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  • Cut
    Cut  4 months ago +2497

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    • nck1Dlarrie
      nck1Dlarrie 8 days ago

      "Was I right?"
      "What happened?"
      "I'm not broke"

    • Johnny PacificNorthwest
      Johnny PacificNorthwest 15 days ago

      I forgot the Asian guy’s name (DAE) but I know that he is associated with my college as a super social justice warrior and in this video he was just rude and mean and was hard to watch. The black guy who was a judge was super nice and funny, I am about 98% certain lives in my complex in Shoreline and I met him on the first annual Thirsty Thursday event :)

    • Eve
      Eve Month ago

      The exterminator looks so uninterested 😂😂

    • whatever
      whatever Month ago


    • Edoardo Farello
      Edoardo Farello Month ago

      It would have been hilarious of one of them put himself after the blondie in orange 😂😂😂😂

  • Miller Child
    Miller Child Day ago +1

    Samsung Galaxy S9 is what he meant

  • Quirky Quipster
    Quirky Quipster Day ago

    Thank you for bringing in a gentleman of a certain age. We old folks are still of young minds and much more wise. If I personally could turn back time, I'd do things differently. I'd feel worthy of being loved and not someone's punching bag. I could say more but just this morning, a person came into a live chat with "I hate old people!" If they are fortunate enough to make it to old age, I hope their life has been well lived with no regrets. Peace be with you all.

  • Bob Jijog
    Bob Jijog Day ago

    iPhone 9?

  • Michaela McDonald

    whats kat’s @

  • cloud day
    cloud day Day ago

    1:38 one would have the body to respond at that big speech

  • Sarah
    Sarah Day ago

    A lifecoach at the top? I swear some people got so much money they be like f it lets get me a life coach.

  • Stephanie Rose
    Stephanie Rose Day ago

    "You'd probably be rich if you were white"
    WTF. It's only okay to use racial stereotypes if it's about us, I get it🙄 Truth is, that's a lie cause most of us like myself aren't rich. . .

  • edgy Teen Boi
    edgy Teen Boi Day ago +1

    Kat is a hottie

  • X O
    X O 2 days ago

    1:23 thats so rude
    Just bc you white doesnt mean you get money thrown at you

  • Lee Ann
    Lee Ann 2 days ago

    *you can wear this to work?*
    *so you get to wear this to work*

  • Clo udy
    Clo udy 2 days ago


  • Mousse Vsv
    Mousse Vsv 2 days ago

    2:53 “ is it the x? Is it the 10” 💀💀

  • HIW Alex
    HIW Alex 2 days ago

    I love the exterminator dude

  • miguel gonzalez
    miguel gonzalez 2 days ago

    Wow mad funny tho your man said he was raised by first generation Germans why didn't he just come out and say he was raised by Nazis lmfaooooo 🤣 🤣🤣 🤣🤣 🤣

  • Mansi Bhagwate
    Mansi Bhagwate 2 days ago

    Stop it with the comments about sex work already. It was cringe worthy on so many levels.

  • Zelda Tanit
    Zelda Tanit 2 days ago

    That’s messed up .. how does a nurse make less than a life coach 🤨

  • は授業Meikoku
    は授業Meikoku 2 days ago

    iPhone 9

  • A.D.W. Gaming
    A.D.W. Gaming 3 days ago

    I think it was kinda rude that the rich lady said "everyone could get rich if they want"

  • NBA Controversy
    NBA Controversy 3 days ago +1

    IPhone 9 😂

  • Billy Johns
    Billy Johns 3 days ago

    And feminists bark about gender gap lol

  • DaddylTv
    DaddylTv 3 days ago

    I Hope she Learns that the iPhone 10 and iPhone X are the Same

  • Ig-nat-ius
    Ig-nat-ius 3 days ago

    You really need to start moderating your comments sections.

  • jason dinh
    jason dinh 3 days ago

    Yay Asian quick maths

    Asian btw

  • Ena
    Ena 3 days ago

    The moral of this video is you'll make way more money when you're not always thinking about the money, like that woman making 16-20k a fuc*king month!!! 😭

  • Mehnaaz_ Sana
    Mehnaaz_ Sana 4 days ago

    He has an iPhone 9 which is kinda newish

  • Slob On My Knob Raw Shanana

    I KNEW IT! I knew cut was in seattle, WA ugh i’m in marysville

  • Mary Watkins
    Mary Watkins 4 days ago

    The exterminator looked like 5-0.

  • Taehyung’s NoseFreckle

    there’s no iPhone 9

  • Adam Malsagov
    Adam Malsagov 4 days ago

    That is very innapropriate

  • Keaton Burton
    Keaton Burton 5 days ago

    “Tech bro, or youth pastor”

  • Mystery Cookie
    Mystery Cookie 5 days ago

    Everyone hearing that lady making 200k a year of a life coach everyone in that line will quit their jobs to be one

  • Arima Haise
    Arima Haise 5 days ago

    Shows iphone 4s and says iphone 9

  • Kat R.
    Kat R. 5 days ago

    Dude makes 90K (7500 a MONTH) and says he wants more cuz Seattle is expensive... wtf going on in the US

  • gozxdesastros
    gozxdesastros 5 days ago

    why does the computer sience student dressed as hooker?

  • Salty BOi
    Salty BOi 5 days ago +2

    Bro that Asian dude had me dead

  • bibiya be yeye
    bibiya be yeye 5 days ago +3

    Yall should definetly bring the black woman guesser back

  • Lily Zeng
    Lily Zeng 5 days ago

    any limelights?

  • Oloruntola Deed
    Oloruntola Deed 6 days ago

    7:46 lol I’m

  • Malik Mason
    Malik Mason 6 days ago

    That Asian dude is funny 💯😂

  • Jade Strachan
    Jade Strachan 6 days ago

  • Mr g Productions
    Mr g Productions 6 days ago

    iPhone 9?

  • Lilly XOX XOXO
    Lilly XOX XOXO 6 days ago

    “ what kind of phone do you have “ lmaooooo I have an XR , is my income high lmao

  • carine Taha
    carine Taha 6 days ago

    There’s an iphone 9

  • Unexpected vro
    Unexpected vro 6 days ago


  • Adam
    Adam 7 days ago

    There is no iPhone 9,


  • Alice In Blenderland

    Anybody else a bit surprised that 200,000 is considered rich?

  • Alex Kulb
    Alex Kulb 7 days ago

    2:57 iphone 9 lmao

  • E
    E 7 days ago

    My friend just started their new channel :)

  • Rafferty noble
    Rafferty noble 7 days ago

    iPhone 9?

  • lonely loser
    lonely loser 7 days ago


  • Xuvey
    Xuvey 7 days ago

    Just ask them if they have airpods

  • Jøsîe McGøwan
    Jøsîe McGøwan 7 days ago

    "is it a 10?" lol "is its a x" that's the same thing you stupid "i thinks its the nine" OMG YOU STUPID THAT'S NOT EVEN A THING YOU ARE BOTH STUPID

  • Sammi Quinn
    Sammi Quinn 7 days ago

    You have a famous face

  • Emma Kilbane
    Emma Kilbane 7 days ago

    2:57 there’s no iPhone 9 she got played 😂😂😂

  • amy nona
    amy nona 7 days ago

    Saying that anyone is a hoe is pretty rude. Sorry dear black lady

  • Giorgia Steiro
    Giorgia Steiro 7 days ago

    iPhone 9?

  • C Dempsey
    C Dempsey 8 days ago

    I’m so stupid 🤦‍♀️ when he said coke induced rage I thought he meant Coca Cola until I remembered they meant cocaine

  • Gjtvids
    Gjtvids 8 days ago

    “Oh the iPhone 9”

  • Clark c
    Clark c 8 days ago

    The redhead is such a cutie 😍

  • M Bordeaux
    M Bordeaux 8 days ago

    What the fuck. You’d probably be a millionaire if you were white. EVERYONE MAKES THE SAME IF THEY WORK THE SAME.

  • sarah blaand
    sarah blaand 8 days ago

    sometimes i absolutely love karlos in these videos and others times he can be very disrespectful

  • ArdBossi 1
    ArdBossi 1 8 days ago +2

    2:02 he is so shocked hahahaahha

  • Noelle Wolfe
    Noelle Wolfe 8 days ago

    I DIED AT THIS - 9:23 "What do you do?" "I'm an exterminator." "No fUcking way! What do you kill, *whispers* people?" "Everybody's got their price."

  • Tommy Thounaojam
    Tommy Thounaojam 8 days ago

    It's cringe worthy!!

  • Geenelli N.
    Geenelli N. 8 days ago

    Okay does anyone know who the guy in the Jean jacket and cap is?? The one who works at a bank? Because he cute asf

  • Christian
    Christian 8 days ago

    Yoooo that exterminator guy???

  • Alejandro Rubio
    Alejandro Rubio 8 days ago

    Where’s that iPhone 9 plug at?

  • Christos Das P
    Christos Das P 8 days ago

    That fat tall black chick was asking for a beating..

  • Ryan Gooch
    Ryan Gooch 8 days ago

    My man said he had the iPhone 9😂

  • unfairtrout
    unfairtrout 8 days ago

    God the Asian guy has rocks for brains, totally trashy dullard

  • ari oswin
    ari oswin 8 days ago

    *if it walks, crawls, or flies... we. will. kill it.*
    *i love the short little pauses in between lmao*

  • Blondel Alexander
    Blondel Alexander 8 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Nibava Ting
    Nibava Ting 8 days ago

    iPhone 9🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Hiroaki Hanyu
    Hiroaki Hanyu 9 days ago

    i like the life coach and 'cuz she is rich, she has a vivid attitude i personally lack of and i like that on ppl

  • Charlie Bates
    Charlie Bates 9 days ago

    this video is so fucking FUNNY

  • Trash Trashy
    Trash Trashy 9 days ago

    When he said "I thought I was guessing the penis Sizes" I died for some reasonn

  • Shreyas Gham
    Shreyas Gham 9 days ago +1

    "I was raised by first-generation Germans. Work IS fun". Damn, that's badass!. I wish I could say that.

  • Marion Hart
    Marion Hart 9 days ago

    at 2:56 I love how they say its the nine but theres no nine lollllll

  • Beast Mobile
    Beast Mobile 9 days ago

    iPhone 9?.?

  • Micah Roper
    Micah Roper 9 days ago

    Did this bitch say iPhone 9😂

  • keaavila
    keaavila 9 days ago

    What the fuck is an I phone 9

  • Ghostface Killa
    Ghostface Killa 9 days ago

    HA shame on you I’m broke!

  • arabellaproffitt
    arabellaproffitt 9 days ago

    Catalina was amazingly sexy, and so isn't the woman that made the most, but Catalina I would love to be in her guts

    DEMONT 9 days ago

    Is it the iPhone X?
    Is it the iPhone 10?
    *Is it the 15th?*
    _No it's the 9th...._

    Holy shit that created a wormhole in my brain.

  • Marie Joseph
    Marie Joseph 9 days ago

    life coaches make that much......?

  • Noah Mitchell
    Noah Mitchell 9 days ago

    Ryan didn't blink once...

  • Great Vibes - Documenting My Journey

    What's with the hoe, hoe and hoe

  • AlfredBarron
    AlfredBarron 9 days ago

    woe that orange shirt i want one

  • Nick Snoke
    Nick Snoke 10 days ago

    iphone 9 ok buddy

  • Kevin Tyson
    Kevin Tyson 10 days ago

    Is it an X is it a 10

  • Grant Boydstun
    Grant Boydstun 10 days ago

    "Is it the x? no. is it the 10? no. its the 9. oh it's the 9"

  • Zero subs with no Videos

    The IPhone X is the 10 and the 9 isn’t a thing

  • YaakovKatz
    YaakovKatz 11 days ago

    0:32 i do science too

  • cody hughes
    cody hughes 11 days ago

    i didn’t know they were based out of seattle...... give me a job

  • jacob piña
    jacob piña 11 days ago

    "I did not go to school." ,i believe him he probaley just put his mind in investing his time in "industrial thinking"!

  • MRC_ 1995
    MRC_ 1995 11 days ago

    Wow I honestly would’ve guessed that girl was a stripper or exotic dancer, something of that nature

    IX_XXII 11 days ago

    Iphone 9?

  • drew sabrina
    drew sabrina 11 days ago

    I sooooo knew the lady dressed in black was a hairdresser a very famous one that knows what she’s doing 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Damaso Rodriguez
    Damaso Rodriguez 11 days ago

    That ginger chick... would get it. She looks fantastic