• Published on Dec 9, 2018
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    After Stephen Sharer FOUND REBECCA ZAMOLO in GAME MASTER SECRET HIDEOUT with ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE CLUES!! Vy Qwaint also found a GIANT SIZE POOL GAME In Real Life Escape Room and then Stephen his sister Grace Sharer and Rebecca Zamolo searched for clues in the Game Master secret hideout and then all the sudden Chad Wild Clay found the escape room solves riddle and was able to unlock the escape room and get the Sharer Family out. Then Chad Wild Clay teamed up with Stephen and Grace Sharer and explored the Game Master escape room house mansion looking for mystery clues and riddles. The Sharer Family figured it could be Chad Wild Clay Project Zorgo inside this hideout with mystery clues to solve or Rebecca Zamolo Game Master. There were a ton of family friendly games to play just like a real life operation escape room challenge where Steven Sher and CWC had to explore their way out and search for clues. Then they heard a noise come through the spy gadget walkie talkie that sounded like Matt and Rebecca but Steven was not sure who was talking through that spy gadget device. Sharers comment if you know what clue Matt and Rebecca were trying to tell Stephen Sharer in order to solve and escape room out of this #GameMaster hideout.
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    πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ LAST GAME MASTER MYSTERY CLUE: usclip.net/video/_wszAzdVvqM/video.html
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    Matt and Rebecca GAME MASTER Escape Room w/ Vy Qwaint and Rebecca Zamolo (New Clues and Mysterious Riddles) usclip.net/video/G6wBDOSnQwA/video.html
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    Rebecca Zamolo Underwater Hidden Code TRAP after Escaping GAME MASTER Clue Room w/ Chad Wild Clay & Stephen Sharer usclip.net/video/59Y2KRAVyZo/video.html
    VY QUAINT GAME MASTER CHALLENGE GIANT SIZE POOL GAME In Real Life Escape Room (24 Hour Challenge 3am Riddles) usclip.net/video/v3i3Pmk1JSg/video.html
    Stephen Sharer GRACE SHARER GAME MASTER MYSTERY RIDDLES & CLUES TRAINING REVEAL TRUE IDENTITY (Detective Challenge) usclip.net/video/_f7qpfNcE-0/video.html
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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca 6 months ago +3452

    Our Walkie Talkie wasn't working. Hopefully you get out of that Room!

    • Ava Rousseau
      Ava Rousseau Day ago

      I love you

    • brisa Leal
      brisa Leal 8 days ago

      Cover all lasers

    • brisa Leal
      brisa Leal 8 days ago

      All three shops heart

    • Alyaan Tariq
      Alyaan Tariq 2 months ago

      I hurd that it was mate talking on the walki talki and he said think with your hart.

    • Aron Mejia
      Aron Mejia 3 months ago


  • Brodie Te Hau
    Brodie Te Hau 2 hours ago


  • Tara Roberts
    Tara Roberts 12 hours ago

    It sayes think with your heart

  • Lynn Jester
    Lynn Jester 15 hours ago

    there was some thing behinde the note

  • Holly Keefer
    Holly Keefer 18 hours ago

    thigk with your heart

  • philke30
    philke30 Day ago

    Think with heart

  • Peggy Headley
    Peggy Headley Day ago


  • Slav Petrus Bogdan

    Say my hurt

  • Lacey Crouch
    Lacey Crouch Day ago

    rebeccas vid said all three shock hearts

  • Sian Day
    Sian Day Day ago


  • Elizabeth Rocha
    Elizabeth Rocha Day ago


  • Lightning storm
    Lightning storm Day ago

    Camera is watching u

  • Jen Jackson
    Jen Jackson Day ago

    Love the shares

  • Scott Pollack
    Scott Pollack 2 days ago

    you guys are so cool

  • Heather Sillsbury
    Heather Sillsbury 2 days ago

    Gearhart think with your heart

  • Lesli H.
    Lesli H. 2 days ago

    7 3 8

  • Muamera Orman
    Muamera Orman 2 days ago

    It seems like it

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 2 days ago +1

    They have one it is matt

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez 2 days ago +1

    Think with your ❀️

  • Tongmeng Moeun
    Tongmeng Moeun 2 days ago

    Lazer is all cover

  • Sarah Chery
    Sarah Chery 3 days ago

    Its Matt, Vy, and Rebbeca on the wakie takie

  • Brenasha Stong
    Brenasha Stong 3 days ago

    A hacher g close it

  • dion brown
    dion brown 3 days ago


  • Nourhan Abdel-Rheem Ali

    The clue is β€œAll three shots heart”

  • eric yeung
    eric yeung 3 days ago

    Good game but I love you vy πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • Bailee Kudla
    Bailee Kudla 3 days ago

    all 3 shocks heart

  • Kyndall C
    Kyndall C 4 days ago

    It says think with your heart

  • Tony And More
    Tony And More 4 days ago +1

    That round thing in the cinema jumanji is a πŸ“€ DVD

  • Jai hanuman.rakha Jai hanuman.rakha

    They are saying that get your heart out

  • Wollfy Cast
    Wollfy Cast 5 days ago

    the walky talky said think it with your heart

  • Melany Saldivar
    Melany Saldivar 5 days ago


  • Brittney Chavez
    Brittney Chavez 5 days ago +1

    stephen the red door be hind the door is a haker

  • Alesha Lee
    Alesha Lee 5 days ago

    The people on the wall are the people in the movie Jumanji

  • Giselle Acosta
    Giselle Acosta 5 days ago


  • Alex T
    Alex T 5 days ago +1

    Stephen if you need to escape that room that answers all three shocks heart

  • Everson Diaz
    Everson Diaz 6 days ago

    Chad is funny

  • Carol Brewer
    Carol Brewer 6 days ago

    Think with your heart

  • Carol Brewer
    Carol Brewer 6 days ago

    Operation room

  • Carol Brewer
    Carol Brewer 6 days ago

    in the movie theater

  • Emily Hood
    Emily Hood 6 days ago

    Think with your heart

  • MekaaMeanss
    MekaaMeanss 6 days ago

    The answer is heart 🎈

  • Sudipa Das
    Sudipa Das 6 days ago

    It is think for your heart

  • Jovita Daugalaite
    Jovita Daugalaite 6 days ago

    Ot is rebecca, matt, and vy.

  • Jordan Shipman
    Jordan Shipman 7 days ago

    I’m the game master

  • WV RockCrawlers
    WV RockCrawlers 7 days ago

    think with your heart

  • Brandon Dodge
    Brandon Dodge 8 days ago +1

    Hi Chad and Stephen and grace there is an therd level

  • Eli Sass
    Eli Sass 8 days ago

    Tik fromyooπŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

  • Shafa Sherzai
    Shafa Sherzai 8 days ago +1

    Daisy says think with your heart

  • Shafa Sherzai
    Shafa Sherzai 8 days ago +1

    SIA security camera ISO security camera

  • Julie Gonzales
    Julie Gonzales 8 days ago

    It's a DVD

  • Amber Costelow
    Amber Costelow 8 days ago

    Their stuck in the laser room

  • Valencia BaiYuTing
    Valencia BaiYuTing 9 days ago

    that couples but only one that's not together is Chad and vy

  • Magnolia Vlogs
    Magnolia Vlogs 9 days ago

    it says think with your heart

  • waiching lee
    waiching lee 9 days ago

    Broken heart

  • waiching lee
    waiching lee 9 days ago


  • Maxgaming
    Maxgaming 9 days ago

    All 3 shocks heart

  • naomie morales
    naomie morales 10 days ago +1

    Speak with your heart πŸ’“

  • Lul Jay Official
    Lul Jay Official 10 days ago

    she did not tell us the cold

  • Isaiah Spanks
    Isaiah Spanks 10 days ago

    Protect zorgo is watching

  • Harly gwynn
    Harly gwynn 10 days ago


  • Death Evil
    Death Evil 11 days ago

    Think with your heart

  • Gareth Penna
    Gareth Penna 11 days ago

    GM was here πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

  • Mette SΓΈndergΓ₯rd

    G Chad

  • maribel abrica
    maribel abrica 11 days ago

    I Love you πŸ₯°

  • Dylan Billings
    Dylan Billings 11 days ago


  • Rachel Villarreal
    Rachel Villarreal 11 days ago


  • Sabrina Pop
    Sabrina Pop 11 days ago

    I think it said shape it with your heart

  • S and A
    S and A 11 days ago

    It sad say it with your heart

  • Trent P Fam Tv
    Trent P Fam Tv 11 days ago

    Stephen and vq and Rebecca and chad and matt and grace are cool

  • Taryn Jandura
    Taryn Jandura 11 days ago

    It sed then with your hort

  • Isaiah Pitcock
    Isaiah Pitcock 11 days ago


  • Jealyn Dang
    Jealyn Dang 11 days ago

    All 3 shocks heart

  • Little Limes
    Little Limes 11 days ago

    You guys had to switch riddles

  • Sophie. l. love. you Hale

    Thank with you πŸ’“

  • John Miles
    John Miles 11 days ago


  • Pablo Enriquez
    Pablo Enriquez 12 days ago

    There is a cam at the hause

  • Logan The ninja destroyer

    Think with your β™₯️

  • fun with Soham Banerjee

    In vy's safe under the note there was a card. On the top there was written 'lounge'.

  • Kidd Dodson
    Kidd Dodson 13 days ago

    Try the words one the closet wall to exsap the room if I was there I would help you

  • Firehawk
    Firehawk 13 days ago

    It said think with your heart

  • Renee Pitt
    Renee Pitt 13 days ago

    all 3 shoks heart!!

  • Hoda Lahoud
    Hoda Lahoud 13 days ago +1


  • S A Very
    S A Very 13 days ago

    Cover all layers

  • alazey williams
    alazey williams 13 days ago


  • Sally Samir
    Sally Samir 13 days ago


  • spy ninja fan
    spy ninja fan 13 days ago

    The Circle is a CD Filipinos use that

  • Setu Felise
    Setu Felise 14 days ago

    right left up left left

  • Setu Felise
    Setu Felise 14 days ago

    it was matt

  • Katie Lefler
    Katie Lefler 14 days ago


  • Bharattee Mohadawoo
    Bharattee Mohadawoo 14 days ago


  • Tham Yen
    Tham Yen 14 days ago


  • Hardcore Kylie
    Hardcore Kylie 14 days ago

    All 3 shocks heart

  • Evergreen Print & Fashions

    The walketalk said Think with your heart that what it says

  • Lottie Allen
    Lottie Allen 14 days ago


  • Emily VB
    Emily VB 16 days ago

    Think with your heart the walkie talkie was saying stephan

  • princess mae
    princess mae 16 days ago

    great vid

  • Jada Blanton
    Jada Blanton 17 days ago

    All three shocks hearVE quaint and Rebecca and Matt are stuck in a laser room

  • Angel Casado
    Angel Casado 17 days ago

    rebbeca and

  • Katorris Norfleet
    Katorris Norfleet 18 days ago

    The soocerball that you showed
    I have one of those soocerball

  • Cecilia Serapio
    Cecilia Serapio 18 days ago

    All three harte shok