House Party: Wildest Party Ever - PART 1 - Game Grumps

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • Let's get this party started.
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Comments • 2 211

  • Jasmine Rodriguez
    Jasmine Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Fix your House Party playlist you fucking psychos

  • ThatCunt Nancy
    ThatCunt Nancy 6 days ago


  • LiamChaun
    LiamChaun 7 days ago +1

    That house is the same as that one horror game Dashie played

  • 42
    42 8 days ago


  • PokeFarmer 13 bishop
    PokeFarmer 13 bishop 10 days ago

    New drinking game every time he gets hypnotized take a shot

  • Dubious Deliquite
    Dubious Deliquite 10 days ago

    Ah little did our young heros know of the great adventure ahead of them on their quest, so young they where

  • twoOFspades
    twoOFspades 11 days ago

    why is the party inside the walmart version of the old cow chop house

  • Cyper Fox
    Cyper Fox 12 days ago

    No Frank is Mr. Super clean


  • Eli _inkpen._
    Eli _inkpen._ 14 days ago

    Haha! "Do you know where i can find a douchebag? Oh wait nvm" i love that

  • gargoyles9999
    gargoyles9999 15 days ago

    And now the Grumps will be in the game

  • kakti
    kakti 16 days ago +1

    *oh god*

  • Declan Porter
    Declan Porter 16 days ago

    9:19 tho 😂

  • elementsxalign
    elementsxalign 20 days ago

    LOL I realized the house décor is the same as that game House Flipper.

  • Stay puft Vlogs
    Stay puft Vlogs 20 days ago

    I don’t know why but I think Kevin Mcallister from home alone would love to be at this party

  • Madison Mills
    Madison Mills 22 days ago

    I need a compilation of arin doing the werid painting sounds

  • Chocolatedeer 101
    Chocolatedeer 101 22 days ago

    1:44 Dead sound


  • DESTROYER13418
    DESTROYER13418 24 days ago

    12:18 "we have to do 4 episodes of this". 20 episodes later...

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 25 days ago +1

    Ahhhh rewatching House Party is the best

  • Derick alcorta
    Derick alcorta 25 days ago

    so... i got really high and decided to watch old game grumps ive never seen ... my name is Derick... this is the fucken weirdest experience to be really high with famous people yelling your name... lol

  • Meh
    Meh 25 days ago

    They said 4 episodes...
    Ended up with 20.
    Still not enough though.

  • Aery Ross
    Aery Ross 26 days ago

    My favorite is how Dan says "only 4 more of these" *looks down at playlist* 15 EPISODES LATER...

  • Justindor The Wonder Wizard

    Hey doooood comin back again for another adventure doooooood

  • Alexander Peterson
    Alexander Peterson 26 days ago

    After Arin talked to Amy, he looked to his left and saw Stephanie getting down low. I laughed so hard

  • Jacob Suarez
    Jacob Suarez 26 days ago

    Dan: "We gotta do four"
    *20 episodes later*

  • CringeFramesTNM
    CringeFramesTNM 27 days ago

    "Dare i saw four episodes"
    Thats the best joke yet

  • Rockettospace
    Rockettospace 29 days ago

    Anyone else notice that some, maybe even most of the furniture in this game uses the same assets at the game house flipper.

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M Month ago +1

    Dan: We got to do 4 episodes of this
    “Makes 20 episodes”

  • MadBunny1010
    MadBunny1010 Month ago


  • Ooo o
    Ooo o Month ago

    The obviousness of the set-ups/movements and the weird quality of everything makes this so godamn funny

  • Jack Reynolds
    Jack Reynolds Month ago

    And then they made 19 more episodes

  • Zoe DePaul
    Zoe DePaul Month ago


  • Mar's Bananana Shenanigans


  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young Month ago

    I forgot to watch this entire playthrough today.

  • Jyoung850
    Jyoung850 Month ago

    sober and not interested. let the good time roll

  • Where the Fucknut is my Gun?!

    Arin: "It's Brittany"
    Dan: "bitch"
    I almost spit out my soda

  • Zebricord 3234
    Zebricord 3234 Month ago

    “4 episodes”

  • Phoenix The dutchie

    Ahem and I quote dare I say we need to do 4 episodes of this

  • Coco
    Coco Month ago


  • Coco
    Coco Month ago

    I feel lame cause I had to Google what "whip-its" are right after the episode.

  • Zombiewizard
    Zombiewizard Month ago

    Dang this episode is B.F. Before frank

  • Christy
    Christy Month ago

    One episode in and I'm already glad I started watching this

  • MeMyselfandThatGuy
    MeMyselfandThatGuy Month ago

    what the feck was 2:41?

  • Cubby Dubby
    Cubby Dubby Month ago

    Bloonshop reference... I like.

  • Kris runeDelta
    Kris runeDelta Month ago

    Hey, I know that house! I saw it in a different game. I think it was called "Saori Sato" or something.

  • Adam Block
    Adam Block Month ago

    4 episodes huh. That worked out how Dan wanted lol

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    I love that the hypnosis joke starts right from the beginning XD

  • Le plus grand bâtard hypocrite

    I wish this game was a kind of semi self aware dating game here the text would just keep going until you couldn't see it.

  • CurtRichy
    CurtRichy Month ago +2

    "We're gonna do 4 episodes of this"

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    Can you date Derek? He seems super nice.

  • yeet god
    yeet god Month ago

    Danny: we have to do four episodes
    Arin: four?
    Danny: yes four.
    Arin: oh ok.
    Danny: does 20 episodes like a boss

  • Squidward297
    Squidward297 Month ago

    :30 yes lawd

  • ObservantImp91
    ObservantImp91 Month ago +2

    The cowchop house before they got kicked out

  • Kickback
    Kickback Month ago

    Play the Playboy Mansion game, you cowards

  • Janie Horton
    Janie Horton Month ago

    You’re going to do four episodes they said...

  • spencer98881
    spencer98881 Month ago

    Am I the only one rewatching this and noticed that 90% of the furniture in the house is also in "house flipper"

  • Derek Wiedenheft
    Derek Wiedenheft Month ago

    4 episodes haha how about 20, and with the news of them as playable characters we're getting more and I can't wait.

  • Beemer
    Beemer Month ago

    Hold on.. Should I use that line?
    "I'll could help you! I'm great at finding things. I haven't lost my virginity in like, ever."

  • Gimmerstrike
    Gimmerstrike Month ago

    Heyyyyyy! They had a contest on what to add to the game. GUESS WHO THE FUCK WON THAT!?
    That's right. Game Grumps will be in House Party!

  • Minty McDreamy
    Minty McDreamy Month ago


  • Cydney King
    Cydney King Month ago

    Lowkey expecting someone to die.

  • Leo Sunshine
    Leo Sunshine Month ago

    4 episodes? More like 20 amirite

  • ann3tt
    ann3tt Month ago

    I'm crying laughing

  • Kase In Poopie
    Kase In Poopie Month ago

    Glad I lit my little ghost candle for a rewatch of this shitshow. This wonderful, beautiful shitshow. I’m glad he gets to die like this.

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane 2 months ago

    This is a house made in house building simulator I’m shook

  • MrVitalic85
    MrVitalic85 2 months ago

    I want that game ahahha

  • SnowyTheWolf
    SnowyTheWolf 2 months ago

    Those are indeed some tig old bitties

  • David Hue
    David Hue 2 months ago

    *Loves it after the first 2 minutes* "omg I hope there's more than 2 or 3 parts" *sees playlist* "YES"

  • KittyKake 44
    KittyKake 44 2 months ago +5

    Arin: Mom can I have money for 4 episodes of House Party?
    Arin's Mom:4 episodes? Okay.
    Arin: Actually makes 20 like a boss

  • Galaxy Animation
    Galaxy Animation 2 months ago

    Wow this was uploaded on my birthday while it was in Washington and this is one of my favorite games to watch people play what a coincidence thank you Granny crumbs for making my birthday even funnier than it already is

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 2 months ago

    Amy seems like the best girl in the game, and Rachel too, and maybe Catherine.😊🙂😉

    • Fairytalez
      Fairytalez 24 days ago

      Brittney is bae❤️👌🏻

  • Dropship Captain
    Dropship Captain 2 months ago

    Fxcking Hilarious!!!!!

  • Dropship Captain
    Dropship Captain 2 months ago

    Congratulations Boys!!!!!

  • popcorngoddess89
    popcorngoddess89 2 months ago

    I recognize some of those assets from a pc game called House Flipper. For example, the lifted bed with a desk under it, and the wall mounted tv with the blue menu screen.

  • Harry Potter Fan
    Harry Potter Fan 2 months ago

    I thought jontron was part of the game grumps

  • Ghostly1560
    Ghostly1560 2 months ago +2

    I played this during Early Access and lets just say a few things in this series weren't implemented in to the game yet

  • turdbreath1872
    turdbreath1872 2 months ago

    Hey, hows it goin dude? Finish a game for once to include Detroit::Become Human, Castlevania SotN, and House Party Orgy. I know that your a a busy group, and get thousands of requests a day, but based on the comments I've seen, it wouldn't hurt to return to these games because viewers love them. Shit I'd suck Franks dick to see these playthroughs.

  • MarvelSkywalker
    MarvelSkywalker 2 months ago

    do u know where I can find a douchebag oh nevermind I found one LOL

  • Bruce Bruce 420
    Bruce Bruce 420 2 months ago

    Why are ALL these gaming channels that have multiple men commentating it SO FUCKING IMMATURE? Is this a kids channel or a depressed teenager channel? Either way the content fucking sucks LOL> Stay small depressed faggots.

  • straaak
    straaak 2 months ago


  • Fangfangirl88
    Fangfangirl88 2 months ago

    I can't wait for you guys to bone yourselves once you get into the game!

  • GreenGhost Vlogger
    GreenGhost Vlogger 2 months ago

    Do you know where to find a douche bag? *Ah~ nevermind.*

  • GreenGhost Vlogger
    GreenGhost Vlogger 2 months ago

    I'm great at finding things. I havn't lost my virginity *in ever*

  • GreenGhost Vlogger
    GreenGhost Vlogger 2 months ago

    Domo origato me roboto

  • Kika Eddsworld
    Kika Eddsworld 3 months ago +1


  • Lavis Light demon
    Lavis Light demon 3 months ago

    Them: hello Ashley
    Me: hi!

  • icediamonds553
    icediamonds553 3 months ago

    Rewatching the series again cause I miss it 😂

  • Andrew Blaze
    Andrew Blaze 3 months ago

    Ashley Madison? How didn't they get that reference

  • Crystal Moonlight
    Crystal Moonlight 3 months ago

    Good times. Good times.

  • Conner The Jaystation fan

    3:06 what washer is complete without a dryer sitting next to it
    Here’s the real question
    What couple is complete without a girlfriend

  • kratal122
    kratal122 3 months ago

    While watching this video I had the sudden urge to- ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  • invalid Character
    invalid Character 3 months ago

    Tig ol bitties is a song

  • Hallo the Smolest Creepypasta Bean

    *I Am nOt gEtTinG lAiD uNleSs I hAvE A thErmoS!!*

  • Least_likely
    Least_likely 3 months ago

    Fuck I love their laughs

  • Hailey Lorentz
    Hailey Lorentz 3 months ago

    Its Britney

    I cant be the only one that laughed at that

  • dragonborn prime711
    dragonborn prime711 3 months ago

    Mtv reference Derrick Derrick hemal hmal

  • Noelic
    Noelic 3 months ago

    Does anyone know where the part that got animated from starts?

  • daniel tellez
    daniel tellez 3 months ago


  • KissMyAspergers
    KissMyAspergers 3 months ago

    *picks up a whiteboard marker and writes a big zero underneath "Days since Arin imitated a didgeridoo"*

    MOOFAMDEEZ 3 months ago

    NICE COAT!!!

  • mrtalkative91
    mrtalkative91 4 months ago

    "are you looking for your pants? you should find pants"