WALKING DEAD 9x11 BREAKDOWN - Details You Missed!

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 11 Review & Analysis! Thanks to Philo for sponsoring today's episode. The first 50 NR fans to sign up here bit.ly/2XpK3WL will get their first month free. Start your free trial in seconds today!
    The Walking Dead features the tense prisoner exchange between the Whispers, led by Alpha, and the Hilltop. What details did you miss from one of the scariest all-time scenes from The Walking Dead, with deaf newcomer Connie with the crying baby in the cornstalks? Erik Voss breaks down the deeper meaning of this Walking Dead episode, and what "Bounty" really means to each of the different characters. What is the hidden symbolism of the projector light bulb that Ezekiel and Carol sought, and what is the meaning of the cryptic symbol on the road sign they passed? In what ways did this episode set up a possible dark twist in the Season 9 finale? Why did Alpha REALLY order the Whisperer baby to be left for dead?
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  • Caffeine & CHAOS
    Caffeine & CHAOS 2 months ago

    Thought this was pretty cool. On the movie theatre marquee the missing letters are E I T A. Googled it.
    'Eita' is an interjection commonly used in the southeast region of Brazil, suggesting awe or surprise or even conformity.
    Who knew?

  • Boberto 44
    Boberto 44 5 months ago

    He was 100% right about Henry's death

  • P. A.
    P. A. 5 months ago

    i dint understand shit.

  • NoobyNubCorn RC
    NoobyNubCorn RC 5 months ago

    Oh well Henry ded

  • Henry Chavez
    Henry Chavez 6 months ago

    The power of boners is absolute.

  • Abby Jayne
    Abby Jayne 6 months ago


  • ChasonThe Great
    ChasonThe Great 6 months ago

    And I wasn’t born yet

  • Fiona TheMuddy
    Fiona TheMuddy 6 months ago

    Dog is the best.

  • Henry The Cocaine-Sampler

    "9/11 isn't something you should joke about."
    Ohh my sweet summer child... What do you know of the Internet?

  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    911 was a great time

  • zombieknight96
    zombieknight96 6 months ago

    yes but the real question is what is dogs name?

  • Let's Finish
    Let's Finish 6 months ago +1

    I had a strange theory, that the X's were are thing for Rick, because that was where he was impaled

  • Fortnite_Rul3s 6565657
    Fortnite_Rul3s 6565657 6 months ago

    2:15 the top part is the speech rick gave back in the season 8 finale to all the saviors who weren’t dead

  • • HouseBox •
    • HouseBox • 6 months ago

    Back to the whisper sign thing, if u look at it, it kind of looks like a stick figure person without it’s head and I can guess where that head is... on a spike.
    A little foreshadowing from it there as well

  • BayBaygaming秘
    BayBaygaming秘 6 months ago

    Will you all cover I am the night?

  • Lelouch Lelouch
    Lelouch Lelouch 6 months ago +3

    Henry's just desperate for a GF😂😂😂

  • Jennifer C
    Jennifer C 6 months ago

    Is the "walker" at 3:57 holding a knife; is he really a whisperer?

  • Mr Marshfellow
    Mr Marshfellow 6 months ago

    Glad you’re doing these videos again. You guys put WAY to much content out about avengers. TOO GODDAMN MUCH.

  • 레이 Giovanni Rae지오반니

    That’s a ‘J’ sign Korean...
    ㅈ..... I’m just kidding lol

  • Robert Patrick Atmojo
    Robert Patrick Atmojo 6 months ago

    I think Erik Voss is losing weight!

  • Jordan Kellison
    Jordan Kellison 6 months ago

    I guess philo didn't help you much during episode 10....

  • Lewis Lawrence
    Lewis Lawrence 6 months ago

    That red paint symbol was used as a secret call card for parts of the French resistance during ww2

  • The great One
    The great One 6 months ago +1

    That might be the blackest shirt I’ve ever seen 🤯

  • AidanThaAssassin
    AidanThaAssassin 6 months ago

    I thought you would’ve pointed out how 2 of the walkers have cuts on their heads that looked like tiger scratches.

  • Mariel M
    Mariel M 6 months ago

    Just gotta see this! 💕

  • Joseph Gallegos
    Joseph Gallegos 6 months ago

    i have reason to believe something happened with oceanside bc you don’t see them or hear from them

  • Brett Werner
    Brett Werner 6 months ago

    Pretty stupid to talk about 911 like that.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 6 months ago

    The whispers are absolutely terrifying

  • CookieJHD
    CookieJHD 6 months ago

    I love that Philo lets you go through the whole process of paying before letting you know it's only available in the US...

  • Nguyen Dan
    Nguyen Dan 6 months ago

    there are animals in the wilderness that would leave their infants in a heartbeat when the predators approach. There are also animals that would leave their infants to die nonetheless if the young isnt capable of surviving

  • Christopher Tracy
    Christopher Tracy 6 months ago

    Evolution is a lie and a THEORY. Animals care and fight off predators, Humans only want 2 kill them at 9 months. Give them up 4 adoption or stop thinking with your vagina!

  • Michael Vallance
    Michael Vallance 6 months ago

    Did anyone else notice throughout the video like a single frame flashed red

  • Christopher Metheny
    Christopher Metheny 6 months ago

    Is it just me or does anybody else not want Daryl and Connie to form a relationship since Daryl is somewhat taking ricks fold in the comic and we know what's coming up in the comic with ricks lover because I love Connie

  • Marshall Two3
    Marshall Two3 6 months ago

    You did miss the night of the living dead easter egg on the sign Eric Voss. I was waiting on you to mention it because you never miss anything. But you did pick up on the silent part of the sign I missed that part.

  • Craig Oliver
    Craig Oliver 6 months ago

    Anyone else catch the "fight club" frame flicker by when he's talking about movies??

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 6 months ago

    Bounty is also a Chocolate cocunut bar the tate of paradise

  • Ashley Hayward
    Ashley Hayward 6 months ago

    To me the symbol looks like the Greek letter pi ??

  • Epic Seven
    Epic Seven 6 months ago +1

    Lost me at the 911 joke. Like seriously who thought that'd be a good idea...

  • CJ 17
    CJ 17 6 months ago

    Flossy vossy

  • Bradley Searle
    Bradley Searle 6 months ago

    how did Daryl get a scar on his eye or did i miss something in one of the episodes?

  • sunnystef 635
    sunnystef 635 6 months ago +1

    I almost cryed when alpha was about to sacrifice the baby.

  • aadil sekender
    aadil sekender 6 months ago


  • Tony Parker
    Tony Parker 6 months ago

    See where this is headed lol

  • Gabriel Barbério
    Gabriel Barbério 6 months ago

    I think the sign at the movie theatre represents a "projection" as they went there in search of a projection bulb. So, they may have marked areas with movie theatre near by in order to scavenger them. Looking the symbol, it looks like a wall projecting something. Is easier to see this if you turn 45 degrees -kind of the letter "K".

  • Greg's Game Room
    Greg's Game Room 6 months ago +1

    You just ruined my life, I haven't seen this yet...

    • m HuggieBear
      m HuggieBear 6 months ago +7

      Then why in tf would u watch it? Duh

  • Sidious HatesYou
    Sidious HatesYou 6 months ago

    Henry should be dead not carl....

  • Brian Achim
    Brian Achim 6 months ago

    I still miss Ken. The baby can't replace him unfortunately, glad it lived though.

  • Cow goes moo
    Cow goes moo 6 months ago

    i thought that the dogs name was doug

    • Jbwoolie
      Jbwoolie 6 months ago

      Douglas Fairbanks!

  • Alpha Express
    Alpha Express 6 months ago +5

    Not to mention the fact that it is about 911 weeks after 911

  • Liam .-.
    Liam .-. 6 months ago

    "Signs" not "ASLs" . That'd be saying "American Sign Languages" 😂 Also anyone know if Ezekiel is still pretending to genuinely think he's a Renaissance king? Or does everyone know he hasn't hade a huge mental break now?

  • NSGArcade
    NSGArcade 6 months ago +1

    Please cus less of the Teens Actors scenes super corny at times

  • C1ammy Piano
    C1ammy Piano 6 months ago

    My power went out when I tried to watch ep. 11, so thank you!

  • DarkBlazer987
    DarkBlazer987 6 months ago

    Pokemon detective pikachu movie 2nd trailers out LOOKS GREAT

    MC HAMS 6 months ago

    Alpha said they're animals, I guess that sign is marking their territory, they obviously have zombie movie marathons in that theatre.. they gone F'ed that up for them.

  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore 6 months ago

    Pokémon movie trailer two now please

  • Madmanmimk
    Madmanmimk 6 months ago +3

    Anyone else see a flash of something in the video around 7:05 ?

  • Gam Sansam
    Gam Sansam 6 months ago

    Breaking down episodes like a Voss

  • soldierboy 23
    soldierboy 23 6 months ago +10

    If they kill off dog we riot 😂

  • Spajki
    Spajki 6 months ago +4

    I don't understand one thing. Why they didn't kill those walkers at the popcorn machine? Like..they could do that with those long swords etc. Instead they just waited for them to break through it..

    • Armaan jain
      Armaan jain 3 months ago +1

      Lack of content.

    • Jan Mhyl Cuizon
      Jan Mhyl Cuizon 6 months ago

      Exactly my thoughts. That's what I would have tried to do in that situation.

  • Alex bionicsqwint
    Alex bionicsqwint 6 months ago

    How can you say ( details you missed) how do you know what I missed or didn't 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔