Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Nov 6, 2019
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Comments • 21 025

    DEATH BATTLE!  27 days ago +129

    Check out the Bloopers of this episode here!

    • Matthew Sullivan
      Matthew Sullivan 6 days ago

      Rex Gomez Kusuo is at least moon level, possibly plant level. Tatsumaki better lose.

    • Matthew Sullivan
      Matthew Sullivan 6 days ago

      So mob was already on par with tatsumaki at 100% then entered a form that was shown to be infinitely superior to 100% in every possible way many, many times over and still lost. REALLY?

    • Skelter; Alter Baron
      Skelter; Alter Baron 9 days ago

      While I am kinda mad that my boy Mob lost this one,I can't really stay mad,cause
      The facts are right there
      Tatsumaki had the clear edge and advantage in this one

    • Rex Gomez
      Rex Gomez 14 days ago +1

      DEATH BATTLE! Tatsumaki vs Kusuo Saiki

  • Avydek
    Avydek 2 hours ago

    What I'm hearing from this is if Mob had more experience he would have edged it to a 50/50.

  • tatin YT
    tatin YT 2 hours ago

    Yep know it

  • Grimm Ashley
    Grimm Ashley 4 hours ago

    I see why Tatsumaki won, but I really hate that she did. Mob is such a good boi and Tornado's just a brat.

  • Freki last name
    Freki last name 4 hours ago

    *How to brilliantly evade accusations of sexism and "toxic masculinity"*
    Title corrected.

  • Richie Souders
    Richie Souders 4 hours ago

    bruh this is why some of your battles suck. The producers of the show did not expect you to judge the power of MOB's shield by using the damn broccoli. Thats so ridiculous that you actually used that. His shield. Based off the broccoli. It is not that deep

  • Peter Kariuki
    Peter Kariuki 5 hours ago

    Pain vs kai. Naruto vs kungfu panda

    ABDUL KALAH 5 hours ago

    Do Steven universe vs K.O

  • token the gamer
    token the gamer 7 hours ago

    So basically Saitama with hair vs spoiled child

    SLAYER 8 hours ago

    Mob twisted her arms ! u didn't count that was enough to put her to sleep!

  • The Ducklin
    The Ducklin 9 hours ago

    *cough* apparently main characters die

  • Akicat1_Art
    Akicat1_Art 11 hours ago

    Those decent animations

  • Ĝod òf Ĥenťai
    Ĝod òf Ĥenťai 12 hours ago

    Yeah and tatsumaki has the FBI

  • Joshua Son
    Joshua Son 13 hours ago

    They forgot to take into account that Mob is an MC. Mc's always win haha

  • DrMarioFan
    DrMarioFan 14 hours ago

    A part of me wonders what Mob would have done to
    Tatsumaki if she didn't kill him. Maybe she would have still
    shot the boulder at him, and just throws at back at her?
    Whatever, I don't even watch anime...

  • Jaw Jd
    Jaw Jd 14 hours ago

    No the bicth woman win nooo!!!!

  • Pale fail
    Pale fail 15 hours ago +1

    This is stupid mob is stronger

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 16 hours ago


  • Axis
    Axis 17 hours ago

    But i thought she had a head injury and so it means she wouldn't be able to get a meteor

  • Melissa Spadafore
    Melissa Spadafore 18 hours ago +1

    Radio demon from hazbin hotel vs spawn

  • sua mae
    sua mae 18 hours ago +1

    Who thought Mob would win?

  • Thicc Boii
    Thicc Boii 20 hours ago

    This was ass imma need a rematch

  • TheFlameTrain 15
    TheFlameTrain 15 20 hours ago

    Who else wants to see one of the 40 times mob would win just out of curiosity how he’d win?

  • Prudence Isaac-Ojo
    Prudence Isaac-Ojo 22 hours ago

    Jin Mori vs saitama will be a pretty cool fight

  • iPG Spider
    iPG Spider 22 hours ago

    So the bigger explosion win

  • hj&epicdoggo
    hj&epicdoggo Day ago

    oh... im lost

  • Jay Martian
    Jay Martian Day ago

    Because mob has more abilities than just telekenesis

  • Jay Martian
    Jay Martian Day ago

    I swear to God if mob loses

  • Langat Langs
    Langat Langs Day ago

    Hahaaa, y'all are wrong on this one

  • Ethan Razzberry
    Ethan Razzberry Day ago

    Mob kind of reminds me of One Punch Man. Those eyes though.

  • Harshit Mehrotra

    There's no way mob would lose to some weakling like her

    • Harshit Mehrotra
      Harshit Mehrotra 22 hours ago

      @SonicNTGD mob can learn new skills in mere seconds bruh, he located his mom and dad and he didn't even know how to do that seconds ago, his psychic abilities far surpass tatsumakis telekinesis, and he could've easily made her kill herself with mind control which I'm sure he can do

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD 22 hours ago

      A weakling that can redirect bullets moving so fast they destroy a city the size of a country...

  • Its_Biscuits 14
    Its_Biscuits 14 Day ago

    Wow he should’ve won

  • Ben Inkster
    Ben Inkster Day ago

    I like death battle but they contradict themselves alot. They stated in his ??? Form that his energy absorption was limitless but the. State that he has a limit and that was apart of his downfall.

  • Omar Fouad
    Omar Fouad Day ago

    Sucking power

  • tukuni panda
    tukuni panda Day ago +1

    So mob is basically a psycho sayian.

  • Jerryberry
    Jerryberry Day ago +2

    I don’t actually care about calculations. Mob would literally win. No joke :P

  • Darryl Merozie
    Darryl Merozie Day ago

    I don't believe it. She has experience but insane power should always beat experience. It's like saying one punch would get beat by all might because all might has more experience. Mob is op af

  • 無感覚T R A S H
    無感覚T R A S H Day ago +1

    To be completely honest with you, Shigeo could have won that fight easily. Like it said in the MP100 manga, he can get stronger from 100-??? So you wouldn't know his Limit in strength and emotion.
    And plus he can control life itself that should prove how strong he could get. And if he has no emotions to control it's impossible for him to reach a limit.

  • phantom falcon
    phantom falcon Day ago

    Mob losing is sad but accurate

    • SonicNTGD
      SonicNTGD 22 hours ago

      Finally someone who accepts

  • Coco and Oshos
    Coco and Oshos Day ago

    Bruh.......I feel like mob would have won though😤but I want to see a fight with either tatsumaki and saiki or mob and saiki

    • Wild Card
      Wild Card 10 hours ago

      Saiki is cool but he stomps both of these so hard it's not even funny.

  • daniel stop changing things on moms account

    Asura From asura rath vs sietima from one punch man

  • John sun Games the Brony

    I'm not trying to offend you guys but didn't MOB ???% form means he got more power than Tatsumaky or atl least the same level of power? If any of this two where the case then we got to MOB that can do the same stuff that Tatsumaky is doing and another question, HOW DID SHE CLOSE HER FIST AFTER HER ARMS GOT TWISTED (COUNTING THE HANDS) AROUND HER BODY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah I know that she is a esper but she couldn't consentrate in time to kill MOB at least plus you forgot his ability to drain the esper's powers. Now that I think of it didn't Tatsumaki got a injury in her head before she strikes MOB with the meteor? so wouldn't that make my point of she being defeated by the fact that she cannot consentrate in time? I GOT SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!

  • King_Kai kai
    King_Kai kai Day ago


  • KevFool23 DGKs
    KevFool23 DGKs 2 days ago +2

    So you're saying If she did know how to control a major she would have lost Right?

  • Daniel Blaha
    Daniel Blaha 2 days ago

    I thought terrible tornado was a hero? Why she picking on kids?

  • JMW
    JMW 2 days ago

    Lol mob should have one stop with this bs

  • Teran Icer
    Teran Icer 2 days ago

    Tornado is so cute, AWWW 😄

  • Jordan Ortiz
    Jordan Ortiz 2 days ago +2

    in the heart of the people, Mob won
    to be fair
    all he wanted was directions to school
    Tatsu's just a bit of a HUGE bonehead.

  • Jaaden rOss
    Jaaden rOss 2 days ago

    Here's a thought. If mob wanted to kill her instead of immobilize he would have twisted her neck instead of her arms and back. And as far as I know she's not immortal

  • Kitty
    Kitty 2 days ago

    guys. the fight scenes are just an artistic representation where they try to show all of their abilities.

  • Jondan Toh
    Jondan Toh 2 days ago

    I don't know who is Mob, but he looks awesome!!!

  • Explorer Delicate
    Explorer Delicate 2 days ago

    I think mob is batter

  • Lonwabo Plaatjie
    Lonwabo Plaatjie 2 days ago

    Dear deaths battle who could win between goku vs mod

  • SoulandLogic
    SoulandLogic 2 days ago +5

    And here we see the end of Tatsumaki's career as a hero

  • a z
    a z 2 days ago

    I want see Saitama kick superman ass

  • Sidharth
    Sidharth 2 days ago

    I think tatsumaki's win is fair but what about her head injury ?? It is said when she gets that injury she can't use her powers properly

  • Jasper Culannay
    Jasper Culannay 2 days ago +2

    Mob: Do you know the directions the middle schools here?
    Tatsumaki: *so be it*

  • Melee e
    Melee e 2 days ago

    Wow who would've guessed that the most powerful psychic from a show about ridiculously overpowered super heroes would beat the most powerful psychic from a show about a middle school kid who has incredible latent psychic powers but doesn't want to use them to hurt anyone.

  • Emmanuel Gapud
    Emmanuel Gapud 2 days ago +4

    It's always a sad day when the one with a terrible attitude wins.