest sweetest person ever I absolutely love her!!

  • Glenda AM
    Glenda AM 29 days ago

    I have been OBSESSED with acrylics since high school and I don't currr 🤣 I feel naked without them!

  • Lex Navy
    Lex Navy 29 days ago


  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez 29 days ago +1

    She reminds me of Gina Rodriguez

  • Deja-Monique
    Deja-Monique Month ago

    As a kid I use to put paper clips on my fingers and pretend that they were my nails. I was a chronic nail bitter. I love getting long acrylic full set nails. 🥰🥰🥰

  • Logan Gray
    Logan Gray Month ago

    I've had acrylics before. I guess they're just not really for me. I ride horses so I need shortish nails so I can hold the reins. The acrylics were getting in the way and felt very thick and heavy on my nails. But if you feel good with acrylic nails then by all means you do you.

  • Ezgi Kırlak
    Ezgi Kırlak Month ago

    Maya is definitely a Hufflepuff

  • Aaliyah Fayth
    Aaliyah Fayth Month ago +1

    I play the violin and I wanna make that my career but at the same time I lovvveee acrylics 💖

  • Samantha Dolan
    Samantha Dolan Month ago

    Maya’s so cuteeee🥺

  • LeiLani Avritt
    LeiLani Avritt Month ago


  • Cassandra Mitchell
    Cassandra Mitchell Month ago +1

    I remember when I got my first acrylics nails when I was 9

  • • Night Of Wishes •

    This makes me really want to get my nails done over the summer and get into the habit of it,
    I hate doing my own nails

  • Amazing Jeyrin
    Amazing Jeyrin Month ago +2

    I’m getting acrylics even tho I play softball. Pero que linda 🤣❤️❤️

  • KR TV
    KR TV Month ago

    She’s so confident in her work LOVE IT I would go to her but it’s probably pricey

  • Abby Rodriguez
    Abby Rodriguez Month ago

    Ive had longer nails than that those are easy my first time getting them was a piece of cake😂

  • Sorah sarah
    Sorah sarah Month ago

    So like I’m an 11 year old that is bout to get acrylic nails..

    Heh yeet

  • cfG21
    cfG21 Month ago

    Honestly as a man I prefer natural..acrylic looks nasty and thick some times

  • Jojo the Homo
    Jojo the Homo Month ago

    when maya was worried about her music career i felt that shit because i play the ukulele and i love getting acrylics but i cant play when i have them on. P.S.when typing dont type with the nail but with your fingertips

  • Jojo Siwa
    Jojo Siwa Month ago

    why yall gotta say what race they are i-

  • Amandoo 210
    Amandoo 210 Month ago

    I am 12 and girl I have long nails

  • alexa ruval
    alexa ruval Month ago

    I already miss julissa from rewatching videos :,)

  • Mika Unknown
    Mika Unknown Month ago

    Bro you getting paid to do the basic shit I do all the time, the fuck. Why you making it a big deal that you Latina too??

  • Paige Lace Up
    Paige Lace Up Month ago

    These are the kinda nails I want for my wedding

  • MariaLuisa Chavez-Torres

    Now I want to get my nails done and be fancy LOL

  • winterxj9
    winterxj9 Month ago

    If julisia got the length maya got I think you’d go a bit faster. Also if I don’t have acrylic for a while I get them short but I never ask for a cut down. Then you’re used to them by the time they are long.

    • winterxj9
      winterxj9 Month ago

      And I think y’all should keep them. You get used to them. They look great on y’all 😍

  • Gina Godwin
    Gina Godwin Month ago

    Alright y’all are making this a bigger deal than it needs to be

  • Sister Squad Show
    Sister Squad Show Month ago +1

    9:32 what i say to my sister when she opens on me in the shower

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez Month ago

    "Yes bitch because yes because yes" you a whole mood lmaooo love it.

  • Alex Danelle
    Alex Danelle Month ago


  • Cheyenne Omans
    Cheyenne Omans Month ago

    Maybe it's time for me to get a set again. I need to do something luxurious.

  • Loreen Amir
    Loreen Amir Month ago

    Her voice sounds like Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine lmaoo

  • Jada Marie
    Jada Marie Month ago

    Me encanta hacer más

  • Juanita Collins
    Juanita Collins Month ago


  • Nastassia Fritsche
    Nastassia Fritsche Month ago

    I thought you weren't supposed to use an electric file on your natural nail

  • Naomi Gary
    Naomi Gary Month ago

    im obsessed w the way the chrome looks omfg

  • Please Don’t Hurt Me I’m sEnSiTiVe

    Maya looks like Curly or Curly looks like Maya....either way they look similar

  • Maria Alexandra
    Maria Alexandra Month ago

    I miss acrylics but I do pottery and have stabbed way too many pieces for them to be worth it

  • Throw Away
    Throw Away Month ago

    I love Maya's nails. That's the kind of nails I would like to go for.

  • Essence White
    Essence White Month ago


  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez Month ago

    "Don't fuck with me!"😂😂

  • Oo Aa
    Oo Aa Month ago

    So I were glue ons well iv had acrylics before in use to them

  • Jesilynne DeliraVargas

    My whole family is Hispanic and my mom always gets acrylic nails

  • sophia Alvarez
    sophia Alvarez Month ago

    Im Hispanic and my titi maŕia has really long nails

  • Dipssy Fans
    Dipssy Fans Month ago

    De Republica Dominicana

  • Tatum Quick
    Tatum Quick Month ago

    tips for when you get acrylics when your typing put your hands directly down on the keypad ya know also knuckles become your best friend

  • Olivia Salisbury
    Olivia Salisbury Month ago

    how are you going to put on a tampon with out a application

  • Danny Creates
    Danny Creates Month ago

    yo why does it have to be just Latinas like why cant it be " People get acrylics for the first time"

  • Adrienne Hagen
    Adrienne Hagen Month ago

    As a nail tech I get so frustrated with people assuming they know everything about nails and spreading harmful misinformation because of it. This video was so refreshing and wonderful! They way they asked questions and are genuinely interested in and enamored with the process and technical side warms my little nail nerd heart!

  • Isabella Buckland
    Isabella Buckland Month ago

    Latinas are really beautiful omw 😊

  • Ain’t no
    Ain’t no Month ago

    But what does it matter

  • Karis Alise
    Karis Alise Month ago

    So I’m gonna need Julissa’s skin care routine... Geezus she’s flawless 😍😍

  • Dalmien Pichardo
    Dalmien Pichardo Month ago

    "Ok well, imma go ihn and get a toy anyways"

  • Its Maya
    Its Maya Month ago

    I play the bass clarinet, clarinet, viola, and piano and I get long acrylic nails. It's possible hun.

  • Yadira Guevara
    Yadira Guevara Month ago

    Yeah, I can't get nails. I like sleeping in until I've got 20 minutes to get completely ready and those nails are gonna get caught in my hair and my jeans. Fuck that.

  • Babycloud
    Babycloud Month ago

    So gross and unhygienic.

  • mari
    mari Month ago

    Saw that Valentino :,)

  • ABeautifulLove
    ABeautifulLove Month ago

    How, in the 1st century, have these women not had these basic nail services?

  • Alex’s Music
    Alex’s Music Month ago +1

    How have they never had acrylic nails before? I had my first set when I was 12.

  • Toni Crosby
    Toni Crosby Month ago

    -looks at nails-
    -gets in car-
    Idc if its 12

  • Camila Espinal
    Camila Espinal Month ago

    My mom is Latina

  • Xiomara Laureano
    Xiomara Laureano Month ago

    I’m 10 and I’ve had acrylic nails a few times but I know how to go to the bathroom with them

  • Nina Artal Barnes
    Nina Artal Barnes Month ago

    Who recognized salices nails😂

    FATTYVAPE 69 2 months ago

    Dude that girl took one motherfuckig second to figure out it was opi funny bunny😂

  • princess Jackline
    princess Jackline 2 months ago

    I love the diamond nails OMG it long