Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Will Ferrell

  • Published on Dec 21, 2018
  • James Corden and Will Ferrell take turns asking each other very personal questions and are given the choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them. Foods include fish eyes, water scorpions and turkey testicles.
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Comments • 11 037

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 5 hours ago

    When did Bill Nye become funny?

  • Mr Taquitos
    Mr Taquitos 7 hours ago

    He ate cock and balls

  • 93 Til Infinity Steez47

    Ant Yuggurrt

  • Daymon Black
    Daymon Black 13 hours ago

    Least favorite will Ferrell move is probably casa de me padre or blades of glory.

  • gingerwhiteguy
    gingerwhiteguy Day ago

    It’s really annoying that James cordon rarely answers any questions

  • Alyssa Ureno
    Alyssa Ureno Day ago +1

    The way he said yogurt😂

  • Julia Mihajlovich

    Oh my god this is incredible

  • J T
    J T Day ago

    James always spits it out that some bunk shit

  • Dave Arroyo
    Dave Arroyo Day ago

    James was totally lying about Holmes and Watson

  • Jacob Broering
    Jacob Broering Day ago

    Turkey testicles are a Indiana favorite.. deep fried. But make sure you slit them before deep fry. Or they’ll pop in your mouth.

  • Konstantin Levin

    wtf, cow tongue is delish!!

  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X 2 days ago

    Tim is a mood

  • Dion Tjahjono
    Dion Tjahjono 2 days ago

    pretty sure will the only one who actually swallowed the food.

  • carter made
    carter made 2 days ago

    Mr Will Ferrell your freaking awesome, you got the like for being a gangsta. #salute

  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X 3 days ago +1

    5:15 Wills shirt is making me feel like I’m high or something

  • Baim Kids PE
    Baim Kids PE 3 days ago +1

    I have met Will Ferrell after my soccer game and me and my teamates all ran over and said “Hi!”

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth 3 days ago

    2:52 Will I Am

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 3 days ago +3

    I would even like to try the ant-yoghurt.

  • Dalton Blake
    Dalton Blake 3 days ago

    Bro... thats kinda gay.

  • Stephen Dobek
    Stephen Dobek 4 days ago +2

    “Theres gotta be a Smith” 😂😂😂😂

  • Don Mooney
    Don Mooney 4 days ago

    Its lame that James has eaten all of these 15 times and acts like he is so grossed out. They should change them up.
    Are these all actual things people like around the world?

  • James Bold Comedy
    James Bold Comedy 4 days ago

    I can make James Corden Lose weight - I will convince him that he really is a fat pig !!!!!

  • HeyImGerman
    HeyImGerman 4 days ago

    Im gonna purchase your baby

  • Matt Wing
    Matt Wing 4 days ago

    Okay i fucking watched it, youtube. STOP.

  • Mr Pidgeon
    Mr Pidgeon 4 days ago


  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X 5 days ago +1

    Tim is so precious

  • The dude
    The dude 5 days ago

    Cow tongue taste like cow, even cow anus tastes like cow.

  • Matt MacDonald
    Matt MacDonald 5 days ago +3

    best will ferrell movie: step brothers dont @ me

  • allie steele
    allie steele 5 days ago

    they’re really upping their game with the foods they give them but also why does james act like he’s never had cow tongue before when he gets it. i’ve watched plenty of other spill your guts or fill your guts where he’s gotten cow tongue so he’s had it before but acts like he hasn’t which is weird.

  • Informent
    Informent 5 days ago

    corden´s face at 7:29 LOL...omg

  • TerribleTonyShow
    TerribleTonyShow 5 days ago

    I'll try the turkey testicles

  • Hayden Hidey
    Hayden Hidey 5 days ago

    I think it’s tradition for this game to start with James with the cow tongue

  • Unknown Porkipine
    Unknown Porkipine 5 days ago +1

    Bring Billie Eilish to the show!

  • Yesh Studios
    Yesh Studios 5 days ago +1

    I honestly like fish eyes

  • Vanessa W.
    Vanessa W. 5 days ago +4

    I gagged SO HARD when he put that ball in his mouth and when he gagged, I gagged even harder and had to stop watching
    WTF man. Will would have understood!

  • Dwight Fontenot
    Dwight Fontenot 5 days ago

    As a professional chef of 30 years, I can tell you that these are fake dishes.

  • ChadYolo
    ChadYolo 5 days ago

    I’m a have an anxiety attack

  • Jenny Montana
    Jenny Montana 6 days ago +1

    I love jimmy, he is real

  • supercookie doge
    supercookie doge 6 days ago

    Give me them juicy secrets!

  • tothrowed migo
    tothrowed migo 6 days ago +3

    You need Kevin hart in here I would he dieing of laughter

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 6 days ago

    Watching this hurts my teeth

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean 7 days ago +4

    Will's outfit looks like something Jon Arbuckle would wear

  • Christine Sussman
    Christine Sussman 7 days ago

    I love Will Ferrell he's too nice

  • Lone wolf 4221
    Lone wolf 4221 7 days ago

    It's not really fill your guts if you cough it up.

  • Guitar Equals Awesome

    why are people so reluctant to awnser. this game def wouldnt work in the netherlands. everyone would just tell you straight up lol.

  • Luke Potter
    Luke Potter 7 days ago

    Will is a LEGEND

  • Nathanael Soler
    Nathanael Soler 8 days ago +2

    James pretending he doesnt love cow tongue...

  • the_gaming_pizza
    the_gaming_pizza 8 days ago

    Did he just say happy Christmas

  • Jam Ma
    Jam Ma 8 days ago +9

    Will and John C Riley are gradually turning into the same person

  • Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan 8 days ago

    This game is funny, but I feel like it has potential to be way funnier if the food must be swallowed. By spitting it out, it doesn't provide that extra horror and fear of swallowing something vile.

  • Shama Ben Alaya
    Shama Ben Alaya 8 days ago

    I want him to do one with bts

  • LTWalker2006 Walker
    LTWalker2006 Walker 9 days ago

    Will doesn't care

  • Hhhh Hhhh
    Hhhh Hhhh 9 days ago

    ricky bobby

  • Boni Chodes
    Boni Chodes 9 days ago

    I would answer every question.

  • mai mouz
    mai mouz 9 days ago

    That cow tounge and fish eyes,we always eat it in my country but not me its too disgusting for me lmao

  • HG Tudor
    HG Tudor 9 days ago


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  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 9 days ago +1

    Wills shirt is fucking with my eyes

  • Sabre
    Sabre 10 days ago

    When your dog hoccs up a bone

  • sana khalid
    sana khalid 10 days ago

    "Can you repeat the list again?"

  • planeshift
    planeshift 10 days ago

    this has got to be one of the stupidest segments on a late show ive ever seen,,, just lie and never have to eat anything. Its like a stupid version of fear factor

  • Not born. I burst from a chest.

    Why is it that James Cordon seems to rip off other hosts a lot for bits? This time he didn't even try all that hard. If there was a line of hot sauce it'd make it complete.

  • AndrewHilarious
    AndrewHilarious 10 days ago

    James would eat it all

  • Angel Camacho
    Angel Camacho 10 days ago

    lol that so sad so long to gust his name 😅

  • Dimitris Kirstea
    Dimitris Kirstea 10 days ago

    0:46 this man realy said happy christmas lmao😂😂

  • RD Cudal
    RD Cudal 10 days ago

    Wait Turkeys have testicles??

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 days ago

    SORRY...Holmes & Watson sucked...it is the first movie in a long time that I have turned off before it was over....boring and stupid.

  • Greg C
    Greg C 11 days ago

    Corden never swallows... thats the word on the street at least. What a tease!

  • hurB
    hurB 11 days ago

    3:30 we all know it was Donald Trump

  • Andrea Hernandez
    Andrea Hernandez 11 days ago

    Cow tongue is bomb asf in tacos though