100 People Tell Us the Last Search on Their Phone | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
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    100 People Tell Us the Last Search on Their Phone | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 4 398

  • Oh Yea yea
    Oh Yea yea 2 hours ago

    3:25 guy wearing NARUTO sweaterz😂😂

  • Robo Monkey
    Robo Monkey 5 hours ago +2

    1:17 is it just me or does that look like theodd1sout, ricegum, and willNE had a threesome

    • Maddy C
      Maddy C 4 hours ago +1

      Robo Monkey yes

  • Abby Hansen
    Abby Hansen 5 hours ago +1

    i wanna see the celebrity version of this

  • literally satan
    literally satan 15 hours ago

    anyone else trying to find Roger Taylor's sex tape?

  • Surustorke
    Surustorke 22 hours ago +1

    The girl at 1:02 is super attractive ngl 👀

  • Quinn Jitsu
    Quinn Jitsu 2 days ago +1

    These are all fucking weird people though

  • Eve
    Eve 2 days ago

    Ah you googled yourself? Where were you all this time, my long lost sister?

  • Rae Beam
    Rae Beam 2 days ago

    You pour acid on the body until it turns into a liquid●[_]●

  • BiG- Jay-
    BiG- Jay- 2 days ago +1

    Who Else Went And Saw The Last Thing They Searched As Well? No? Just Me?

  • chick that lives in australia

    So who gonna answer it?
    Can dogs eat steel toe boots in South Carolina

  • skeleton onesie
    skeleton onesie 3 days ago

    This is just giving me ideas on what to search.

  • Denise_is_trashy
    Denise_is_trashy 4 days ago

    bRuh i just checked what i searched and i searched


  • Denino Prayoga
    Denino Prayoga 4 days ago

    But my search history is empty

  • MochiDragonNaahva
    MochiDragonNaahva 5 days ago

    i m so glad my friends and i arent the only ones sometimes googling the anal bleaching guide

  • Quas Listens
    Quas Listens 5 days ago

    Who is the curly hair man at 2:25? Talking about helping his neighbor? In love😍🥺👶

  • Donovan Masters
    Donovan Masters 6 days ago

    Shout out to the guy that looked up Teen Titans!

  • YT NinjaLime
    YT NinjaLime 6 days ago

    Cut headquarters in Seattle confirmed yay I can go there

  • Roda '
    Roda ' 7 days ago

    What is the weeknd's net worth..
    Its 92 million by the way

  • Patrix
    Patrix 7 days ago

    0:49 I want her so bad🤤

  • Avishag Alfia
    Avishag Alfia 7 days ago

    1:07 her skin is brighter than my future

  • StellazTrash
    StellazTrash 7 days ago

    2:43 ... did I hear that right?

  • Sami Aliakbari
    Sami Aliakbari 8 days ago

    2:51 XD

  • Alicia Newbold
    Alicia Newbold 8 days ago +1

    Did he just say ThE cHaInSmOkErS!!!

  • Broken Java
    Broken Java 8 days ago

    If my dad was on here it would be “how to kill yourself” he searched that 4 years ago, weird cause he also died
    4 years ago

  • TheNamesAdam
    TheNamesAdam 9 days ago +1

    :43 the most beautiful man ive ever seen

  • Myah Ganjavian-Connor
    Myah Ganjavian-Connor 9 days ago +1

    anybody else watching this got curious as to what there last search was so then checked 😂

  • Indo
    Indo 10 days ago

    01:24 *Murder on my Mind*

  • Fortnite Gameplay Videos
    Fortnite Gameplay Videos 10 days ago +2

    Who else looked to see what their last thing they searched was after this?

    POP CORN 10 days ago +1


  • Gae Elle
    Gae Elle 10 days ago +1

    0:10 I immediately looked that up🙃 I’m a sick person

  • Loretta De Nittis
    Loretta De Nittis 10 days ago


  • 10k with no vids challenge no vids challenge

    1:58 why dose he look familiar

  • Louise Herron
    Louise Herron 11 days ago

    can we just take it to 2:14 though. what a cutie.

  • Atti kai
    Atti kai 11 days ago


  • ZombieSlayer22
    ZombieSlayer22 11 days ago +1

    FBI joined the chat.
    FBI: This is some juicy information

  • ZombieSlayer22
    ZombieSlayer22 11 days ago

    Incognito mode

  • Via Noy
    Via Noy 11 days ago

    2017 and she still had a I phone 5

  • * Maura *
    * Maura * 11 days ago +1

    Mine is Patty Walters....it's always Patty Walters

  • Alexsi Molia Roman
    Alexsi Molia Roman 11 days ago

    Mine was how much trader joes are in Minnesota

  • spider man cosplay
    spider man cosplay 11 days ago

    how _does_ money laundering get rid of period cramps?

  • ulrest
    ulrest 11 days ago

    Just straight up “drugs”

  • Abby Kober
    Abby Kober 11 days ago

    1:24 yas girl. Swifties unite!!!!

  • DySk Vexxy
    DySk Vexxy 12 days ago +4

    2:56 thats the one weird/smart kid in your class

  • vpwatermelon
    vpwatermelon 12 days ago

    "I didn't know betoven was dead"??? I know I spelled it wrong but how did he not know???

  • Aleah Riggins
    Aleah Riggins 12 days ago

    Last person: Uhhh.... I googled myself is that weird?

  • Collin Mcballin
    Collin Mcballin 12 days ago

    3:35 ITS MAM!

  • ImAPotatoIThink
    ImAPotatoIThink 12 days ago +7

    2:47 “How does money laundry get rid of-“ “PERIOD CRAMPS” 😂

  • ImAPotatoIThink
    ImAPotatoIThink 12 days ago

    2:44 “Can dogs ea-“ “ STEEL TOE BOOTS”
    Honestly had me dying

  • Alexclopez
    Alexclopez 12 days ago

    Who is the girl at 0:01?

  • Ilyes Mahieddine
    Ilyes Mahieddine 13 days ago


  • S and S Kalinowski
    S and S Kalinowski 13 days ago

    Can dogs eat steel toe boots

  • TaraIsAnExtraTerrestrial

    Strangely none of these seem that weird to me

  • Vhetic
    Vhetic 13 days ago

    1:28 *me when I need to hide my parents bodys*

  • Jack Kotelman
    Jack Kotelman 13 days ago

    1:07 she has to be wearing some kind of white makup

  • Gold Znix
    Gold Znix 13 days ago


  • nebulaa 11
    nebulaa 11 14 days ago +1

    Last thing I searched was my r6 stats lmao

  • Dylan Sims
    Dylan Sims 14 days ago

    3:21 look at those lips

  • Jacob Willetts
    Jacob Willetts 14 days ago

    The guy who searched up teen titans kinda looks like the guy who plays robin on the Netflix teen titans

  • Jeon Jungcock
    Jeon Jungcock 14 days ago +1

    The last Thing I searched was BTS moans ... sooo

  • Rachel Burns
    Rachel Burns 14 days ago

    mines would be “ryden”
    if you know,
    you know

  • Oksana Blystone-Gegick

    2:48 how does money laundering get rid of period cramps

  • Kachow ski
    Kachow ski 14 days ago +1

    Who else looked at their history after this

  • Lenny Niagra
    Lenny Niagra 15 days ago

    Some of the freaking people looked like ghosts

  • Patricia_23 XD
    Patricia_23 XD 15 days ago

    1:07 flashback Mary 😵

  • Nadia
    Nadia 15 days ago

    3:42, hes a cutie lol

  • Nadia
    Nadia 15 days ago +3

    1:07, what is this the 1800s?? Like, damn, she's white.

  • Izzy Enriquez
    Izzy Enriquez 15 days ago

    1:06 how fricking white can someone be?

  • The Weird Art GUY
    The Weird Art GUY 15 days ago

    I thought he said dead🤣

  • Alexaalx_ 3005
    Alexaalx_ 3005 15 days ago

    1:08 is she blind

  • Tanner Wise
    Tanner Wise 15 days ago

    No fortnite tracker?

  • Awkward ユニコーン
    Awkward ユニコーン 16 days ago +2

    That one person that says pornhub

  • someone who like memes

    After i wasted 4 minutes of my life im now asking myself why would i watch this

  • Zara Raysan
    Zara Raysan 16 days ago

    Michael Jackson’s what?😂❤️

  • I Found The_avacados 30

    It’s funny cuz you can tell they’re relieved when they don’t have a bad search history🤣🤣

  • MissCharms 101
    MissCharms 101 16 days ago

    She white as ffff no offence pls don’t hate on me not trying to be racist. Either she’s wearing to light foundation or idk but that doesn’t look healthy to me. 1:07

  • Giraffes Are Cool.
    Giraffes Are Cool. 16 days ago +2

    My last 3 were
    "Oscar the grouch"
    "Fried gecko" Lmao I wanted to see if it was a thing
    "Vegan mug cake" even tho I'm not Vegan I just ran out of milk and I'm too broke to buy more lmao.

  • Kaesyn DeLeebeeck
    Kaesyn DeLeebeeck 17 days ago

    0:34 his hair looks like anal beads

  • Michael H. Armstrong
    Michael H. Armstrong 17 days ago

    Everyone comment the last thing you searched too.
    Mine: how to burn bootloader to atmega arduino

  • Dane Petersen
    Dane Petersen 17 days ago

    Can dogs eat steel capped boots?! lol The fuck?

  • Inês Geada Santos
    Inês Geada Santos 17 days ago

    1:07 is it just me or she is white af

  • OnalDealer Can
    OnalDealer Can 17 days ago

    One pot lasagna more like "Bitch Lasagna"😂😂

  • Infamous TV
    Infamous TV 18 days ago +1

    Mine was sex because I’m in grade 6 and I have to learn about sex ;-;

    • Infamous TV
      Infamous TV 16 days ago

      Rayven my teacher wants us to write an essay about that and puberty

    • Rayven
      Rayven 16 days ago

      Infamous TV that’s why there’s school hun smh..

  • twoxs
    twoxs 18 days ago

    Why mans got anal beads in his hair though at 33 seconds

  • Siya The Awkward
    Siya The Awkward 18 days ago

    90% of the people here came to see who searched for porn

  • Imani Dunn
    Imani Dunn 18 days ago

    3:40 how it feel not getting 1000$? Also I went to see what I searched up lol "how old do ogers live for?" Then "how old is shrek?" And ogers live about 35 years and shrek may die this year but his age isn't really specified but idk

  • Rizzar
    Rizzar 18 days ago +1


  • Wbp Snipes ツ
    Wbp Snipes ツ 19 days ago

    Like it how the one Pakistani Googled that loolo

  • Just A Person
    Just A Person 19 days ago

    Mine was "how many times can I steal my neighbors shoes before they notice"

  • Logan Yee
    Logan Yee 19 days ago +3

    1:06 we not gonna talk about how white she looks cause she looks like a fricking mime

  • • Millie •
    • Millie • 19 days ago

    “Can dogs eat steel toe boots” “How does money laundering get rid of period cramps 2:44

  • Orad sin cesar
    Orad sin cesar 19 days ago +1

    I know the sus murderer was funny but is no one gonna talk about the vampire at 1:07 ?

  • Angelica’s Recovery
    Angelica’s Recovery 20 days ago

    The last thing I searched was “eating disorder support groups”

  • Robin And Snowbell
    Robin And Snowbell 20 days ago

    The last thing I searched was "Biggest donut in the world"
    Plus there's "Biggest cat in the world"

  • AxelTheking 10
    AxelTheking 10 20 days ago

    1:07 aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ghost

  • McBon Official
    McBon Official 20 days ago +1

    1:07 she is so pale her skin is literally glowing

  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos 20 days ago

    3:44 it's totally me

  • Pickles ¿
    Pickles ¿ 20 days ago

    “Michael Jackson’s resting place” that answer and the way she said it is so creepy holy gotdamn

  • Amelia
    Amelia 21 day ago


  • Connor
    Connor 21 day ago

    0:39 what is this dude's number and where do I get it?

  • wehofu fweiu
    wehofu fweiu 21 day ago