We Try the HOTTEST Weight Loss Products! - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • New Year. New You!
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    Dir/shot by Tucker ► www.tuckerprescott.com
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    Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►twitter.com/matthwatson
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► usclip.net/user/Egoraptor
    Danny ► usclip.net/user/NinjaSexParty
    Music from Stevia Sphere ► www.steviasphere.bandcamp.com
    Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Comments • 5 667

  • HeyItsCettefille
    HeyItsCettefille 10 hours ago

    Why did plugging their nose make them sound like they’re on helium lol

  • Xeno OwO UwU
    Xeno OwO UwU 15 hours ago

    now we know why Arin can't play video games. he has a six pack on his hand now.

  • jesse Aldous
    jesse Aldous Day ago

    6:18 Dan sounds like pee wee Herman talking into a Pringles can

  • Samantha Trice
    Samantha Trice Day ago

    “I’m gonna do 1500 squats! Here we go!”
    “Three!” *pop*
    “Whoo! I broke my pants!”
    My favorite part and it always makes me snort laugh.

  • Hannah Johnston
    Hannah Johnston Day ago

    But why does dan actually look decent with his jeans and sauna shirt

  • Eocina Q
    Eocina Q 2 days ago

    Arin is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

  • Peri clod
    Peri clod 2 days ago

    Dan sounds like what's his name from Lilo and stitch

  • Tsuki Hotaru
    Tsuki Hotaru 4 days ago

    As soon as they took out the Japanese mouth piece thing that's been in the commercials for the longest time and my mom wants it.

  • Brandon Moses
    Brandon Moses 4 days ago

    6:18 Dan turns into Kevin McDonald

  • Sebastian Laluz
    Sebastian Laluz 4 days ago

    Why does Dan look like the teach from My Hero Academia

  • Benpai
    Benpai 5 days ago

    fuck where can i get myself some six packems

  • Zedlocke
    Zedlocke 5 days ago

    And so Arin gets a perm.

  • Devlynn Hawke
    Devlynn Hawke 6 days ago

    As someone from Minnesota, I condone Dan's sleepwear/t-shirt

  • Lucille
    Lucille 6 days ago

    the last one was so funny i am going to actually have abs

  • Emily Griffith
    Emily Griffith 6 days ago

    "1! 2! 3! Oh I ripped ma pants!" That was way funnier than it should've been

  • TheAnimeAnnica
    TheAnimeAnnica 6 days ago

    Can someone comment the time they said "How do i look" i need it for a meme

  • Olly Pop
    Olly Pop 9 days ago

    Is it just me or did the ab zapper give Dan nips? Science in motion wow

  • 8 Bit Tick
    8 Bit Tick 9 days ago +1


  • TyPrager
    TyPrager 10 days ago

    It’s currently 2am and I am laughing so hard that I can’t breathe.

  • Kayta Lafain
    Kayta Lafain 10 days ago

    At 8:00 Aron looks like he just got his wisdom teeth removed

  • Vince A
    Vince A 10 days ago

    God damn. I love the couch gags. I mean table topper gag. Seriously though, shit is ficken great.

  • Galadriel Mills
    Galadriel Mills 10 days ago

    I've been laughing so hard at this that I think I lost weight.

  • smileyboy2021
    smileyboy2021 11 days ago

    5:29 Arnold is really working his jerking and bobbing muscles, he really is gonna be the worlds greatest prostitute

  • LegenDerry Gaming
    LegenDerry Gaming 12 days ago

    When Arin was using the chin thing, he looked like Stejpan Hauser from 2Cellos

  • Zacharias
    Zacharias 13 days ago +2

    I'm gonna do 15 000 squats: 1, 2, 3, wooooo, I broke my pants!

  • Elise Miller
    Elise Miller 13 days ago

    Dan's out here looking like fucking Gayle Waters-Waters in that waist trainer damn

  • Bruno M
    Bruno M 14 days ago


  • *whatever.works.01 ._.*
    *whatever.works.01 ._.* 15 days ago +1

    “fUcK yOu TuCkEr.”

  • Omfghellokitty
    Omfghellokitty 15 days ago

    Lol thats prolly the hardest I laughed at something for a long time

  • tully mcglone
    tully mcglone 15 days ago

    Put in on someone's back when they're asleep

  • King Bouzer
    King Bouzer 16 days ago

    This is my favorite episode of game grumps

  • Jasmin Lopez
    Jasmin Lopez 16 days ago

    8:30 I lost it lol. I'm tearing up.

  • Beverly Adams
    Beverly Adams 16 days ago

    only true friends intentionally cause one another pain

  • Caroline Slater
    Caroline Slater 17 days ago


  • Boss
    Boss 17 days ago

    The mouthpiece has an amazing ad complete with a middle aged woman climaxing to classical music.

  • mysticferret15
    mysticferret15 17 days ago

    i know you did a makeup thing already but like i'd honestly love to see you guys use legit makeup and do some GG Looks

  • Olivia Guadagno
    Olivia Guadagno 18 days ago

    so im not sure if this has already been said so forgive me if it has, but, i think i can provide a small bit of insight into what the Japanese product (JIAHE) is trying to say when it says "to". In Japanese there is a character that looks like this と which makes the sound to (toe) and means "and". so when it says to when driving, they may have meant to say and when driving. since most lists in Japanese only need be separated by this (と) character this could be it

  • Christina Richardson
    Christina Richardson 18 days ago

    I always laugh constantly during these. Love you guys!

  • Molly Prysunka
    Molly Prysunka 18 days ago

    Danny looks good in a literal garbage sack

  • Blueberry Bread
    Blueberry Bread 20 days ago

    The godforsaken Grubba voice as the exercise boy...

  • Jelluze
    Jelluze 20 days ago

    Arin looks like a functioning meth addict

  • XxgamergirlxX
    XxgamergirlxX 20 days ago

    3:08 I’M A WORKOUT BOY!!!!

  • Snurgum Wurgum
    Snurgum Wurgum 20 days ago

    God damn Danny lose any more weight and you might lose a dimension. A little worried.

  • Cel TV
    Cel TV 21 day ago

    You ever noticed how much larger Arin's face is? or how much smaller Dan's face is?

  • Dietchapstick
    Dietchapstick 22 days ago

    EMS stands for electro magnetic shock don’t it

  • Zamas Ro'se
    Zamas Ro'se 23 days ago

    6:18 Danny sounds like Michael Jackson low key

  • Kristyn
    Kristyn 23 days ago

    “Try mode THREE”
    -Arin Hanson

  • Autumn Patellaro
    Autumn Patellaro 24 days ago

    Wow I love them

  • Autumn Patellaro
    Autumn Patellaro 24 days ago

    *what kind of bondage-*

  • TheCheesybeef
    TheCheesybeef 24 days ago

    Are we not going to talk about how funny Dan sounds with the nose pincher?

  • Christian Sampson
    Christian Sampson 24 days ago


  • cyndamyn
    cyndamyn 24 days ago

    6:33 is too underrated i SNORTED y'all

  • nathan grant
    nathan grant 24 days ago

    ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗᵘᶜᵏᵉʳ

  • Glen Dorner
    Glen Dorner 24 days ago

    arin : FUCK THIS SUCKS
    *turns it higher*

  • Rider Daily
    Rider Daily 24 days ago

    Zap random ppl in your building with that terrible device

  • Anya N.K
    Anya N.K 25 days ago

    Haute couture at it's finest

  • The Sleeping Snorlax
    The Sleeping Snorlax 25 days ago

    8:57 killed me with the slow pan up

  • moiseman
    moiseman 25 days ago

    6:45 Suzy's.... o:

  • Joseph Burton
    Joseph Burton 25 days ago

    "100% nut pincher"

  • Anthony Szajer
    Anthony Szajer 25 days ago


  • Snazzy Animations
    Snazzy Animations 25 days ago

    **turns it up despite the fact that it's clearly hurting him**

    Arin Hanson everybody 👏

  • Danimatics
    Danimatics 26 days ago

    So... does anyone else think Dan sounds like that voice actor who play the purple Alain from invader zim when he’s wearing the nose pincher?!?

  • SomeRandomGuyOnTheWeb
    SomeRandomGuyOnTheWeb 27 days ago

    Only Aron would proceed to put more shocks after saying “It sucks” and then telling Dan to try it.

  • Aceox
    Aceox 27 days ago

    The thing that shocks you gives you shocks so your muscles automatically harden and release once the shocks stop. At least that's how it's supposed to work. I got that treatment to quickly build up muscles in my back so my spine stops jumping out. The only thing I got from that tho are flashbacks of 10 minutes full of increasingly painful pain every week, and knowing that you usually pay ALOT for such a treatment.

  • Jack Farrow
    Jack Farrow 27 days ago

    7:42 He is the Garbage Boy, he is the one who trash.

  • sushie snail
    sushie snail 27 days ago

    my dad actually uses that garbage bag suit....

  • Jamie Lochrine
    Jamie Lochrine 27 days ago

    *AAAGH! AAAH! GAH!* -Arin dancin

  • Kevin Parmar
    Kevin Parmar 27 days ago

    best ep yet

  • Attention Whore
    Attention Whore 28 days ago

    I left my cat with my phone for a minute and when I came back this was on... I wasn't even on USclip I'm fucking scared

  • strike star
    strike star 28 days ago

    3:55 I haven't seen the slim mouth piece for years!😂 the purpose is to prevent mouth wrinkles and slim the cheeks

  • Charizard TrainerThomas

    " This thing is zapping and hurting me! What do I do?" "I know! I'll turn it up and cause more pain to happen!" -Arin's Brain

  • Fishercat 73
    Fishercat 73 28 days ago

    10 minutes of BDSM

  • alex milne
    alex milne 29 days ago

    never got so much enjoyment out of two friends being in immense pain

  • TheSkaBouncer
    TheSkaBouncer 29 days ago

    I wanna put the zappy pad on my face

  • Felipe San Martin
    Felipe San Martin 29 days ago

    Well...i think i like body horror now i guess

  • Dianne Graham
    Dianne Graham 29 days ago

    Been wondering why I've been crushing on Danny Sex Bang for years xD I just noticed my partner looks like him haha.

  • Aubrey Chaston
    Aubrey Chaston 29 days ago

    Why did Dan sound like Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch with that thing on his nose?!?!?

  • valerie nellessen
    valerie nellessen Month ago +1

    i want them to just record game grumps episodes with the nose thing from now on-

  • Roffman
    Roffman Month ago

    6:11 Dan sounds like Pleakley

  • Bcool 468
    Bcool 468 Month ago

    9:13 why does rain look like he’s a special ed kid

  • Zeek Xekri
    Zeek Xekri Month ago

    Dan sounds like Pleakley from Lilo and Stitch with that nose thing on.

  • Smol Meow
    Smol Meow Month ago

    oh god arin was just drooling everywhere and i was mildly uncomfortable

  • TalynCo
    TalynCo Month ago

    Okay but Dan lying on the table like that awoke something in me.

  • KK Hogan
    KK Hogan Month ago

    Labor pain simulator power hour!! :D

  • Gloom Moon
    Gloom Moon Month ago

    Arin is like ? Super buff and I'm into it. You're cute af Arin

  • ozalee1st
    ozalee1st Month ago

    I think the nose thing is for inside the nose. And the white spike pushes the nostrils out.

  • Idiot Plays
    Idiot Plays Month ago

    Arin:"It's zapping me..."
    Not 3 seconds later
    Arin: *minutes of painful screaming and actively continues to use it*
    Arin: *gives to Dan*
    Dan: *more painful yelling*

  • Mik Moen
    Mik Moen Month ago

    If you've ever had nerve testing done on your arms or legs it's basically what they're doing to their abdomen. Your muscles constrict involuntarily and its horrible.

  • Emeralde Knapp
    Emeralde Knapp Month ago

    i fucking lose it after arin puts on that head bandage and starts drooling

  • william flores
    william flores Month ago

    Puts six pachems on hand gets 6pac on hand hand is god

  • MistressOfInsanity
    MistressOfInsanity Month ago

    It’s like a TENS unit

  • GibWibbler
    GibWibbler Month ago


  • ShmegmaBytes
    ShmegmaBytes Month ago

    Oh my god, 10:00, i do believe the product did NOT make Arin's nose beautiful and full of happiness

  • Domino Picamation
    Domino Picamation Month ago

    8:00 Arin just had dental surgery, and he’s recovering from the anaesthetic

  • William McManis
    William McManis Month ago

    Watching this video is a better workout for your abs then that shock collar.

  • hoodiehead _
    hoodiehead _ Month ago

    Dan actually punched him cause he was that mad 😂

  • Not Spoiler At All
    Not Spoiler At All Month ago

    Put video on 0'25 speed
    Press 4:29
    You are welcome

  • P1nk
    P1nk Month ago

    Dan looks like he just broke his neck again trying to suck his own dick in the thumbnail

  • Jeez josh
    Jeez josh Month ago

    Before watching this video: flaccid
    After watching this video: pure erect with cubic centimetres of jizz on my wall

  • Kellan Hill
    Kellan Hill Month ago

    Dan when he has the nose pincher sounds like the cyclops from Lilo and Stitch.