• Published on Dec 9, 2018
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    After Stephen Sharer FOUND REBECCA ZAMOLO in GAME MASTER SECRET HIDEOUT with ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE CLUES!! Vy Qwaint also found a GIANT SIZE POOL GAME In Real Life Escape Room and then Stephen his sister Grace Sharer and Rebecca Zamolo searched for clues in the Game Master secret hideout and then all the sudden Chad Wild Clay found the escape room solves riddle and was able to unlock the escape room and get the Sharer Family out. Then Chad Wild Clay teamed up with Stephen and Grace Sharer and explored the Game Master escape room house mansion looking for mystery clues and riddles. The Sharer Family figured it could be Chad Wild Clay Project Zorgo inside this hideout with mystery clues to solve or Rebecca Zamolo Game Master. There were a ton of family friendly games to play just like a real life operation escape room challenge where Steven Sher and CWC had to explore their way out and search for clues. Then they heard a noise come through the spy gadget walkie talkie that sounded like Matt and Rebecca but Steven was not sure who was talking through that spy gadget device. Sharers comment if you know what clue Matt and Rebecca were trying to tell Stephen Sharer in order to solve and escape room out of this #GameMaster hideout.
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