Latinas Get Acrylic Nails For The First Time

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Julissa & Maya embark on an acrylic nail journey! There's no turning backkkkk!
    Special Thanks to Yvette G:
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    Meet the Team:
    Claudia Restrepo
    Curly Velasquez
    Gadiel De Orbe
    Maya Murillo
    Julissa Calderon
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  • Babycloud
    Babycloud 3 hours ago

    So gross and unhygienic.

  • mari
    mari 9 hours ago

    Saw that Valentino :,)

  • ABeautifulLove
    ABeautifulLove 12 hours ago

    How, in the 1st century, have these women not had these basic nail services?

  • Alex’s Music
    Alex’s Music 14 hours ago +1

    How have they never had acrylic nails before? I had my first set when I was 12.

  • Toni Crosby
    Toni Crosby Day ago

    -looks at nails-
    -gets in car-
    Idc if its 12

  • Camila Espinal
    Camila Espinal Day ago

    My mom is Latina

  • Xiomara Laureano
    Xiomara Laureano 2 days ago

    I’m 10 and I’ve had acrylic nails a few times but I know how to go to the bathroom with them

  • Nina Artal Barnes
    Nina Artal Barnes 3 days ago

    Who recognized salices nails😂

    FATTYVAPE 69 3 days ago

    Dude that girl took one motherfuckig second to figure out it was opi funny bunny😂

  • princess Jackline
    princess Jackline 3 days ago

    I love the diamond nails OMG it long

  • Facts not tea
    Facts not tea 4 days ago

    I wish I could get my nails done 😂

  • Helen Araujo
    Helen Araujo 4 days ago

    When you get use to it I can never live without it kkkk and mine are natural so it's really sad when they brake 🖤😂

  • Linda Q.
    Linda Q. 4 days ago +1

    with nails i feel more sassy 💅💕💁‍♀️

  • Kiki Lopez
    Kiki Lopez 5 days ago

    I'm a Latina that's NEVER had anything done to her nails 😱 never had a manicure, no gels and obviously no acrylics and that needs to change! Their nails are so pretty!💕💕

  • epicafan911
    epicafan911 5 days ago

    Funny how she said that regular polish takes so much time to dry... says the one who take her time (only 2 hours) to do these not so practical nails... lol.

  • Number Five
    Number Five 6 days ago

    Maya’s room looks like a tumblr fantasy

  • Diego SS
    Diego SS 6 days ago +1

    9:31 JULISSA IS ME

  • dopeage
    dopeage 6 days ago +1

    "I can still slice someone with this, right?" LOL I freaking love Maya!

    RUBY JOHAL 6 days ago

    Omg I love em nails, she NEEDS to do mine!

  • 2 7
    2 7 6 days ago

    6:00 lmao, I wasn’t expecting that tbh

  • Eva Alcaraz
    Eva Alcaraz 7 days ago

    One time I was playing outside and my friend Ale got sum new acrylic nails, I asked her to move, but she didn’t listen, 40 seconds later I broke her nail in half because she never moved. Now I’m scared to get some...

  • Lilly And Lizza Unicorns

    0:07 ummmmm?

  • Celest Hernandez
    Celest Hernandez 7 days ago

    9:30 yessssss girl!!!

  • Baby Lia
    Baby Lia 7 days ago

    Julissa is so beautiful

  • Isabel A.
    Isabel A. 7 days ago

    I neex to get my nails done by Yvette!

  • Rawnn
    Rawnn 7 days ago

    who else thought the girl was black in the thumbnail

  • AA Little Krullebol
    AA Little Krullebol 8 days ago

    Maya your hair is so beautiful😍I love your curls

  • Pink Milkshakee
    Pink Milkshakee 8 days ago

    Where is Lele Pons?

  • Monica Valera
    Monica Valera 9 days ago

    I used to get mine done 2 weeks.. but then i cant afford it. So now j wait like a month. Bx my nails dont frow fast

  • Jet Panskintski
    Jet Panskintski 9 days ago

    Heres ThE mOttHa fUkIn Tea

  • Colerar Soph
    Colerar Soph 9 days ago

    Ermmmmmm excuse me?! Julissa with her hair back and fresh face is everything wow! 😍🔥

  • Reechan
    Reechan 10 days ago

    I used a pocket knife to rip my nails off and my nails are dead! I ripped off half of my actual fingernail TWICE! Never be like me! ALWAYS GO TO A SALON TO REMOVE NAILS!

  • Nancy Rico-Mineros
    Nancy Rico-Mineros 10 days ago

    I love this but honestly I want to know who’s the guy that helped Maya open her soda!

  • purplekawaii85
    purplekawaii85 10 days ago

    my name is Tia, so for Mexicans who speak Spanish I'm called "aunt" rip

  • Melissa Amarillas
    Melissa Amarillas 11 days ago

    Omg 😩😩😩😩 I love those I’m so jealous she doesn’t live in Nebraska lmaooo 🙄 might have to fly out and get mi nails done haha 😍😍😍

  • Angelina Coello
    Angelina Coello 11 days ago

    now i want 2 get my nails done

  • Ginger Kickboxer 666
    Ginger Kickboxer 666 11 days ago

    I'm 10 and I just got them.

  • dstarle85
    dstarle85 12 days ago +1

    That nail techs Vibe is so chill I wanna smoke with her lol 😉

  • Destiny Dunlap
    Destiny Dunlap 12 days ago

    i already have been wanting acrylics but damn now i really do

  • Daisy Baltazar
    Daisy Baltazar 12 days ago

    Her shirt! Yo soy suficiente 💕

  • Sleepless Nights
    Sleepless Nights 12 days ago

    ooooooo this looks soo good !!

  • ROSÈ !
    ROSÈ ! 12 days ago +1

    if you like it then you should put a blink on it

  • Amanda Stevenson
    Amanda Stevenson 13 days ago +1

    how is no one talking about how she just KNEW the name of that shade. insane. witchcraft.

  • Yealim Yun
    Yealim Yun 13 days ago

    U look sooo pretty without makeup 💄

  • Yulissa Vega
    Yulissa Vega 13 days ago

    My name is julissa

  • katrina pg
    katrina pg 13 days ago

    Her voice is so calming

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour 13 days ago

    No joke, jeans buttons are the hardest thing to do with long nails. Typing, card swiping, butt wiping, all that you can get used to. But threading that little metal button through the hole, especially if the jeans are tight? Hardest part of my morning routine.

  • israaa
    israaa 13 days ago


  • Sayra Virula
    Sayra Virula 13 days ago

    I love having acrilics but, i'm in my procces of being a musician and... I can't have them if I want to Bea musician😅

  • Tonya
    Tonya 14 days ago

    I'd get my nails done different every day if my bank account allowed it...
    The struggle is real ☹️ #firstworldproblems

  • Nadia Gonzalez
    Nadia Gonzalez 14 days ago

    best nail tech yet

  • Isabella Naples
    Isabella Naples 14 days ago

    Yvett's catchline should be "if you like it then you shoulda put some bling on it"

  • Asia Nicole
    Asia Nicole 14 days ago

    AAAAAAaaaaallllmanos jaja

  • suhaili
    suhaili 14 days ago

    having julissa and maya on the same mission is always awesome. yas queens!

  • Giovi Londos
    Giovi Londos 14 days ago

    why the fuck does it matter if they are latina can't you just say women get their acrylics for the first time

  • Destiny Heath
    Destiny Heath 15 days ago

    She was so good and was very nice when explaining and helping them understand everything. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 15 days ago +9

    Yaaaaas Julissa and Maya with the bold lips! I love it. So fab.

  • Kira_xo.
    Kira_xo. 15 days ago

    9:32 😂💔

  • Abby Weekly
    Abby Weekly 15 days ago

    I hate when they label videos like this. Its good to be proud of your ethnicity but you dont need to make being Latina your whole identity. You wouldnt ever see a video titled white people getting their nails done.

  • Madison Lange
    Madison Lange 15 days ago

    Honestly I always have acrylics because I have a bad problem with biting my nails with my a anxiety and the acrylics stop me so I always have mine on every if there shorter then I usually do

  • Samirah Elam
    Samirah Elam 15 days ago

    This is @Buzzfeed???🤭

  • graape lego
    graape lego 16 days ago

    Julissa is 30 ??? She doesn’t look a day over 20.

  • Nessa Diakite
    Nessa Diakite 16 days ago

    what dose her race have to do with her nails

  • Lili Valero
    Lili Valero 16 days ago

    They look sooo good!!

  • Jess Woody
    Jess Woody 16 days ago

    I also can never get my contacts out with nails on 🤨 I wish there was a remedy for this lol

  • Maria Nunez
    Maria Nunez 16 days ago

    I like them as shorter as possible

  • Anne
    Anne 16 days ago

    11:03 who he? 🧐 really cute

  • Annathedreamer
    Annathedreamer 16 days ago

    This makes me want to go get my nails done now! Lol.

  • cara m
    cara m 17 days ago

    man I wish a nail tech like this was in my area

  • Layla Jackson
    Layla Jackson 17 days ago +1

    Maya: sparkling like my personality
    Julissa: DON’T FUCK WITH ME😂

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  • Jelissa Rivas
    Jelissa Rivas 17 days ago


  • Brenda J Patino
    Brenda J Patino 17 days ago

    OK so I’m new here but quick question who is the guy at 11:04 😍

    AJMIYOUNG 17 days ago

    I’m wearing Funny Bunny rn 😆

  • Caroline_ Isabella
    Caroline_ Isabella 17 days ago

    6:12 this was adorable!

  • Hunlover123601
    Hunlover123601 17 days ago

    *has never had a manicure ever*.... yall.

  • Andrea Morales
    Andrea Morales 18 days ago

    What lipstick is Maya wearing??? I’m in love with the color 😍😍😍

  • Meta Zephere
    Meta Zephere 18 days ago

    Why couldn't it just have been titled, ''Women Get Acrylic Nails For The First Time''? Race doesn't define you who you are as a person, you define yourself as your own unique individual. Being Latina or whatever isn't a fucking personality trait.

  • Oli Jay
    Oli Jay 18 days ago +1

    maya looks like skinny legend raini rodriguez

  • Carol Gonzalez
    Carol Gonzalez 18 days ago

    um wtf- latinas are ALWAYS wearing acrylic nails literally. idk what this video is saying LMFAO.

  • Luci Official
    Luci Official 19 days ago +2

    I always get my nails done, but I do the long pointy nails

  • TheSkylotic
    TheSkylotic 19 days ago

    I'm a p decent home nail artist and I was so worried this was gonna be a hack job since they never get their professionals right tbh, but was happily surprised. Other than the cheetah print on her own nails(sorry but thts not a gr8 cheetah print) she's amazing. Perfect structure, consistent shape, beautiful polish work, and gorgeous stone arrangement. Love love love!!

  • Rae56789
    Rae56789 19 days ago

    OMG JULISSSAAASS laugh at 6:07 i canttttttttt HAHAHHAHA

  • Christopher Torres
    Christopher Torres 20 days ago +1

    Latinas??? You mean a dominican and american.

  • lori
    lori 20 days ago +5

    "is that opi funny bunny" BRUH

  • Badgal jayjay
    Badgal jayjay 20 days ago


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  • Jessicat:3 w.
    Jessicat:3 w. 20 days ago

    I want to get my nails done, but I cant I recently became allergic to acrylic would irritate my skin.

  • Mercede Cuffy Bazzey
    Mercede Cuffy Bazzey 20 days ago

    Juilissa is like don't fuck with me

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  • Rusita Santana
    Rusita Santana 21 day ago +2

    Julissa and her personality always make me laugh I just love her...its like we are amigassss ♡♡♡♡and she dosen't even know ❤🇩🇴

  • Odun Ishola
    Odun Ishola 21 day ago

    “Because yes because yes”

  • Daylin Ramirez
    Daylin Ramirez 21 day ago

    Julissa: Estoy linda señores 😂😂😂
    Omg you know the struggles

  • Guadalupe Grullón
    Guadalupe Grullón 21 day ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 las amé omg

  • Karina Montes
    Karina Montes 21 day ago

    Love this nice

  • JingleJANGLEs3
    JingleJANGLEs3 21 day ago

    Dang now I wanna get my nails done...

  • Madison Romesburg
    Madison Romesburg 21 day ago

    Maya: “it’s so pretty”
    Julissa: “don’t fuck with me”

  • Roman Rosa
    Roman Rosa 21 day ago

    Julissa was a bad bitch since high school 😍🥵