Samsung’s Belief: Meaningful Innovation for the People

  • Published on Sep 1, 2019
  • Our innovation has always been one that is meaningful, because it’s based on what humans actually need - whether they want to change the world or just live their lives for the better.
    #SamsungBelief #DoWhatYouCant
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  • Sergio Luyan
    Sergio Luyan 5 hours ago

    A maior empresa tem que patrocinar o melhor futebol da América do sul

  • Sheikh Rashel
    Sheikh Rashel Day ago

    I love just Samsung

  • KoPlaKoPi GAMING

    Semoga lo pembuat hp samsung kentang mati amiiinnnnn kasihan teman gw

  • Marco Peralta
    Marco Peralta 3 days ago

    Samsung 😉

  • Andres Eguiluz
    Andres Eguiluz 3 days ago


  • Rajat Dash
    Rajat Dash 4 days ago +1

    One UI is the best.

  • Mark YT
    Mark YT 6 days ago

    I fu Samsung people

  • Mark YT
    Mark YT 6 days ago

    Hey Samsung stop copying iPhone and you are bullying phone like if you hate sumsung

  • Dian Pitter
    Dian Pitter 9 days ago

    LOVE IT! :)

  • فــهـــد
    فــهـــد 10 days ago


  • ninja007
    ninja007 11 days ago

    olá Samsung
    tenho um Galaxy Grand Prime
    e fiz "Root" nele já que a garantia acabou e acabei vendo uma coisa nas aplicações do systema instaladas e queria perguntar uma coisa
    o que é a Aplicação
    "Cobrança Samsung" ? ele estava instalado em meu dispositivo dês de 2014 (vendo a descrição pelo LuckyPatcher) só ficou visível apos instalar o Root

  • Pery Mara
    Pery Mara 11 days ago

    No inglish😩

    FEEDBACK 08 11 days ago

    when bixby speaker come to the Bangladeshi market

  • Geenit Sharma
    Geenit Sharma 13 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy j7 prime new update please

    ORCA YT 13 days ago

    I can’t afford Apple or Samsung but I do afford hawuei phones

  • Deepak Shakya
    Deepak Shakya 14 days ago

    Hi ! Team Samsung Please add Lockscreen button in own UI because
    Third party app disable fingerprint security or facelock in All Samsung Smartphone who comes with any position of fingerprint scanner !
    Other UI already Compatible it !
    And if possible then change your screenshot style because it is not work USclip app I tried 100time but 100time failed to take screenshot from USclip app so i am& other user Facing HugeTrouble Please Resolve it !
    I loves Samsung I am Using Samsung A70 Device !

  • 00
    00 15 days ago +1

  • davina shin
    davina shin 15 days ago

    Do you think at one point in time samsungnis going to make to first phone that is completly bezzel less so a display all round the phone

  • TechRewind
    TechRewind 16 days ago

    Xiaomi "Copycat innovation for the China only and old and outdated innovations for the global and india"😂😂😂

  • Rahul pa
    Rahul pa 19 days ago

    unsatisfied by Samsung mobiles

  • gui gamer g
    gui gamer g 20 days ago

    Muito bom


    everything on my house is of samsung i love it

    CAIPIRA LIVE NEWS 23 days ago

    uma reliquia sendo restaurada

  • GhostKingdom _
    GhostKingdom _ 24 days ago

    Make a laptop samsung

    THE BRAND 26 days ago +1

  • Suraj Betal
    Suraj Betal 26 days ago

    Samsung is the boss of the universe i like it

  • Jeena Antony
    Jeena Antony 26 days ago

    I feel bad about samsung company. I purchased a mobile samsung a 70 for my son. And its quality was very poor. While watching the crash test and all from the youtube the mobile is not getting any damage.
    What happend to my sons mobile is, it fell down from his pocket in a half feet height. And the mobile display got damaged and it is not working.
    U must understand that it just only half feet height and it got damaged. The video showing in the youtube like crash test is not happening in the real life.
    So i complaint to samsung office about this. They are not responding and giving the answer about this problem. Feel so bad about this. Is this the quality and power of a samsung company.
    I cant suggest and i will not suggest any of my friends to buy samsung mobile.

  • loading spam
    loading spam 28 days ago


  • SixPaths
    SixPaths 28 days ago

    At least Samsung doesn’t disable comments.

  • Bonon XD
    Bonon XD 28 days ago +1

    Gratulacje samsung dalszego rozwoju i wspaniałych kolejnych 50 lat i dalej !!!

  • Joao Bolsim
    Joao Bolsim 29 days ago

    so paz

  • Tony Le Tran .
    Tony Le Tran . Month ago

    I don”t like samsung

  • Stefan 2008
    Stefan 2008 Month ago

    you should bankrupt

  • jolopa BS
    jolopa BS Month ago

    Good video love samsung

  • Parvej Sayyad
    Parvej Sayyad Month ago

    Give an update of new camera modes to A30

  • Rahul sah
    Rahul sah Month ago +1

    Samsung is LOVE.❤

  • Bana And Rashed
    Bana And Rashed Month ago

    Woah awesome work Samsung. Like when you go to Samsung stores they look super super futuristic!

  • ItzExstreemPlayz-Exstreem

    I got samsung a10s

  • ItzExstreemPlayz-Exstreem


  • Mary GH
    Mary GH Month ago

    Me vale 3 hectarias de verga que vallan o no a leer esta mierda, pero dejenme decirle que su telefono j7 pro es una total y ridicula mierda justo a mi novio y ami nos pasa lo mismo con esta mierda de telefono, noce para que crean mierdas que despues no van a servir solo mierda traen al mercado, ni un año tiene esta mierda de averse comprado y de la nada sale una mancha, despues que no me da el sonido del parlante, a mi novio no le ensiende la pantalla, solo mierdas hicieron con esa gama de telefono, busquen a mejorar el rendimiento y la duravilidad de los telefonos, no que solo se llenan el bolsillo, aunq pensandolo bien, eso es lo q quieren, traer una mierda al mercado q cueste dineral, y q se friegue en menos de un apo para ustds seguir llenandoce los bolsillos, usureros ..l...

  • svoltage berhanu
    svoltage berhanu Month ago


  • Thomas Urbanek
    Thomas Urbanek Month ago +1

    Whats the name of the song in the background

  • Lashanna Gaston
    Lashanna Gaston Month ago


  • Roger L. Ortiz
    Roger L. Ortiz Month ago

    Really? Green for the environment, stop the nonsense. Your Samsung phone is almost impossible to repair. So that's actually really bad and not green at all ?

  • Sho! Music Network
    Sho! Music Network Month ago

    Vous êtes les pires, Samsung.

  • عبدالمحسن الحربي


  • Naël Vallée
    Naël Vallée Month ago

    Il y a une faute a 0:22 a si les hommes était capables : c'est si les hommes étaient capables

  • MaggiMagie/Bruchpilot_Sim sem

    Now that's a lie, You started by selling FISH! I know it! Don't you lie to me Samsung, don't lie to me.

  • corn yellow
    corn yellow Month ago

    Thats why samsung is expensive

  • davina shin
    davina shin Month ago

    Samsung you better your game up and you biggest guns out because their tough competition with huawei and other companies

  • Marius Ducharme
    Marius Ducharme Month ago

    I like apple and Samsung
    Just like both phones

  • 20Network Dubs
    20Network Dubs Month ago

    That fold phone trash let it go...& make that wack glass plastic on back go strong...note 11 soft galaxy soft... no cheesey parts slapping names on them strong we people looking for A1...the old j7 made strong

  • Sajjat Hossen Arif
    Sajjat Hossen Arif Month ago

    Plz...We need Samsung a9 camera colour stabilization more...

  • Sajjat Hossen Arif
    Sajjat Hossen Arif Month ago

    Plz...We need Samsung a9 camera colour stabilization more...

  • Kailash vekariya
    Kailash vekariya Month ago +1

    A new system on micro suich to inject sim trade

  • Luca Cardoso
    Luca Cardoso Month ago


  • Mariano Paul
    Mariano Paul Month ago

  • Jatta Idiosyncrasy
    Jatta Idiosyncrasy Month ago

    Just design your phone without camera lens on exterior. Hide it! Put it In the phone, hide it with something. Who wanna see that lens. Both samsung and apple

  • All Technologies by Ibtesam Rafi

    Huawai mate30 It would be great to make a mobile without a button like this, I like Samsung very well

  • Yago Henrique
    Yago Henrique Month ago

    Quando vão fazer uma atualização para resolver o bug da tela laranja para o j5?