5 Dog Gadgets on Amazon - Part 3


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  • Rebecca Vogel
    Rebecca Vogel 7 days ago

    Your dogs are so cute I wish they were mine

  • Double Dawn
    Double Dawn 18 days ago +1

    The title for this video should have been pimp my dog

  • Arlene Kearney
    Arlene Kearney 25 days ago

    The dogs are so cute

  • Jhenil mhervic Nagrampa
    Jhenil mhervic Nagrampa 25 days ago +1

    How many times will you say boom

  • dev kumar sao
    dev kumar sao Month ago

    Hugo and Luke are so cute

  • Albert Moreno
    Albert Moreno Month ago

    Wow your dogs look cool with the glasses on

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson Month ago

    I loved the cooling vest!

  • W.D Gaster
    W.D Gaster Month ago


  • Moonbagger1
    Moonbagger1 Month ago

    2:40 It's Dogmeat from Fallout!

  • Muhammad Sohaib Majid

    Is it me only or he really likes Hugo more.....


    sane american i.t guy

  • Bich Phuc
    Bich Phuc Month ago

    I love the military vest!

  • Ella Vesper
    Ella Vesper Month ago

    3:20 WhAt do YOu tHInK

  • Jazmin Lopez
    Jazmin Lopez 2 months ago

    Hugo is like why don’t I get the new backpack?

  • Lovenia Warren
    Lovenia Warren 2 months ago

    Too cute

  • Hema Nainwal
    Hema Nainwal 2 months ago

    Aww your husky is very cute

  • zara kavihous
    zara kavihous 2 months ago

    Great cooling vest ...love the back pack for my Shepherd. The googles are the bomb!

  • Kelshtein Dana
    Kelshtein Dana 2 months ago +2

    Goggles for dogs - Doggles

  • Zacharias Villanueva
    Zacharias Villanueva 2 months ago

    haha to take this off

  • Chancey Mahaney
    Chancey Mahaney 2 months ago

    Luke looks so adorable with that back pack on same with Hugo and his little cooling shirt

  • Susan Robertson
    Susan Robertson 2 months ago

    Aww Hugo I loved Hugo! Well Luke cute too! Aww Luke I like there stuff! Luke looks like a Dog Star with glasses on!

  • M. H.
    M. H. 2 months ago

    Those goggles are too CUTE!!!

  • melissa jackson
    melissa jackson 2 months ago +1

    Watching your dog's behavior, I can tell you are a really good doggy daddy!

  • Ludwig Störholt
    Ludwig Störholt 2 months ago

    Luke didn't seem to enjoy the backpack at all

  • Jonah T
    Jonah T 2 months ago


  • Championship MartialArts

    Maybe get into politics you'd most like get elected

  • Gigi ?
    Gigi ? 2 months ago

    Hugo's stretch at 3:15 tho

  • Emma Rodriguez
    Emma Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Where is gus

  • Fardan Ahmed
    Fardan Ahmed 2 months ago

    I wish I had dogs like that😀


    Hugo has permanent eyeliner, it looks so cute.

  • Kumudhalaksmi Krishnan
    Kumudhalaksmi Krishnan 2 months ago


  • Pashillianne
    Pashillianne 2 months ago

    Just a grown man playing dress up with his dogs. This is adorable!

  • Jasper Quillington
    Jasper Quillington 3 months ago

    Safety Doggles

  • grassroot011
    grassroot011 3 months ago

    Need to get a sled and harness for winter dog driving. Mush you Malamoots, and Huskees.

  • Swedgirl Doggie
    Swedgirl Doggie 3 months ago

    Lovely dogs ❤️❤️🐶🐶

  • Lets go
    Lets go 3 months ago

    Luke is like a superhero when he put the goggles

  • Sidak Uppal
    Sidak Uppal 3 months ago +1

    @CrazyRussianHacker You should do a Full House tour please !! ( like if you agree and that he can see this)

  • Brinda Krishnan
    Brinda Krishnan 3 months ago


  • T Plays
    T Plays 3 months ago

    Luke is ready for war

  • Aaron Dunn
    Aaron Dunn 3 months ago

    This is my favorite series you do. Get an urban dog sled!

  • Saved or Slaved
    Saved or Slaved 3 months ago

    Luke looks cool wearing anything, Hugo too! Luke looks like Batman!

  • Lucky Loren
    Lucky Loren 3 months ago

    Take to the skies!

  • Highly Advanced AI
    Highly Advanced AI 3 months ago

    5:46 Luke looks like a proper airman (or pilot) ~1913-1946

  • Memes Daily
    Memes Daily 3 months ago

    Like fr what’s ligma

  • Memes Daily
    Memes Daily 3 months ago

    Put nose 👃 gadgets to the test like if u wanna see

  • MaCayla Lynch
    MaCayla Lynch 3 months ago

    Hugo has a eyeliner wing

  • Sammi R
    Sammi R 3 months ago

    Are Luke n Hugo brothers are they from the same litter?

  • Sand Box Slimes
    Sand Box Slimes 3 months ago

    I love how Huego has eyeliner lol (sorry I didn’t know how to spell his name)

  • Zeporah Gadia
    Zeporah Gadia 3 months ago

    Show off! Hahhahahahahaha

  • Ms. Nohotyoga
    Ms. Nohotyoga 3 months ago

    Hugo is the 'red-headed step-dog'

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller 3 months ago

    So funny....:)

  • Jeffrey Koelewijn
    Jeffrey Koelewijn 3 months ago

    Cool and interesting dog gadgets

  • pot crz
    pot crz 3 months ago

    With the shades 😎😋😋😎😎😎😎😎

  • pot crz
    pot crz 3 months ago

    Luke looks like an pilot going in a jet

  • Usha Badola
    Usha Badola 3 months ago

    I love your dogs

  • Nathan Looke
    Nathan Looke 3 months ago

    Imagine pulling up next to a car, and seeing Luke looking at you with his little goggles on, would be hilarious

  • sarah griffith
    sarah griffith 3 months ago


  • Miss TabbyWabby
    Miss TabbyWabby 3 months ago

    The Google’s 😍😍😍😂

  • Gerda Van der Meulen
    Gerda Van der Meulen 4 months ago


  • Linda Al-Hilali
    Linda Al-Hilali 4 months ago

    Ya ya amazing as if my dogs will even let me put anything on them 😂

  • lila christensen
    lila christensen 4 months ago

    the last one is for service dogs

  • SaelSchwarzkerz
    SaelSchwarzkerz 4 months ago

    Cool hip doggo.

  • Mary Fisher
    Mary Fisher 4 months ago

    They’re so cute!

  • Jenn
    Jenn 4 months ago

    They are so well behaved. 🙏👌

  • Chance Linde
    Chance Linde 4 months ago

    Luke looks so derpy

  • Tab Valentino
    Tab Valentino 4 months ago

    What a crazy Russian. I love this guy.

  • Bill B.
    Bill B. 4 months ago

    Your Huskies are beautiful, and such good boys! =)

  • Hyun mi Lee
    Hyun mi Lee 4 months ago

    I love your huskies!!

  • Ani Cetus
    Ani Cetus 4 months ago

    This will come in handy with your new malamute puppy.

  • Grace WEARNE
    Grace WEARNE 4 months ago

    Luke looked soooo cool with the goggles on

  • Lj Price
    Lj Price 4 months ago

    Luke is really camping ⛺️

  • Lj Price
    Lj Price 4 months ago

    Your bogs are so funny 😂

  • Berna Osmani
    Berna Osmani 4 months ago

    i love that when he does something he like:BOOM 😂😂😂

  • Stricklinator
    Stricklinator 4 months ago

    Love your dogs and videos!

  • Jeff Listerine
    Jeff Listerine 5 months ago

    They’re called doggles

  • billy bobby
    billy bobby 5 months ago

    I think i speak for all of us when i say i love these videos

  • ist me
    ist me 5 months ago

    Best dogs ever

  • Isaac Teo
    Isaac Teo 5 months ago

    The goggles and the backpack is great for adventure

  • chi the A R M Y
    chi the A R M Y 5 months ago

    Luke: where's my treat I posed for the camera.

  • Henry Mehlberg
    Henry Mehlberg 5 months ago

    "This is the medium because my dogs are medium"

  • Swan Ronson
    Swan Ronson 5 months ago

    Another great video.... however you're doing the Molle ruck straps incorrectly

  • Big- G
    Big- G 5 months ago

    Like a little horse lol

  • Brian Frost
    Brian Frost 5 months ago

    Luke Skywalker.

  • beth98362 R
    beth98362 R 5 months ago

    Where is Gus?

  • soup
    soup 5 months ago

    Hugo's got some CLOUT

  • Sandra Ruggiero
    Sandra Ruggiero 5 months ago

    Why did u start saying boom?

  • Nathaniel Walker
    Nathaniel Walker 5 months ago


  • Nathaniel Walker
    Nathaniel Walker 5 months ago

    Luke looks so cool!!

  • anthony
    anthony 5 months ago

    Gadgek love that word haha

  • Tee Sull
    Tee Sull 5 months ago +14

    I have a one eyed dog and I am so sick of people staring or pointing or asking questions so Im going to get her the doggie goggles.

  • Jayna Rybner
    Jayna Rybner 5 months ago

    what eyeliner does Hugo use?

    • Jayna Rybner
      Jayna Rybner 5 months ago +1


  • DeFlames Master
    DeFlames Master 5 months ago

    Those goggles make him look like a pug

  • Delta dog in training
    Delta dog in training 5 months ago

    The goggles are for blind dogs fyi

    KFC BUCKET MEAL 5 months ago +1

    wow goo boi

  • tanya
    tanya 5 months ago

    Huga wears black winged eyeliner

  • Yuzu Aluett
    Yuzu Aluett 5 months ago

    "Sit" *BORK*

  • threeqtrtime
    threeqtrtime 5 months ago

    I love how they let you do anything to them.. I just love these guys❤️❤️❤️

    PIZZA PANDA 5 months ago +1


  • Augustus.P Crumhorn III
    Augustus.P Crumhorn III 5 months ago +1

    “Gajict”- crazy Russian hacker