Airbag Deploying in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Mar 8, 2014
  • Gav and Dan show how fast car airbags inflate by filming them at 2500fps. Research has shown that the only thing that has ever inflated faster, is Dan's ego.
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    Filmed at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex
    Airbag Deploying in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • kiratnini
    kiratnini Day ago

    Kyler Gibson Luke Ross Cameron Boyce Jessie Season 1 2012 & Kevin Brandt Love

  • DatAviation 340
    DatAviation 340 9 days ago

    3:26 at 1.25x

  • Dori és Nóri
    Dori és Nóri 12 days ago

    O my goud

  • redstone craft guy
    redstone craft guy 25 days ago

    Not slow enough, still too fast to see anything.

    PRABAL SINGH Month ago

    Whitch camera you use

  • NeonBeasts
    NeonBeasts Month ago

    1:44 watch with your eyes closed

  • Chase null
    Chase null Month ago

    What chemicals are used to create the gas? Or is it just already pressurized air im a tank?

  • Aliviya-Anais Francis

    I’m happy there there

  • penguin
    penguin Month ago

    1:32 a racoon getting crushed by a chef hat

  • Rom Pan
    Rom Pan Month ago

    Dan... Gav.... Dance Gavin Dance?

  • Pyromancer5
    Pyromancer5 Month ago

    the music used in slow mo name?

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Month ago

    I see an image of a human with long hair popping out of the water cup

  • Faizan Kashif
    Faizan Kashif 2 months ago

    11 M subscribers 11 views . It’s great

  • Adam R
    Adam R 2 months ago

    Standing WAY too close to unsecured airbags being deployed. Glad nobody was seriously hurt or killed.

  • Tahki Pugh
    Tahki Pugh 2 months ago +1

    Rip da people who had dat second airbag in there car

  • beepIL
    beepIL 2 months ago

    People think airbags are some comfy things you will softly crash into when you crash your car on something,
    In reality, it feels like headbutting a brick wall, it is violent, it may break bones, but it will at least keep you alive.
    just don't think it is a good experience or anything, it was not designed to NOT harm you, it was simply designed to prevent you from being killed, that means broken facial bones, concussion, all the fun stuff you can get while still remaining alive

  • Taylor Daniels
    Taylor Daniels 2 months ago

    Why did you tell the airbag to pop?

  • ash rock king
    ash rock king 3 months ago

    Can you do a slow mo of car brakes. Thanks

  • CorbloxoPlays
    CorbloxoPlays 3 months ago

    March 2014 ...

  • Master Of Hole io
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  • Big dick Willie
    Big dick Willie 3 months ago

    What the hack

  • Anita Vishwakarma
    Anita Vishwakarma 3 months ago

    Exactly same subscriber's and views ,11M

  • Muzammil Ahmad
    Muzammil Ahmad 3 months ago

    Omg... Most satisfactory momets...... 3:15 to 3:27

  • Mahacharya
    Mahacharya 4 months ago

    Crazy bro

  • Billy
    Billy 4 months ago

    Airu baggu

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  • TufteTwins 1
    TufteTwins 1 4 months ago

    The sound of someone screaming between 0:00 and 0:01

  • you tuber
    you tuber 5 months ago

    Do Slow motion of light bulb

  • SiddyDaddy
    SiddyDaddy 5 months ago

    Just a note (sure someone may have said before. I'm not going through all) I directly know a person who's face skin was separated at the nose by an airbag. True the possible alternative [death] would have been worse but thought I'd just state the power of these devices.

  • Tony Maile
    Tony Maile 5 months ago

    air bag go off slow mo

  • Daniel Kobert
    Daniel Kobert 5 months ago


  • Ludwig von Beethoven
    Ludwig von Beethoven 5 months ago

    Im way late but would like to point out ironicly airbags are ment to save but can do damage too. Airbags if they catch you wrong on impact can break your neck if they catch the bottom of your chin during a wreck.

  • Björn
    Björn 5 months ago

    Whats in that thing that can compress air that quick

  • christopherscottb
    christopherscottb 5 months ago

    I wish I understood English better. I only speak American.

  • Andrew Otvos
    Andrew Otvos 5 months ago

    Theses guys are retarted

  • Jithin Michael
    Jithin Michael 5 months ago


  • George Tsiros
    George Tsiros 5 months ago

    rooster teeth glass, i approve

  • Ali K
    Ali K 5 months ago

    3:23 you are welcome

  • The Martus Judah Channel

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  • Lokesh Hassan
    Lokesh Hassan 6 months ago

    11 m views and 11 m subscribers😂

  • am7cxr
    am7cxr 6 months ago

    That round 2 was dangerous but hilarious

  • C Cross
    C Cross 6 months ago

    This is scientific, how? Just a couple of kids who's parents bought them a $25,000 HS camera.

  • mobspeak
    mobspeak 6 months ago

    3:25 looks like a giant popcorn

  • Протос ВАР
    Протос ВАР 6 months ago

    Ах, это дежурное и необходимое в таких случаях: "У-у-у-у!!!!

  • Gobindo Roy
    Gobindo Roy 6 months ago

    Nice video

  • iannickCZ
    iannickCZ 6 months ago

    What happen with people wearing glasses? I can destroy your eye eventually.

  • Mega Osama
    Mega Osama 6 months ago

    it like Popcorn

  • Scott G
    Scott G 6 months ago

    Stripping wires with your teeth is not a wise choice.
    Jus sayin'

  • Caio Budde
    Caio Budde 6 months ago

    Glue some rocks or other objects to the airbag and see if you can make a grenade out of it

  • Gametron13
    Gametron13 6 months ago

    3:29 That was oddly satisfying...

  • Gopal Yadav
    Gopal Yadav 6 months ago

    Good by

  • veeresh md
    veeresh md 6 months ago

    Video of two gaint balls( may be iron) 😀 crashing each other..

  • SDav21
    SDav21 6 months ago

    The second airbag is larger because it is the passenger airbag. The passenger is not as close to the dashboard as the driver is to the steering wheel. Come on guys.

  • TechnoLogical LOGIC
    TechnoLogical LOGIC 6 months ago


  • chaitanya b
    chaitanya b 6 months ago

    why do u need a safety mask for an airbag which itself is a safety feature!! next time pls show us the impact of an airbag on ur face...

  • Tri Akbar
    Tri Akbar 6 months ago

    Munkin lebih bagus Kalau detiknya di perlihatkan saat slow motion.. Sehingga kitabtau brp detik kecepatan benda tsb bergerak

  • Rendra Fahreza
    Rendra Fahreza 7 months ago

    Back to 2018

  • felix Felix
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  • Car Vlogs
    Car Vlogs 7 months ago +1

    Do a car crash in slow motion

  • Naba Gaming
    Naba Gaming 7 months ago

    Nice experiment

  • Giacomo Hall
    Giacomo Hall 7 months ago

    2 ND airbag was actually the passenger airbag

  • sadman sakib
    sadman sakib 7 months ago

    this airbag broke the glass instead of saving

  • Tom Blackburn
    Tom Blackburn 7 months ago

    That was absolutely incredible. I had to watch the glass hitting the table with the airbag going off like 20 times to really understand just how fast that is.

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 7 months ago

    2K Takata employees dislike this video.

    SHIVAM GAUR 7 months ago

    Anyone in 2018!?

  • experimental memes
    experimental memes 8 months ago

    I recognize One of these guys

  • Tech Witch
    Tech Witch 8 months ago

    Now try Takata airbags.

  • Iain Wilson
    Iain Wilson 8 months ago

    The first airbag looked like a very surprised person whose head just exploded!

  • bob brown
    bob brown 8 months ago

    2:43 almost dead

  • Kyle Marquardt Vlogs
    Kyle Marquardt Vlogs 8 months ago

    dan used to be in shape haha

    ALKUKES 8 months ago +2

    Advertising honda

  • DJ Reyes
    DJ Reyes 8 months ago

    For some odd reason they didn't add airbags on the Ram 3500 dually we have

  • Wolfling436824 465
    Wolfling436824 465 8 months ago

    The first airbags brain popped out

  • RED tuber
    RED tuber 8 months ago


  • Mohamedsaudhi Saudhi
    Mohamedsaudhi Saudhi 8 months ago

    Vey thanks

  • Dakota Mayberry
    Dakota Mayberry 8 months ago

    the vent is not so the airbag doesn't explode its there so you don't suffocate when the airbag goes off. Close to the 2000s is when the people that made the airbag put vents in them so people won't suffocate.

  • Althaf Mon
    Althaf Mon 9 months ago

    hai sir your video is wery sooper all am wachin to stady to weld (tanks )

  • kitez123v
    kitez123v 9 months ago

    Osea que si caes por un barranco la bolsa de aire no funciona del todo, que mal

  • raghu ammu
    raghu ammu 9 months ago

    Wow nice

  • s.loheswaran s.loheswaran

    Nice sefty expect

    TV INDIA 9 months ago

    Not nic + scripted

  • mastermannSVK
    mastermannSVK 9 months ago

    Boring like you two... :/

  • Kanchan Grover
    Kanchan Grover 9 months ago

    Dan plz buy a new t shirt

  • Smash Marxism
    Smash Marxism 9 months ago

    a drop goal with a water glass

  • Pratik Gulhane
    Pratik Gulhane 9 months ago

    Its mind blowing

  • deCATstruction
    deCATstruction 9 months ago

    I really liked this video and if you liked this video you might like my youtube channel. I’m a Space Cat that does unboxing videos. Let me know what you think.

  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlay 9 months ago

    rooster teeth glasses apparently rage proof xD

  • Richard Folgado
    Richard Folgado 9 months ago

    The glass was right in the middle of spilling that water and ALL of it was pushed completely clear of the table! Not a single drop of water made it onto the table! THAT was FAST!

  • Aussie.Gaijin Gamer
    Aussie.Gaijin Gamer 9 months ago

    Isn't this the Takata airbags that may eject shrapnel at you? That's scary stuff

  • David Buschhorn
    David Buschhorn 9 months ago

    I wonder what happens to your hand when it's on the horn and you get in an accident... My worst fear with airbags would be me leaning forward to use the wing mirror to see farther over as I merge onto the freeway and someone stops at the yield sign. Now my face is four inches from the airbag and my neck is twisted, when it deploys... Blow me right out the back of the car like a zit.

  • ViRaL UnBoX
    ViRaL UnBoX 10 months ago

    Why always saniel gruchy takes risk

  • christopher byrd
    christopher byrd 10 months ago

    Thts so cool

  • ¡razzy!
    ¡razzy! 10 months ago

    I just released the 2nd one was for the xterra xd

  • Starvin Marvin
    Starvin Marvin 10 months ago

    Bloody airbags! I need a damn tea!

  • Xiaolan Li
    Xiaolan Li 10 months ago

    Thanks. Good job!

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson
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  • Collateralcoffee
    Collateralcoffee 10 months ago

    A passenger airbag is always larger than a driver's. You figure out why yourself.

  • marius pedersen
    marius pedersen 10 months ago

    can you do fireworks in slow mo?

  • Jolo
    Jolo 11 months ago

    “Airbag’s a little slow... but that’s what these tests are for.”

  • Adamhenry 99
    Adamhenry 99 11 months ago

    The vents also act as a cushion so when you are jerked forward you don’t smash into a rock solid bag and it lets you slow down instead of stopping