When Celebrities Lose Their Cool!


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  • Willy Ward
    Willy Ward 12 minutes ago

    So you paid 20 dollars foe a pair of shoes but had you bought them at the mall you could have paid 40....why would Microsoft do that??? That is how rich people stay rich....they dont break the law...they use it ......so some how that makes them bad?????

  • Jack  Lime
    Jack Lime 20 minutes ago

    Are You Just Exhausted 不不不不不不

  • Like Zoinks
    Like Zoinks Hour ago

    Adele. If I am to record you. I will. I want to save that memory with me. Deal with it. Blood sucking mosquito.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Hour ago

    Why I'd rather be rich and NOT famous!

  • Jocalyn Cruz
    Jocalyn Cruz 2 hours ago

    They did Ariana dirty

  • Sarah Seecharan
    Sarah Seecharan 3 hours ago

    I really hate kanye he seems lost lik a goat that was abused

  • jjsrt8
    jjsrt8 4 hours ago

    Stupid fucking music stars that hate cameras at their shows shouldn't do shows then. If someone pays good money to come see your stupid ass and support your shit life than let them do whatever they want at your show. They aren't shooting the place up stfu.

  • mia
    mia 4 hours ago


  • Sky Jean
    Sky Jean 4 hours ago

    justin is sucha puhhhh

  • Yaboyben
    Yaboyben 4 hours ago

    I hate the celebrity news sometimes holy shit

  • Packie's Reviews
    Packie's Reviews 5 hours ago

    it ain't no RALPH DOE!

  • Se簽or Chon
    Se簽or Chon 7 hours ago


  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 7 hours ago

    In that first one, I would've just picked that towel up and threw it at them. :)

  • Casey Fitzgerald
    Casey Fitzgerald 8 hours ago +1


  • Assam Dastgir
    Assam Dastgir 8 hours ago

    Who are those people?

  • Kasey Woodman-Njordr
    Kasey Woodman-Njordr 9 hours ago

    This should be called "When people assault and harass public figures for a quick buck"

  • Maria Nicole
    Maria Nicole 9 hours ago

    Okay Scarlett Johanssons response was the bomb!!!!

  • Greg Martinez
    Greg Martinez 9 hours ago

    I like Fish Sticks damn it !!!

  • Aaliyah Brown
    Aaliyah Brown 10 hours ago

    Justin super rude

  • Marko Petkovic
    Marko Petkovic 10 hours ago

    why am i watching this... i mean its not that their special their all just humans and of course they will get mad of reporters being like that

  • Luna
    Luna 13 hours ago

    5:20 that woman pissed me the fuck off. No fucking empathy at all.

  • Gert Knudsen
    Gert Knudsen 14 hours ago

    Justin b is a little bitch

  • Tio L礙
    Tio L礙 15 hours ago

    i have old scholl it's from brazil /watch?v=7RYb-ja-NBQ

  • Queen Gaga
    Queen Gaga 15 hours ago

    The paparazzi can suck my dildo

  • Areesha Asif
    Areesha Asif 16 hours ago

    Justin is so bad

  • SydneyFootball
    SydneyFootball 16 hours ago

    Kanye West reminds me of Kevin Hart. Also hahaha, You aint been doing the education! 仄賤儭

  • Kelvin Knight Hendrix
    Kelvin Knight Hendrix 18 hours ago

    After watching this vid, we can know that they get mad because of interviewers & paparazzi. They're such a dick 返返返

  • apples2apples
    apples2apples 18 hours ago

    You Aint got the Answers SWAY 不不不不

  • Brian Bowers
    Brian Bowers 18 hours ago

    "seleeena do you still love Justin? is he a little brother to you?" like I wonder what goes on in their heads fr lmao

  • Thomas Gerard
    Thomas Gerard 23 hours ago

    selena is so cute omg

  • Casidhe Gerish
    Casidhe Gerish 23 hours ago

    selena didnt lose her cool, she was rlly cute abt it. neither did ariana.

  • Affettato prosciutto
    Affettato prosciutto 23 hours ago

    why is gordon even on here? thats just gordon being gordon unless its the kids. edfnkn

  • hibaaq sharif
    hibaaq sharif Day ago

    YoUr kinDa SCarInG Me rN

  • Romeo Tango
    Romeo Tango Day ago


  • Brian Justus
    Brian Justus Day ago

    The kanye one had me weak af

  • Tamy Lemke
    Tamy Lemke Day ago

    Blood sucking mosquito

  • Bear Gamer
    Bear Gamer Day ago

    Do the people know what personal space is or personal question

  • Bear Gamer
    Bear Gamer Day ago

    Shut the f**k up you blood sucking mosquito

  • Michael wehling
    Michael wehling Day ago


  • Sasha Martini
    Sasha Martini Day ago

    Kanye get off your black high horse!!! You are NOT better that anyone else, blow that thought out of your black ass!!! Kanye a fucking retard wired for sound! A mental case needs to be in a rubber room!

  • GamingWith Me
    GamingWith Me Day ago +2

    That Women Talking To Selena Was Very Disrspectful Selena Is Justin Just A Little Brother To You?, Was Very Rude...And Selena Acted Nice About It. Wtf Thats So Messed Up...Im So Angry That I Wanna Punch That Lady SOO BADD!!!Nobody Should Be Like That Piece Of Disgrace.♀

  • everythings fine

    my family rape me

  • shawty bhabie
    shawty bhabie Day ago

    Kylie need to sit her plastic Barbie ass down

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 Day ago

    Ok.. here's my take.. lol.. wtf asking Selena if Justin were her little brother!? Wtf!?

  • knk4ever83
    knk4ever83 Day ago

    I'd be pissed if paparazzi were in front of my house at 4 am..

  • Savannah Hammond

    I understand Bieber was upset but a LOT of people PAID to watch his ungrateful ass

  • Da Plug
    Da Plug Day ago

    Nikki better leave my baby Mariah Carrey alone

  • Piper McCarty
    Piper McCarty Day ago


  • Dejwan Harvey
    Dejwan Harvey Day ago


  • Alexis Escalante

    Leave Kanye is 2018


    poor Selena that gurl is annoying

  • Anya Vladim
    Anya Vladim Day ago

    I love Shawn! Sweetheart!
    And what the fuck is wrong with people?!?!?! Degenerates ...


    I get why Kanye Should get mad when theres ppl outside it his house at 4 am Im mean I would get pissed too!

  • Ripvanwinkle
    Ripvanwinkle Day ago

    Bitch boy bieber

  • UrNot MyDad
    UrNot MyDad Day ago

    Bro Mariah Carey thinks she is better than fucking everyone. Ya ur voice is cool.... so?

  • Aidan Grant
    Aidan Grant Day ago

    Nicki be in every thumbnail aha

  • Ms Phoenix269
    Ms Phoenix269 Day ago

    Some of those were totally justifiable.

  • Ruth D. Shultz
    Ruth D. Shultz Day ago

    That woman said to Taylor that they showed her legs so then she would have a lot of men following her home. She was totally out of order as she implied the worst!

  • jukic esmeralda
    jukic esmeralda Day ago

    Selena was so nice I like her reaction

  • MechanicalFury
    MechanicalFury Day ago

    ''Well, Microsoft could've payed more taxes.''
    *_But why would anyone do that??_*

  • Elis Erolova
    Elis Erolova Day ago


  • Zoochosis
    Zoochosis Day ago

    You aint been doing the eduction. What does that mean?

  • dabbin
    dabbin Day ago

    kylie just a bitch
    also im not gonna say who but that wig obvious

  • Gerome Anderson
    Gerome Anderson Day ago

    Kanye is a bitch. The whole angry, tough act is so tired and played out. Stfu

  • Nicolas Nicolas
    Nicolas Nicolas Day ago

    Kardashian are really stupid.

  • John Sterling
    John Sterling Day ago


  • Timo Post
    Timo Post Day ago

    1:40 her smile is so scary

  • Lhove Deita Swift

    Kanye tho

  • Goku Ultra Instinct

    So weird when negro figthing with negro

  • Joanne Ryan
    Joanne Ryan Day ago

    i like how Mila protect Justin

  • Rubi Becker
    Rubi Becker Day ago +1

    theres 100% such a thing as stupid fucking questions

  • Franciszek
    Franciszek Day ago

    mAnY hoUrS
    This shit made my day

  • TF7 Skir
    TF7 Skir Day ago

    Talk about how its goin, its not going good yall. SHUT THE F UP U BLOOD SUCKING MOSQUITO. 不不LMBO He had a fair point though 3:00 kanye

  • TooSlo
    TooSlo Day ago


  • Wonderland Crafts

    "Blood sukin mosquito"

  • RCawdor
    RCawdor Day ago

    Really, Gordon Ramsey? Ok, you may as well put every damn episode of all of his shows, well maybe minus the kid ones.

  • Jelmer Bos
    Jelmer Bos Day ago

    that guy on 3:22 did not lose his cool

  • Nina Weaver
    Nina Weaver Day ago

    I feel like celebrities are expected to be perfect for their fans but they are humans two. They deserve respect even if they are celebrities that have millions of people who know them. Everyone deserves people to show them common respect.

  • SingdongmA GaminG

    Kanye west lol

  • Liam Dunphy
    Liam Dunphy Day ago

    Nikki Minaj thinks she has any right to bash Marian who is a lot more talented

    • Late House
      Late House Day ago

      Liam Dunphy Mariah has more talent than Nicki Minaj? Nicki can sing and rap. Nicki actually hits more high notes on her song Ganja Burn than Mariahs whole new Caution album. So dont. Nicki is much more talented than Mariah.

  • Toli Gradah
    Toli Gradah Day ago

    Poor selena

  • Vincent M.
    Vincent M. Day ago

    Kanye is dick

  • Echo Pendragon
    Echo Pendragon Day ago

    Gordon throwing/kicking ANYTHING is a glorious sight to behold and remind us why we love him.


    3:04 when my alarm wakes me up for school

  • Rosie Shooter
    Rosie Shooter Day ago

    Awww Salina was like ok sorry that was cute

  • Shyana Herbert
    Shyana Herbert Day ago

    I felt SO bad for Selena because she was nice and asked the lady to stop and the lady was still being the creep she is.

  • Sad World
    Sad World Day ago

    Kanye is fucking rude

  • Kally954569
    Kally954569 2 days ago

    Hollywood needs to burn.

  • Murder Museum
    Murder Museum 2 days ago

    They wanted to be famous. Fuck em.

  • Maryann Rodriguez
    Maryann Rodriguez 2 days ago

    All nutso's more Kim Kardashian!

  • Daniel Maqueira
    Daniel Maqueira 2 days ago

    Kim is shady for charging her mom for the marble. That's your mom wtf. Lol

  • kandy
    kandy 2 days ago

    1:53 i love keiths face brooo

  • Tide Detergent
    Tide Detergent 2 days ago +1

    Was about to subscribe then you played fucking KYLE at the end so I reported you

  • Guillen Urias
    Guillen Urias 2 days ago

    Shawn Mendez NOT lying...

  • Tiffany Dame
    Tiffany Dame 2 days ago


  • Johnny Klutcharch
    Johnny Klutcharch 2 days ago

    5:13 imagine being Selena and this bitch is asking about you breakup

  • alejandra martinez
    alejandra martinez 2 days ago

    Crazy stupid people .. why do they want to be famous in first place ... dumb asses ..

  • Jovani Cruz
    Jovani Cruz 2 days ago

    Your obsession with Kardashians is too obvious

  • Real Alpha King
    Real Alpha King 2 days ago

    0:28 RIP Kanye west LOL 唐唐唐