The 🍎 Ecosystem: Explained!


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  • فله ووناسه
    فله ووناسه 2 hours ago

    The question is: why not!?

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible 4 hours ago

    But I like my walled garden 🌲🌷🌻🌺🌲 it's so nice and comfy in here 🥰

  • Marbizzy
    Marbizzy 22 hours ago

    Samsung rules Apple drools

  • Tomas Nedela
    Tomas Nedela Day ago

    Love your honesty Marques.

  • Itilde Ae
    Itilde Ae Day ago

    This guy is so sincere. Its amazing. Blessing man

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell Day ago

    I have a 5k iMac for home work and a macbook pro for on the go, and icloud is amazing. Basically iphone is an obvious choice for my next phone right? Currently Samsung

  • maddyzz
    maddyzz Day ago

    As a youtuber and a popular tech reviewer you can't just go on scaring people by saying "try and come out of an ecosystem before it gets too late". I have been following you for the past many years. You have never sounded like that before. I am from India and I love your videos, not anymore. What people want to buy they would buy that, eventually. In the above video it sounded as if android paid you hefty money to make this video. I am not an apple sheep, I am writing this comment on Pixel 2 xl, have used apple too. Saying something like "before it gets too late" was never your thing. You have lost all your credibility atleast in my eyes. I am unsubscribing from your channel. This wasn't expected.

  • Dima B
    Dima B 2 days ago

    Ecco the dolphin

  • Alex Forol
    Alex Forol 2 days ago

    Excellent review !

  • Ban Nsabin
    Ban Nsabin 2 days ago

    Plot twist: Apple music owns Spotify

  • Jacob Trevor
    Jacob Trevor 2 days ago

    That zoom😂😂😂

  • Poncho758
    Poncho758 3 days ago

    Yup IPhone user for 10 years, but not in the ecosystem. By by Apple. They’ve lost my trust with the throttling.

  • Tyler Downs
    Tyler Downs 3 days ago

    Apple is sounding quite a bit like North Korea ... Samsung here I come

  • TheMusicfan189
    TheMusicfan189 3 days ago

    I'm deep in the ecosystem but it's not like I haven't used Android before, Android was a complete shit show of crashing, formatting problems,, updates and just buggy operating systems. Haven't had an issue with Apple in the last 4 years and until I run into a serious problem there's no need for me to look elsewhere.

  • Quentin Dollard
    Quentin Dollard 3 days ago

    lmao this sounds like an evil plan....... 🍎 = 👹

    love them emojis tho

  • Patrick Desmarais
    Patrick Desmarais 3 days ago

    Really nice overview of the factors in place when buying into one ecosystem. I like your perspective on trying out other products, to see above the garden walls (I like this analogy 😄)...I like the idea to explore and make a choice that makes sense for me.

  • Prashant Satpute
    Prashant Satpute 3 days ago

    Wow... well explained and totally agree. :)

  • Alvin Dela Luna
    Alvin Dela Luna 4 days ago

    Nobody talking about Xiaomi ecosytem? Sure others produced laptops, tvs, watches...etc. But Xiaomi? Oh boy, not only do they "hook" you on gadgets, they bring you rice cookers, scooters, bath towels, luggage, bags, shoes, air purifiers, plush toys, pillows and more crazy stuff.
    Come back to me when apple sells bath towels..

  • Laurensius Tony
    Laurensius Tony 4 days ago

    Well it's like a magic, i first only have ipad and then after experiencing the IOS, then i started to interested in an iphone and next year later i get myself iphone, and another year my company provide me with macbook and it just so much easier for both of them to talk each other... today my macbook screen broken and being repaired so i use my windows laptop and there is so muc small thing that i am missing, like for example having universal clipboard, copy text on laptop and paste it on phone/ipad, sending picture from laptop to iphone for instagram (just need airdrop but now i need to either plugin phone or put the picture to cloud storage to download it later on phone, no big deal but annoying), etc.
    the point is well, i do hate the apple price and even know there is so many things wrong with their hardware like very troublesome macbook pros (mine is 2017 touch bar and just after i am out of warranty for less than a month, the backlight screen is broken and need replaced for $800), the new iphone that very fragile with a bad pricing for repair, and other small stuff...
    but apple is so good making things working together... i think that is what microsoft want to do at the first place when windows 8 and windows phone still a thing.... just shame they can't pull it off as good as apple.

  • Robert Bramwell
    Robert Bramwell 4 days ago

    Best explanation of Why Apple i have ever watched.

  • SmiieRaiNBow
    SmiieRaiNBow 4 days ago

    Oh man it’s already too late to “take a peak behind those walls” for me

  • Austin Hernandez
    Austin Hernandez 4 days ago

    I can't stop using iPhone because I never started. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung for life.

  • mr none
    mr none 4 days ago

    Android is more than ok if u r poor,,,,but if u r rich,,,,keep exploring different ecosystems,,,for every ecosystem has something as the best

  • Timmy McCain
    Timmy McCain 4 days ago

    It is hard to free yourself of apple but I have entered Samsung's ecosystem and I mean entered, Samsung Tv, Gear s3 frontier, galaxy s8, Gear IconX, fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, I use Samsung internet, I actually use bixby, I am not a big fan of one UI, but I am still stuck on my MacBook Pro.

  • JimmyTomato
    JimmyTomato 4 days ago

    lol it always makes me laugh when people use facetime as a boon for the apple ecosystem like there aren't video call apps/services for android that aren't just as good or better. (when there clearly are, and have been for a long time.)

  • Jiss Joseph
    Jiss Joseph 4 days ago

    6:51 That ecosystem though.....

  • max_asdfghjkl
    max_asdfghjkl 4 days ago

    fuck this walls, fuck apple

  • Tyra I
    Tyra I 4 days ago

    I can’t afford to be in the Apple ecosystem. I’m gonna open my wallet one day and Tim Cook is gonna come out of my tv like the ring and kick me out of my own house.

  • Michael
    Michael 4 days ago

    this is something i wish android did better, its so fragmented and just doesn't feel as fluid as apple does. Still staying on android though.

  • Mat Steel
    Mat Steel 5 days ago

    Hey without sounding weird you have a really cool voice to listen too you should work in radio!

  • jzsleeping
    jzsleeping 5 days ago

    Great way to end to a video

  • Daredevil Nerd
    Daredevil Nerd 5 days ago

    I love apple because it is closed system. eg iphones is backed up with only one itune acc on mac or pc.

  • Daredevil Nerd
    Daredevil Nerd 5 days ago

    I love apple. I got 2 iphones, 1 ipad, macbook air, air pod, love apple music. soon will buy apple watch. love safari. love apple keychain.

  • Lucy
    Lucy 5 days ago

    i have an iphone and a mac bc i used my dad's ipad a lot as a kid and my high school gave us macbooks. like yeah that other phone/ laptop has better hardware and is a few hundred dollars cheaper but it's so confusing to use

  • shkelqim bajraktari
    shkelqim bajraktari 5 days ago

    this wallpaper of mac tell me how to find

  • Sascha Lang
    Sascha Lang 5 days ago

    Dont be fooled by Apple, it looks like an ecosystem, but its a trap. Its a jail.
    Like a jail may give you security for whats outside, but you can't move out of that jail so freedom is something thats really important.

  • Ascended Abyss
    Ascended Abyss 5 days ago

    His hair disappeared 4:26

  • 3werful
    3werful 6 days ago

    Vety cool video. I always found this to be my bigest problem with apple products. Everything becomes so hard if u don't want to use only the ecosystem. Basic things you do on android are a pain sometimes in apple products. Peace

  • Adam
    Adam 6 days ago

    Windows ecosystem would also have been huge success only if windows phone have worked
    Lack of apps for phone made it such a inconvenience to become a successful ecosystem

  • TheLockAndLoll
    TheLockAndLoll 6 days ago

    I’m mostly stuck with my iPhone because I’m too poor to buy a new phone and 90% of everyone I know uses iMessage... I literally don’t use any of Apple’s features except iMessage, but I don’t have any other apple products so it doesn’t benefit me. It just benefits others.

  • Compete ToDefeat
    Compete ToDefeat 6 days ago

    The ecosystem... something mostly pretentious twits yap about because it's all they have to lean on. Also something Apple uses to milk it's customers for all they're worth. Sounds more like a prison than something that's actually beneficial for me as a consumer.

  • David Aquino
    David Aquino 6 days ago

    A trillion dollar company that cannot fix the problem with their charging cables.

  • I like my Bunny Girl

    The best thing you can do? Idk but here what I do
    Windows laptop- Alienware 15, can't go wrong with this one (Gamer for Life. People complained about me playing games as a child, saying u don't understand wasting money on games. Now that I work I know all those talks about wasting money was BS crap. Games forced yeaaaaaaaaa)

    Windows lappy - dell XPS 15. I ain't taking the behemoth scar 2 to my work
    Android Phone- Using OnePlus one(recently flashed android pie and replaced battery, works like a charm) and the Pocophone.

    iOS tablets- android fans just admit it that android tablets suck ass. Tab S4 is great but if apps themselves are not optimized for that larger screen it just takes away from the experience. And Apple tablets are definitely far more powerful. Most of you guys will be happier with a tab s4 cuz of price and well it's android meaning not restrictive. But for my work , I would choose a powerful tablet any day.

    TV- LG wallpaper. Not that really flexible one but ehh it works.
    Smart speaker? - I don't buy crap.
    Fridge . Y'all be like why tf is a fridge in the list? Google Samsung fridge and you may know glory.

  • hello
    hello 7 days ago

    people say they have an iPhone because its an iPhone

  • Max soni
    Max soni 7 days ago +1

    *Love that reaction Mkbhd*

  • Omar Abderrahman Alimam

    Niiiiice man ! This is a very good explanation !!!!!!!!

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 8 days ago

    On point! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Hakim Azzi
    Hakim Azzi 8 days ago

    Perfect video. I was thinking about getting in the Apple ecosystem, because it looks so good, so efficient, yes it is expensive, but if you want quality you gotta put the price. And frankly I was really close from buying an iPhone Xs and the latest MacBook pro. But now that I saw this video. I feel like getting in the apple ecosystem is like going to prison.

  • Sheryl Baza
    Sheryl Baza 8 days ago

    I’m with 🍎 bcs it’s a premium product hands down...u get what u pay for 👍🏼

  • Anna-lisa Wickham
    Anna-lisa Wickham 9 days ago

    Just checking out how he doesn’t even have background music and the video isn’t’s actually really captivating 🤔

  • yousef alghamdi MD
    yousef alghamdi MD 9 days ago

    Bulls#*%# system

  • Bread Harrity
    Bread Harrity 9 days ago

    Apple Stockholm Syndrome

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 9 days ago

    The only apple ecosystem is I need it an apple and an apple juice a day

  • Adam Gold
    Adam Gold 9 days ago

    I really want to peek and jump over the wall, but tied up, coz I use my iPad for everything. I call from it via my iPhone, pickup calls, text from it via and etc. And yeah also just got the new 2018 MBP for FCP. Looked into Samsung, but at the store they said that it cannot do the continuity and handoff like Apple. Looks like I’m stuck... But Apple is just getting ridiculously hard to follow with their constant price increase, especially when living outside the US, with prices 30-40% higher for the same products.

  • Moe L
    Moe L 9 days ago

    I have the pixel 2 and I gotta say, it's the best damn phone that I have ever owned. Easier to use the camera is top notch, fast as hell, Google assistant is always on top of it , finger print fast asf, and much much more

  • Eliobed Suarez
    Eliobed Suarez 9 days ago

    The black square to the far right at 7:55 is a little bit off of the 45 degree angle. It bothers thy.
    But awesome video.

  • Nuna HC
    Nuna HC 9 days ago

    I get it now

  • zeus1117
    zeus1117 9 days ago

    You should have mentioned: "People, imagine for a second that Gmail, USclip, Chrome, Google only existed on Android devices !" - The history and apple's share would be so different today.

  • iascailt
    iascailt 9 days ago

    Apples ecosystem is the North Korea of the tech industry

  • doula2010
    doula2010 9 days ago

    Why do all these iphoneX users not have protective case on their phone? Does the back need to exposed to use the face ID? It is like an accident waiting to happen. Crazy. I wouldn't buy an apple product that was that closely tied into only apple. But for me I like knowing my apple stuff has not had a virus in 15 years or cost me money to fix. I still use my old 2008 macbook with updated ram and running yosemite for you tube videos and music. But mostly I use my macbook 20015 for the retina display and ease of use..paired up with my iphone6 plus it works for me. I am not crazy into having the fastest stuff or use it for work all day so it is perfect for me. I do think that is what Steve Jobs really wanted all these products to be about. But the price is now making it difficult for the user base it was designed for originally when he was alive. Tim Cook is an awesome guy. His main concerns now are different than Steve Jobs. He worries about privacy, hackability, and the environment which are also my concerns.

  • GaMeRzzz ExTaSY
    GaMeRzzz ExTaSY 9 days ago

    its for old or dumb people
    what ecosystem
    heard of WhatsApp
    file transferring from pc to phone
    onedrive by Microsoft
    google drive
    you are so addicted to old tech
    you can not adjust to future
    wifi sharing between every platform
    hotspot for wifi sharing
    dual Bluetooth boom

  • Zephyr Media
    Zephyr Media 9 days ago

    To be honest I had both Android and iPhone I bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and I remember going to school and everyone liked it but didn't at the same time because it wasn't a iPhone and so I decided my next upgrade to get a iPhone 7+ and stood with it for a year and they both have there pros and cons and last week I got my upgrade and it was either stick with iPhone or go with Android and I decided to go with Android I can see why people get hooked on to iPhone and why it's such a big phone/brand but i felt like it came down to which company I am comfortable with and that is Android. Now I have the one plus 6t

  • Nabeel Amer
    Nabeel Amer 9 days ago

    So wrong 😂

  • Egzon Dalipi
    Egzon Dalipi 9 days ago

    Blue bubbles everywhere

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei 10 days ago

    Hotel California by Eagles explains this the best:
    *"you can check-in any time you like, but you can, never leave..."*

  • Noumenon4Idolatry
    Noumenon4Idolatry 10 days ago

    I’m lazy. The compatibility is nice. I spend money instead of learn new things and spend time transferring files contacts whatever. The hooks are real. On top of that the IOS is smooth clean and works well. I haven’t wanted to learn android. That’s probably laughable to some but I’m lazy.

  • brando12343
    brando12343 10 days ago

    Good video, everyone I know uses iPhones and apple devices and everything works flawlessly between them, I personally have an Apple TV 3 iPad pro iPhone x airpods and an iPhone se and they all just work so well together, not to mention that they are super reliable,well built and last a very long time. I don't think I'd ever go back to the mess that android is

  • Lakhan Kumar
    Lakhan Kumar 10 days ago

    hello mkbhd can you tell me which iPhone better to buy these days

  • Aditya Dixit
    Aditya Dixit 10 days ago

    When you put it in this way, Apple is so scary!

  • Shivam Sharma
    Shivam Sharma 10 days ago

    Crook company

  • The Crone
    The Crone 10 days ago

    at the end you actually give the explanation that i wanted to hear. and as a outsider i always hated apple and never wanted to enter that eco system. but i understand it more and more and like it more and more and think it is more and more convenient. not really happy anymore with my s8 even tho it is 26€ a month. i iwish i would have choosen the higher class. like s9 pixel 2 or iphone x

  • The Crone
    The Crone 10 days ago

    and how in the world should it be a good pc if u have to fit all that hardware into that screen thingy. wtf thats so shit. i want air so it doesnt overheat. coolers i can hear so i know i own a pc. something where i press start and it "awakes".. the lights turn on and the coolers start going. apple just doesnt ge humans. we like to press buttons and get a responsive feel out of this. i dont care how thin anything is, if it is a bad experience to use it. i always am amazed by their screens but when i type 2 sentences just for fun. the feel is awfull and ugly. GIVE ME MY MECHANICAL KEYBOARD MY 2 SCREENS AND MY FKIN WIN10 that i love

  • The Crone
    The Crone 10 days ago

    i think i only got today that the imac is only the screen. and like no computer. thats weird. and incredible its only in that thing.BUT i want a acreen and a computer. without me seeing it there is no pc. so nothing fun or something to press the start button on. this is so weird and i would NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER buy it. such bad pcs

  • vibha shetty
    vibha shetty 10 days ago

    That was soo much fun to watch ... Weird tho As to why?

  • Jigar Shah
    Jigar Shah 10 days ago

    i use iPhone as well as iPad but have a Dell laptop, third party bluetooth earphones, Google Drive, Google Photos, Gmail on my iPhone.
    and yeah who needs a smart watch when u only want to see time in it? oh yeah the home pod as well, who cares?

  • Srivihar Reddy
    Srivihar Reddy 10 days ago

    The "iMessage" hook is literally non-existant outside North America & Europe. We use WhatsApp as our primary messaging service & it can do way more than what iMessage does.

    Just saying!

    HOW DO WE DO IT 11 days ago +1

    Here eco means the economic system whenever you buy any apple product your whole economic balance is disbalanced that's all 🤑🤑

  • Roxtar Uzaif
    Roxtar Uzaif 11 days ago

    I think this is the best explanation of the apple ecosystem I've ever seen

  • Miki Pav
    Miki Pav 11 days ago

    i bought this year my first two apple products... first my 2018 iPad and now i have the iphone x.... i turned iCloud completely off and disconnected the iphone from the ipad as much as possible because i found it sooo annoying having the same stuff going on on both devices since i use the ipad for drawing and maybe youtube, thats it. i don’t want to automatically fill up my 32gb of space on my ipad with with pictures i took with my iphone. So i’m not a fan of apples ecosystem at all but i do enjoy my ipad and iphone x so far

  • Fran99x
    Fran99x 11 days ago

    I recently switched from an iPhone 6 to a Moto g6 play and if I'm honest I don't miss my iPhone what so ever, my new phone is just as good and does everything an iPhone does plus more for a fraction of the price

  • kkhechog
    kkhechog 12 days ago

    And once you're locked in they'll fleece you. Their current margins can't be called Apple tax anymore, it's a ransom. Leave Apple music? They'll toss out all your carefully curated playlists. That's aggressive. A relationship with Apple these days is an abusive relationship. I want to stay, but I have self respect.

  • That guy called David
    That guy called David 12 days ago

    But still tho...Overpriced...

  • NiTaLu Hromyk
    NiTaLu Hromyk 12 days ago

    I'm waiting for Google to step up and make an Android ecosystem that can challenge Apple's

  • nicholas young
    nicholas young 12 days ago

    Better than android

  • Versillio Jones
    Versillio Jones 12 days ago

    Yeah, I've gotten sucked in. I'm in the market for a new car and won't even consider one without Apple Car Play. I'm fucked.

  • Carizmatic B
    Carizmatic B 12 days ago

    The truth hurts! I wanna escape Apple so bad but I don’t know how 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Joseph Guasco
    Joseph Guasco 12 days ago

    The apple ecosystem is enticing, however, I prefer the Google ecosystem.

  • Zachary Beta
    Zachary Beta 12 days ago

    Thanks Marques! Do you think you could you make a video on the Google ecosystem too? Thank would be amazing!

  • Jack S. DeRossett
    Jack S. DeRossett 12 days ago

    Samsung’s is trash compared to apple

  • Ryan Michael
    Ryan Michael 12 days ago

    It's actually not that hard to make it out of the ecosystem with your happiness intact. After years of owning a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 6S, I just recently switched to the new Dell XPS 15 9570 and an LG G7 ThinQ and I could not be happier. How could that be? Two words: Google Integration. I was able to backup my iPhone info to Google Drive and seamlessly transfer all of my stuff to the LG. Same with transferring my documents and data from the MacBook to the XPS 15. God bless you Google!

  • Ian Sheung
    Ian Sheung 13 days ago

    im scared lol

  • Oliver Grewin
    Oliver Grewin 13 days ago

    FUCK iphone! They have the same specs as an $400 android, but they cost 3x more

  • Everything Kikar
    Everything Kikar 13 days ago

    Great video. And i like your watch band/stripe. Its cool!!

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 13 days ago

    Km sorta in the Google ecosystem, but I do have a macbook pro and a Windows PC

  • Raz Drey
    Raz Drey 13 days ago

    What the fuck is that bullshit you’re talking about, what are you a robot? You can do whatever you want, no one forces you to use those products and pay a lot of money.
    That’s ur choice.
    There are many ways to transfer data from iOS to android these days
    That sync between all those devices is amazing, no other company got such a great sync.
    I’m not an apple fanboy, just moved back to iPhone after 5 years with Samsung, and damn.. that’s much better
    You want quality? Pay for it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • hereistand2008
    hereistand2008 14 days ago

    u r right

  • Collurfull
    Collurfull 14 days ago

    i have an iphone macbook and now airpods, reason i like apple, it’s simple, no weird pattern passwords no green bubbles, nice emojis, i like being able to pick up on my computer from my phone, i like facetime, no extra apps to download for video chatting.

  • Jake Beamson photography

    Kinda wrong with the home pod and EarPods as u can use them with both apple and android but its best with apple!
    U also can use the HomePod without a iphone ect and use it all on its own with no problems,

  • abdel aziz ibrahim
    abdel aziz ibrahim 14 days ago

    samsung ecosystem is so underrated. From smartphone to fridge.airconditioning.television.washingmachine.drier. thats the ecosystem. haha

  • All Usernames Taken
    All Usernames Taken 14 days ago +1

    I'm hooked in, it's too late, and I don't mind.