I'm An American Girl Doll?!

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • I can't believe they made me into a doll!
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    -2 cups flour
    -4 teaspoons baking powder
    -2 tablespoons sugar
    -1/2 teaspoon salt
    -1/2 cup shortening
    -3/4 cup milk
    -1/2 cup jelly or jam
    I had so much fun #Baking these delicious jelly #Cookies! They are super fun and #Easy to make.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  Month ago +3422

    Hi everyone! I cant believe they sent me a custom American Girl doll that looks just like me! What are you doing this weekend? 😊💕

    • Mess Around Town
      Mess Around Town 13 hours ago

      I have the Samantha Stories from the first to the last I love them

    • Reese and Friends
      Reese and Friends 17 hours ago

      Rosanna Pansino hi Ro I love you and I feel like they should have made one like you 💝!!! I think you should make a video we’re you make a cupcake only using the oven and American girl cooking items! And of course you ingredients!!!!

    • kiki meme
      kiki meme 21 hour ago

      I subscribed

    • XxXItz_AlexandraWolfiePlayzXxX
      XxXItz_AlexandraWolfiePlayzXxX 2 days ago


    • TwilightMoonGaming Forever
      TwilightMoonGaming Forever 4 days ago

      Next Week I'm goin to big surf maybe goin swimming this weekend!

  • Madison Fowler
    Madison Fowler 4 hours ago

    Ro: I’m even going to be using the same tools as them
    Me: No different cutter lol

  • Andrea Villalobos
    Andrea Villalobos 4 hours ago +1

    Do mini cooking with the mini mixing bowl and spachula please😫🙏🙏💓

  • millerwolf0
    millerwolf0 5 hours ago

    My niece loves watching your videos everyday I see her watching your videos

  • Abe Olivares
    Abe Olivares 7 hours ago


  • Snuffle-uffle3
    Snuffle-uffle3 8 hours ago

    Your videos are so entertaining and fun I love your American girl videos please make more 🙂😀😃

  • S Ashley
    S Ashley 16 hours ago

    Samantha is my name!!!!!!!!!😲😲😲😲

  • Danielle Castro
    Danielle Castro 17 hours ago

    Ro!!! Your so cute in that outfit! Your persobality is so cute and funny, i love you!!!

  • The Imagination Gang
    The Imagination Gang 19 hours ago

    I swear Ro is so pure 😊😂

  • btsismycupoftae BTS

    Her reaction is just so cuteee I can't ☺️☺️☺️

  • Hot Potato
    Hot Potato Day ago

    I love Rosanna and I love American girl doll too so the is perfect😍😍😍

  • Izzy beach
    Izzy beach Day ago

    Nothing much

  • Hope Tapia
    Hope Tapia Day ago

    Me to I love it my dad. Accidentally bought raspberry and I fell in love

  • Acelia Hope
    Acelia Hope Day ago

    7:49 Mhm, Me too.

  • Delilah Scholl09

    Lets just say that Ro can relate to every American Girl Doll

  • Adan Olivorio
    Adan Olivorio Day ago

    I have a American girl doll too

  • SupaNovieDolls
    SupaNovieDolls Day ago

    too cool! I'm giving away Samantha doll on my channel 💖

  • Stinky pinky Tv
    Stinky pinky Tv Day ago

    Can I plz plz plz get a Ag doll that looks like you

  • Hoor Al tamimi
    Hoor Al tamimi Day ago

    I had a simantha but she was hunted

  • Amy Valdez
    Amy Valdez Day ago +1


  • Chuckles Downer
    Chuckles Downer Day ago

    i saw samatha in a american girl magazene

  • crystal potato_cloe

    the jelly biscuit is called dewberry

  • Yessica Silva
    Yessica Silva 2 days ago

    I remember the video on Justine’s channel were you opened the so Xbox doll and you said that you wanted Ro&Justine dolls

  • Zeena Salous
    Zeena Salous 2 days ago

    I need food 🥘

  • katiecat calloway
    katiecat calloway 2 days ago

    why does she wear nice clothes to bake i dont see the point

  • Brittan Blume
    Brittan Blume 2 days ago

    I think One of my most relatable moments of Ro is 6:08 😂😂

  • Brittan Blume
    Brittan Blume 2 days ago

    I see what you did there Ro 😉😂

  • Isabella Hightower
    Isabella Hightower 2 days ago

    I love when she took out the American girl doll apron she held it up to herself 😄

  • Aleksia Guerrero
    Aleksia Guerrero 2 days ago

    You should go to the store so you can get little dogs that look like cookie and blueberry!

  • Aliliaixa
    Aliliaixa 2 days ago

    I hate the comments that are trying to get likes and I mean seriously she already has a lot of likes and btw you don’t get a prize anyway🙄😒

  • Crystle Presson
    Crystle Presson 2 days ago

    I actually have two American Girl dolls myself (one is Julie, the other is Molly, who isn't for sale anymore), and I actually wanted to get an American Girl baby (whatever those are called) but never got one. I still have Molly and Julie now. I don't want to get rid of either one, mostly the Molly doll since that one is gone for good at American Girl.

  • Sydney Miller
    Sydney Miller 2 days ago

    rosanna and mat pat would make suck a cute iconic couple!

  • Nyan Panda
    Nyan Panda 2 days ago +1

    Dude I HAD THE SAMANTHA AMERICAN GIRL DOLL BOOKS AS A KIIIIDDD!! I loved her story so much!! I freaked out when you started making the Jelly tart cookies because I remember one part where Samantha was watching ants eat a jelly cookie that was on the floor. Wow. The things I remember 😂

  • Sam Sesa
    Sam Sesa 2 days ago

    My name is Samantha so I am also an American girl doll I used to have bangs as well

  • Foxes' R Us
    Foxes' R Us 2 days ago

    Can I take that doll???? ;)

  • Ibuki Mioda27
    Ibuki Mioda27 2 days ago

    I loved this video it was so good and I love the American Girl Doll Samantha and I think it was AWESOME American Girl doll made you

  • Rebacowboytroy -Roblox and lots more!

    My name is Samantha 😀 this is cool!!!

  • Samantha Nicklin
    Samantha Nicklin 2 days ago

    I remember reading the Samantha books when I was little! I absolutely loved them. My grandma collected American Girl dolls and that was our hobby we shared together.
    AHHH I can't believe American Girl made a doll of you!!! That is amazing! I am over here crying. I am so excited for you and proud of you. T.T

  • ActualAspie _
    ActualAspie _ 2 days ago

    It stinks that you can’t buy this Rosanna doll, I would have totally bought one! Make it happen AG!

  • Ava Lauren Ponce
    Ava Lauren Ponce 2 days ago

    1:24 - 1:54 what I dreamed of when I was younger and was obsessed with American Girl dolls 😂

  • ElliannaGrey
    ElliannaGrey 2 days ago

    Anyone else think that Ro and Danielle Panabaker look kind of alike

  • Jamila Mikail
    Jamila Mikail 2 days ago

    I have 4 american girl dolls and having you be an American girl doll you inspire me and my bestie you remind me of grace

  • Marisol P
    Marisol P 2 days ago


  • SayItToMyFace
    SayItToMyFace 2 days ago

    Me having a phobia of dolls
    "Ah yes, a company making one of my favorite youtubers a doll, yes a great idea indeed"
    My friend watching next to me
    "Why are you so terrified of dolls? And why is your reaction being...a total retreat?"

  • Potatoエザーラ
    Potatoエザーラ 2 days ago +5

    Ro's reaction is literally me when I get an "A" in my exams without studying

  • Charlotte Stockman
    Charlotte Stockman 2 days ago

    I just love how happy you are

  • Unknown ¿?
    Unknown ¿? 3 days ago

    Ro’s reaction to the doll was just so genuine and sweet. It just made me smile

  • kk omg123
    kk omg123 3 days ago

    OMG I love ur vids and when u died in escape the night I was SOO sad

  • Matka Matejkova
    Matka Matejkova 3 days ago

    In Slovakia we make the jelly biscuits for christmas and they are called “linecké koláčiky” and i love them but not more tan you 💙

  • It's Ok!
    It's Ok! 3 days ago

    When Ro was trying to find a good accent I was dying
    I love your vid and your personality Ro!❣️❣️❤️💕💖

  • dorkylust
    dorkylust 3 days ago

    my biggest childhood dream was to get an american girl doll that looked like me congrats

  • Paelyn Gundy
    Paelyn Gundy 3 days ago

    I want that doll

  • Valerie Valor 116
    Valerie Valor 116 3 days ago

    Omg I can't! This video's too wholesome for me! XD

  • Sam Oliva
    Sam Oliva 3 days ago +1

    My name is Sam and “Samantha” is part of my full name

    PUPPY BOSS P 3 days ago +1

    The story about AG Ro and TRIGGERED Samantha
    Once apon a time there was a Rosanna ag gave her Samantha she was happy
    And then.............SHE SAW LITTLE RO........SHE WAS EVEN MORE HAPPY
    Little ro: *laughs at Samantha*
    Samantha: I HATE YOU rip samantha

    PUPPY BOSS P 3 days ago

    What about cookie? Lol

  • Gacha Girl 11
    Gacha Girl 11 3 days ago

    I have Molly and Samantha and I have miniature versions of both of them

  • Maria Stepaniouk
    Maria Stepaniouk 3 days ago +1

    Oh I’m a Canada girl
    (No hate)

  • Maggie_ queen
    Maggie_ queen 3 days ago


  • King of MGV
    King of MGV 3 days ago

    You I hope you live in escape the night all stars

  • Julio Wills
    Julio Wills 3 days ago

    Can you do more american girl doll videos

  • Jennifer Inclan
    Jennifer Inclan 3 days ago

    I’m doing nothing

  • Jane Ellerington
    Jane Ellerington 3 days ago

    Can you please do more recipes out of this book❤💛💚❤💛💚💙💜💙💜

  • Maren’s World
    Maren’s World 3 days ago

    I want an American girl doll that looks like me

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean 3 days ago

    We had Canadian girl dolls I don't think they make them anymore though.

  • sister shook
    sister shook 3 days ago

    omg to you are so cute and pretty,you are my insparation, you are the reason I want to be a baker when I grow up ,thank you for making my say better ,and making my world sweeter

  • Mia diaryinparadise
    Mia diaryinparadise 3 days ago

    okay but where is ro’s outfit from

  • Lilah Davidson
    Lilah Davidson 3 days ago

    I have nine American girl dolls I have Samantha Molly Felicity Addy kit Two old look like Marryelen Grace Thomas

    • Lilah Davidson
      Lilah Davidson 3 days ago

      I have the old Samantha in old Felicity because Felicity and Samantha are new were also you have new Samantha

  • Molly H
    Molly H 3 days ago

    OMG it's so nice to see you so happy I love the outfit on the doll my little sisters birthday is coming up soon I'm so going to do these cookies thanks so much Rossanna from your number one fan molly P.S I'm going to mayo In Ireland this weekend please do another video with James Charles

  • That One Tree
    That One Tree 3 days ago

    Oh my word this video is just adorable! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sophia L
    Sophia L 4 days ago

    Omg Rosanna I have the same doll! Twinses

  • mc chicken
    mc chicken 4 days ago

    seeing Ro so happy made me feel happy too?? like seeing her being so excited made me also excited???

  • Sandra Herrera
    Sandra Herrera 4 days ago

    What’s the name of your baking line

  • Trevor Thomason
    Trevor Thomason 4 days ago

    Roe has cat like reflecxes

  • sheena B
    sheena B 4 days ago


  • Piper Seely
    Piper Seely 4 days ago +2

    Has anyone else been watching Ro on Nerdy Nummies since 2013?

    just me? okay...

  • Alyssa Barte
    Alyssa Barte 4 days ago

    If your a Filipino you know the Dewberry biscuit it's similar to the one ro made but with ising inside

  • Rory Triscuit
    Rory Triscuit 4 days ago

    Came here for the reaction. Not my kinda channel but I loooooved American Girls growing up. You're adorable. ^____^ This makes me so happy.

  • Mini Gacha
    Mini Gacha 4 days ago

    I thought the thumb nail said this is me!
    So i started to sing this is me -w-

  • Ruby Wood
    Ruby Wood 4 days ago +1

    Where do i get this doll?!?! Love ya Ro ♡

  • Anxious Coffee
    Anxious Coffee 4 days ago

    Ro................ Have you never watched a horror movie or coraline creepy you as a doll is never good

  • Asteroid Dust
    Asteroid Dust 4 days ago

    You made jammy dogers! Yum!

  • Unicorn Power
    Unicorn Power 4 days ago +6

    How many times she said “ I’M AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!!!”

  • zlimy gacha girl
    zlimy gacha girl 4 days ago

    Her reaction is exactly like me

  • Alaina Carroll
    Alaina Carroll 4 days ago

    I want one but I'm poor

  • Randall Combs
    Randall Combs 4 days ago

    I have 2

  • Randall Combs
    Randall Combs 4 days ago

    I love American girl

  • brooklyn malert
    brooklyn malert 4 days ago +2

    I have Samantha cause she looks just like me lol

  • Ellie Donachie
    Ellie Donachie 4 days ago

    In the UK we have jelly biscuits bu t the jam is shaped like a heart and they are called jammy dodgers

  • Miss Rhiannon
    Miss Rhiannon 4 days ago

    Sis I am LIVING for your outfit!

  • Macie Ann
    Macie Ann 4 days ago +1

    OMG Rosanna i'm so happy for you i'm probably your #1 fan and would love to have that doll i sent you fan mail but you never replied. I really hope i could meet you one day!

  • Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia 4 days ago

    haha i love her excitement

  • Allison Prall
    Allison Prall 4 days ago

    You should try making any sugar-free recipes love you ro

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 4 days ago +1

    This is how I love Ro😻

  • Potato Gaming
    Potato Gaming 4 days ago +2

    I loved this 😘

  • Gacha Nicole
    Gacha Nicole 4 days ago +1

    Lol there’s a American girl doll that has the same name as me and looks like me

  • gladys careyn galia
    gladys careyn galia 4 days ago

    1:19 This is the same face she made when Teala died in a challenge versus her :c

  • CelestiaSun 101
    CelestiaSun 101 4 days ago

    I want a ro doll too!!

  • Cheyenneyang0218 Jayshua1

    Again pls

  • patricia mcnamara
    patricia mcnamara 5 days ago

    Something tells me it's scripted