EA is Still the Cringe King of E3 (2018)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2018
  • EA appears to be in a competition with themselves at this point in terms of who can have the cringiest E3 conference.
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  • Eternal Falcon
    Eternal Falcon Month ago

    Are you joking ok I didn’t watch this but I play Star Wars battlefront regularly and general grievous is already in the game

  • Christian Byrd
    Christian Byrd Month ago +1

    EA= (Erectile Assimilation)(Every Asshole) (Everyone's Ass) (Expert Anal) ( Entertaining Accident) ( Expert Apologist) (Epilepsy Alert) ( Except Anthem)
    ( Empty Apartment)

  • DEREZZEDZ0MB Belman!

    Tbh Battlefield V is pretty fun.

  • Final Master
    Final Master 2 months ago

    Good thing Anthem sucked.

    It goes to show that we want gameplay and not the hype.
    Bet EA's gonna double the paid content. Also, sorry for any Bioware workers being ruined.

  • zoroxtreme
    zoroxtreme 2 months ago

    kinda sad to see them go no one else to hate and cringe at

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago

    FYI the dude on the left at 7:00 is a WR in the NFL (Juju Smith-Shuester, Steelers) So... it kinda made sense for a sports game? Still a bit cringy though.

  • petwisk
    petwisk 4 months ago

    I'm Sad that they're skiping E3 this year i was expecting a Lot more Cringe this year

  • A Person
    A Person 4 months ago

    This almost looks like EA has said “everyone is going to hate us anyway, so let’s not even try” like a passive aggressive child

  • Schmidty's Network
    Schmidty's Network 4 months ago

    I mean Red is pretty cute though

  • Allways
    Allways 6 months ago

    No offense but esports shouldn't pay well lol

  • roy romano
    roy romano 7 months ago

    Dude at 7:18 looks like a clown. Like, I would pay someone to look like that and make balloon animals for my kids.

  • Hell Sing
    Hell Sing 7 months ago

    The sense of humour of this community. Damn. They find vaginas funny.

  • Tracer Bullet
    Tracer Bullet 7 months ago

    Annnd of course I got a Fifa ad when rewatching this

  • Mental head smasher
    Mental head smasher 8 months ago

    EA... Micro transactions, money hungry, downgrading liars!!!

  • Anton boström
    Anton boström 8 months ago

    talking about Cringe. what do you think about the Diablo Immortal announcment at blizzcon?

  • Luke Frederiks
    Luke Frederiks 8 months ago

    3:00 Because EA doesn’t care about Star Wars. At all.

  • John Crafton
    John Crafton 9 months ago

    It's cringy as fuck to call things cringe now.

  • Jay Renault
    Jay Renault 9 months ago

    This fucker sold over half of his EA stocks, worth $40mil over the last 2 years.

    F8TALFRED 9 months ago

    Just play warframe, it's free

  • Jake
    Jake 10 months ago

    When I was a boy I always dreamed of being a gangster

  • MisT MerQz
    MisT MerQz 10 months ago

    Battlefield V for Vagina😂😂

  • Strider Zessei
    Strider Zessei 10 months ago

    I'm hyped for Anthem despite everything. I think a lot of people are too jaded after the bone-headed things EA's done before this, and I can't blame them, but the game actually looks good.

  • millan wood
    millan wood 11 months ago

    Run for the fucking hills studios EA might get you that snake is darth Sidious actually doing a order 66 in real life fucking run 😖😫😩😔

  • Cyberpunk Nerd
    Cyberpunk Nerd 11 months ago

    EA Press Conference is nothing but a shitshow

  • DonnyBear
    DonnyBear 11 months ago

    They are standing up there and talking because they want to have the feeling they are like Apple ;-)

  • Máté Karnóczi
    Máté Karnóczi 11 months ago

    i think if they alowed Handguns in there the entire EA STaff there and his invited guest performers were come out in bodybags for this desecration

  • Dog of Wisdom
    Dog of Wisdom 11 months ago +1

    Ubisoft is the cringe king.

  • YouAreAllBots
    YouAreAllBots 11 months ago

    Despite EA being a cringe fest I think Sony had the worst E3. I can't get through the first twenty minutes because 65% of the first twenty minutes is them on a screen talking and trying to be funny! Nothing makes me want to finish Sony's E3 because I just die of boredom every time I watch it. Seriously how did they manage to almost get the same run time as Microsoft with less games and most of their talking about a game was really just annoying!

  • One cheeky bih
    One cheeky bih 11 months ago

    I disagree, Ubisoft are cringe kings, the scripted gamer talk they do surpasses cringe's final form.

  • Jackeroni Draws
    Jackeroni Draws 11 months ago +1

    And Nintendo is still the king!

  • basilis gkotsis
    basilis gkotsis 11 months ago

    EA games: give me money give me money give me money give me money

  • macrograms
    macrograms 11 months ago

    Chase that money... uh ... in those pants?

  • Kage Maru
    Kage Maru 11 months ago

    Still waiting for a Fight Night game SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Magerius
    Magerius Year ago

    8:28 poor iNcontrol must be hell playing this afther an Starcraft 2 pro career.

  • Random Username
    Random Username Year ago

    Thats sad... General Grievous is one of my favorite characters when it comes to combat style.... Would've loved to actually see him. Well, at least Nintendo's e3 was great

  • Omega OME
    Omega OME Year ago

    EA lacks hindsight...

  • Winston S.
    Winston S. Year ago

    Well, at least Red was hot.

  • awesome1ru
    awesome1ru Year ago

    More gameplay less cringe

  • bobsagget823
    bobsagget823 Year ago

    You're such a faggot, just as cringey as they are. Fucking gay complaining voice over when you could have just edited the clips. Lazy fuck on a perpetual period. Do something with your life.

  • Joe's Gaming
    Joe's Gaming Year ago

    EA is gross.

  • 『 VentKlik 』
    『 VentKlik 』 Year ago +1

    Feels bad for my man nickatnyte, used to watch him so much.

  • Mi Ke
    Mi Ke Year ago

    Twenty minute onscreen rape of the zombified C&C franchise corpse... C&C as a mobile cesspool "experience" we have to "respect", says the greedy CEO from EA..
    If you were ever unsure, that they are only in for the money ... this is the ultimate proof.

  • wolfoflies
    wolfoflies Year ago +1

    Welp. 2 words can say what the ea show is Shit Show. Shit show. SS. EA IS THE SS!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • solidkazuma
    solidkazuma Year ago

    Battlefield (V)agina!? lmfao. New hashtag for me.

  • Hagen Der Wahnsiniche

    I mean... We "all" are against EA but they are fucking rich ... Some ppl here are like bitches.... They buy the games and still cry over and over.... STOP buy games Wich are published by EA and they are done

  • Nepu-Tech USA
    Nepu-Tech USA Year ago

    Battlefield V for Vagina xDDD

  • Ramon Vicente Vallesteros Ricafrente

    command and conquer is just a glorified flash game.

  • TheBakingSeal
    TheBakingSeal Year ago +1

    The spokesperson looks like the typical villain in a bad high school movie at 0:00

    SPICYMEMES 458 Year ago


  • John Powell
    John Powell Year ago

    Don't buy any of EA's games anymore.
    It's that simple don't buy there games.

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo Year ago

    Why didn't they show Anthem game footage? People already are thinking that the game is going to be bad, and filled with microtransactions. But when it's time to show off one of the core game elements.. they don't show anything. Suspicious?
    I know that the people at EA are not exactly smart.. but..? Really? Show a short montage of each class. Just short battle scenes, pre-made, pre-cut, made for this show. Alpha gameplay. It's something. But to go with nothing?

  • MamboJambo
    MamboJambo Year ago

    Battlefront 2? The game that failed? The game they didn't want to support anymore?
    The game that has one of the worst history in gameing...? Ohhh.. geez.

  • Jack A
    Jack A Year ago

    I know a slogan that is perfect for EA.
    EA "We're out here chasing money"

  • Lindon Paora
    Lindon Paora Year ago

    "EA Sports, it's in the name"👎

  • Jactor
    Jactor Year ago

    Alright, Sea of Solitude looked kinda interesting, I'll admit that. But how, just how can you not talk about this German woman presenting it. I mean, personally, she made me cringe more than anything else. Including da money chasers.

  • T.C.
    T.C. Year ago

    These guys are terminally gauche! What a bunch of geekoids. When I was a kid presentations like this would have led to tomato throwing!

  • T.C.
    T.C. Year ago

    Jo-Mei translation: a game designed to avoid shader programming.

  • Metal Wolf
    Metal Wolf Year ago

    I wish everyone would do as I do and refuse to buy or play any EA games.

  • Chim Ritchelds
    Chim Ritchelds Year ago

    Poor incontrol, one of the nicest starcraft 2 pro players I have ever met. I've meet him at blizzcons and MLGs and he's so approachable and chill. Sucks he had to be in the cringe EA conference.

  • Alowne00
    Alowne00 Year ago

    Fuck Eat Ass games, youre money is speaking people!

  • JayGamerShow
    JayGamerShow Year ago

    Mass Effect and Dragon Age, those are the only words i care about at any EA show. So pass, BIG PASS!!

  • deliciousSHOTGUN
    deliciousSHOTGUN Year ago

    "Battlefield V for Vagina" Mate subscribed xd

  • Jezza Clarkson
    Jezza Clarkson Year ago

    Hiring stupid chicks who have zero passion for gaming because they have vaginas

  • Overlord
    Overlord Year ago


  • That Stupid Dawg Dos

    God we all hate you. You truly don't understand.

  • T H
    T H Year ago

    That rich boi on stage was the biggest douche bag i have ever seen in my life

  • braf zachland
    braf zachland Year ago

    way to squeeze the "hold my beer" meme in there lol

  • Flare Blaze
    Flare Blaze Year ago

    Dont forget the train wreck that kingdoms of alamur was. Ea still hasnt fixed any of the content

  • A Person With a Name

    Nah, last year was worse.

  • HgBoy
    HgBoy Year ago

    Shut the fuck up i wanna SEE the video