I Only Ate The Highest Calorie Foods at McDonalds for 24 Hours!! (10,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE)


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  • ItsYeBoi
    ItsYeBoi  6 months ago +593

    Do you hear Yanny or Laurel?!? Comment below

  • Jayden Love
    Jayden Love Hour ago


  • Joe Vaccaro
    Joe Vaccaro 6 hours ago

    Sweet and sour suace I love it

  • Jamir Thomas
    Jamir Thomas 11 hours ago


  • Edward Paleo
    Edward Paleo 23 hours ago

    I'm a sweet and sour guy

  • That Light Skin Girl

    I saw sweet and sour and I was like yes because no one really likes it I feel like

  • Henry Pan
    Henry Pan Day ago


  • Purple_ YT
    Purple_ YT Day ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Rolniel Caraballo

    Hunny mustered sweet and sour and boarbeque

  • Brandon Amador
    Brandon Amador Day ago


  • Jman 03
    Jman 03 Day ago

    Sweet n sour

  • Joel Olmos
    Joel Olmos Day ago


  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 2 days ago


  • Fish Travis
    Fish Travis 2 days ago

    Swear sour

  • Hunter Thomas
    Hunter Thomas 2 days ago

    My fav is sweet and sour

  • Hisham King
    Hisham King 2 days ago

    My favorite dipping sauce is ketchup

  • Damian Rubio
    Damian Rubio 2 days ago

    That buffalo sauce with mcnuggets

  • YurBoiNathan
    YurBoiNathan 2 days ago

    It's obesity!!

  • #WolfLover
    #WolfLover 3 days ago


  • Payton Breen
    Payton Breen 3 days ago

    I liveeeeeee for sweet and sour with my chicken nuggets

  • SuperGamer _playz
    SuperGamer _playz 3 days ago +1

    restart the challenge u said ONLY highest calorie foods at MCDONALDS but u had a canned coke at 14:10
    in the background

    • SuperGamer _playz
      SuperGamer _playz Day ago

      Hm bad friends leaving trash in his room.

    • Monroe Brewer
      Monroe Brewer Day ago

      SuperGamer _playz A ton of other people live in this house, you know that right?

  • Cooking With Marvin
    Cooking With Marvin 3 days ago

    Barbecue is the best

  • Supreme Rico
    Supreme Rico 3 days ago +2

    Bro I would murder every Item there ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

  • OG_ R3dLiGHt
    OG_ R3dLiGHt 3 days ago

    I like chick fa la sauce

  • Gangstargamer 213
    Gangstargamer 213 3 days ago

    Sweet and sour for life boi

  • Fortnight Ios
    Fortnight Ios 3 days ago


  • Brady Wolfe
    Brady Wolfe 4 days ago

    Secret Sauce is really good as well as Honey Mustard

  • Ella James
    Ella James 4 days ago

    honey mustard is my fav

  • Bittar P Laury
    Bittar P Laury 4 days ago


  • Static Butter
    Static Butter 4 days ago

    Everyone knows BBQ is da best sauce

  • John Whyte
    John Whyte 4 days ago

    Sweet and sour or bbq or honey. Ketchup = ๐Ÿคฎ

  • Kevin D
    Kevin D 4 days ago

    BB q

  • Scott Chance
    Scott Chance 5 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Alexandra Lyde
    Alexandra Lyde 5 days ago

    sweet and sower

  • Jordan Story
    Jordan Story 5 days ago

    Spicy Buffalo with the McChicken is a banger

  • Joeydc4
    Joeydc4 5 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • S2-Fortnite 7
    S2-Fortnite 7 5 days ago

    Barbecue easy fabsss

  • G man070414
    G man070414 5 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Katie MSP
    Katie MSP 5 days ago

    sweet & sour

  • Trevor Arrowood
    Trevor Arrowood 6 days ago

    Either Ranch BBQ or Sweet and Sour

  • Gavin Sullivan
    Gavin Sullivan 6 days ago

    bro 20 nugets and a milkshake is the bombbbbbbb

  • Narain Kandappah
    Narain Kandappah 6 days ago

    Sweet and sour sauce all the way

  • Deez Nugs
    Deez Nugs 6 days ago

    Sour cream

  • Julio Diaz
    Julio Diaz 6 days ago

    Buffalo suace

  • michael51769
    michael51769 6 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Skyler Gomez
    Skyler Gomez 6 days ago

    I like ur face bro no homo

  • matthew hunter
    matthew hunter 7 days ago


  • Max Romero
    Max Romero 7 days ago

    Ranch is my favorite

  • Mr. Finnese
    Mr. Finnese 7 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • fortnite Assassin
    fortnite Assassin 7 days ago


  • de NL squad
    de NL squad 7 days ago

    10:43 me too

  • Benjamin George
    Benjamin George 8 days ago


  • Larsthelaw Plays
    Larsthelaw Plays 8 days ago

    ketchup with nuggs

  • Brian Espinoza Vlogs


  • dank Potato
    dank Potato 8 days ago +1

    My favorite chicken nugget dip is sweet chilli

  • madsavage Jakekillsdabmerch


  • Gone Rogue
    Gone Rogue 9 days ago

    Barbecue 4 life

  • Caleb GamboA
    Caleb GamboA 9 days ago

    Buffalo is the best dipping sauce

  • Carter Roe
    Carter Roe 9 days ago

    Spicy buffalo

  • Calum Munsey
    Calum Munsey 9 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • ztreharn
    ztreharn 10 days ago

    ok m boi shawn long time fan here from 30k views range love u to death bro but I got a banger idea hear me out. you do straight homeade meals for your self and team albo for a week learn some dope recipes have fun with its ye gang everyone likes cookin vids I mean its win win and u can conclude the week with what u learnt what your fav thing to make was even get twitter involved with what meal u will cook for that day

  • LeagutryideYT
    LeagutryideYT 10 days ago

    Hunny Musterd

  • Olyad Tadesse
    Olyad Tadesse 10 days ago

    Creamy siracha

  • Joseph Gilliam
    Joseph Gilliam 10 days ago

    chik-fil-a sauce

  • Dalton Bachelor/ Toxic Banana


  • Josh tucker
    Josh tucker 10 days ago

    did yall hear that asmr 11:09

  • Oatmeal gamer
    Oatmeal gamer 10 days ago

    szechaun mcnugget sauce

  • Nicholas Maze
    Nicholas Maze 10 days ago


  • Corey Brayall
    Corey Brayall 11 days ago

    Vegan for 24 hours

  • WolfKing 11
    WolfKing 11 11 days ago

    I clap 1050 calories

  • Molly Wilcox
    Molly Wilcox 11 days ago

    I dare you to go vegan for a week,......

  • Timeless Brawl
    Timeless Brawl 12 days ago

    Ranch for life

  • Jayden Adorno
    Jayden Adorno 12 days ago

    Ranch with chicken nuggets itโ€™s good trust me

  • sist gaming
    sist gaming 12 days ago

    Ranch or sweet and sour

  • Darth Qiza
    Darth Qiza 13 days ago

    I like curry nugget sauce
    Its only in Singapore

  • Goofy
    Goofy 13 days ago


  • - RushRabbit -
    - RushRabbit - 13 days ago +4

    Why does hair progressively get better through the vid

  • PEPE
    PEPE 13 days ago

    Sweet and sour all day broski

  • Zaid Mansoor
    Zaid Mansoor 13 days ago

    mine is sweet and sour too

  • Lady Jaede
    Lady Jaede 13 days ago

    Sweet and sour and ranch are vibes for the 20 chicken nuggets.

  • Bryan Cruz
    Bryan Cruz 14 days ago

    I like ketchup

  • Zameer Nabi
    Zameer Nabi 14 days ago

    Spicy Buffalo sauce

  • Reilly Nellis
    Reilly Nellis 15 days ago

    sweet and sour

  • oscar barrera
    oscar barrera 15 days ago

    On my nuggets I like oli cuz Ethier way that's all that's on them

  • Yoke Chin Chong
    Yoke Chin Chong 15 days ago


  • Adan Vs Nobody
    Adan Vs Nobody 15 days ago


  • Devon Hutton
    Devon Hutton 16 days ago

    Sweet and sour sauce

  • Mr.Green
    Mr.Green 16 days ago

    Sweet and sour all day all night

    AP LEGEND 16 days ago

    Sweet and sour ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿฝ

  • Tee D
    Tee D 17 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Debbie Clarke
    Debbie Clarke 17 days ago


  • Josh Does Stuff
    Josh Does Stuff 18 days ago

    Barbecue sauce is my favorite. It also helps that McDonaldโ€™s has the best barbecue sauce in the world.

  • Hobby Obsessions
    Hobby Obsessions 18 days ago

    Honey definitely

  • canned bannanas
    canned bannanas 18 days ago

    I made my it one hour without fries

  • Minda Corral
    Minda Corral 18 days ago

    You will be mad at me because I like ranch

  • Magikarp Films
    Magikarp Films 18 days ago

    what's that? @12:45 i thought you said you have to finish it all.... fail

  • Richard White
    Richard White 18 days ago

    Sweet and sour

  • Zakary Gonzalez
    Zakary Gonzalez 19 days ago


  • alma martinez
    alma martinez 19 days ago

    sweet and sour

  • deathclawboy
    deathclawboy 19 days ago

    we are literally watching him eat for a video