Raft Survival Game - Part 3: Exploring an Island!


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  • Danny Kraemer
    Danny Kraemer 9 months ago +77

    I'm really liking this so far, lets have this turn into a long running series :)

    • Blake Webster
      Blake Webster 9 months ago

      Darius I know I was cringing lol

    • crabtronable
      crabtronable 9 months ago

      PartiallyRoyal you definitely need the nets. They will allow you to collect stuff passively as you go over them

    • Davedk90
      Davedk90 9 months ago

      keep it up. to bad i am yelling of you a lot ... like the axe you skip over 3 time. you'r undersatding of research. and så on
      you can caft a axe in you'r invitory.
      research table you need to put in leaf, planks, rope and so on.
      painting. you can paint all things whit the brus.
      collector you can put in front of you'r raft to collect.
      x = remove = things go into you'r invitory
      srry for my bad english keep up the good work :P

    • PartiallyRoyal
      PartiallyRoyal  9 months ago +2

      I'll check it out!

    • Donkerton
      Donkerton 9 months ago +2

      just like you did with the blue prints on the reasearch table, put the items into the box so you can learn everything then you will be able to craft, nets, axes, and upgrades for the raft etc.

  • Sj Allen
    Sj Allen 4 months ago

    “I wish there was an axe”-passed axe like 4 times

  • Justin Stange
    Justin Stange 6 months ago

    you should continue the series

    SAVAGE SAVAGE 6 months ago +1

    He is latterly blind when it comes to finding anything exspecialy an axe like if you agree

  • Benjamin Kepner
    Benjamin Kepner 7 months ago

    did anyone else just look at him with disappointment as he was looking for the axe?

  • Moo Moo Matrix
    Moo Moo Matrix 7 months ago

    I want to remove the research table.
    I want to craft another one.
    WHAT XD!

  • D Wall
    D Wall 8 months ago

    He used an anchor when he didn’t need one for that raft when I watched it I wanted to scream

  • veerendra thakur
    veerendra thakur 8 months ago

    You can go down to reef and लूट copper

  • roses_are_rosie
    roses_are_rosie 8 months ago

    753,000th subscriber.

  • Wade Bergstrom
    Wade Bergstrom 8 months ago

    Shark bait ohaha

  • KaiserXIII
    KaiserXIII 8 months ago

    Will you take some time and look around everywhere before you say things like there being no nets or axes you spazz? xD

  • Andy Arcari
    Andy Arcari 8 months ago

    When the shark bit him I hit my knee on my desk!!!😣

  • Franchesca Wyette
    Franchesca Wyette 8 months ago

    21:22 what was that sound?

  • Franchesca Wyette
    Franchesca Wyette 8 months ago +1

    Royal: is there an axe for the trees?
    As he continuous to miss it

  • Eric Grafton
    Eric Grafton 8 months ago

    LoL, he passed over the axe 3 times... "I guess we don't have it."

  • ThatProGamer Aidun
    ThatProGamer Aidun 8 months ago

    I like you, I found you when I first figured out about the forest and I really enjoyed your series on that, then I watched the first episode of State of Decay 2 didn't like it as much, but then I found this! You are very funny person and I like how you are just retarded when you try to be funny, you are a very layed back youtuber and that's what I mostly enjoy about you, your my new favorite youtuber, keep it up!

  • 24Kpineapple
    24Kpineapple 8 months ago +2

    Shark meat?

    • irish hound13
      irish hound13 8 months ago

      24Kpineapple right I was just like yup ok ignore the package on the ground there bud, definitely not gonna lose your shark meat. observation is not royals strong suit. Maybe he just gets to excited.

  • IaIaCthulhuFtagn
    IaIaCthulhuFtagn 8 months ago

    Lol looking dead at a picture of an axe at the top of his crafting menu and says nope no axe.

  • Evie Unicorn
    Evie Unicorn 8 months ago

    Alex look in ur weapons the top weapon is a axe like bruh!!!!!!!!! 0*0

  • Kid Drummer
    Kid Drummer 8 months ago

    There is an axe and you don’t need a anchor to check out a raft

  • Green Forest
    Green Forest 8 months ago

    Building a stupid research bench is dumb coming from the dumbass that does not try anything

  • Green Forest
    Green Forest 8 months ago

    You are stupid

  • Green Forest
    Green Forest 8 months ago

    Your fucking blind

  • galxey girl
    galxey girl 8 months ago

    There was a axe

  • ZeroPlayyys
    ZeroPlayyys 9 months ago


  • ZeroPlayyys
    ZeroPlayyys 9 months ago


  • Sir Cinnomin
    Sir Cinnomin 9 months ago

    Wheres lava girl

  • alilbzo -brawlstars
    alilbzo -brawlstars 9 months ago +1

    I think axe can break the tree

  • TveiT
    TveiT 9 months ago

    It was so irritating when his mouse was basicly on the axe, but he didnt notice it

  • WelshH4wk
    WelshH4wk 9 months ago

    Anyone know if this is on or coming out for xbox?

  • Erik Mucks
    Erik Mucks 9 months ago

    Love this game. Tip: Try to kill the Seagull with your speed for meat

  • RandomAttire
    RandomAttire 9 months ago

    Royal you're cool and all but you might be the least aware person on earth and it makes it so hard to watch you sometimes

  • My Name
    My Name 9 months ago

    Im annoyed that your so blind... ffs look where your cursor is

  • Avery S
    Avery S 9 months ago

    Royal the net is in the research table

  • The Youngs
    The Youngs 9 months ago +1

    I got kinda angry when he didn’t notice the axe...


    you should put a roof on top of your crops

  • angelsandfaes
    angelsandfaes 9 months ago

    acckkkkkkk I know I am not caught up on watching all these but axe is at the top of the tools section. ugh lol

  • Arifin Pipin
    Arifin Pipin 9 months ago

    Its part 3 still he cant figure it out how to chop the tree zz.. Axe is no 1 in tools panel.. Im like wtf he got four eyes still cant see it

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang 9 months ago

    who else facepalmed when he said there is no axe but he was looking at it in the crafting menu xD

  • Random sick Boon
    Random sick Boon 9 months ago

    I have notifications on but I don’t click on it I just go to ur channel

  • darvark gaming
    darvark gaming 9 months ago

    I saw you look right pass the axe when you said you needed it

  • Vicent Alemany
    Vicent Alemany 9 months ago

    i see the net in the research table dude!!!! go for it :)

    MASTER OF GAMING 9 months ago

    Have u ever had tuna and salmon

  • MegaJellybean95
    MegaJellybean95 9 months ago

    i love this plz start it again

  • Kelvin Vranken
    Kelvin Vranken 9 months ago

    You are blind 😂😂

  • longbeakpro
    longbeakpro 9 months ago

    Also, you can kill seagulls.

  • Ltu 100
    Ltu 100 9 months ago

    Research scarp, rope, palm leaves, nails, and other things to learn new stuff to craft. Enjoying the series my guy we need more. Also you can fish anywhere.

    • Ltu 100
      Ltu 100 9 months ago

      Also when you remove something that isn’t usable once you get it back

  • Phani Nandan
    Phani Nandan 9 months ago

    U need the axe to cut the trees

  • Nasar Ahmed
    Nasar Ahmed 9 months ago

    You need a axe to cut tree s

  • Josh McCubbin
    Josh McCubbin 9 months ago

    There is an axe in tools!

  • raquis the leada of the lobby

    you need a axe to chop down the mango's and coconut tree's

  • Sam Sangha
    Sam Sangha 9 months ago

    You should make research table because if you place 1 of each item in there to research you could learn new stuff and craft it.

  • Coupe420
    Coupe420 9 months ago

    I hope someone already told you that you dont need blueprints for the research station. Just put any item in it and it will unlock things.

    ARX_ISNRENO ttv 9 months ago

    There’s an axe right next to the spear

  • DimmestShelf63
    DimmestShelf63 9 months ago +1

    Thats not Sam u killed Sam that's Bruce :P

  • Lewis T
    Lewis T 9 months ago

    You can make an axe...

  • EA
    EA 9 months ago

    just look carefully

  • EA
    EA 9 months ago

    there is an axe in ur crafting menu

  • Tijl Smeets
    Tijl Smeets 9 months ago

    There is a axe retard

  • valags
    valags 9 months ago

    I saw there was only 3 episodes and i got so scared he had abandoned this lets play but then i saw the upload date and the relief i felt was larger than the sun

  • Lyndhon Iguban
    Lyndhon Iguban 9 months ago

    You need to research the net in the research bench... put some rope on the slot in the research bench

  • bnkingspartan
    bnkingspartan 9 months ago

    You can keep stabbing him to get meat

  • KillerDemon
    KillerDemon 9 months ago

    Ok got to say this Love the game play but your blind one there is an axe u passes over it multiple times and two love the gameplay

  • Lyndhon Iguban
    Lyndhon Iguban 9 months ago

    Put the items in the slot in the research table to activate the tools/item that is still grayed out. It will activate it and you will able to craft them

  • nikoloz amiranashvili
    nikoloz amiranashvili 9 months ago

    are you blind

  • Google User
    Google User 9 months ago

    Someone pls tell me where can this be downloaded.. :(

  • Aqua 51830
    Aqua 51830 9 months ago


  • Altair Ibn-La Ahad
    Altair Ibn-La Ahad 9 months ago


  • Talon Bloodmoon
    Talon Bloodmoon 9 months ago

    percentage of the comment section
    10%= tips about the game or a random comment
    90%=saying that the axe is the first tool in the tool section

  • Cedric Macahilas
    Cedric Macahilas 9 months ago

    come one read the comments people are trying to help you but you dont notice them are you blind man? you were looking for an ax but you dint saw it, all of us saw it

  • james young
    james young 9 months ago

    research the basic items to unlock new one in the research table

  • Francesco Spycher
    Francesco Spycher 9 months ago

    what is the shark bait for ? are you able you lure him away with it or are you go on to hunt him down or spear him to death? This is actually a very nice robinson on the sea game .

  • boofaloo aloo
    boofaloo aloo 9 months ago

    That awkward moment when you're the only youtuber playing raft that doesn't know how too build nets......................

  • kenny lam
    kenny lam 9 months ago

    The Axe is in your crafting menu, You use the axe to chop down trees on the island giving you the fruit along with wood. Also place stuff into you research table to research stuff, eg place rope or rock etc in the single slot of the research table and use it for research, note that you will lose the item after researching it.

  • Lorenzo Varisco
    Lorenzo Varisco 9 months ago

    There's a Axe in the tools section. Its the first tool

  • hero star
    hero star 9 months ago

    You can loot rafts without encore

  • hero star
    hero star 9 months ago

    Watch starsnipe's videos on this game and learn

  • Kyren Hilleryshaw
    Kyren Hilleryshaw 9 months ago

    You need a axe to cut down the trees

  • Invicible Gaming
    Invicible Gaming 9 months ago

    Lol the first item in tools was an axe -_-

  • NOBZz
    NOBZz 9 months ago

    Stupid research table😂😂

  • Damo w
    Damo w 9 months ago

    you have to research all the stuff u get to unlock all of the new gear

  • Gary Bromiley
    Gary Bromiley 9 months ago

    Jarod research palm in the research table you find something you would like there

  • JackGoesViral
    JackGoesViral 9 months ago

    You should start to make nets

  • Dániel Magyar
    Dániel Magyar 9 months ago

    Wow guys it would be great to have an axe ingame. What do you think ?

  • Reven MacLeod
    Reven MacLeod 9 months ago

    I wish there was more variation to the world gen, you habe run into the exact same islands and rafts that Blitz has.

  • Brenden Pedersen
    Brenden Pedersen 9 months ago

    There is an axe

  • Daniel Ames
    Daniel Ames 9 months ago

    The axe is the first item in tools. You literally can't be that blind. U placed your mouse over it several times.

  • English Muffin
    English Muffin 9 months ago


  • Dalton Collins
    Dalton Collins 9 months ago

    Also, name the shark "Suzi"

  • RedDeadGamer
    RedDeadGamer 9 months ago

    Royal can you start paying more attention to your crafting menus. I hate when you skip over what your looking for multiple times

  • Dalton Collins
    Dalton Collins 9 months ago

    Build the research table, put rope in the slot, then press research, then do the same with a plank, and scroll until you see "Collection Net"

  • Williams _021
    Williams _021 9 months ago

    There is a axe you can make

  • Williams _021
    Williams _021 9 months ago

    There is a axe you can make

  • dajack 101
    dajack 101 9 months ago

    You can get stuff in under island

  • Brian Forbes
    Brian Forbes 9 months ago +2

    Throw rope, nails and wood into your research bench to unlock the nets. You already have the blueprint.

  • Williams _021
    Williams _021 9 months ago

    Make a hatchet to chop trees maybe

  • King Rennis
    King Rennis 9 months ago

    Royal just slow down and take your time when you are looking for something

  • Zeroballstic
    Zeroballstic 9 months ago

    Can build an axe it’s the first thing u can build in tools

  • Jonathan Kanyavong
    Jonathan Kanyavong 9 months ago

    Adding a single item to the research bench that you unlock more knowledge to learn new items

  • David Dubchak
    David Dubchak 9 months ago

    So are there no nets ?