Compressed Air Cannon in Super Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Jul 11, 2017
  • Gav and Dan splatter their favourite items with a seemly endless supply of Maltesers. This video is Sponsored by Maltesers.
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    Thanks to Mark French, Ph.D. Professor
    School of Engineering Technology
    Purdue University
    For air cannon design
    Sound design by James Rogers - simply sonic studios
    Twitter: @simplysonicuk
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    Filmed at 28,000fps - 120,00fps with the Phantom V2511
    And 2500fps with the Phantom Flex
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  • Roman Buehler
    Roman Buehler 2 hours ago

    awesome! i was hoping for a really closeup maltheser vs. maltheser action though... and i hope you did eat a lot more than you killed... ;)

  • Martin Ward
    Martin Ward 4 hours ago

    Speed x Mass = Force. Summed up in one video.

  • Iron Bars Jeb
    Iron Bars Jeb 9 hours ago

    Those are just British Whoppers right?

  • ajrestivo
    ajrestivo 19 hours ago

    You should poke a malteser sized hole in the water melon and just blow the air at it. That's what seems to destroy the watermelon

  • Gage Gollin
    Gage Gollin 21 hour ago

    what do you think a malteser would do to 1/8 inch thick steel plate?

  • Lisa Sinclair
    Lisa Sinclair 23 hours ago

    the best part of this is the "fwoarrrr!!!"

  • Un Ell
    Un Ell Day ago

    You all shoud listen to dan at 6:03 at 0.25 speed i just find that hilarious

  • Belldoferstwo Matlack


  • blackmoth81
    blackmoth81 Day ago


  • Alex Mocine
    Alex Mocine 2 days ago

    The one with the glass panes is beautiful on a whole different level

  • lance awesome
    lance awesome 2 days ago

    why did thay not use this in world war 2

  • juan alvarez
    juan alvarez 3 days ago


  • Muerte The one
    Muerte The one 3 days ago

    Ok guys here is my give to you. Several years ago I had to shot a video in this hotel in Atlanta Ga. I think it was a Hotel? Anyway, there were these huge Mirrors in the bathroom that faced each other and when I aimed the camera at one mirror it reflected into infinity. I could zoom in a little without distorting but if I raised my hand then dropped it there was a delay in the last reflection of my hand falling try that shot in slow-mo and go back in time.

  • Zsolt Molnár
    Zsolt Molnár 3 days ago

    wouldve shoot it at pork meat... just for reference what happened if a malteser took a bite of us

  • TheDirtBiter
    TheDirtBiter 3 days ago

    You should repeat the 3 sheet of glass shot with the third sheet further back from the second, that way it will not get broken by the shards from the second one. Maltesers can do more than rot your teeth!

  • Wander Marcos
    Wander Marcos 3 days ago

    Coloquem legendas no vídeo muito bom os vídeos mais nao consigo entender por nao falar Inglês

  • Collins Greer
    Collins Greer 3 days ago


  • Tuts & Art with 3therSpark

    At 8:15 it starts to look like the Crab Nebulae!!

  • rene ziesig
    rene ziesig 4 days ago

    its called kinetic energy, the naming alone is badass

  • Domino cracker
    Domino cracker 4 days ago

    I had maltesers recently and I'm american

  • Mark Vinewood
    Mark Vinewood 4 days ago

    I find the targets could have been a little further away from the muzzle. Right now it seemed that the compressed air did a lot of the damage, especially to the hollow and non-solid-insides targets like the fruits and the soda cans. Didn't fail to entertain nevertheless.

  • DarthRevan
    DarthRevan 5 days ago +1

    U guys should have cranked up the pressure till it could go thru a 2/4 lol and film that in slow motion

  • Brandon Wertz
    Brandon Wertz 5 days ago +1


  • Evert van Ingen
    Evert van Ingen 5 days ago

    2:06 Ooh
    2:15 Ohw
    2:48 OOOH
    3:03 OOOOH!
    3:53 Woohw
    3:56 OOoWAAH!
    4:39 Ooh
    4:51 WOooh!
    6:08 OOH!... OOOOOOH!
    6:34 WOOO, OOH!
    7:18 Oooh wow!
    9:09 (When it slips in there) Woh!!
    9:26 WOOooh!
    12:44 Oooh!

  • drink me
    drink me 6 days ago

    Americans say Ight bet British say lets

  • christopher king
    christopher king 7 days ago

    Or bon bons?

  • christopher king
    christopher king 7 days ago


  • owen walsh
    owen walsh 7 days ago

    kids in Africa could have eaten those fruits, shame on you

  • Alex Goodwin
    Alex Goodwin 8 days ago +1


  • Taylor Wayland
    Taylor Wayland 8 days ago

    I feel like I'm not the first person to say... You could of gotten whoppers

  • Frankie Padilla
    Frankie Padilla 8 days ago

    The ping pong bat was all ready indented did you make it weaker?

  • Danny Dadog
    Danny Dadog 9 days ago

    it's well more fun to make junk out of junk food than to gob it!
    ¡Go Maltesers¡!
    (never heard of
    Whoppers here in EU)

  • Raxes !
    Raxes ! 9 days ago

    Boring, i though it would be just air, not am projectile

  • Zote the mighty
    Zote the mighty 9 days ago

    So this with a jawbreaker 😂

  • H.I.D gamer
    H.I.D gamer 10 days ago

    can you shoot one in my mouth please ...maybe not...;-;

  • Octopod889 YT
    Octopod889 YT 10 days ago

    Can we please see this come back but using copper b.b. gun ammo as an ammunition instead

  • lukas ttl
    lukas ttl 11 days ago

    u should do this underwater

  • Paul Riddoch
    Paul Riddoch 12 days ago

    Always cool but.... I would like to see how much of the damage is caused buy the candy without the air. Achieving this you would just move the target several feet away from the tip of the gun... also on this video a control shot without candy so see if the air had any affect on the watermelon.... I have a feeling most of the “explosion” of the watermelon was from the air entering the hole from the candy.

  • The Derp
    The Derp 13 days ago

    Instead of filling it with air, you could put in Hydrogen, and put a candle in front of it. Like if you agree

  • WandA Atkins
    WandA Atkins 14 days ago


  • Zachariah Smith
    Zachariah Smith 15 days ago


  • Keylime Kreations
    Keylime Kreations 16 days ago

    APM: armor piercing malteser.

  • Mzn T
    Mzn T 16 days ago

    That bit at the end about Maltesers going on a plane makes you better understand how fascinatingly fast plane flights are. Think about it... in a plane you're moving at a similar rate to that Malteser leaving the barrel :O

  • Rich H
    Rich H 17 days ago

    No Maltese were harmed during this production!

  • Rizz Khan
    Rizz Khan 17 days ago

    Pause at 6:34

  • Speedfly1
    Speedfly1 19 days ago

    Most of the spred you get is the air/wind, you should move the object away, so its only the maltis hitting.

  • Jan Christian Frodahl
    Jan Christian Frodahl 19 days ago

    As if the maltesers did any of the damage..

  • Slone Smart
    Slone Smart 20 days ago

    North Korea is testing their new anti-material rifle

  • 1974UTuber
    1974UTuber 20 days ago

    So that last experiment showing the dropped and shot Maltesers was a great reference.
    You virtually invented your own speed measurement. If it shot right up the tube at the time it takes 1 Malteser to fall one Maltesers length then how fast was it's speed in Maltesers?

  • Marc Simmons, EdD
    Marc Simmons, EdD 20 days ago

    A whopper against oobleck

  • tgin ty
    tgin ty 20 days ago

    tasty destruction

  • 1977Harrier
    1977Harrier 20 days ago

    Many maltesers died to bring us this information.

  • Soldatsmoonsong
    Soldatsmoonsong 21 day ago

    I honestly think most of the damage was done from the gas impacting after the malt teaser. More distance from the end of the barrel would reduce the air impact on the target and get more of the impact of the candy.

  • Ark Files
    Ark Files 21 day ago

    Wai you destroy spongebob's HOUSE!!!!

  • absentjake123
    absentjake123 21 day ago

    im now officially terrified of malteasers.

  • izjusme izonlyme
    izjusme izonlyme 21 day ago

    0_o how did thy survive without malteasers for so long. Americans are crazy

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 22 days ago

    Have 2 collide midair

  • Graceful butterfly
    Graceful butterfly 22 days ago

    Is this legal????

  • Mike Hampl
    Mike Hampl 22 days ago

    12:45 that sound 😍

  • Xena Lee
    Xena Lee 23 days ago


  • Znobyrd
    Znobyrd 23 days ago

    You guys are crazy... but some of the most fun on USclip :)

  • Mark Feltham-Rickard
    Mark Feltham-Rickard 23 days ago

    Surely, with the items being so close the the front of the air gun, some of the damage is caused by the compressed air.
    Try it again but have the target further from the gun.

  • konpaktu
    konpaktu 23 days ago

    1.3K chicken nuggets lovers didn't like the videos

  • TheLoneCabbage
    TheLoneCabbage 23 days ago +18

    Coroner : So... we've found a Malteser in the wound.
    Detective : A what?
    Coroner : A Malteser, sir.

  • Mr. CulManGuy
    Mr. CulManGuy 23 days ago

    try putting Nokia 3310 😂🤯

  • ThinkAboutItMan,InACosmicSortaWayWeAreAllAssholes

    When dan said gas the tube I thought he said gas the jew.

  • Breadish And Buttery
    Breadish And Buttery 24 days ago

    America has what's called a whopper

  • Ireland
    Ireland 24 days ago

    Looks like spongebob needs a new house

  • Basti lool
    Basti lool 24 days ago

    8:06 thats the german flag 🇩🇪

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 24 days ago

    "Oooaaahhhhahhhghghhhhh" *moaning*

  • Tobes DR
    Tobes DR 24 days ago

    This made me want a Malteser

  • thegunslinger2 gaming
    thegunslinger2 gaming 24 days ago

    8:18 it looks like you have entered the dimension of the bad guy in doctor strange

  • Maani W
    Maani W 25 days ago

    Pause at 6:33 it may just be the air but it look like it’s rigged but I dunno

  • MADDOG the PC Gamer
    MADDOG the PC Gamer 25 days ago

    now imagine something metal, the size of a building going the speed of light, impacting something size of a moon? *yes im referring to TLJ*

  • Jeff Zhuang
    Jeff Zhuang 25 days ago

    At 3:54, you could see all the three most common states of matter taught in elementary/middle school.

  • Leo Araiza
    Leo Araiza 25 days ago

    love the shattering sound 10:54

  • louis hemblen
    louis hemblen 25 days ago

    The army should use this just imagine destroying a ship with ... malteasers

  • DrewFC 1601
    DrewFC 1601 25 days ago

    what are Maltesers?

  • Big gamers World
    Big gamers World 26 days ago

    Maybe try the gun long range

  • Can this channel Get 100 subs without any videos

    One of these days the Maltesers will collapse into themself and create a black hole

  • Coffee Creamer
    Coffee Creamer 26 days ago

    Malteser vs ooblek

  • Chris Fleischmann
    Chris Fleischmann 26 days ago

    8:16 is like the elevator scene in The Shining (Stanley Kubrick version)!

  • dean Mayfield
    dean Mayfield 26 days ago

    The question - How does something as light as a malteser do that to a watermelon? The answer - It doesn't. what does do that to the watermelon is the air volume entering the hole made by the malteser over inflating the watermelon like a balloon holding a tornado.

  • Mr Sealio
    Mr Sealio 27 days ago

    When Gav said the only way for a human to do that much damage would be to use a sledgehammer, I thought hmm... Then I had an image of a human coming out of a cannon at 900 feet per second and hitting a watermelon.

    • Mr Sealio
      Mr Sealio 27 days ago

      Dan not Gav sorry about that..

  • Lieutenant Testicles
    Lieutenant Testicles 27 days ago +2

    1:05 Less than 1% of the population know what the Venturi Effect is

  • Khazuki
    Khazuki 27 days ago

    Should have shot one into a cinder block or a brick

  • 70XoniD Koro olf
    70XoniD Koro olf 27 days ago

    8:08 to 8:09 is like a mouth i just thought about it after a year i just now saw that

  • Yousef Albasir
    Yousef Albasir 27 days ago

    *Explosion* "OGHGHGHGH!!!!"

  • M Aj E S T iK
    M Aj E S T iK 27 days ago

    Look carefully at the ping-pong bat it looks like its been tampered with there is a round mark on it all ready

  • Erigub
    Erigub 28 days ago

    Why peoples are buying guns?? They just need maltesers!

  • Nathan McGill 79
    Nathan McGill 79 28 days ago

    I want to see this vs a zgb head .

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro 28 days ago

    Why must destruction feel so beautiful? I'm starting to think that, if the world were to end in an explosion, we would just watch in awe.

  • Anime is Life
    Anime is Life 28 days ago


  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose 29 days ago

    i was watching this on mute right and when you turned the pineapple around i spat out my drink xD

  • Twig 46
    Twig 46 29 days ago

    goddammit now i want some maltteasers.

  • Free Bird 1992
    Free Bird 1992 29 days ago

    try oobleck please

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore 29 days ago

    Shoot a mar teeser into jelly

  • Mankill Hunter
    Mankill Hunter Month ago

    They should just put molteesers in the army as bullets

  • allcomando lol
    allcomando lol Month ago

    u could of used helium

  • BlakeKevin Gaming
    BlakeKevin Gaming Month ago

    science is beautiful