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  • Kyrsten Lam
    Kyrsten Lam Hour ago +1

    It’s not gonna give you 5 million it’s gonna give you 7 million

  • NUMB
    NUMB Hour ago

    Add lil pump

  • Anna H.
    Anna H. Hour ago

    video begin 3:55

  • Gabriel I. Rivera Torres

    Hee hee

  • Gia Maria
    Gia Maria 2 hours ago


  • cc rider
    cc rider 3 hours ago

    Josh is just like "how am i straight"

  • Thomasthe chancey
    Thomasthe chancey 4 hours ago

    This Miranda girl should get into acting....

  • Midnightbluesy
    Midnightbluesy 5 hours ago

    Where is Miranda’s top from?

  • 305teno
    305teno 5 hours ago


  • Mad?
    Mad? 6 hours ago

    let lil pump smash

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali 7 hours ago

    I was gonna skip the audible sponsor part but then he said HAIRY POTTAH

  • Billy Grey
    Billy Grey 8 hours ago

    It would've been great to have Jack Black and Drake Bell as well.

  • mariekt
    mariekt 10 hours ago

    okay, but they both still look the same..😂

  • lil lan-kabel
    lil lan-kabel 11 hours ago


  • Some Asian Dude
    Some Asian Dude 11 hours ago

    Dang josh got really fit

  • michael meza
    michael meza 12 hours ago

    Omg its Michael Jackson

    UNBOUND HUNTER 12 hours ago

    I sat through the entire video just waiting for Josh to squint his eyes and say MEGAN!
    I’m a little disappointed

  • MrStealYourComment
    MrStealYourComment 12 hours ago

    Hey it’s that guy from drake and josh... wonder what he’s doing nowadays

  • Kierra
    Kierra 13 hours ago

    Is she mixed?

  • Emilio Ceseña
    Emilio Ceseña 13 hours ago

    OMG michael jackson is still alive

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 13 hours ago

    OMG baby Josh is so ADORABLE.

  • Kristin Varboncoeur
    Kristin Varboncoeur 15 hours ago

    Ummm they definitely still make mellow yellow

  • wssalty
    wssalty 15 hours ago

    Woah how Michael Jackson in this video???

  • Ell Zero
    Ell Zero 15 hours ago

    Does anyone feel like Miranda forces her laughs, like i feel like shes bot even laughing just faking it. I dunno😂

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    She seems pretty down to earth and normal. I like it

  • Peter
    Peter 16 hours ago

    Josh... Stomach aches! YOU GIVE ME STOMACH ACHES!!
    You’re so cringey.

  • Kyndel Xayda
    Kyndel Xayda 17 hours ago

    This is the video I’ve been looking for since I was 7.

  • Kidawolf123 OWO
    Kidawolf123 OWO 17 hours ago

    Jesus I miss Drake and Josh. My childhood right there. Then after Drake and Josh, iClary and the other sitcoms. Those sitcoms were okay but Drake and Josh was by far my favourite.

  • Maya Martin
    Maya Martin 18 hours ago

    Miranda’s laugh!! 😍😍😍

  • Joshua Gonzalo
    Joshua Gonzalo 18 hours ago

    My name is Josh too

  • Hannah Gymnastics
    Hannah Gymnastics 19 hours ago

    All I see is Meghan🥵😂😂

  • Beatdown
    Beatdown 19 hours ago

    Where is the door knob ?

  • Jazz Singh
    Jazz Singh 19 hours ago +1

    This is like both of my worlds colliding

  • Zavaleta eslaverga
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  • Ivan Marte
    Ivan Marte 20 hours ago

    Lil pump wants you

  • 100 Shots
    100 Shots 20 hours ago

    She looks look Icarly

  • nathanial whitmore
    nathanial whitmore 20 hours ago

    my goddamn nostalgia just spilt everywhere wtf

  • Slap Jello
    Slap Jello 20 hours ago

    This dude is so metro hyper self conscious. No wonder he cuts ties with drake. He’s probably a reminder of josh’s boundless insecurities.

  • Abigail Marie
    Abigail Marie 21 hour ago +6

    He wasn't wearing his wedding ring, tea

  • NETZEK _
    NETZEK _ 21 hour ago

    Josh and Michael Jackson Kappa :v hahahaha

  • aeronich
    aeronich 21 hour ago

    Its so strange to see actors out of character its hard to take in.

  • Nikola Jokic
    Nikola Jokic 23 hours ago

    Hey look its *-Micheal Jackson-* Miranda cosgrove

  • Matías Omar Roldán
    Matías Omar Roldán 23 hours ago

    2019 y recién me entero de que no era él 18:53

  • Marinette Agreste
    Marinette Agreste 23 hours ago

    This was my childhood. Official couldn’t be more happy with life rn. You’ve made my year.

  • Shady Minaj
    Shady Minaj 23 hours ago


  • Adventures of ODERS

    “Do they have daddy crushes”😂😂

  • Vxltage
    Vxltage Day ago

    Lil pump’s dream girl 😂

  • Gali Makias
    Gali Makias Day ago

    13:25 "I talk about myself in the 3rd person now"
    *Says in 1st person*

  • SuperGear Gaming

    Sorry, he sounded like Garret Watts in the beginning

  • rational _
    rational _ Day ago

    20th anniversary? the fuck? the book came out in 97, which makes it 22 years, the film came out in 2001, which makes it 18 years...what u mean 20th anniversary??

  • rational _
    rational _ Day ago

    wheres drake u hoe

  • 4nderson
    4nderson Day ago +1

    Hee hee

  • oberdamujigae
    oberdamujigae Day ago

    Wow I didn't know Josh has a youtube channel! This video is hilarious 😂

  • Tea
    Tea Day ago

    0:16 it actually got 7.5 million..

  • Matthew Nbg
    Matthew Nbg Day ago

    My Childhood😭😭

  • Jon Barreca
    Jon Barreca Day ago

    Wait would you get copyrighted for putting on drake and josh cause you are from the show lol

  • Craig Bellis
    Craig Bellis Day ago

    It's nice to see you guys are still going

  • KingWaffleCat
    KingWaffleCat Day ago

    i had no idea he did youtube but im glad he does

  • MANX
    MANX Day ago

    I understand lil pump now

  • Peety Shitposting

    Thought Micheal Jackson was fckn ded

  • Azmath Kasady
    Azmath Kasady Day ago


  • Thatsorachael
    Thatsorachael Day ago

    First you don’t invite drake to the wedding, and now you’re hanging out with your sister without him?

  • TheTruthBeTold
    TheTruthBeTold Day ago

    DUDE! Josh has a yt channel?! SO SUBED.

  • Daniel McNeary
    Daniel McNeary Day ago

    miranda seems so wholesome

  • Kenny thomas
    Kenny thomas Day ago

    I wish I was in Hogwarts too up until the last few years lol

  • El de arriba es weon

    OMG What are you doing with Michael Jackson!!!

  • yall folks
    yall folks Day ago

    OMG ITS MICHAEL JACKSON! Hehe heeehhheeee!!!!

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea Day ago

    i also love how miranda literally knows the memes that are made about her and she’s like wide eyed in realization about it

  • Monica Nunez
    Monica Nunez Day ago

    Michael Jackson is back to life!!!😂 JkJkJk

  • Lechugin Bebé
    Lechugin Bebé Day ago


  • cheristar
    cheristar Day ago

    I was watching ICarly the other day and was thinking about Miranda and how she's and the whole casts been? I feel so old now.

  • Dark Link metaliconda

    I need shououts and subscribers

  • Jenna Victoria
    Jenna Victoria Day ago

    I used to think it was so cool that Drake and Josh was set where I live 😭😂

  • LightlessDark
    LightlessDark Day ago +1

    What do you mean they are cringe
    *they are godlike masterpieces*

  • Taylor jayy
    Taylor jayy Day ago

    Awww corrine 🤣😍

  • L!lly
    L!lly Day ago


  • Maddy 05
    Maddy 05 Day ago

    Omfg, I miss ICarly and Drake and Josh so much!

  • John Budge
    John Budge Day ago


  • ureshiiiiii
    ureshiiiiii Day ago

    Miss these two, so nice to see them spending time together! :)

  • someone’s
    someone’s Day ago

    Y’all scared Miranda Cosgrove off the internet and now she doesn’t know how to be relevant.

  • Kierfuan
    Kierfuan Day ago

    disliked because drake isnt here :(

  • TigirlakaLaserwolf6

    Is Josh a Hufflepuff? Either that or Gryffindor. But I'm feeling Hufflepuff
    Edit: after watching more, I actually think he might be Ravenclaw??? IDK he has a real ability to move the flow of things

    • TigirlakaLaserwolf6
      TigirlakaLaserwolf6 Day ago

      +rational _ idk as a Slytherin myself I didn't really get that vibe from him.

    • rational _
      rational _ Day ago

      he's a slytherin cuz he a snake

  • California Baby Dolls

    Who thinks Audible and Quid like sponsor everyone?

  • Samantha Stroupe

    I know you see how something the world can be .idk if those were the lyrics LOL

  • Tosha Mullen
    Tosha Mullen Day ago

    Miranda is my favorite ❤️

  • Jessica Schoonmaker

    Hey y’all josh is a southern boi mmmmh

  • Jessica Schoonmaker

    Miranda is so tan

  • Tosha Mullen
    Tosha Mullen Day ago +1

    Do more vedios Miranda

  • Tosha Mullen
    Tosha Mullen Day ago +1

    I am a big fan Miranda and Josh❤️

  • BronzedMia
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  • macy tomlinson
    macy tomlinson Day ago

    sub to me and i'll sub back! just trying to help out the small youtuber community

    HYPR FUNKY Day ago

    Once fat now nice Niiga

  • AJ Ruiz
    AJ Ruiz Day ago

    did nobody else hear that nickelodeon pun that Miranda said??? ANYBODY??? (it was Big Time Crush)

  • Alii's T.V.
    Alii's T.V. Day ago

    You guys still look exactly the same

  • Condoru '
    Condoru ' Day ago +1

    Lil pump Still wants you iCarly

  • Ray Mendez
    Ray Mendez Day ago

    Sorry but you died along with the show.

  • HDigames
    HDigames Day ago

    how u revive michael jackson?

  • Carlos A. de la Cruz

    Does anyone remember that Diego Boneta is the guy from Miranda's video?? Because I do! He's like super famous now!

  • oof g
    oof g Day ago

    is josh gay now

  • Kenfany
    Kenfany Day ago

    Yoo i thought Michael jackson was dead 💀💀💀💀