TOP 20 FASTEST 0-200 CARS | Forza Horizon 4 | Unreal Accelerations!

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
  • Wow, this took a lot longer to test, record & edit than I thought, but here it is, the fastest accelerating cars in FH4. I hope this piece of "Forza Science" is helpful for people who want to get a quick start online or in the career races :) Oh and let me know in the comments if I should add commentary over the 0-300 video, I`d happily do it if you guys want me to!
    Here are the TOP 20 fastest accelerating cars in Forza Horizon 4!
    Can you guess the winner? PS.: The cars in this video are stock, just to see what´s the fastest "production car" in FH4. I will do runs with maxed out and fully tuned cars later on to see what the fastest possible times are :)
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    A: Secret temple high up in the Austrian Alps
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    A: Mario Kart on Wii...I´m not joking
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    A: TES Skyrim
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    A: LaFerrari :)
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    A: Music by Epidemic Sound
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  • The Racing Monkey
    The Racing Monkey  6 months ago +458

    Wow, this took a lot longer to test, record & edit than I thought, but here it is, the fastest accelerating cars in FH4. I hope this piece of "Forza Science" is helpful for people who want to get a quick start online or in the career races :) Oh and let me know in the comments if I should add commentary over the 0-300 video, I`d happily do it if you guys want me to!
    *Can we hit ho-ho-h over 3 likes?* 🎅🏽
    0-100km/h or 0-62mph:

    • BrainAxe 14
      BrainAxe 14 23 days ago

      All X class cars you drove in this video?

    • Nordic Creed
      Nordic Creed Month ago

      You made a pretty major mistake: you had your game set in km, most of these cars were hitting 200km by third gear which I know for a fact in the Venom GT it hits 200 by 4th or 5th

    • Cas Nguy
      Cas Nguy 3 months ago

      Tesla roadster 2.0 hold my charger

    • Taranpreet Singh
      Taranpreet Singh 4 months ago

      Your timing is not accurate in the video cause your shifts were to late "NO HATE"

    • Daniel Santana alejandro
      Daniel Santana alejandro 5 months ago

      What is the beginning song called?

    M4RTYNAS P 13 hours ago +1

    Who would win?
    A well known super car that has more than 1000hp
    One buggy boi

  • Demian Pereyra
    Demian Pereyra Day ago

    No arash,devel

  • Swagatam Debnath
    Swagatam Debnath 2 days ago

    Sound transition of Laferrari (*_*)

  • Swagatam Debnath
    Swagatam Debnath 2 days ago

    Good nameplate lol ^_^

  • Aland
    Aland 4 days ago +1

    Now try 0-100 with the slowest cars.

  • Aland
    Aland 4 days ago

    Where is the rimac?

  • Ifan Kelly
    Ifan Kelly 5 days ago

    I tested all those cars and they did not go as fast

  • ولا شي
    ولا شي 6 days ago

    Tuned gtr premium takes 6 secs

  • AM_Rtz
    AM_Rtz 8 days ago

    Buggati, Koenigsegg, McLaren to forze horizon 4. Are we joke to you?

  • Mcu Rider 69
    Mcu Rider 69 11 days ago

    Music name? Pls tell

  • Sebastian Brites
    Sebastian Brites 13 days ago

    What happen with the Lamborghini aventador forza edition

    • The Racing Monkey
      The Racing Monkey  13 days ago

      Not a stock car in my opinion, same stats as a fully upgraded Aventador, but I guess it’s up to you :)

  • Intriguing name
    Intriguing name 13 days ago +1


  • Island Gyal85
    Island Gyal85 14 days ago

    Does this have a centanario engine?🤔

  • OACH
    OACH 14 days ago

    The 0-100 of 918 spyder. Damn

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man 17 days ago

    lol nice p1 joke

  • elle 7
    elle 7 23 days ago

    0-300 Winberg is easily a koenigsegg or something

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R 23 days ago

    Not mph tho idiot

    SiLENT KiNG-AiM 24 days ago

    The TVR Speed 12 is the best 0-2000 km/h in juat 4 sec.

  • Uhjhbkg Hfjbbxjkg
    Uhjhbkg Hfjbbxjkg 24 days ago

    The coupe though

  • Uhjhbkg Hfjbbxjkg
    Uhjhbkg Hfjbbxjkg 24 days ago

    Koinegseg is like a girl squeeking

  • Miro Hiltunen
    Miro Hiltunen 25 days ago


  • FaZe Vlad
    FaZe Vlad 26 days ago

    0:12 ,,Aston"

  • Sl4sH N1TR0
    Sl4sH N1TR0 27 days ago

    is the mph?

  • how ya doin idk
    how ya doin idk 28 days ago

    3:06 vtec kicks in

  • rarballs39294
    rarballs39294 29 days ago

    My dream car is laferarri

  • MangoFreddy
    MangoFreddy Month ago


  • Alex Jeff Dust
    Alex Jeff Dust Month ago

    5:24 gear whine is real

  • Saeed Ahmed
    Saeed Ahmed Month ago

    Where is ford gt

  • Thanoid Bo
    Thanoid Bo Month ago

    How was the Lamborghini aventador not on this list

  • CologneSpirit
    CologneSpirit Month ago +2

    And than tzzzz my car is from 0 - 200 km....... Never

  • Aziz Lasania
    Aziz Lasania Month ago

    What's your gamertag? Wanna do some cruises n races with u

  • Synerabo
    Synerabo Month ago

    Perfect video to watch when I'm bored.

  • Isaac Cox
    Isaac Cox Month ago

    Aventador FE??

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre Month ago

    new ferari ferrari 599xx evo 0 - 400 6 second
    mosler 0 - 400 10 scnd

  • TheRandomGamer
    TheRandomGamer Month ago

    Mosler. On X999 Tuned.

  • J
    J Month ago +1

    Mclaren f1 long tail

  • James Watson
    James Watson Month ago

    I’m lost is this game unrealistic as fuck besides being beautiful. The FXX K’s top speed is 217 yet in the game it does is sub 7?

  • someuser
    someuser Month ago

    This whole game sounds like ass. Anyone pays for this and you’re a sucker.

  • Josh Alfonso
    Josh Alfonso Month ago

    1:42 *James May voice*

  • H7DRA
    H7DRA Month ago

    Awesome video but can you make one in mph or at least put how fast it is in mpg in the corner

  • Garydenzel Ramoran
    Garydenzel Ramoran Month ago

    When a elemento is faster than the veneno in this game😂😂😂

  • Termidile
    Termidile Month ago

    Are they all stock?

  • Laurent Verwicht
    Laurent Verwicht Month ago

    Toute les caisse que tu teste ne demarre jamais du même point (REGARDER À DROIT LES CONTENER À CHAQUE FOIS QU'IL DEMARRE)

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago +4

    All Cars Stock? 😂 Hoonicorn 😂

  • Apasniy Videos
    Apasniy Videos Month ago +1

    Я один видимо ждал, пока он в забор вхуярит...

  • Aunt Jemima
    Aunt Jemima Month ago

    Ohhhhh km/h

  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez Month ago

    0:41 I saw what you did there 😂

  • Allan Swanson
    Allan Swanson Month ago +3

    Btw if yall didnt notice its by kmh not mph

  • Lu
    Lu Month ago +1

    How is the mosler not in the list

  • BShep
    BShep Month ago


  • KartoffelWilli Peter

    0-300 crown will definetely go to Koeniggsegg

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger Month ago

    Not really accurately done tho

  • Honorized 3
    Honorized 3 Month ago

    Ferrari FXX K EVO

  • Robert Mihai
    Robert Mihai Month ago

    Ammmmm 0:44 the engine is on fire:)))))

  • Kamil Zk
    Kamil Zk Month ago

    Car is tuning to class X?

    • Awais Ali
      Awais Ali Month ago

      Kamil Zk should be stock

  • Pavel Pospíchal
    Pavel Pospíchal Month ago

    My tvr Speed 12 is fastest

  • Sonam Kumari
    Sonam Kumari Month ago

    I like most Bugatti


    In my opinion I feel the times would be faster if you worked on your shifting. Not hating just suggesting that may be something to consider fixing

  • Kim Lark
    Kim Lark Month ago +1

    The racing monkey: I love you forza, but this is a mclaren p1 not a 903hp vacuuming cleaner
    Me: XD 😂😂😂

  • Roman della Santina

    The koenigsegg will

  • Pablo Navarro
    Pablo Navarro Month ago +5

    Id have to go with the Koenigsegg Jesko to win the 0-300 battle!

  • Nyoman Sumayasa
    Nyoman Sumayasa Month ago

    LOL ZENVO engine on fire

  • Oliwier Przepiora
    Oliwier Przepiora Month ago

    Why zenvos engine was burning?

  • Mclaren Craze
    Mclaren Craze 2 months ago +1

    Like if you have I glitch where it won’t let you move

  • Amazing Sounds124
    Amazing Sounds124 2 months ago

    They should add the Tesla Roadster

    SHYGUY83T 2 months ago

    Aye the last car held 3rd for a while lol

  • Enzito Gamer
    Enzito Gamer 2 months ago

    0-300=peel p50

  • The meme Itself
    The meme Itself 2 months ago

    0:39 lol funny joke

  • MS Ak trading
    MS Ak trading 2 months ago

    2:38 yeah we only work on the cars and it's performance to match the real life velocity...We continue the update to make it a match. Thanks