Are You There Satan? It's me, Rachel (with Henry Zebrowski) // Dark 5 | Snarled

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • Rachel and guest Henry Zebrowski discuss all matters of Satan and Satanism.
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Comments • 312

  • Andres Flores
    Andres Flores 11 days ago

    I fucking love this! Love you Hong Kong Henry zebrowski! Keep making these squares squirm.

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Lucifer and satan are different entities

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Rachel is legit funny . She should do stand up she held her own with a real comedian thx your pretty face going to hell dude for bringing me here

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Dune books are amazingly good

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Sabrina gets a lot rite

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Demonic entities exist. They do dont play around with it

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 Month ago

    Alester crowley was an actual luciferian. Lavey was just a pervert hedonist carnival performer

  • Yodit Gebrekidan
    Yodit Gebrekidan 3 months ago +3

    Im forever a christian ...Praise the almighty lord ...☺

  • dragons exist
    dragons exist 3 months ago

    the last name of Henry Zebrowski is very close to my name

  • a idiot's guide to something stupid

    Hail Satan Brother and sisters! Yey hail satan... praise be to Satan

    Most of that is true but different versions of Christian sayings

  • Jordan Rosemund
    Jordan Rosemund 4 months ago +1

    It would be so cool if u could do a episode about Wicca

  • Kira :D
    Kira :D 5 months ago

    From what i heard Rachel say, is satanism really a religion?

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever 5 months ago

    Watching this on my birthday. Rachel is just that cool, not to mention I am doing research/listening to stories from paranormal fiction and horror fiction for a presentation I need to make for mid-March. #blessed #wescarebecausewecare #research

  • Carla Was Here
    Carla Was Here 5 months ago

    I’m happy the series is back and Rachael but I miss the old way it was made

  • hdbzbdb shbshdh
    hdbzbdb shbshdh 5 months ago

    When you said that you were in that buzzfeed video I was so surprised and I had the most surprises looking on my face

  • Aiden Wee
    Aiden Wee 5 months ago

    Hi I'm Rachel I'm just, 7

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 5 months ago

    this leave me in desappointment

  • blob23455
    blob23455 6 months ago

    This is hella weird, can I ask the guitar theme in the beginning because it's bad ass and want the song XD omfgosh

  • Sparky TheFallen
    Sparky TheFallen 6 months ago

    This is everything I've ever wanted. Rachel was the reason I got into LPOTL. Now I get to watch them pick each other's brains. Hail yourselves!

    BIBUNDTINA FÜRIMMER 6 months ago

    Rachel is nice but the guy is sooooooooooo annoyinggg

  • Anita Cigarette.
    Anita Cigarette. 6 months ago

    I wish Rachel was my friend. Hell, I just wish I had a friend. At least someone to explore Satanism with.

  • its_meh_ erina
    its_meh_ erina 6 months ago

    Rachael dose Satanism omfg

  • Punkvhs _
    Punkvhs _ 6 months ago

    Rachel you need to make this available on SoundCloud cause I really love these podcasts but it’s hard to listen to on USclip while I’m traveling or working on something this is just an idea but I’d really appreciate it :) love you 😍

  • Kuno
    Kuno 6 months ago

    I can't take this serious. It's a shame because the topic is interesting.

  • Kärmä Skskskskksks
    Kärmä Skskskskksks 6 months ago

    I’m satanist.

  • Košarkarska Zvezda
    Košarkarska Zvezda 6 months ago

    Wish he'd stop yelling in the mic 😅

  • Martha Martha
    Martha Martha 6 months ago

    I hate snarled he said radioactive polish man that’s so stereotypical I hate snarled!!!!!!!!!

  • Sailor MoonStone
    Sailor MoonStone 6 months ago

    I knew it! Y’all out here trolling these poor Christians. Getting em all moist n hard with Jesus boners. This shit ain’t new, it’s called humanitarian.

  • Miss Anonymous
    Miss Anonymous 6 months ago +2

    Lol you should get tom ellis as a guest as he plays the devil in fox/Netflix Lucifer XD

  • •nico Nico Ni•
    •nico Nico Ni• 6 months ago

    Wait your back??!!

  • WillYouBurger MYBuns
    WillYouBurger MYBuns 6 months ago

    I have something for do you wanna hear something scary the name is the thing in the walls and so a kinniko aka the soul stealer in spanish so i was in my bed and then i saw a whole in the wall it was leaking some black stuff and then something came from the closet it whispers psst come here its your friend lia i walked to my closet and a red eyed weird thing jumped on me and it was all wet and it had seaweed on it i called a priest and he blessed my house and thats the last time i saw the kinniko

  • ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ ᴄʜɪᴘᴢ :ᴅ

    "Im blessed by Satan" GOD UNBLEES U

  • Balgjet Langston
    Balgjet Langston 6 months ago

    Hello, Is it me your looking for?

  • MF Faruk Ferous
    MF Faruk Ferous 6 months ago

    Wanna here something scary

    Oh yeah

  • Alina Zherebtsova
    Alina Zherebtsova 6 months ago

    Omg I missed Rachel

  • Euminxnium the Scottish one

    Any fellow satanists in the comments?

  • sam ivy
    sam ivy 6 months ago

    Can you do a vid on rokutokkubi

  • Jèssiè G
    Jèssiè G 6 months ago +2

    Leading to a road covered with tiny bits of earth,lighten by the moonlight at night. Set in 1987. Down the path of a “welcoming” community where families lived happily, but in the night she came. Stealing, killing and destroying all the beautiful things.

    The woman looked malnourished. Her clothes were faded and tattered. It didn't help that they were too long, for her otherwise petite body. Greasy hair that stuck to her head.

    But though she looked harmless, broken, almost, but the older folks told the young, to always be aware of the devil in plain sight. There was something in those white eyes, that made her seem calculating, evil. This wasn't a person who should be taken for granted. For she cursed the innocent to death.

    The house lived under constant shadow. The sun neglected the presence of the house. Its windows stay black without the rippling effect of the light.

    The woman stood in front of the master bedroom door now. Her daunting breath frosty, face to face with a Nephilim. Drenched in sweat. Her teeth were either chipped or missing. Washed in sulphur. Her old wrinkled skin sagged. Carvings of snakes twirled around the sides of the mirrors.

    She stood there chanting like a foghorn. Conjuring the dead. Bottles with black mist, swirled like a tornado. Some with dead animals and different coloured spells. A Crack was heard abruptly. The room, engulfed in flames. The chanting echoed throw out the home. Croaky cackling was heard. Quaking.

    The sky darkened, smoking a cigarette. Stinking pitch drenched everyone, who roamed that abnormal day. This old “lonely” woman gazing up at a black Misty portal opened up. On that day “Legions were born! ”

  • Βασιλική Τσακαλίδου


  • Blabla Blabla
    Blabla Blabla 6 months ago

    Ate Sapphire, are you a satanist?

  • Emmalie Nicolalde
    Emmalie Nicolalde 6 months ago +2

    No, no, I put a dislike right away, right when they started talking about satan, I don't care if you guys give me a dislike, but I don't want to get cursed, like something that happened to my aunt just for watching these kind of videos. God, plz forgive me for clicking this video!

  • SunneeeCat Sunshine
    SunneeeCat Sunshine 6 months ago

    Stopped watching this when they started talking, bc im freaked out already

  • rebecca dropped the sugar
    rebecca dropped the sugar 6 months ago +7

    Are you there,demons? It's me,ya boi

  • Neela Long
    Neela Long 6 months ago

    The water war thing sure makes sense....

  • Kurt Cobain's Microphone
    Kurt Cobain's Microphone 6 months ago +3

    I love Hong Kong Henry Zebrowski

  • Nur’s Channel
    Nur’s Channel 6 months ago

    Are you Hindu Rachel or are you Muslim like me

  • Nur’s Channel
    Nur’s Channel 6 months ago

    Are you Hindu Rachel or are you Muslim like me

  • annieandade
    annieandade 6 months ago +3

    I love watching you full volume in the same room as my super religious mother 😘

  • Zumz
    Zumz 6 months ago

    we need top 5 back reeee

  • Sally _Animations132
    Sally _Animations132 6 months ago

    Please make part 6 of school spirit

  • Maya Larima
    Maya Larima 6 months ago


  • alex Smith
    alex Smith 6 months ago +1

    ARE YOU A SATENEST saten is bad sooooooooooooooooo there for you are EVIL

  • MiLo Anne
    MiLo Anne 6 months ago

    Hail Henry!

  • lil savs
    lil savs 6 months ago

    I missed you rachel

  • AwareBruceGoose YT
    AwareBruceGoose YT 6 months ago

    So, My Grandfather bought a hoodie of your designs a few days ago. My older Sister ordered something else after, Though her's came in first. My grandfather had to call someone to track where it was. Is this normal?

  • Queen Sends Shivers Down My Spine

    Can you guys pls do one on a sireal killer (Albert Fish is my favourite) lol

  • trashbasket
    trashbasket 6 months ago

    “Oooh...........” I already have my favorite Rachel quote of the year

  • Lucia Cochancela
    Lucia Cochancela 6 months ago

    Where do u live?

  • Rahmann
    Rahmann 6 months ago +1

    i think everyone isnt here for these wierd talks but here for something scary

  • Lola Emeralds
    Lola Emeralds 6 months ago +4


  • NOTaLingerer
    NOTaLingerer 6 months ago +3

    *le gasp*

  • Troy McAvoy
    Troy McAvoy 6 months ago

    Y’all funny lol

  • Maggie Fam
    Maggie Fam 6 months ago

    Do the old background

  • Fr0stBites
    Fr0stBites 6 months ago

    Hi, ok so I haven't seen the video but I saw the title and would like to share something.
    At my school we recently did th play Shrek Jr The Musical. And there's one part of it where Fiona is calling for help from god (no my school isn't a christian/catholic school, it's just part of the play) and she says "Are you there, god? It's me, Fiona. It's me, Fionaaaaaaaa" and the title of this video just reminded me of that. Aight bye.

  • Dai Hyun
    Dai Hyun 6 months ago

    Who is the picture of the girl on the thump nail?

    ANDY TURNER 6 months ago

    Sapphire I have a creepypasta story *THIS AINT MY STORY AND I AM NOT IN IT*
    This is about a boy who saw jeff the killer
    I woke up real late like 12
    I needed the loo so I went into the corridor
    but the window was open and I closed it before sleeping
    so I went and closed it
    and did my business in the loo
    I went into my room and climbed into bed
    but it felt strange in my room
    is someone watching me?
    then In between the curtains
    I could make out some eyes
    and what worse the most horrifying smile I had ever seen
    whatever was in the curtains said:
    'go to sleep'
    I screamed and he lunged at me, with a knife aiming at my heart
    I kicked and screamed until my dad came in
    it saw him and threw the knife at my dad
    it just missed his shoulder
    it then ran out to the corridor and jumped into the window, smashing it to pieces
    the end!
    as i said this story belongs to the creepypasta website and im not in the story
    baii keep up the great vids!

  • Katherine L
    Katherine L 6 months ago +1

    Rachel, my hair is almost like yours. I have a purple and pink ombre

  • Katherine L
    Katherine L 6 months ago

    U posted this yesterday when i was in school. But YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. UR BACK. I MISSED YOUUUU

  • WeirdoAndy
    WeirdoAndy 6 months ago

    Great topic. Great conversation. Took a while to form a opinion of the lovely guest. He seems alright... Haha

  • ShadyBrooks
    ShadyBrooks 6 months ago

    It sucks and I really was starting to like this channel...oh well! 🤷🏾

  • Jada Austin
    Jada Austin 6 months ago

    I love Rachel I love Henry I love Satan I didn't know I needed this but I did

  • Kya Trekofski
    Kya Trekofski 6 months ago

    Witches that are also Satanist are called Luciferian

  • Human Vegetable
    Human Vegetable 6 months ago


  • K Æ G Ü R Ä Gaming
    K Æ G Ü R Ä Gaming 6 months ago


  • Mackenzie Clarke
    Mackenzie Clarke 6 months ago

    Make more Urban stories pls like the slit mouthed woman! I watched the movie it's great