When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!


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  • toommy lee
    toommy lee 6 hours ago +1

    1:40 damn I love that evil/sexy smile

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 6 hours ago

    These celebz all have bitch fits wen things do not go there way. They signed up for shit like this and they all get tight when papz follow them and fans too, you sign up for this.

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 6 hours ago

    They're all dicks!!! Enough said!

  • Monica Trejo
    Monica Trejo 7 hours ago

    adele tickets cost enough hate that celebs charge outrageous amounts of money

  • HollowFūri
    HollowFūri 7 hours ago

    Selena is so cuuuuuuuuuuute

  • Siham Dhagane
    Siham Dhagane 8 hours ago

    What Kim did, is exactly what I would do if someone dropped my phone like that.

  • Savvy P Q
    Savvy P Q 8 hours ago

    What is tha name of your clothing line?!?!?!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 cause we don't know sway!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anthony Cedeno
    Anthony Cedeno 8 hours ago

    My man Justin was made asf

  • MeowMeowImACat
    MeowMeowImACat 9 hours ago +1

    "I'm just asking questions."
    "Right... bye"

  • Vanatei
    Vanatei 9 hours ago

    You blood sucking misquitos lol usclip.net/video/JGk0_J165NU/video.html

  • Vanatei
    Vanatei 9 hours ago

    Kanyeeeeee lmfaooooo usclip.net/video/JGk0_J165NU/video.html

  • Feuerlord _
    Feuerlord _ 9 hours ago

    Still humans

  • Maikel van der Velden
    Maikel van der Velden 10 hours ago +1

    Selena is so sweet oh ma gawd

  • Imani Bittle
    Imani Bittle 12 hours ago

    Celebrities are still people y’all legit act like they’re just different just because they’re famous... The get angry, laugh, cry, etc. Like anybody else 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Sincere Hunter
    Sincere Hunter 13 hours ago

    That's right Shawn,if he can't put his sister on da phone den u know he lying😂😂😂

  • Sincere Hunter
    Sincere Hunter 13 hours ago


    • None Yourbiddness
      None Yourbiddness 7 hours ago

      Hi im just a stranger you never met,let me grab you often and repeatedly every day. K thx.....

  • Carlos
    Carlos 14 hours ago

    rdj was a little sensitive that day

  • Chloe
    Chloe 15 hours ago

    you ain’t got the answers

  • Francis Ward
    Francis Ward 15 hours ago

    Justin was on his period

  • weasel89000
    weasel89000 15 hours ago

    Kanye is an ass

  • Channi Richardi
    Channi Richardi 16 hours ago

    I like Kanye cause he supports Trump too!

  • Damien Volmere
    Damien Volmere 17 hours ago

    Id be scared for life if i was the kylie fangirl

  • Bob Extra bob
    Bob Extra bob 19 hours ago

    The kardashins is a bunch of fake bullshit you know that right 🤦‍♂️

    MURTAZA BASHARAT 19 hours ago

    Fuck Ramsey, he always goes off one. Someone needs to shut him up

  • Theyadmirebarbie
    Theyadmirebarbie 19 hours ago

    “Shut the fuck up it’s four am you blood sucking mosquitoes!!” -Kanye @4am

  • GorgeouslyReal T.V.
    GorgeouslyReal T.V. 21 hour ago

    Kardashians used to be pretty. Idk wth is going on with them now.

  • GorgeouslyReal T.V.
    GorgeouslyReal T.V. 21 hour ago

    Justin... 😂😂 Kanye.. You ain't got tha answa sway!

  • watermelon king
    watermelon king 21 hour ago

    Celebrities are still human

  • Tristan Hackett
    Tristan Hackett 22 hours ago

    How u get bill gates mad😂😂

  • jules
    jules 22 hours ago

    aw selena ):

  • ChristianThomasMusic
    ChristianThomasMusic 23 hours ago


  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose 23 hours ago

    The world needs to be rid of Kanye and everyone like him. Only then will it be a better place.

  • Non existent Channel

    I don’t blame them

  • nonshalon
    nonshalon Day ago

    “What’s the name of the clothing line ??? We don’t know!!”

  • BTS Productions.

    Damn justin 0:13 u sound like my mom

  • Legion 69
    Legion 69 Day ago

    Bro Kanye summed up the paparazzi perfectly😂😂😂

  • Infinitytoms
    Infinitytoms Day ago

    Robert: *bye*
    Love that mine

  • naethun starr
    naethun starr Day ago

    White bitches

  • Craig Walton
    Craig Walton Day ago

    With her fine ass

  • Lps Zero
    Lps Zero Day ago

    Been famous it's hard

  • R.O.B. UNiQUE
    R.O.B. UNiQUE Day ago

    Fuck famous people...bunch of whining babies!

  • Ybbag Nworb
    Ybbag Nworb Day ago

    Ok... tea

  • Oli Marie
    Oli Marie Day ago

    Paparazzi should become illegal. That shits so annoying. I couldn’t imagine being woken up at 4am by those annoying people

  • Ethan RW
    Ethan RW Day ago

    Ariana grande is such a feminist it makes me fucking sick

  • Ethan RW
    Ethan RW Day ago

    I swear to god.if.i see one more tic toc add

    • Ethan RW
      Ethan RW 7 hours ago

      +None Yourbiddness lol

    • None Yourbiddness
      None Yourbiddness 7 hours ago

      You gunna watch and sit yo ass down and Do Nootin !

  • 「Kez_YT」
    「Kez_YT」 Day ago +1

    How did the Jenners even become celebrities?

  • 「Kez_YT」
    「Kez_YT」 Day ago +1

    Kanye... Sit... Yo butt... Down...

  • McNetDeck
    McNetDeck Day ago

    God I hate paparazzi

    • None Yourbiddness
      None Yourbiddness 7 hours ago +1

      You will never have to worry bout it 🤣😂😅 they not for you!!🤡😡🎅😘

  • Suu Li
    Suu Li Day ago

    What was wrong with Kanye??

  • roel penaverde
    roel penaverde Day ago

    Why is Gordon Ramsay only have a few seconds of rage when he’s always mad

    WXRLD KNEW Day ago

    It ain’t Ralph tho!

  • I am who I say I am

    I do not see any celebrity "losing their cool!" lol They are doing what you would call " standing up for their principles and rights as a person that deserves respect like anyone else.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez Day ago

    1:41 Her face 😂😂

  • The Velasco
    The Velasco Day ago

    I wish there is an infinity gauntlet that can wipe out all kardasians and Kanye?

  • darlin one
    darlin one Day ago

    Nicki Minaj puts on a burlesque show, Mariah can sing....

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez Day ago

    How did Selena “lose her cool” she was so sweet and the mf people kept bothering her. If I were her I would have been the BIGGEST bitch.

  • YourBoijoao Bd
    YourBoijoao Bd Day ago

    Just the kylie Jenner was rude!

  • Kenzie Vezina
    Kenzie Vezina Day ago

    Taylor got pissed that someone said she was gonna walk home with a guy but like that's what happens when you date guys constantly and put yourself as a hoe

  • Punchy Primeape
    Punchy Primeape Day ago

    Adelle acting like she sings for free, you don't care about the people outside, you bitch.

  • Ibnaar Sharahbeel

    Aw Shawn. My poor babyyyyy

  • Cutesy 2
    Cutesy 2 Day ago

    If your born as a celebrity child. Would you automatically become fames

  • Katarina Ortiz
    Katarina Ortiz Day ago

    Nicki vs Mariah is everything I love
    But also the talko is literally garbage and disrespectful

  • Vivian Sanchez
    Vivian Sanchez Day ago

    ITS NOT 4AMMMMMM U BLOOD SUCKING MOSQUITO! 😂🤣😂🤣 I Get it tho fk! They human too man they need space privacy rights etc u kno.


    Hey whats that song in the end???

  • Kenny Lay
    Kenny Lay Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay doesn't have anything "cool"

  • Sheysheyk
    Sheysheyk Day ago

    Selena to sweet

  • Κώστας Αραβίδης

    World most hated people

  • Anton Bazhenov
    Anton Bazhenov Day ago

    Most of the moments are absolutely normal reaction to some shit that people can do with you. You can not call it "lose reputation or cool", it's unfair, absolutely unfair.

  • shradha smriti
    shradha smriti Day ago

    I feel bad for selena though.... Why would you ask if she love that dick or not any more

  • bluepeas510
    bluepeas510 Day ago

    Regardless of our position in life most ppl don't have patience for stupidity. Much less an understanding for it. Always remember, if it causes dissension or disturbs your peace .. Blame Satan (who envies all that God loves, us). He uses the weak to destroy the strong and attempts to enslave all souls thru a lifetime of snares, temptations & foolish hate Strengthen yourself w/ immense patience, love and humility for ALL..

  • valerie soto
    valerie soto Day ago


  • Anwesha Roy
    Anwesha Roy Day ago

    Cara was right

  • PabloCruise91
    PabloCruise91 Day ago

    People act like celebrities don't breathe the same air we do. Why do you think it's okay to walk up to a stranger and put a camera in their face???

  • bcreative live love&laugh out loud


  • Happy Mask Salesman

    50% of this is scripted.

  • Wynter James Guzman

    This is one of the reason why MARSHMELLO is wearing that mask
    Cause of those paparazzis

  • Madison St. Claire

    Oof I love the way Shawn Mendes handled the situation. He really kept his cool and put the guy in his place with "call your sister for me, then"--if he'd actually had a sister to call, then it would've been a fun surprise for her to get a message from Shawn Mendes himself, so it's a win for Shawn either way. Also, poor Selena. She was clearly very anxious in that situation and her body language screams that she doesn't even feel able to ask for something we should all be entitled as, as human beings; privacy. It was just rude for the paparazzi to push past that point. They'd already gotten their pictures.

  • Zafina Therese
    Zafina Therese Day ago

    Selena handled it so well deym queen

  • igoofy92201
    igoofy92201 Day ago +1

    I’m glad I’m not a celebrity. I would definitely have caught a case. Damn paparazzi would get so much shit thrown at them. Smh

  • Scotty D
    Scotty D Day ago

    The Kardashians....... Really ??? What a f'n joke !

  • Captain Adultney

    6:30 this one piss me off too

  • Rey Montalvo
    Rey Montalvo Day ago

    🤣all dem dumb ass ppl pay bieber got yip outta their money cuz they wouldnt let him wipe floor... 🤨🤣🤣🤣

  • Shäwty Lëan
    Shäwty Lëan Day ago

    selenaaa are you still inlove w justin?? she was such a troll omg

  • she ponie
    she ponie Day ago +1

    5:14 awe Selena is so innocent

  • Gabriela Acosta
    Gabriela Acosta Day ago

    3:05 LMFAO

  • Scarluis 2000
    Scarluis 2000 Day ago

    3:01 blood sucking mosquito 😂😭😭😭💀

  • It’s just Sara

    Celebrity’s are people to like wtf

  • deliah mendoza
    deliah mendoza Day ago

    How can people do this all these celebrate are human just like you don't be a stalker

  • deliah mendoza
    deliah mendoza Day ago

    Nicki and Kyle are bitches but ig those are hoes 😂💯

  • Gokus Brother
    Gokus Brother Day ago +1


  • Gokus Brother
    Gokus Brother Day ago +1

    If Selena Gomez ignored me 10 times then i would beat the hell outta her idc if i go to jail. No Shit! I bet if i was up there then i would get up that stage and punch his ass 40 times

  • Delana Trujillo-Johnson

    Does Kanye do drugs?

  • mrg333
    mrg333 Day ago +1

    This is my favorite part 5:28 Paris Hilton.

  • Krysti French
    Krysti French Day ago

    5:26 If I was her I would've said, "Oh yeah I am in love with Justin. I absolutely adore making out with guys who remind me of my brother."
    Really Ms. Paparazzi lady? That's a stupid and crazy awkward question to ask. 👎👎😡

  • XxWolf MspxX
    XxWolf MspxX 2 days ago

    Arianna did the right thing the men think we can't have our phones for hours but they cant stop playing fornite fair fair

  • Sydney Jacob
    Sydney Jacob 2 days ago

    He had to chuck in some gordan to get that 10min mark haha

  • Barbara Jackson
    Barbara Jackson 2 days ago

    Justin bieber lost me on that one wtf he get mad for lol lol smh

  • Mat Sierks
    Mat Sierks 2 days ago

    Minnie mouse?

  • ChristianIsSHOOK
    ChristianIsSHOOK 2 days ago

    I’m so surprised Selena kept her cool, I would’ve flipped out. Like “can you shut the hell up!!!”