100 Ways to Flip Someone Off | Keep it 100 | Cut


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  • Kani Hassan
    Kani Hassan Day ago

    Im suprised no one got a bag and took the finger out and said my present ro you darling

  • Ilias Attar
    Ilias Attar 3 days ago

    0:57 the funniest man ever

  • elena plmr
    elena plmr 3 days ago

    101 send this video to someone you want to tell fy to

  • Alyssa Suarez
    Alyssa Suarez 4 days ago

    I am disappointed nobody did the Ross Geller's way of flipping off his parents

  • Lucy Link
    Lucy Link 4 days ago

    These are so damn funny 😂

  • Ravê _Oliveira
    Ravê _Oliveira 6 days ago +1

    0:56 IS THAT ALI WONG?

  • Haylee Woods
    Haylee Woods 7 days ago +2

    sad no one tapped their fists together like from friends :(

  • Unicorn Leader
    Unicorn Leader 10 days ago

    YOU want a lollipop here f**k u

  • Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes 11 days ago

    Lol you got report #Cut have fun your videos getting demonetized

  • Kylie Hirasawa
    Kylie Hirasawa 11 days ago


  • Poloni De La Mata
    Poloni De La Mata 11 days ago

    What a complete waste of time

  • Freya Williamson
    Freya Williamson 11 days ago

    I make the holy cross and yell THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!

  • Mckenzie Manzano-Steel

    I did the one at 1:05 before even seeing it on this vid 😂😂😂

  • moon
    moon 12 days ago

    Ghost busters =) themes would be perfect for this vid

  • GWS/ Slime Queen
    GWS/ Slime Queen 12 days ago

    I have one

    roses are red
    Vilots are blue

    I have five fingers
    The Therd one is for YOU!

    Sorry if I spelled something wrong

  • hereisiv
    hereisiv 12 days ago

    "peak a boo"

  • Sufi Hadi
    Sufi Hadi 12 days ago

    0:57 is the best way

  • Mac But Not The Makeup Brand

    1:34 is a *MOOD*

  • Introverted af
    Introverted af 13 days ago

    0:17 her right finger 🤨

  • I’m Dead
    I’m Dead 14 days ago

    0:53 does anyone know his name, if you do please tell me because he looks like my art teacher 😂

  • bayleyandbeckylynchfan huggerstraightfire

    I scratch the bridge of my nose with my middle finger

  • Gianna Grace
    Gianna Grace 14 days ago

    bruh 0:17 her finger😭

  • Thotamous prime
    Thotamous prime 15 days ago

    To every math teacher I’ve ever had

  • caitlyn barron
    caitlyn barron 16 days ago

    I would have done the "Jack in the Box" way to flip someone off, or just fucking flip them off usually

  • Danger1D MrsTomlinson
    Danger1D MrsTomlinson 16 days ago

    0:14 srsly he's eyes flips me every time, whats his insta??

  • Tango Bravo
    Tango Bravo 16 days ago

    The best way to do it is to use both hands then kick em in the midsection and hit em with the Stone Cold Stunner

  • Gamer boy
    Gamer boy 16 days ago +1

    poeple are so funny 😂

  • Yaëlle
    Yaëlle 17 days ago +1

    Why not the friends one?

  • my name is in use ;-;
    my name is in use ;-; 19 days ago +1

    0:33 was the best one 😆

  • robokiwi
    robokiwi 21 day ago

    It’s easy for people with glasses

  • Navid Azarshab
    Navid Azarshab 23 days ago

    what about "i have somthing in my pocket for you" !

  • ImTea
    ImTea 23 days ago

    no one did the slingshot from the brothers grimsby?

  • eri139
    eri139 25 days ago

    Koji what are you doing here?! You should be hanging out with the kids!

  • gachacookie Club
    gachacookie Club 25 days ago

    Da na na da "FUlF YOU

  • Jewel Cham
    Jewel Cham 29 days ago +1

    0:36 stooop😂😂

  • NiftyAdam Msp
    NiftyAdam Msp 29 days ago

    Who's that hot daddy at the end 😍😍

  • sakura kawai
    sakura kawai Month ago

    I really like this

    FBI FIB Month ago +1

    to all these people FUCK YOU TOO

  • Isaac Lopez
    Isaac Lopez Month ago +1

    Who else flipped them off while watching it?

  • Meme Prophecy
    Meme Prophecy Month ago

    This is "content"?

  • Lui Alcantar
    Lui Alcantar Month ago

    Fuck you Blain

  • Princess Mala
    Princess Mala Month ago

    1:24 lol

  • Stunting
    Stunting Month ago

    0:42 When Your Parent's Tell You To Wash The Dishe's 😂😂😂

  • Lizel Fourie
    Lizel Fourie Month ago

    i fliped of someone at school and i was a rasist i wore a swastika

  • Unfamiliar Gamer
    Unfamiliar Gamer 2 months ago

    If Craig see this I would be soooo happy

  • Eddy Rod
    Eddy Rod 2 months ago

    1:18 omg that´s so fucking cringy

  • myleah anderson
    myleah anderson 2 months ago

    Just as a small child like maybe 4 or 5 i learned ninety percent of these is that bad?

  • Member_TaunTauns?
    Member_TaunTauns? 2 months ago

    all of these people look like democrats or antifa members

  • Logan Grey
    Logan Grey 2 months ago

    0:36 that’s my sister eating

  • caroline woram
    caroline woram 2 months ago

    00:37 *i love her she’s adorable*
    the one blowing a kiss btw

  • Adinda Gustiani
    Adinda Gustiani 2 months ago

    doing it with the snap

  • Kenji Moku
    Kenji Moku 2 months ago +1

    This is what I watch when I'm bored😆

  • Kailie Davis
    Kailie Davis 2 months ago

    I would start searching my pockets and act like I found something and pull out the finger

  • Shola York
    Shola York 2 months ago

    Everyone should also know that hitting someone for flipping them off or swearing at them is wrong and they should not get away with it and it is rude to treat people unfairly or differently too and that everyone who does the wrong like hitting someone for that reason should be punished because two wrongs do not make a right!!!!!!!!!!

  • 9958371coolness
    9958371coolness 2 months ago

    1:07 yes

  • 9958371coolness
    9958371coolness 2 months ago

    1:07 yes

  • Alex Bates
    Alex Bates 2 months ago

    0:17 wtf is wrong with her finger

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams 3 months ago

    Teacher: (5 min left of class)
    *hands classwork*
    If it doesn’t get completed it’s homework

  • Darian Bazelais
    Darian Bazelais 3 months ago +1

    I just got flipped off over a 100 times

  • Manambina TM
    Manambina TM 3 months ago


  • Pure Youth TM
    Pure Youth TM 3 months ago

    0:16 her right finger no no no

  • Maulan Wong
    Maulan Wong 3 months ago

    Moral of the story never flip someone off or theyll kill you or hurt you badly and you think youre the angry one but you dont know who your messing with

  • Tom Ix
    Tom Ix 3 months ago

    00:13 that was hot

  • annette h
    annette h 3 months ago

    i feel offended im being flipped off 100 times. damn it be like that sometimes (':

  • Manambina TM
    Manambina TM 3 months ago

    In the 00:58 ,this is the funniest flip off ever

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper 3 months ago

    GUys quit fucking around

  • nraz9
    nraz9 3 months ago

    That girl at 0:18 DAMN she is so hot

  • Krissinator
    Krissinator 3 months ago

    So many freaking attractive people.

  • Fuzzmasternick134
    Fuzzmasternick134 3 months ago

    I would walk up to them tap them on the shoulders flip them off and say GET FUCKED while backing up

  • shadow wolf
    shadow wolf 3 months ago +1


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    Read between the line is my new thing now

  • speedyace looc
    speedyace looc 3 months ago


  • CH757
    CH757 3 months ago

    my presence alone flips someone off

  • Georgia Telio
    Georgia Telio 3 months ago

    *look over here, now over here*

  • Jayla
    Jayla 3 months ago


  • hype dance emote :D
    hype dance emote :D 4 months ago

    0:33 A pony?

  • Dhinesh Devaraj
    Dhinesh Devaraj 4 months ago

    1:12 cute

  • Terumi Evans
    Terumi Evans 4 months ago

    If some of them really flip people off the way they did in this video I am kinda concerned 😂

  • Dorian Kyles
    Dorian Kyles 4 months ago

    that girl is licking her finger like its ice cream XD 1:19

  • Sophia Meador
    Sophia Meador 4 months ago

    100 people show us their butts

  • bloody Curtis
    bloody Curtis 4 months ago

    why was there no jack in the box?

  • Aaron Lin
    Aaron Lin 4 months ago

    Where do u get these ppl

  • Ali Delvalle
    Ali Delvalle 4 months ago

    Not for children haha

  • Rami Al Otaibe
    Rami Al Otaibe 4 months ago

    It’s an amazing Chanel I love it

  • Radhika Jain
    Radhika Jain 4 months ago +1

    Blaine is so hot

  • GreenGellyBean gacha
    GreenGellyBean gacha 4 months ago

    1:47 me: hi bitch

  • Blue Kyogre
    Blue Kyogre 4 months ago +1

    Brother Finger Brother Finger Where Are You?!

  • Ndina  Yakasita
    Ndina Yakasita 4 months ago

    I cough and suddenly middle finger comes

  • Amae Rhodes
    Amae Rhodes 4 months ago +1

    0:33 the unicorn tho lol

  • Laila N Leo
    Laila N Leo 4 months ago

    im surprised noone sneezed one

  • Andra_sbattiteneilca get to the point

    0:34 OMG !!A UNICORN!!😍🤯👌

  • Angela K
    Angela K 4 months ago

    blaine looks like jacob tremblay

  • Yeetus The Fetus
    Yeetus The Fetus 4 months ago

    Why does Blaine look and sound like a straight version of Joey Graceffa? .....just me ok

  • Round Farhad
    Round Farhad 4 months ago

    *Fuck you*

  • Mysterious Princess
    Mysterious Princess 4 months ago

    Someday, I'll send this vid to someone I hate

  • SuperSarah Swirl
    SuperSarah Swirl 4 months ago

    Best video ever

  • Sunset&La-la
    Sunset&La-la 4 months ago

    No one did the music box

  • a 2148
    a 2148 4 months ago

    pause at 1.42

  • Nikitarat08
    Nikitarat08 4 months ago

    The sneeze flip off has to be my favourite.

  • _vanilla bean_
    _vanilla bean_ 4 months ago

    Pause at 1:40