My Weird Trip to the UK

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • The UK was great and i had a time
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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it
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  • JT gang
    JT gang Day ago

    I'm going to comment on your next video

  • Austin Helwig
    Austin Helwig Day ago

    Always put your wallet in your front pocket, it's harder to get pickpocketed that way and won't fall in the toilet xD

  • Foster Kitten Videos

    do a collab with yub

  • Moonlight Skys
    Moonlight Skys Day ago

    2. Virginity
    Uh, ....why?

  • kizi bru Scott
    kizi bru Scott Day ago

    also do not lose
    1 tetris
    2 friend ship with james and somethingelseyt
    3 life
    4 ari

  • Rasin Bran
    Rasin Bran Day ago

    0:47 when you wake up but realize you forget to do your home work

  • Bobby Evens
    Bobby Evens Day ago

    We want to see your fursuit head!

  • Nathan Hutchinson

    That’s so funny

  • Nathan Hutchinson

    What’s up

  • Dumb Stuff
    Dumb Stuff Day ago +1

    Subscribe to my USclip animation.

  • CR Walters
    CR Walters Day ago

    Is anyone else super late to anything xD EXAMPLE ONE: Once I saw Jaiden's music video, when I watched this video, and when Jaiden jokes about the Shrek "experience", I thought she said "We were back in the hotel about to get thinner" instead of "We were back in the hotel about to get dinner". I'm mad at myself now for making this comment. JAIDEN DON'T KILL ME PLEASE ;-;

    ERIKA BRAVO Day ago

    Lo ciento no hablo ingles

  • Canadian Lofi
    Canadian Lofi Day ago

    Mr. Krabs tried to rob you up the toilet?

  • Little_Donny_PW
    Little_Donny_PW Day ago

    That guy looked like logan paul

    ERIKA BRAVO Day ago


  • Allison Pille
    Allison Pille Day ago +1

    At 6:46 her phone said weirdo detected!

  • ShoobGuy
    ShoobGuy Day ago

    Hey Shrek, I found my credit card in your throne!

  • Protato Robin
    Protato Robin Day ago

    Did anyone else see the spaceship at 2:09

  • Allison Pille
    Allison Pille Day ago +1

    Who else watches: somthingelseyt, Odd1sOut and jaidenanimations

  • MPRJ
    MPRJ Day ago

    You liek my comment plz sub to my chanel

  • Ashley Briggs
    Ashley Briggs Day ago

    I have the same B-Day as Jaiden

  • QianaLikesKpop :D

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not even a single soul:
    Jaiden: But I thunk it.

  • Honkerflyer69
    Honkerflyer69 Day ago

    I hope she goes to Moscow next. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Josiah's Epic Adventures

    Jaiden wen is your next video coming out oh and I subscribe to your channel

  • Lyllian Lu
    Lyllian Lu Day ago

    tiny women pockets .......SO RELATABLE

  • GuacaMaile
    GuacaMaile Day ago

    Not a *Google Phone*....
    Not a *Windows Phone*....
    *BuT a* sOuJa BoI pHonE *SKSKSKSK*

  • Steven Legoh
    Steven Legoh Day ago


  • Teddy McFarlane
    Teddy McFarlane Day ago

    dont you flush the toilet?

  • Mateo Jarquin
    Mateo Jarquin Day ago

    Do a face revivel

  • Duckie Dude
    Duckie Dude Day ago

    Wait so u didn’t flush after u went ? 😂

  • Artist Freak
    Artist Freak Day ago

    UK Guy: All girls are selfish
    Me: ExCuSe MeEeEeEeE???????? Im A gIrL rEeEeEeEeEeEeE

  • Audrey Coffey
    Audrey Coffey Day ago

    She flushed her wallet down the toilet! PLOT TWIST

  • Sandrew
    Sandrew Day ago

    Actually tsa fail there training half the time so you weren’t really safe

  • Dylan West
    Dylan West Day ago

    If she went to the bathroom and her wallet was still in the toilet that means she didn't flush the toilet

  • RainWing reads
    RainWing reads Day ago


  • Luis Segovia
    Luis Segovia Day ago

    I have android

  • Lol 86
    Lol 86 Day ago

    That guy sounds like your average U.K mental facility escapee bomber

  • Abi Carbajal
    Abi Carbajal Day ago

    The guy that said women are shellfish and if it wasent at the arport i would have been like
    Dude:women are shellfish
    Me:*slaps dude* BITCH
    ps i i spell selfish like shellfish

  • Funtime Wolfie
    Funtime Wolfie Day ago


  • LaSkyeWalker
    LaSkyeWalker Day ago

    Okay so the guy in the airport was testing you out seeing if he was going to sex traffic you.

  • Richard Then
    Richard Then Day ago

    *mom walks in* ME: so i peed on my wallet-
    MOM: NANI?????!!!!!!!!

  • Tehenhauin of the Red host

    Did she flush though

  • 悲惨༺❰ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛᴇ❱༻

    Is your chili's bruise still on your arm?

  • Armyin
    Armyin Day ago

    1:07 number 2 got me dead 😂😂

  • Creeper D
    Creeper D Day ago

    Could U Make A Video About Being Cloned?

  • DonnyD 0902
    DonnyD 0902 Day ago

    I know what shrek video she is talking about

  • GuideBeauté Jeu

    If jaiden doesnt reply to my comment i’ll unsubscribe

  • slime life
    slime life Day ago

    Wait did she not flush the toilet

  • LiamGC 56
    LiamGC 56 Day ago

    Someone else wanna know why Jaiden is like rasist. Why do i think that? EVERYONE IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mirabror Mirsaburov

    Wait was that Skyrim ale and wine on the chef shelf? (Some Skyrim references I see)

  • Nathan Medina
    Nathan Medina Day ago

    Your such a nice person. Some people will be triggered by the crazy things he says but you kept everything to yourself.

  • Ella Dillon
    Ella Dillon Day ago

    Jaiden you are so cool!! 🤩🤩👍I wanna be like you!! And how do you do your animations?🤗🤗🤗🤔🤗🤔

  • Just some random dude.

    I dare you to host meme review (I know this might be dead)

  • despacito uwu
    despacito uwu Day ago

    i hate losing teeth
    *because iM a BaBy*

  • FunTimeGaming
    FunTimeGaming Day ago

    Yeah I felt uncomfortable just hearing you talk about this guy

  • sixbones
    sixbones Day ago

    Well, that's a nice picture....

  • TherealGMhere
    TherealGMhere Day ago

    My reaction when a new video pops up 0:46

  • Frankie Browneagle

    When she animated about grabbing her wallet, it looked like she shattered the seat and I giggled to myself.

  • Imagikid 9000
    Imagikid 9000 Day ago

    when ur mom calls u for dinner


    jaiden i wish i could met you one day but im like in iraq and ell never even have a chance to met you but i WISH :,(

  • Ashra Draws
    Ashra Draws Day ago

    We kinda have a problem! On tiktok there are more then one fake jaiden! So i was thinking i should've tell you this since you're the ALPHA JAIDEN. So yeah?

  • Dylan Halliman
    Dylan Halliman Day ago

    That guy is a creepy stalker that hates you im pretty sure.

  • SunnyPlushie PvZ

    あなたは私にとてもたくさん描くように促します。私はあなたの絵に少し似ているいくつかの絵に取り組んでいます。 :)

  • Angel John
    Angel John Day ago

    Theodd1sout : stop touching my shoulder
    Jaiden Animations : stop fist bumping me

  • Jim Moriarty
    Jim Moriarty Day ago

    Jaiden you met sociopath or extroverted idiot at the airport.

  • B Harrison
    B Harrison Day ago

    Number 2 on the do not lose list 😂

  • Burger Man
    Burger Man Day ago +1

    If jaiden doesnt reply to my comment i’ll unsubscribe

  • NotHere
    NotHere Day ago

    4chan is gonna have a field day with that wallet story

  • abigail Pineda
    abigail Pineda Day ago

    Probably didn't want to pay for her

  • By the prickling of my Thumb

    Don’t you flush the toilet after you use it? Hopefully you disinfected it afterward.

  • TimYoung 69
    TimYoung 69 Day ago +1

    Date James already...

  • The Fallen Crow
    The Fallen Crow Day ago

    Weird guy seemed like he spent too much time on 4chan.

  • Luna Henning
    Luna Henning Day ago

    Jaiden you paid for a fursuit of ari

  • Dušan Stamenković

    I randomly looked at one of your older videos and...

    Do you have that blazeakin plush?

  • Norma Joya
    Norma Joya Day ago +1


  • Lulu Guerrero
    Lulu Guerrero Day ago


  • SelinaShade
    SelinaShade Day ago

    Gods hope I dont meet an incel irl

  • Wolfidess Dragondol

    Her phone says weirdo detected😂

  • frankiethe killer2010

    I live in the uk

  • Hood Gaming
    Hood Gaming Day ago

    Do you like the theodd1out more than friends?

  • NMA-T
    NMA-T Day ago

    Fact if you travel without a parent or guardian YOU are a women NOT a girl. Girls are ten years old. And you seem like an adult WOMAN.

  • Hector Guajardo
    Hector Guajardo Day ago

    Next time check the toilet is not just to check you drop the wallet is all so to check what the body doing like if you need to drink more water or eat more fiber is more of indication so yeah be careful when traveling and also if people gets too close to you can always tell him to step up a little bit and make sure you check your wallet to .

  • Beary Bearington

    Jaiden:I serve the ripest content....

    So I peed on my wallet
    (Literally died laughing)

  • Awkwardboyinmakeup 92

    Honestly thinking about it you're wallet is probably still cleaner than the money in the wallet

  • Koko Ya
    Koko Ya Day ago

    Hey jaiden! Im a huge fan!!!


    Lmao I thought that this was an old video

  • MaxamoMan 1
    MaxamoMan 1 Day ago

    If you look at Jaiden's phone and you can see the words weirdo detected

  • Angie Juarez
    Angie Juarez Day ago +1

    Did anyone see in 6:45 that is saids weirdo detected

  • Sans the eskeleton

    2:06 YES,first we got murmaid jaiden now we got emo jaiden!!

  • Tatiana Itara
    Tatiana Itara Day ago

    Jaiden tell your mama happy birthday from me :)

  • A Bowl Of Cornflakes

    "thunk it"

  • carl cost
    carl cost Day ago

    Me gustan tus vídeos, jaja no espero que leas mi comentario , pero si llegase a pasar, quiero decir que eres increíble Wooow!!

  • M.
    M. Day ago

    Shrek stole it. He obviously flew trough the window (like in the video, it is a proof) to place it inside the toilet.

  • Cosmic Debriz
    Cosmic Debriz Day ago

    Jaiden please answer me. What application do you use to animate? I am trying to become an animator. Thank You.

  • Mostly Magical
    Mostly Magical Day ago

    Go buy the RIDGE wallet and use code ODS for 10% off

  • Rawly Boi
    Rawly Boi Day ago

    I going to vidcon

  • leon
    leon Day ago

    so does that mean she didn’t flush?

  • Keegan And JD
    Keegan And JD Day ago

    I have a drawing for you but I’m probably not going to vidcon

  • penguin rj
    penguin rj Day ago

    When is are you going to make a nother video