Jack Black Jokes Around With Paparazzi While Leaving Rite-Aid Pharmacy 9.8.16


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  • xLead Gamez
    xLead Gamez 11 days ago

    Stop this

  • Erik E
    Erik E 18 days ago

    Disgusting! Leave them be! They are only humans!

  • C
    C 21 day ago +1

    paparazzi and car salesman

  • The Boys
    The Boys 21 day ago +3

    Dude got the fats

  • Piggymaster3
    Piggymaster3 4 months ago +24

    Just leave him alone

  • EVIL Co.
    EVIL Co. 5 months ago +18

    Awesome guy!!! He is the number #1 comedian.

  • Alluurpo
    Alluurpo 5 months ago +13

    what kind of retard do you have to be to run around like a little mouse after celebrities? :D

  • Ninja k
    Ninja k 10 months ago +25

    Hes so cool. He just laid back.

  • Goldfish
    Goldfish 2 years ago +46

    I like him, he takes everything easy unlike some heart cold stoned celebs.