Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
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    Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 24 149

  • Cut
    Cut  9 months ago +3312

    Follow the guessers on Instagram!
    Karlos - @karlosdillard
    Rayne - @rayneereign
    Katalina - @katalinabiondi
    Dae - @daeshikjr

    • Max Moritz
      Max Moritz Month ago

      @Mathias S. idiot this isn't the german flag

    • savior139
      savior139 3 months ago

      Nah they are all mostly rude

    • - LivALifee
      - LivALifee 4 months ago

      Cut daeshikjr

    • Jenpo Lilnithra
      Jenpo Lilnithra 4 months ago

      dang that’s nice though. It’s good to see people working hard and getting a higher level of living, people shouldn’t have to be in poverty.
      Hope you make tons of money in the future. With more money being made the cost of living ones way up, many people don’t realize that smh

    • Jenpo Lilnithra
      Jenpo Lilnithra 4 months ago

      Xisting Future yeah

  • Alexi Bannister
    Alexi Bannister Day ago

    9? that iphone had to be a gift..probably meant the 8 tho

  • The Local Memester

    *i was told I was guessing penis sizes* should make that a video

  • Dinos Rule
    Dinos Rule Day ago


  • TaeJae
    TaeJae Day ago

    Bro iPhone 9 doesn’t exist

  • Logan Bowers
    Logan Bowers Day ago

    There is no iPhone 9

  • Ella Stanley-Smith

    an iPhone 9,... uhu

  • Maurice Johnson
    Maurice Johnson Day ago

    I thought that redhead was that girl from the show with zendaya

  • AUGUSTINE Michael
    AUGUSTINE Michael 2 days ago

    Hilarious all through... Loved it.

  • David Kramer-Fried
    David Kramer-Fried 2 days ago +1

    The life coach is so hot

  • Dreager141
    Dreager141 2 days ago

    “I can tell you’ve killed some people”
    PRO TIP: NEVER say that to a veteran, that is VERY fucking rude.

  • blewes rush
    blewes rush 2 days ago

    Could the read head wear her skirt any higher 😂😂😂

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 days ago

    Homeless to 150,000 a year own business my guys done well fair play to him

  • minired12
    minired12 2 days ago

    Is it the iPhone x
    Is it the iPhone 10
    Me : 🤦‍♂️

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 days ago

    There is no IPhone 9 and also X
    After 8 we had X=10

  • NuNu Hliang
    NuNu Hliang 3 days ago

    lol iPhone 9? he is so rich that he custom ordered an iPhone 9 lol

  • Richelle.
    Richelle. 3 days ago

    I make 700 a month working 40 hours :) how :)

  • Noah Mallini
    Noah Mallini 3 days ago

    Is 100k a lot

  • Angel Ibarra
    Angel Ibarra 3 days ago

    Damn the white girl is smart

  • Dragos Cutian
    Dragos Cutian 3 days ago

    bussines and life coach 16k a month HOW ?

  • masen daly
    masen daly 3 days ago

    2:57 did he says iphone 9?????

  • kaimanson K
    kaimanson K 4 days ago

    Wondering on that line up how has more debt.

  • K-City Piano
    K-City Piano 4 days ago

    My friends: Guess what you need to guess:
    Me: 0:43

  • Holly N.
    Holly N. 4 days ago +1

    What kind of phone do I you have?
    - I have an iPhone
    Is it the X?
    - no
    Is it the 10?
    - um no
    Is it the 15th?
    - I think it’s the 9
    -yea it’s the 9
    (The newest iphone so far is XR, the 10 and x are the same, and there is no 9)

  • Ciel Dhanda
    Ciel Dhanda 4 days ago

    2:57 she really said 9 lol

  • Samuel P
    Samuel P 4 days ago +5

    Guy: *tHe IPHonE 9*
    Girl: oKaY sO prETy eXpeNSiVe

  • Piper Samuels
    Piper Samuels 4 days ago

    lowey though guessing penis sizes would be fun to watch

  • Layne Mitchell
    Layne Mitchell 4 days ago

    That was the day and year was born

  • Jonne klubi
    Jonne klubi 4 days ago

    Is it the x
    Is it the 10
    Its the 9

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 4 days ago

    OMG The Leggs on the Testa Rossa

  • KrySp
    KrySp 5 days ago

    2:56 this dude has an iPhone 9 guys
    Just pointing it out there 😂😂

  • Albert Hjalmarsson
    Albert Hjalmarsson 5 days ago +5

    "If it walks, crawls or flies, we will kill it". Probably the cleanest slogan for an exterminator company ever (if they actually use it).

    • Zhou
      Zhou 2 days ago

      Very German, straight to the point.

  • Manolya Yatman
    Manolya Yatman 5 days ago

    IPhone 9?? Danggg he's the only person in the world that has that phone

  • Cypher Splash God
    Cypher Splash God 5 days ago

    The nigga got the only iPhone 9

  • omgitsaidsyay
    omgitsaidsyay 6 days ago

    Her legs are my dream come true.

  • Denys gamz
    Denys gamz 6 days ago

    There’s no iPhone 9

  • Lil Vomit
    Lil Vomit 6 days ago

    the asian guy looks chill af

  • itsKam _
    itsKam _ 6 days ago +1

    iphone 9???

  • Aname Surname
    Aname Surname 7 days ago

    3:00 an iPhone 9??

  • Asya
    Asya 7 days ago

    this video called me broke 13 minutes straight

  • Nas X00
    Nas X00 7 days ago

    There isn't an iPhone 9...

  • Nina Bacic
    Nina Bacic 8 days ago

    Karlos is a dick

  • jesse manuel
    jesse manuel 8 days ago

    I think it's funny that he had an I phone 9 aka no such thing

  • Kevin Larkin
    Kevin Larkin 8 days ago

    Life coach, not buying it 🤣

  • scott Wallace
    scott Wallace 8 days ago

    240,00$ Fucc

  • Callum Hadley
    Callum Hadley 8 days ago

    iphone 9?😂 i really doubt that mate

  • Thepeefart
    Thepeefart 8 days ago +1

    Asian dude look like sheen from jimmy neutron

  • Rhys1911
    Rhys1911 8 days ago

    It’s kinda of a joke that the hardest working people will sometimes earn less than a girl like her who is a life coach, seriously ?

  • Erocknrolla
    Erocknrolla 8 days ago

    Katarina is so hot my third leg is about to explode

  • Victoria Alexis
    Victoria Alexis 8 days ago

    The guy basically said he kills things FOR FUN

  • ztm454
    ztm454 9 days ago

    Dude in the grey shirt stance says yeah life coach you gonna get gapped in these next couple years lol

  • Dominique Marita
    Dominique Marita 9 days ago

    I like to think I have an iPhone 9, it’s really an 8 plus so close enough 😏

  • Lawson Mount
    Lawson Mount 10 days ago

    iPhone 9??

  • Perk
    Perk 10 days ago +1

    The IPhone 9 S+

  • Lauren Plays
    Lauren Plays 11 days ago

    WHAT!!!! where I live there's no such thing as an iPhone 9

  • Max Wood
    Max Wood 11 days ago

    My man said he has the iPhone 9, I’m dead 😵

  • Elude Alanthat1kid
    Elude Alanthat1kid 11 days ago

    Boiii she said “is it the iPhone X” the other guy said no then she said “is it the iPhone 10” he said no it’s an iPhone 9 ah hn

  • K1ng 44
    K1ng 44 11 days ago +2

    when he says he has the 9 she just like wtf then goes with it😂😂

  • Confused
    Confused 11 days ago

    I guess that having an iphone means that you make good money. That must mean that having an Android means that you don't make good money.

    Hmmmm.... Interesting.

  • Moclan5
    Moclan5 11 days ago

    Where are the boobs of the student girl? Wtf

  • Sara Streine
    Sara Streine 12 days ago

    Didnt know there was an iphone 9

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez 12 days ago

    Look at all the triggered folks because of the life coachs' salary. That's part of what she does. Helps people get their petty hate/insecurities out of the way so they can focus clearly and get the best performance out of themselves. She helps people to stop being like YOU neurotic and negative folks. And your reaction to this comment are just gonna prove me right.

  • Josh Blancher
    Josh Blancher 12 days ago

    2:52 what phone do you have the 9 there is no 9

  • kaileyonna Casson
    kaileyonna Casson 12 days ago

    We just gonna forget the fact he said "iphone 9"

  • Farel Edra Pandya
    Farel Edra Pandya 12 days ago

    asian seth macfarlane?

  • Dark Monarch
    Dark Monarch 12 days ago

    The red head guesser is hot, bro.

  • Thegooob95
    Thegooob95 12 days ago

    I’m so into the redhead tho

  • Lalogue
    Lalogue 12 days ago

    - You have a face that people would hate.
    -I make 200k as a life coach.
    - Checks out.

    • Lalogue
      Lalogue 11 days ago

      @Ricardo Perez ..... are you actually saying that nobody ever paid for useless crap that hurts them more than it helps ?
      If you feel your life isn't going anywhere, go to a shrink or actually make yourself some friends. Or read self-improvment books; they say the same BS as life coaches but for way cheaper.

    • Ricardo Perez
      Ricardo Perez 11 days ago

      @Lalogue Seems like a broad generalization to me? Why would people continue to pay someone if they weren't providing some kind of value.

    • Lalogue
      Lalogue 11 days ago

      @Ricardo Perez Life coaches are despicable parasites with absolutely no skill of their own appart from being able to make a tremendous amount of money by manipulating vulnerable and lonely people.

    • Ricardo Perez
      Ricardo Perez 12 days ago

      I dont get it.

  • mssmithy official
    mssmithy official 12 days ago

    iPhone 9 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Lil Gxss
    Lil Gxss 12 days ago

    I think he has a fake supreme hat lmao

    • Karlos Dillard
      Karlos Dillard 12 days ago

      Lil Gxss bitch please. I have several REAL supreme hats because people like you watch this shit and I get PAID

  • Jennifer Velazquez
    Jennifer Velazquez 13 days ago

    Okay so random but at 6:19 the bigger the rip of a jean the more you know about fashion, her rip is the size of someone who has a basic knowledge of fashion

  • Flynn Macalister Bennett
    Flynn Macalister Bennett 13 days ago +1

    Who else shops at like vineyard vines Macy’s and Nordstrom still or is it just me because everyone else on that thrift grind.

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode 13 days ago

    Can I be on this show please!

  • Rowan 1128
    Rowan 1128 13 days ago

    iPhone 9????

  • Im sad and dead inside

    Wtf iphone, nigga u high!

  • The Bomb
    The Bomb 13 days ago

    There’s no iPhone 9

  • damorrow612
    damorrow612 13 days ago

    No such thing as iPhone 9

  • AFK Xilef
    AFK Xilef 13 days ago

    That guy with the supreme hat be flexin on us

  • Saskia Brown
    Saskia Brown 13 days ago

    Anyone else rlly glad it’s a woman at the top 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Bala rishi
    Bala rishi 14 days ago

    Is it the iPhone X or 10 😂😂

  • Mauri QHD
    Mauri QHD 14 days ago +1

    The grill I can understand, but him saying he has the 9, when there isn't a 9, tells me he is just lying to brag, like most ppl who say that

  • Hector Guajardo
    Hector Guajardo 14 days ago

    iPhone 9

  • MarlonAnt Glez
    MarlonAnt Glez 14 days ago +1

    150k in construction, a hard work good paying

  • James Rail
    James Rail 14 days ago

    A iPhone 9 damn he's the only one in the world to have that

  • Nina Nina
    Nina Nina 14 days ago

    10:45, 12:09 This retard thinks women only can make money from prostitution or what?

  • InfectedGamer
    InfectedGamer 14 days ago

    I fucking love the name rain

  • The Jo Show
    The Jo Show 14 days ago

    Umm iPhone 9 that red heads hella dumb

  • Youssef Moustafa
    Youssef Moustafa 14 days ago

    Katalina is so sexy

  • Vincent Garcia
    Vincent Garcia 14 days ago

    7:37 lady: you do tech don’t u mf
    Guy: default dances😂😂

  • Layla wilson
    Layla wilson 14 days ago +1

    There is no iPhone 9💀😂

  • Tyler Leaird
    Tyler Leaird 14 days ago +1

    Their is not fucking iPhone named the 9

  • Heyyo
    Heyyo 14 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking those number are enormous ? Like my both parents income is something like 22 thousands a year (in France so maybe that's different) and we are like just a bit lower than middle class but fine... 50k/year for only one person da fuck? Is there someone to explain to me please

  • slizzz tv
    slizzz tv 15 days ago

    But there is no iPhone 9

  • Marlon Claassen
    Marlon Claassen 15 days ago

    he so rich he is the first persone to have a iphone 9

  • Camden Johnson
    Camden Johnson 15 days ago

    When he said “iPhone 9”

  • Elizabeth Reynolds
    Elizabeth Reynolds 15 days ago

    Damn, I gotta be a life coach after obtaining my psych degree. Hahaha

  • Oskar Råen
    Oskar Råen 15 days ago +2

    You are a teck guy.
    "I have a iphone 9"

  • R B
    R B 16 days ago +2

    25k is zero in which city I would like to work there

    • Marinescu
      Marinescu 13 days ago

      R B in any city bigger than 1 million people

  • R B
    R B 16 days ago +1

    25k is zero in which city I would like to work there

  • Smelly DOnut
    Smelly DOnut 16 days ago +3

    the old guy is so funny
    grandpa material