Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jul 11, 2017
  • Gav and Dan splatter their favourite items with a seemly endless supply of Maltesers. This video is Sponsored by Maltesers.
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    Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera -
    Thanks to Mark French, Ph.D. Professor
    School of Engineering Technology
    Purdue University
    For air cannon design
    Sound design by James Rogers - simply sonic studios
    Twitter: @simplysonicuk
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    Filmed at 28,000fps - 120,00fps with the Phantom V2511
    And 2500fps with the Phantom Flex
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  • Fun Ferrari Gamer
    Fun Ferrari Gamer 7 hours ago

    yo, you wanna fire a malteser at a watermelon?

  • Kaskobi
    Kaskobi 5 days ago

    6:33 Cant help but see a pre-made hole in the ping pong bat. Staged? Maybe. Hotel? Trivago.

  • ChairForce1987 rolyat
    ChairForce1987 rolyat 10 days ago +1

    6:33 is it just me or was there an impression already on the paddle from the escaping air prior to the Maltesers ejecting?

    • gypsy skrotum
      gypsy skrotum 5 days ago

      First ever reply on USclip. I noticed the divet as well. I’d call bs on that shot or something. Strange? Perhaps caused by the air pressure before the projectile made contact? Explanation please?

  • Nipple Cream
    Nipple Cream 12 days ago +1

    okay but we already had Whoppers which are the exact same as maltesers

  • Colin Hart
    Colin Hart 14 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the majority of the damage was cause by the air?

  • oriontherealironman
    oriontherealironman 15 days ago

    Shoulda done a ballon with Non-Newtonian fluid in it XD and without the balloon

  • ShourinRocks At 99
    ShourinRocks At 99 15 days ago

    6:07 close your eyes

  • Andrew McConnell
    Andrew McConnell 16 days ago

    the way the objects just look like they disappear into thin air

  • Spaghetti the TenTac
    Spaghetti the TenTac 17 days ago

    interesting, I actually correctly predicted what would happen with the three panes of glass.

  • Thomas Cartwright
    Thomas Cartwright 18 days ago


  • Jason Wills
    Jason Wills 19 days ago


  • Jason Wills
    Jason Wills 19 days ago


  • Unkown
    Unkown 19 days ago +1

    We should vote to ban malteser all over the world, bacause to dangerous

  • bagariddum
    bagariddum 23 days ago

    i see the malteser makers have decided that a bucket is more suitable for the USA market than a measly packet or a 'family' box. #Jealous

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 23 days ago

    2:04 Thank goodness he was wearing that safety shield to protect the top of his head. :-)

  • marcus daniels
    marcus daniels 24 days ago

    Malteser? You mean...... ALASKAN BULL WORM!!!😂

  • MC Gagz
    MC Gagz 24 days ago

    “Controlling on the laptop today because we’re indoors”

  • Juan José Guzmán
    Juan José Guzmán 26 days ago

    You shot more than once to that paddle. Would have loved to see the pellet that didn't went trough. XD

  • Selim Acar
    Selim Acar 27 days ago

    12:50 What was that blue thing that came out when they shot the pineapple?

  • Josh Wren
    Josh Wren 28 days ago

    I was really hoping you'd test it out on a piece of meat like a steak. I bet it'd be just like a bullet! A Malteser bullet!!!

  • RhedinRage
    RhedinRage 29 days ago

    I envy you guys, You have the two things I want most out of life. Living in America and a bucket of Malteasers.

  • Sklouchechi
    Sklouchechi Month ago

    The Melon tore up because of the Air. not the Malteser.

  • JB PJr
    JB PJr Month ago

    From the shape of it, it looks like that piece of aluminum from the can was the exit wound.

  • yobro manson
    yobro manson Month ago

    Watermelons are reserved for the worst, most evil type of people to have ever existed, to be reincarnated into with the likes of Hitler in their ranks. And don't you worry, he was a naughty watermelon too not just a naughty human

  • Niamh O'Connor
    Niamh O'Connor Month ago

    Do a human next time :)

  • Lokenti Lokenti
    Lokenti Lokenti Month ago

    The ping pong bat was faked as before the impact there was a slight indent in the bat showing that there was no ply wood there and only the foam covering was blasted through

  • ROG Strix
    ROG Strix Month ago

    easily the best video you guys have done, this is amazing

  • Liam McGraw
    Liam McGraw Month ago

    13:32 looks like Kennedy

  • _Username_Now_Taken_

    "you're just trying to make the biggest mess ever aren't you?"
    "Well yeah"

  • Zarcon T
    Zarcon T Month ago

    Can we get slow mo reactions of dan?

  • dusty trails
    dusty trails Month ago

    That wasn’t there the first Time shooting the ping-pong paddle

  • Jody Stacey
    Jody Stacey Month ago

    You should have tried the malteaser on a coconut

  • Trevor Stevens
    Trevor Stevens Month ago

    It looks like your Malteser went supersonic on your first shot. 😮😮😮

  • Simmons2003 Meh
    Simmons2003 Meh Month ago

    6:04 lmao
    The reactions

  • According To Honda
    According To Honda Month ago


  • Dervish Dan
    Dervish Dan Month ago

    The way the paddle flew just killed me

  • the clone marine
    the clone marine Month ago +1

    I've got the mass

    Carter out.

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack Month ago

    Look at 6:33 the ping pong bat has a dent in it

  • drake guennel
    drake guennel Month ago

    Thanos snapped on them droplets

  • Giuseppe Jones
    Giuseppe Jones Month ago

    Should’ve used meat

  • Jesse Collin
    Jesse Collin Month ago


  • M R C O M B I N E
    M R C O M B I N E Month ago

    This technically is not that different from a gun, infact it’s more of an air rifle than a gun. Expanding gas causes it to go that fast. In guns it’s powder ignition which causes it to explode and with this air cannon it’s similar except instead of an explosion it just releases compressed gasses quickly. Not the same but they both have to do with expanding gases.

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun Month ago

    Are malteesers like whoppers?

  • Game Nation
    Game Nation Month ago

    Imagine your hand as the watermelon

  • Anime Pack
    Anime Pack Month ago

    put a Nerf dart in it

  • Piotr Genderka
    Piotr Genderka Month ago

    6:33 stop at it

  • Niels Hennissen
    Niels Hennissen Month ago

    Everytime I eat a Malteser now I imagine eating a bullet

  • *Good Vibes*
    *Good Vibes* Month ago +5

    Melons are like the universal targets for any weapon

  • Tobias jo
    Tobias jo Month ago +1

    You made an anti material malteser cannon, oh sh-

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks they’re stoned? 😅🤭

  • Jeremy Lentz
    Jeremy Lentz Month ago

    We have whoppers. Same difference

  • Giant Dwarf
    Giant Dwarf Month ago

    I was right when I prefered air as an element when a kid

  • That one accident my parents had

    At 6:33 theres an indent from the gas before the Malteser hit.

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven Month ago

    if it fits it sits

  • Zander Cochran
    Zander Cochran Month ago

    Who knew a candy could shatter 3 pieces of glass, well done my good sir

  • ND's production
    ND's production Month ago

    camera price?

  • Lukas Yann
    Lukas Yann Month ago

    conspiracy theory, JFK was shot by malteser

  • SaH Zhree
    SaH Zhree Month ago

    Common, a cinder block. I wanna see if it would smash it...

  • Captaynn
    Captaynn Month ago

    Could you hurt a human with that preassure. Without a projectile?

  • Dharmesh Mistry
    Dharmesh Mistry Month ago

    Should’ve put a pencil in.

  • Storm Kirigya The Bad Time Giver

    So is a malteser an english whopper?

  • Max Mendizabal
    Max Mendizabal Month ago

    6:33 why is there already a dent the exact size on the paddle

  • Mr Pumpkin
    Mr Pumpkin Month ago

    i love you

  • A-person-who-uploads YT

    Imagine if the malteaser went at light speed and formed a black hole and ended the world.

  • RBabik Ii
    RBabik Ii 2 months ago

    What im predicting happened with the two projectiles and the gap is, the closest to the air, rammed into the other one transferring its energy and slowing down and then having to regain momentum.

  • chalk
    chalk 2 months ago

    gas the tube ...

  • Joshua Mascarenhas
    Joshua Mascarenhas 2 months ago

    The last part reminded me of The Flash xD, the comparison of how fast it moved as compared to the falling Malteser looked just like how everyone else is slow compared to the Flash wohooo

  • bamboomusik
    bamboomusik 2 months ago

    Maltesers have been in Canada for a long time. You could’ve just imported them. Although you’ll see some French.

  • The Greeny Guinea Piggy

    rip subtitles at 5:12

  • Innocent Bystander
    Innocent Bystander 2 months ago

    0:55 turn on subtitles for a secret message

    TRIFUNABLE 2 months ago

    You guys managed to weaponize a Malteser.

  • Cheyne Gordon
    Cheyne Gordon 2 months ago

    12:26 curious, why is it the air rushing out shifts to a blue colour for a bit here?

  • Houston Graham
    Houston Graham 2 months ago

    Why is there a dent already in the ping pong paddle before the candy goes through in the exactly spot the candy goes through ?

    • purplehatguy
      purplehatguy 2 months ago

      Either they tested it before on weaker setting or the air pressure coming out before the malteser pressed it.

  • Jerry Dimmu
    Jerry Dimmu 2 months ago

    You guys should do some crazy videos with electric voltage bolts! :D

  • Stretch Nate
    Stretch Nate 2 months ago

    Malteser vs ballistic gel?
    how far will a Malteser travel when shot out of the cannon?
    how fast does the Malteser slow down when fired out of the cannon?
    Does the Malteser desintegrate before coming to a stop/hitting the ground?

  • Gaijin xwei
    Gaijin xwei 2 months ago

    Use cotton

  • Chase Jordan
    Chase Jordan 2 months ago

    13:05 That's a high caliber malteser bois

  • Mushudragon USA
    Mushudragon USA 2 months ago

    Malteser: a unit of measure used to quantify the amount of time it takes to travel the distance of a single Malteser

  • enal musta
    enal musta 2 months ago

    Nex water jet

  • Kyle Kautz
    Kyle Kautz 2 months ago

    Is this the newest weapon of mass destruction? Candy Cannon

  • Ultimateeagle09 or Nerfguy101

    Gaz breaks down door and says "your fruit killing skills are remakable."

  • Ale 2772
    Ale 2772 2 months ago

    10:52 satisfying

  • Max Kopstein
    Max Kopstein 2 months ago

    Doesn't a venturi increase flow velocity at the cost of pressure rather than increase pressure?

  • Grav ity
    Grav ity 2 months ago

    U guys shoulda used a spaghetti stick against somethin

  • Daniel Connolly
    Daniel Connolly 2 months ago

    haha you guys sand like harry potter lol

  • TheBigChoncc
    TheBigChoncc 2 months ago

    12:45 *I don't remember this spongebob episode...*

  • Emeraldkiller 1230
    Emeraldkiller 1230 2 months ago


  • 0nyyX -
    0nyyX - 2 months ago +1

    some of the paint on the tripod was green and they didnt put green on the vase. The blue and yellow must have mixed on impact

  • Bryant Carroll
    Bryant Carroll 2 months ago

    Use pingpong balls

  • Michael Sanft
    Michael Sanft 2 months ago

    Commercial planes don't even fly 900ft/s.

    JNG- AIRIUS 2 months ago

    You can modify it to make a silent cannon

  • WadeTooAwesomE 1
    WadeTooAwesomE 1 2 months ago

    Like a sawed off shotgun

  • Miguel McQueen
    Miguel McQueen 2 months ago

    This was my favorite episode by far!!

  • Elias Shedd
    Elias Shedd 2 months ago

    No yours is faster. A plane only flies at 750 feet per second.

  • gold punks
    gold punks 2 months ago

    i wonder what would happen with just air being fired?

  • Turok Gaming
    Turok Gaming 2 months ago

    It's not a slow mo guys video without utter destruction of something

  • OverWims
    OverWims 2 months ago

    12:20 its like a jetpack

  • OverWims
    OverWims 2 months ago

    you should have the watermelon spinning and shoot 2 maltesers so that it punctures it in 2 places

  • lanford johnson
    lanford johnson 2 months ago

    It looks like the malteser made the initial hole in the watermelon then the air blew it the rest of the way apart

  • Jamie Harvey
    Jamie Harvey 2 months ago

    This was the most satisfying video I have seen on your channel. Need more of this cannon pushing the limits of what it can go through 👍🏻