• Published on Jun 29, 2018
  • Lookout Mr Fridge, Giant Dart is inbound.
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    A big thanks to the awesome crew at the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin for letting us use their 45m leaning tower for our own experiments. If you wanna head out there and check it out, it's not far from Perth. Western Australia:
    We are passionate about seeing children released from poverty and we would love you to consider sponsoring a child with Compassion. We visited our sponsor children in the Philippines and were blown away by the difference that child sponsorship can make. To find out more about sponsoring a child right now, check out:
    What's the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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  • Marvin Hernandez
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    • The 3 Vloggers
      The 3 Vloggers Day ago

      Marvin Hernandez

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      Krungie 2 days ago

      How Ridiculous

    • Umesh P
      Umesh P 2 days ago

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    • Michelle Smith
      Michelle Smith 2 days ago +1

      Marvin Hernandez has edited it lol

    • president melk
      president melk 2 days ago

      Marvin Hernandez s

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  • ultimate gamer360
    ultimate gamer360 3 hours ago

    starts at 1:24

  • Taryn Anno
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  • Carl McNaught
    Carl McNaught 3 hours ago

    Don’t do drugs kids....

  • Nathan Burnett
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  • Nathan Burnett
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  • OriginLost Born
    OriginLost Born 5 hours ago

    9:36:42 am

  • Khloe Heckethorn
    Khloe Heckethorn 5 hours ago

    This was on my birthday!!!!!!!!!!

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  • John Littlejr
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  • Nunya Dambidniss
    Nunya Dambidniss 7 hours ago

    This whole video should have been 15 seconds long WITH NONE OF THE YAMMERING FROM THESE THREE ASSHOLES. Shut up already. Yer not at all interesting. Just show the impacts and move on to the next target. Blathering assholes.

  • Peoples Person
    Peoples Person 8 hours ago

    Next can you drop rice gum headfirst no trampoline no oobleck nothing just on the cold hard ground...

  • SemparoHH
    SemparoHH 9 hours ago

    Fuuuuu. Sitting here catching up Vids and Hella loud clap of thunder sounds off after he counts down and says go lol

  • gaming demon 247
    gaming demon 247 9 hours ago


  • Dale Adrian
    Dale Adrian 9 hours ago

    screenie at 0:44

  • Jack Geist
    Jack Geist 10 hours ago


  • Jac Custer
    Jac Custer 10 hours ago

    GIANT DART Vs. HUMAN HEAD from 45m!

  • bing bong wong wong
    bing bong wong wong 10 hours ago

    Is this a private area or can anyone go to the tower

  • HistoryHunter
    HistoryHunter 10 hours ago

    5:46:09 pm

  • Leighton Gentrup
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  • Gage Pitrone
    Gage Pitrone 11 hours ago

    if you get 200k likes will you stop doing the "we'll Pin yeah" bit and pick up all that trash....
    And recycle.

  • Fire 101
    Fire 101 12 hours ago

    44 secs

  • Maryn Elster
    Maryn Elster 12 hours ago


  • Tony Dolce
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  • Mayonnaise Man
    Mayonnaise Man 12 hours ago

    Please still do dart v car please

  • Mayonnaise Man
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  • DageJunior
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  • DageJunior
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  • Gianny Lulo Yataco
    Gianny Lulo Yataco 14 hours ago

    Oh, such a great team! PIN YA!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • LNP Mufflers And Welding

    How about Giant Dart vs Tanerite

  • Miles Morford
    Miles Morford 15 hours ago

    its on

  • Jason Barnhart
    Jason Barnhart 15 hours ago


  • ชลดา แก้วดี

    บ้านมึงรวยคเีต้อน​้แ​ที่​ดี​ใน​ชีวิต​เรา​ได้​นะ​ค่ะ​ขอบคุณ​ล่วงหน้า​ครับ​เพราะ​มัน​มี​อยู่​แต้ม​เปิด​เพลง​ที่​มี​อยู่​หลาย​ปี​ที่ผ่านมา​โดย​ใน​การ​ใช้​พลังงาน​จาก​ที่​มี​อยู่​หลาย​แห่ง​ที่​มี​คน​บอก​มา​ได้​เลย​นะ​ครับ​เพราะ​มัน​มี​ความ​ชัดเจน​ของ​789,456,123​ใน​เกม​ลีก​เมื่อ​ฤดูกาล​ที่ผ่านมา​แต่​เขา​จะ​เป็น​อย่างไร​ก็​ไม่​ต่าง​กับ​ใคร​แล้ว​เค้า​ไม่​ให้​ไป​ที่​เสา​ไกล​ให้​ได้​ใน​ระดับ​ปริญญาตรี​โท​หา​แม่​ก็​ไม่​ต่าง​กับ​ใคร​แล้ว​เค้า​ไม่​ให้​ไป​ที่​เสา​ไกล​ให้​ได้​ใน​ระดับ​ปริญญาตรี​โท​หา​แม่​ก็​ไม่​ต่าง​กับ​ใคร​แล้ว​เค้า​ไม่​ให้​ไป​ที่​เสา​ไกล​ให้​ได้​ใน​ระดับ​ปริญญาตรี​โท​หา​แม่​ก็​ไม่​ต่าง​กับ​ใคร​แล้ว​เค้า​ไม่​ให้​ไป​เล่น​ที่​มี​อยู่​หลาย​ปี​และ​ใน​วันที่​มีนาคม​ที่ผ่านมา​ซึ่ง​เป็น​ผู้​ที่​เกี่ยวข้อง​ใน​ปี​และ​เป็น​คนที่​ไม่​อยาก​ไป​ไหน​กัน​แน่​แต่​เรา​ไม่​ขาย​นักเตะ​เปิด​เดือน​หน้า​ก็​ยัง​ไม่ได้​มี​ไว้​ขาย​336,256,266,222​ที่​เรา​ต้อง​มี​คน​บอกว่า​เรา​เป็น​ทีม​เยือน​ถ55​7​55​55​556777667565646566675776ุคุถถถถถถถุึึคคึีีรรรรรร้ดีึค66666655555555555555555555555 ึึึึึึึึึ ัััีัััถถึถภึถถ้า​รู้​ว่าเป็น​ใคร​จะ​ได้​ไม่ต้อง​มา​นั่ง​คุย​กัน​ก่อน​นะ​ครับ​เพราะ​ผม​จะ​ไม่​ให้​มี​รูป​เด็ด​โฆษณา​ใน​เกม​ที่​บุก​ชนะ​ใน​เกม​ลีก​ที่​มี​คน​บอก​ผม​ได้​คุย​กะ​เรา​เลย​เรา​ว่า​มัน​คือ​อะไร​กัน​ไม่ได้​จบเกม​ว่า​ผม​เป็น​คนที่​ชอบ​อยู่แล้ว​และ​การ​ที่​มี​คน​บอกว่า​เรา​เป็น​ทีม​ตลก​มาก​เลย​นะ​ครับ​แต่​ผม​

  • Andrew From Maxim and Andrew gaming

    France won

  • Pawel Wilkosz
    Pawel Wilkosz 16 hours ago


  • Christian Newton
    Christian Newton 17 hours ago

    44 seconds

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 17 hours ago

    You guys are so funny😂

  • Brandon Walton
    Brandon Walton 18 hours ago


  • bosSht 74
    bosSht 74 18 hours ago

    The only thing is they talk to fckn much, videos cool though 👍🏾😁

  • Connor Wadkins
    Connor Wadkins 18 hours ago


  • NAGGER wassup
    NAGGER wassup 18 hours ago

    You know what's interesting to do? Modify the fletcling to curve making the dart spinning on the drop

  • CWunderA
    CWunderA 19 hours ago

    Ive been waiting for you guys to finally start using a pully system to bring things up

  • Tenesen boii
    Tenesen boii 19 hours ago

    43 seconds

  • K LetsPlay196
    K LetsPlay196 20 hours ago

    Hey can you do a Giant Dart Vs Trampoline

  • Dale Owen
    Dale Owen 21 hour ago

    5:30 HAHAHA They're already out hahahaha. The Phil vs Aus Boxing I reckon was better... Oh it was Basketball

  • Achille Missiroli
    Achille Missiroli 22 hours ago

    For the TV, holy fu****g human God shit!!

  • poison cyonide
    poison cyonide 22 hours ago

    00.00.44 s

  • skyfire 05
    skyfire 05 23 hours ago

    I checked the video and the dart hit the x on the desk at the center of the x

  • stephen vincent
    stephen vincent Day ago


  • Hayattan Eglence

    where is this ?

  • Bobby Nicholson
    Bobby Nicholson Day ago

    16:18:22 pm

  • Royalty RT
    Royalty RT Day ago

    11:23 46 seconds

  • VIRG_Rapter
    VIRG_Rapter Day ago


  • Karen Scofield
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  • Lindsay Showalter


  • TheWest400
    TheWest400 Day ago

    You should drop it on a car just because it would be awesome

  • Retarded Iguana
    Retarded Iguana Day ago +1

    U guys should start a Vlog channel if u haven’t already

  • xXoptimuscuntXx
    xXoptimuscuntXx Day ago

    Instead of a 4inchish tip make it more gradual like a dart you would use for a dart board so I would say about a foot long tip for max penetration

  • Kaleb Mostoller
    Kaleb Mostoller Day ago


  • GuardedDig2
    GuardedDig2 Day ago

    You shouldn’t have poked around the inside of the tv with out gloves there are capacitors that can seriously hurt you a long time after the tv has been turned off

  • Miguel Txeira
    Miguel Txeira Day ago

    Bullet proof vest

  • Grant Parker
    Grant Parker Day ago

    Both speaking idea what they are saying...

  • myself
    myself Day ago

    what would it do to a building from balloon

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude Day ago

    3:45 pm

  • Wyatt Gibson
    Wyatt Gibson Day ago


  • jamie williams
    jamie williams Day ago

    I want a the giant arrow versus a car

  • Cory Anderson
    Cory Anderson Day ago

    You should get a large thick steel plate and drop things onto it.

  • Idiotic Lightbulb

    Do a big chunk of ballistic gel

  • To Williams
    To Williams Day ago


  • Tommy Gebavi
    Tommy Gebavi Day ago


  • TMTTyGeR
    TMTTyGeR Day ago

    9:29 am

  • TMTTyGeR
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  • Nichelle Syrie
    Nichelle Syrie Day ago

    44 sec

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    Brownie X Day ago

    9:35:45 am

  • Tavi pro
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  • Gabriel Colvin
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  • Fixedguitar
    Fixedguitar Day ago

    Why not put some paint cans and surround it by blank canvas and make some art?

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 Day ago +5

    Poor Coca-Cola

  • Cameron Cruz
    Cameron Cruz Day ago

    44 seconds

  • storm Lord 117
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    Connormc 519 Day ago

    9:35 51

  • Corey Mark
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  • Spencer Frost
    Spencer Frost Day ago

    You should sharpen the fins

  • Craig Miller
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  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller Day ago